The Cary Family Found Living In Kari Castle in Kari Castle In Domes day Book
Around 1086. The Spelling Has Changed Though The Generations from
Kari, Karry, Carye To Cary

Cary Coat Of Arms

The first Karry recorded was:
I Lord Adam De Karry  recorded in 1208 Somerset, England
  married Anne Trevet

    1 John De Karry  b 1200 Castle Cary/Somerset, England  d England

II John De Karry
   married Elizabeth Stapleton in Sommerset, England

    1 William De Karry  b abt 1230  Castle Cary, Somerset, England  d  1303 Devon, England

III William De Karry
    married Alice Beaumont  in England

    1 John William De Karry  b 1270 Castle Cary, Somerset, England  d Devon, England

IV  Sir John William De Karry
    married Phillippa Archdeacon  in England
    Note: The spelling Karry changes to Cary or Carey

    1 William Cary b 1300 Castle Karry, Somerset, England
    2 John Cary  b 1302 Castle Karry, Somerset, England

V Lord William Cary
    married Margaret Bozume/Bozon  abt. 1324 Clovelly, Devon, England

    1. Sir John Cary b 1325 Castle Cary, Somerset, England

VI Sir John Cary, Knt.
    married 1st Alice Agnes Stafford abt 1345 Somerset, England - no children
                   2nd Jane De Bryen abt 1349 Devon, England

   1. Sir John Cary  b1354 Holway, Devon, England  d 1404 Ireland

VII Sir John Cary
     Written of John "Sir John Cary was made a baron of the exchequer by King Richard II. In this post he continued many years, manifesting in all his actions an inflexible virtue and honesty. And indeed, it fell out at last that he had an extraordinary occasion laid before him, for the proof and tryal thereof: upon which he proved as true as steel, for the greatest dangers could not affright him from his duty and loyalty to his distressed master King Richard II, unto whom he faithfully adhered when most others had forsaken him; to his present loss indeed, but to his future eternal renown. For in the catastrophe of that king's reign, he reverend judge, unable and unwilling to bow, did freely and confidently speak his mind. He opposed the proceedings for procurators, in regard to his oath, to take King Richard's resignation, his true and undoubted sovereign. This cause him pursued with so much zeal and earnestness, that at the entrance of Henry IV into the English crown, he was by that prince banished his country and his goods and lands were confiscated."
    married Margaret Holway in England

    1 Robert Cary b 1375 Holway, Devon, England
    2 John Cary
    3 Thomas Cary

VIII Sir Robert Cary knt
   A proof of the  great prowess in arms of this gallant knight is recorded in the following exploit: "In the beginning of the reign of Henry V a certain knight-errand of Arragon performed many feats of arms, to his high commendation, arrived here in England, where he challenged any man of his rank and quality to make tryal of his valor and skill in arms. This challenge Sir Robert Cary accepted: between whom a cruel encounter and a long and doubtful combat was waged, in Smithfield, London. Sir Robert Cary vanquished the presumptuous Arragon; for which King Henry V restored unto him good part of his father's lands, which for his loyalty to King Richard II, he had been deprived of by King Henry IV."
    married 1st Margaret Courtenay  abt 1395 in Holway, Devon, England
    No Children

    married  2nd Jane Hanchford/Hanksford in Holway, Devon, England
    1 Sir Phillip Cary b 1400 Cockington, Devon, England  d 1437

VIIII Sir Phillip Cary knt.
    married Christian Orchard abt 1436 in Holway, Devon, England

    1 Sir William Cary  b Aug 12 1437 Cockington, Devon, England  d May 6 1471 Glouceter, England

X Sir William Cary
Written of Sir William: An eminent lancastrian, who upon the issue of the battle of Tewkesbury,
    10th Edward IV fled to a church for sanctuary, but was brought forth under promise of pardon,
    and beheaded.
    married 1st Elizabeth Paulet abt 1459 Bristol, England

    1 Sir Robery Cary  b 1460 Bristol, England  d June 15 1540

    married 2nd Alice Fulford abt 1464 Devon, England
    1 Thomas Cary
       Note: Thomas Cary had two sons John and William. William Cary married Mary Boleyne,
                  sister of the famous Anne Boleyne
    2 William Cary

