Darveau(x) Descendants of North America
Blaise A. Darveaux
Hello. In 1979 I began collecting the names of all the descendants of my great-grandparents Louis Darveau and Sarah Ann Casey. A few years later, a second cousin of mine researched the Darveau name as far back as the records allowed. Traveling to Quebec and Montreal, he was able to connect us with the parents of the first Darveau, (Francois) in North America.

The genealogy here presents the descendants of Jean Darveau and Simone Labory that I have been able to connect. Please feel free to browse the family tree. If you have comments, corrections, additions, or deletions, please contact me by email, snail mail, or phone. I would especially like to hear from you if you can't find yourself in this tree (look for your name in the index or in the surname list.)

This descendancy contains 9,843 names of which 2,308 are Darveau(x). There are an additional 403 people (193 are named Darveau(x)) in my database that I haven't connected up yet.

I would like to thank all the people, over the years, who have helped me collect the data contained in this research. Some of the major contributors are: Rene Benjamin Chevalier, Richard Joseph Darveau, John (Jack) Donald Darveaux, Diane Lucille Darveau, Reneé Sue Darveau, and René Darveau.

I especially would like to thank my wife, Bettina, and my children Shawn, Theresa, and Natalie for their patience while I indulge in my passion for genealogy. It is, as much for them, as well as for future generations, that I continue this work. Indeed, it is one of the few marks of lasting value that I will leave for our descendants to enjoy.

Thanks a lot.

Blaise André Darveaux
1009 Maddrey Lane
Hillsborough, NC 27278