Peirce History  

Most of the information I have about my Peirce ancestry comes from an amateur genealogist,  author and fellow Peirce descendent Earl Peirce.  He had posted a bit of Peirce history to a web sight devoted to  P*E*I*R*C*E. Part of the story was familiar to me and I recognized it as possibility related to information I knew about my Great Grandfather. My hunch turned turned out to be correct and Earl was able to send me information about John Henry Peirce his children  and his ancestry. John Raymond Peirce (my Grandfather) was the son of John Henry Peirce. I have since augmented the information from Earl with information from the internet and information compiled by my sister.

George Peirce (Pearce)

 "George and Ann Gayner Pearce bought land from Wm. Penn and settled in Chester County PA in 1684. In 1716 he changed the name to Peirce.  One parcel of land became known as Peirce's Park and his house on that parcel is now headquarters of Longwood Gardens a public place owned by the DuPonts."

Religious Society of Friends

Robert Peirce

"He and his wife Hannah Harvey joined the Mormon Church and
came to Utah in 1847."

Two of his daugters (Mary and Margaret) married Brigham Young.

John Henry Peirce

Settled on a homestead near Claresholm Alberta Canada. One of his sons was John Raymond Peirce my Grandfather. I believe John Henry left the Mormon Church and joined a Protestant denomination until his wife died after which he returned to the Mormon Church.

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