XI Sir Robert Cary
    married 1st Jane Carew abt 1484 Bristol, England
    1 John Cary
    2 Thomas Cary

    married 2nd Margaret Fulkeram in  Bristol, England
    1 Robert Cary

    married 3rd Agnes Hody in Bristol, Somerset, England

    1 Lord William Cary knt   b 1492 Bristol, England  d March 28, 1572 Bristol, England

XII Lord William Cary Knt
   Note: William Cary was Sheriff of Bristol England in 1532 and mayor in 1546 during the
        reign of Henry VIII
    married    Joan Herle in England

    1 Richard (Robert) Cary  b 1515 Bristol, England  d June 17,1570 England  buried at St. Nichaolas Church
    2 Agnes Cary  b England
        married Humphrey Cooper
    3 Susan Cary  b England
        married John Lacy 1571 in Bristol, England
    4 William Cary  d abt 1572 England
    5 Richard Cary  b England  d Aug. 11, 1569 Bristol, England
        married Elizabeth ?

XIII Richard Cary
     married  Chistian Dennis in  1540 England she died 1560 in England

    1 Richard Cary Baptized Aug. 18, 1542 St. Nicholas Church, England  d June 14, 1591
        England buried St. Nicholas Church
    2 Lettice Cary  b 1543 England  d abt 1570 England
    3 Mary Cary  b 1544 England  d infant
    4 Mary Cary  b 1546 England  d abt 1570 England
    5 Elizabeth Cary  b 1548 England  d  infant
    6 Frances Cary  b 1549 England  d England
    7 William Cary  b Oct. 3, 1550 England  d March 1, 1632 Bristol, England
    8 Elizabeth Cary  b 1551 England  d England
    9 Agnes Cary  b abt 1555 England  d England
   10 Martha Cary  b 1558 England  d infant

    married Joan Holton
   11 Martha Cary  b 1562 England  d England
   12 Anne Cary  b 1564 England
   13 Filia Cary  b 1565 England  d infant
   14 Filia Cary  b 1567 England  d infant
   15 Christopher Cary  b 1568 Bristol, England  d May 1626 St. Stephens, Bristol, England
           Christopher was Sheriff of Bristol England in 1612
   16 Filia Cary  b 1569 England  d infant

VIIII William Cary
   Note: William was Sheriff of Bristol, England in 1599 and Mayor in 1611 He server as
                  Alderman  thereafter
    married Elizabeth Goodale Jan 14, 1572 in Bristol, England

    1 William Cary  b Jan 1577 Bristol, England  d Oct. 2, 1638 St. Thomas Church, England
    2 Richard Cary  Baptized Aug. 1, 1579 St. Nicholas Church, England  d July 1644
        St. Nicholas Church, England
        married Mary Shershaw in 1606 in England
        They had 9 daughters and 8 sons only the first Son (Shershaw Cary)  left issue
    3 John Cary  b April 1583 St. Nicholas parish, England  d Feb. 13, 1661 Church of All Saints, England
    4 Walter Cary  Baptized June 18, 1588 St. Nicholas parish, England  d Feb. 1633 Bristol, England
        married Grace Browne
    5 Robert Cary  Baptized Nov. 3, 1589 St. Nicholas parish, England  d Oct. 7, 1628 Bristol, England
        married Anne Thomas of Abergavenny
           Robert left a will mentioning 4 daughters and 2 sons. According to the Heralds' College
            pedigree of 1700, this family became extinct during the civil wars
   6 Anne Cary  b 1590 Bristol, England  d abt 1632 England
    7 Susan Cary  b 1592 Bristol, England  d England
    8 Margery Cary  b Bristol, England
        married Hugh Yeo
    9 Thomas Cary  Baptized April 11, 1596 St. Nicholas parish, England  d Feb. 12, 1648
        St. Thomas, England
        married Joan Milner abt 1647 in England
   10 James Cary  Baptized April 14, 1600 St. Nicholas parish, England  d Nov. 2, 1681
        Charlestown, Mass.
               James emigrated to the Massachusetts colonies in 1639. His record at Charlestown
    is complete to and including his tombstone recording his death. From his descended a line
    of sea captains,  merchants and clergymen, who have maintained the Bristol tradition in
    New England.
       married Mary Llewellyn in 1624 in Bristol, England
   11 Anne Cary  b 1624 Bristol, England  d infant
   12 Henry Cary  Baptized Nov. 20, 1625 St. Nicholas, England  d abt 1700 Marlborough, England

