Some abstracts Revolutionary War pension applications

These typed abstracts were taken from NARA microfilm and given to me a few years ago. Found them while cleaning out a file cabinet and hope that they may be of interest to Finger Lakes researchers. I have no further information and cannot attest to the correctness. Enjoy.

BISHOP , Joel; WAYNE CO. NY; 16 Mar 1829; enlisted 3 yr. 17 Feb 1777 CT; discharged at Morristown; schedule 35 acres of land; furniture, tools worth $681.13; wife, 2 children; he was 73 in 1832. In 1780, lived Gilford New Haven Co. CT; in battle of Danbury. 21 Oct 1839: Phebe Bishop, of Norwich Huron Co. OH; widow of Joel; he died 17 Apr 1839; oldest daughter, Anne, wife of Aratie Voles, was born 16 June 1765; married 1784 bible record. Rachel born 5 Oct 1795. Rocksie Bishop born 24 Sep 1797. Joel Jr. born 15 Feb 1800. Patty born 26 Aug 1802. Lucinda born 17 Apr 1805. Eliza/Elijah born 21 July 1807. Reuben born 7 Dec 1811. Harriet born 8 Jan 1813. Joel born 2 Oct 1759. Phebe Bishop born 4 Apr 1770. Anne born 16 June 1785. Clary born 15 May 1787. Saly born 7 June 1789. Chauncey born 29 June 1791. Phebe born 31 July 1793. In battle of Compo Hill; in skirmish East Chester NY; taken prisoner; held in NYC 8 mo. 16 days; exchanged; rejoined rgmt; assisted in building for (t ?) opposite side river from West Point; out 2/1780. Allowed pension 1 Oct 1832 while living ROSE WAYNE CO. NY; 1837 moved to Huron Co. OH; married 28 Aug 1784 Phebe; she was living Norwich Huron Co. OH 1839; daughter Ann was wife of Asahel Valentine. Elijah lived Huron Co. 1837; Reuben 1839. A Reuben Bishop 1829, living HOPEWELL ONTARIO CO. NY said he knew him during war. Joel was son of Reuben and Ann Wright born Guilford CT 2 Oct 1759;

BISHOP, John; enlisted at Newburgh July 1775; discharged end of war at Schenectady NY; no family; scheduled a horse; since sold to satisfy debts; of MANLIUS ONONDAGA CO. NY.

BISHOP, Joseph; 14 Sep 1832; enlisted 1777 eight mos. North Canaan CT where he lived; served as sub. for brother, David, about 3 mos. John born North Canaan 1760; lived there about 2 yrs. after service then to Richmond MA for 3 yrs; then Norway Herkimer Co. NY nearly 13 yrs; then Paris Oneida Co. NY 5 yrs; then MARCELLUS ONONDAGA CO. NY; 30 Jan 1850 Ruth Bishop of Marcellus, 83, applied; widow of Joseph; married to Joseph May 1/89. He died 18 Mar 1845; married in Columbia Co. by Mr. Benedict. She was Merriman.

BISHOP, Levi; Nancy applied 8 Feb 1849; lived ONONDAGA CO. NY; also Erie Co. married 1789; he died Feb 1849; she was 85 in 1849; Elizabeth Balsley of MANLIUS, possibly a daughter. Family record: Levi Bishop born 9 Dec 1760; Nancy Hunt born Feb 1764; married 1 Aug 1781. Children: Martha born 24 Dec 1790; Mary born 16 Feb 1793; Levi Jr. born 11 June 1795; Thomas born 21 Mar 1798; Joseph born 29 Dec 1801; Lavina born 17 May 1805; Elizabeth born 8 Oct 1815; Jefferson born 10 Oct 1816. Levi married 18 July 1819; Elizabeth married 31 Jan 1832; Thomas died 16 June 1829; Lavina died 21 Apr 1805.

BOGARDUS, Henry; ONONDAGA CO. NY; lived Fishkill when he enlisted; 18 Mar 1838, Mary Bogardus of DE WITT ONONDAGA CO. NY; age 66; widow of Henry Bogardus; married 8 Jan 1793 by Rev. Mr. Bassett in Albany; before married both lived Bethlehem Albany Co.; husband of Dutch origin; formerly written Hendrick; he died DeWitt 24 June 1841; Henry B. Bogardus lived with them, nephew of Henry Sr.; bible records Hendrick Bogardus born 11 Dec 1763; Mary Badgley born 10 Oct 1776; married 28 July 1793; David Merrill born 25 Jan 1779; Abiah Badgley born 3 Apr 1787; David Merrill and Abiah Badgley married 15 Mar 1804; Daniel Dudley Merrill born 22 Feb 1806; Martin Merrill born 31 Mar 1808; Daniel Dudley Merrill died 27 Dec 1812. Born Fishkill Dutchess Co.11 Dec 1763; moved to Albany Co. after the war; from there to Schoharie; and then to Manlius; lived there 27 yrs. Enlisted 1777.

