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Daniel T. Rogers(b. 1943) - all my relatives


Captain Daniel Clark

1Nathaniel Goodwin, Genealogical Notes Or Contributions to Family History of Some of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts, p. 23 (1856).
"DANIEL CLARK, one of the first settlers of Windsor, Conn., was twice married. 1. to Mary Newberry, of Windsor, daughter of Thomas Newberry,† June 13, 1644. She died August 29, 1688. 2. to Martha Wolcott, widow of Simon Wolcott, deceased, of the same town, and sister of William Pitkin, Wsq., one of the early settlers of Hartford, Conn.
Hon. Daniel Clark died August 12, 1710, " in the 88th year of his age, or thereabouts." [Windsor records.] He was an Attorney at Law, and, during his long life, was generally in public office.‡
Mrs. Martha Clark, alias Wolcott, died October 13, 1719, aged ---. [Grave-stone East Windsor burying-ground, where several of her children rest.]
Children of Daniel Clark,---by his first wife.
I. Mary, born April 4, 1645. Died in childhood.
II. Josiah, born January 21, 1648.
III. Elizabeth, born October 28, 1651.
IV. Daniel, born April 5, 1654.
V. John, born April 10, 1656.
VI. Mary, born September 22, 1658.
VII. Samuel, born July 6, 1661.
VIII. Sarah, born August 7, 1663.
IX. Hannah, born August 25, 1665. Died in early life.
X. Nathaniel, born September 8, 1666.
Children, ---by his second wife,---none.".