XV John Cary
        married 1st Elizabeth Herford May 29, 1609 in Bristol, England

    1 John Cary  b 1610 Bristol, England  d 1681 Bridgewater, Mass.
    2 Thomas Cary  b Dec 1613 Bristol, England
    3 Philip Cary b Bristol, England  d abt 1765 England
    4 Prudence Cary
    5 Elizabeth Cary

        2nd Marriage Alice Hobson about 1617 Bristol, England
    6 Henry Cary  b 1618 Bristol, England
    7 Matthew Cary  b 1619 Bristol, England  d abt 1648 Stepney Mariner, England
    8 Miles Cary  Baptized July 29, 1621 All Saints, Bristol, England  d June 10 1667 Warwick, Virginia
    9 Richard Cary  b 1620 Bristol, England  d June 10, 1667 Warwick, Virginia
   10 Alice Cary  b 1625 Bristol, England
   11 Honor Cary  b 1627 Bristol, England  d Nov. 6, 1644 All Saints' Bristol, England
   12 Mary Cary  b Nov. 1630 Bristol, England

XVI Miles Cary
   Note: Miles Cary emigrated to Virginia about 1645. He appears in records first on the
    bench of the Warwick County Court in 1652. He was a merchant and owned and operated a
    mill. Miles died in 1667 from wounds received while defending Fort Comfort from a raid by the
    Dutch Navy.
    married Anne Taylor  1645 Virginia
    Note:Anne Taylor's father was Captain Thomas Taylor one of the original patentees in
    Elizabeth City, Cork county in 1626 and in 1643 too up 600 acres in Warwick. When Miles
    Cary came to the Colonies he lived with and work for Thomas Taylor

    1 Thomas Cary  b 1647 Virginia d 1708 Magpie Swamp, Virginia
    2 Anne Cary  b abt 1649 Warwick, Virginia
    3 Henry Cary  b 1650 Virginia  d 1720 The Forest, Virginia
    4 Bridget Cary  b 1652 Virginia
        married Captain William Bassett in 1670
        There great granddaughter, Elizabeth Basset, married Benjamin Harrison. Benjamin
        was a signer of The Declaration Of Independence and their son William Henry Harrison,
        was the ninth President of the United States

    5 Elizabeth Cary  b 1653 Virginia
    6 Miles Cary  b 1655 Virginia  d 1709 Richneck, Virginia
    7 William Cary  b 1657 Virginia d 1713 Skiffs Creek, Virginia

    Magpie Swamp, The Forest, Richneck, Skiffs Creek are the name of Plantations

XVII Major Thomas Cary
   Note: Thomas Cary was employed as a teenager in the construction of the fort at Point
    Comfort. He was third in command of Warwick Militia at Governor Berkely's array for
    defense against the Indians in 1676. He was Captain, Major and Justice of the Peace for
   married Anne Milner 1669 Virginia

    1 Thomas Cary  b 1670 Magpie Swamp, Virginia d 1764 Magpie Swamp, Virginia
    2 Miles Cary Jr.  b 1671 Virginia  d Potash Creek, Virginia
    3 James Cary  b 1673 Virginia
    4 Milner Cary Died as a Infant
    5 Elizabeth Cary
    6 Dorothy Cary

XVIII Thomas Cary
    Note: Thomas was affiliated with Quakers in 1698 and 1705. He was High Sheriff of
    Warwick in 1712-1713 which may have meant if left the Quaker fold.
        married Elizabeth Hinde  1695 Virginia

    1 Captain Thomas Cary  b 1720 Magpie Swamp, Virginia  d 1792 Virginia
        Thomas commanded the Warwick militia in the Revolutionary Army. High Sheriff for
        Warwick in 1786.  In the Virginia Census of 1782 his household is listed for 7 whites
        and 18 blacks
    2 Elizabeth Cary  b 1725 Virginia  d 1800 North Carolina
    3 Martha Cary  b Virginia  d 1762 Halifax, North Carolina
        married Gough Whitaker
    4 James Cary  b 1728 Virginia  d 1788

XVIIII Elizabeth Cary
        married Richard Whitaker II  Dec 28, 1740 Warwick, Virginia

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