BUNCE, Daniel; Private; Rgmt. Col. Vose; Mass. line 6 years; filed at Tully 15 Apr 1819.

BUNCE, Daniel of TULLY ONONDAGA CO. NY; enlisted at Canaan Albany Co. NY 1777; under Capt. Jeremiah Miller; discharged at Newburgh 23 July 1783.

CLARK, Ephraim; 20 Oct 1843. Sarah Clark of POMPEY ONONDAGA CO. NY; age 84. Widow of Ephraim Clark, late resident of Pompey. Married 8 Jan 1784 Ridgefield Fairfield Co. CT by Esq. Benedict. Ephraim died at Pompey 10 Nov 1823. Unable to attend court because of infirmities. She was Sarah Smith. He wrote his name Clark and Clarke.

COVERT, Luke; STEUBEN CO. NY; 1831; pension 16 Oct 1832; came Luke Covert of Jersey; 74 yrs.; enlisted at 18 in militia; lived Elizabeth Essex Co. NJ with father; Washington had his headquarters at his Uncle Cornelius Vermulas about one mile from his father's residence, under the mountain and the quartermaster's store was kept at his father's; born in Elizabeth Essex Co. NJ 19 Jan 1758; at end of war he moved to OVID; for last 4 yrs. lived in JERSEY STEUBEN CO.; he knew Rev. Mr. Bigalow, Rev. Van Renssalaer; deacon Ellis and Gen. William Kernon who all lived near him; witnesses: David B. Coriell, a clergyman, Moses Ellis, Silvanus Arnold of Tyrone; living in Jersey; John L. Covert of Tyrone was a brother; John had a sore leg and was unable to do military duty; his father also served in same manner as Luke until he got rheumatism at Powles Hook just after the British came into NY; after that his duty was on horseback; as commissary or quartermaster; father was Luke Covert Sr.; Luke was living at BRADFORD, Steuben Co.; John L. was living in READING; 15 Mar 1836 Folkerd Sebring SENECA CO. witness for Luke Covert; both served in NJ militia of Essex Co. NJ; witness Luke P. Covert; belonged to same NJ militia as Luke Covert; witness Abraham Brokaw, a clergyman of Ovid; knew Luke Covert for about 25 years; good character;

DARLING, Benjamin; 24 Apr 1818 ONONDAGA CO NY; Benjamin Darling, 55 of MANLIUS; was a private for 9 mos. in 1782; discharged at West Point; still in Manlius in 1820.

DARLING, Samuel; 25 Jan 1834; Samuel Darling of CLARKSON MONROE CO. NY; enlisted 1776 at Dover, Dutchess Co.; after discharge returned to Dover for a few years; then moved to New Lebanon Albany Co for 7-8 yrs.; then to West Stockbridge MA 18 years; then to Whitestown Oneida Co. several yrs.; then to Hannibal Oswego Co. 4-5 yrs; then to Clarkson about 3 yrs.

DUNBAR, Amos; 1779 3 mos; age 68 in 1832; born Cornwall Orange Co. NY 1764; moved to Wallkill; then to Chenango Tioga; then to ULYSSES CAYUGA CO.; there about 12 years; 1812 moved to HECTOR; in 1821 or 22 to Keating McKean Co. PA; about 1837 to Butler Co. PA; still living there early 1855; died 4 Aug 1855; son Jonathan.

GARRISON, Abraham; 27 Aug 1832; of GORHAM ONTARIO CO. NY; enlisted May or June 1780 nine mos; reenlisted for war. Born Franklin NJ 25 Dec 1760; by 1780 living in Pittstown Rensselaer Co.; returned there when discharged. Moved about 27 years ago to Gorham. Witness to application was John Francisco of Gorham. Garrison now in feeble health and unable to attend court. Witnesses Micahel A. Francisco and Levi Francisco of Gorham, well-acquainted with Abraham Garrison; believe he was 71 yrs.

GARRISON, John; 28 May 1832; John Garrison of Town of Ovid; age 77; enlisted Sep 1776 residing at Livingston Manor Albany Co.; born Livingston Manor March 1756; returned after war for about 15 years; then to Rensselaerville Albany Co. NY; then to OVID SENECA CO. NY; known in his present neighborhood by Asgill Gibbs Esq. of Ovid; Peter Combs; Elijah Kinne who can testify to his truth and veracity. Thomas O Lounsbury, clergyman of Ovid, and Nelson O. Cole of same place, were well-acquainted with John Garrison and believe him to be 77 yrs. of age. Jacob Coon of ROMULUS SENECA CO. NY, said he was born and brought up in Livingston Manor Columbia Co. NY, now 72 or 73 years of age. 19 Sep 1846 at LODI SENECA CO. NY; It is alleged by Peter Garrison, son of John Garrison, deceased, that he was entitled to $80 instead of $31 a year.

