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The data that is contained in this website is the collaborative effort of many researchers. I belong to a large group of such researchers on the Internet. The family tree genealogy can be found at Dan's RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project The Cra(y)cra(o)ft Genealogy Our Delphi website is a place to post queries but it also contains hundreds of documents relating to the various spellings of our surname. We are in the process of moving this website. I will post the new address when it is complete. For information, when I refer to Cracroft here, it actually refers to all the spellings. I use Cracroft as a general term meaning all spellings as this is the original spelling of our name descended from England.

This site is my forum to post the genealogy (family trees) of the various Cracroft family lines not only in America but around the world (such as we have found). I will also use this site to give a little background history on our Cracroft ancestors. For information on our DNA project, click on the "Next" button.

There are probably some errors in the various surname genealogies contained in this website. Please contact me if you should find any errors. I will be glad to correct them!

I must give full credit for the genealogy of the Cracrofts of England, contained in this website, to Patrick Cracroft-Brennan of England. The work on this family line is solely his work. I have added some additional notes to his work but that is all. I have noted where I have made additions.

Likewise, the family genealogy of the descendants of Benjamin Joseph Craycroft is the sole work of Robert Lynn Craycroft of Chicago, IL and obtained from him July, 2000.

The Miller/Valentine/Hoffman/Caudill line was contributed by Denise Miller/Valentine. The extensive Atkinson, Greenslate, Hoffman, Hunt, Tarvins and Warnock lines were contributed by many researchers too numerous to mention here but I do offer them my thanks for their contributions.

I would like to thank the following individuals without whose aid this work could not have been done:

  • Bob Craycroft (a special thanks for this web site)
  • Margaret Whippee
  • Denise Miller
  • Holly Pace
  • Dianne Hume
  • Betty Gregston
  • Nancy Stull
  • Members of the Craycraft Internet Group
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