GARRISON, John; 27 May 1832; ONTARIO CO.; paper noted deserted 5 mos after enlistment; John Garrison, a resident of town of VICTOR; age 69; entered service 1779; was born as he understood at place called Paulingskill NJ 30 Mar 1763; no record of age; lived at Pittstown NY when he enlisted. Since war he moved to Wellstown; then to Schenectady; then GORHAM ONTARIO CO.; about 5 mos since to VICTOR. Abraham Garrison and John Francisco are persons he thinks have personal knowledge of his service. Abraham Garrison of Gorham was brother of John.

HALSEY, Matthew; of HOWARD STEUBEN CO. NY; enlisted 1775 at Southampton; born Southampton 1753; lived Springfield Otsego Co; from there to Howard.

MILLER, William; 1832 in TRUXTON CORTLAND CO. NY; born Orange Co.; age 76; enlisted at Wallkill Apr 1777; lived in Truxton about 22 years; wife not able to walk for about 3 mos.; wife was Lydia Tuttle; John Miller was one of the judges of Cortland Co.; Edward Miller, Abraham Miller lived Truxton; no relationship stated.

MILLER, William; 1832; ONTARIO CO. NY; age 79; service June 1776; lived TOWN OF SENECA; born New Windsor Ulster Co. 4 Apr 1753; lived in Warwick; 1795 moved to New Jersey; spring 1801 to Newtown Tioga Co; April 1816 to Seneca Ontario Co.; public notary, Richard M. Bayly of Seneca knew William Miller from boyhood; witness Aaron Swarthout of Tyrone knew Miller since he was a boy; Anthony Swartout lived WAYNE STEUBEN CO.; another witness Benjamin Tuttle; Charles Crane was clerk of court; Alexander Miller of Groton, 75 and up, brother of William. Both lived Warwick during war; both served same regmt; Capt. Andrew Miller who was also a brother; Samuel Jayne of Benton knew Miller in service; had son named William living in Marshall IL in 1851;

PIERPONT, Eveline; LIVONIA LIVINGSTON CO. NY; 29 Oct 1838, Rhoda Pierpont of Livonia; wife of Eveline; he was born New Haven CT; married 15 May 1783; he died 14 Mar 1810; she was Rhoda Collins; married Litchfield CT by Rev. Judah Champion; witness Anna James, wife of Richard, of New Haven CT, age 50, daughter of Eveline and Rhoda; Rhoda resided alternately with her children, some of them in CT, some in NY. 1838 another daughter, Elizabeth McCoy of Livingston Co.; Rhoda died 20 June 1845.

SHEFFIELD, Nathan; 1832; was 68 yrs; lived CAYUGA CO. NY; served first 1779; Daniel Chideser of Scipio Cayuga Co. knew Nathan during war; enlisted at Saratoga as substitute for Zopher Skidmore; witness Hannah Chidester of Scipio, sister of Nathan Sheffield; substitute for part of the time for his father; Samuel Conklin of Spafford, age 66, knew Nathan during war time; lived in same neighborhood same town; substitute for Christopher Sheffield; first enlisted when he was 15;

SHEFFIELD, Paul; 1844; WAYNE CO. NY; Hannah Sheffield of MACEDON; widow of Paul; lived Westerly Washington Co. RI; enlisted Sep 1777; married 1 Jan 1778 Groton CT; he died 24 Mar 1837; Silas Stoddard of Wayne Co. attended the marriage; married in Groton, now Ledyard, New London Co. CT by Rev. Park Allyn; Paul born 2 Sep 1761; died at Macedon; Bathsheba Stoddard of Macedon was sister of Paul Sheffield;

SMITH, Andrew; 15 May 1834; SENECA CO. NY; resident of TOWN OF ROMULUS; age 81; volunteered 5 mos. June 1776; resided Hopewell NJ; born Township of Hopewell Hunterdon Co. NJ 25 Aug 1753; resided there til he moved to Romulus Seneca Co. NY in 1800; brother, John B. Smith resides TOWN OF OVID SENECA CO. NY;Andrew known to Hon. Jonas Seeley, one of judges of court; known to Thomas Purdy and Andrew Purdy of OVID;

SUTTON, William; enlisted Orange Co NY; served 1780-81-82; colored regmt; married Elizabeth; resident of Ellicottsville 1845; enlisted at Goshen; married at Chillisquaqua PA 1786 to Elizabeth Bibbins. He died Aug 1826 at WAYNE STEUBEN CO. NY; daughter Perthena Walker alive 1846; other children deceased.

SUTTON, Zachariah; 20 June 1820; STEUBEN CO. NY; Zachariah Sutton, age 66; lived PULTENEY; no real estate; 1 sow and 6 pigs; small amt of furnishings; farmer; wife age 65; daughter, Phebe, age 29; son Peter, age 26, his chief support. He lived with them. Left arm useless by a fracture. Henry Sutton, grandson. Application made by Peter Sutton, only surviving son of Zachariah and father of Henry.

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