Children of Asa Whitlock and Ann Daughdrill Whitlock:

1 2-1-1 1 Sarah Whitlock. Married a Mr. James.


Children of John Daughdrill and Frances Gilder Daughdrill:

1 2-1-2 1 James Lewis Daughdrill. Born in Ala. 1833 - married Rosa Watkins of VA in 1876. He was in a Cavalry unit under a Jeff Davis Legion in the war between the States from Marengo County, Ala. Fought with J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry, and was Captain of his company. He was a farmer and merchant after the war. Died at his home in Marengo County, Ala. at Old Springhill in 1906.

1 2-1-2 2 Mary Malvina Daughdrill. Died May 8, 1855, age 21. Buried Old Daughdrill Cemetery near Old Spring Hill, Marengo Co., Alabama.

1 2-1-2 3 John A. Daughdrill. Died November 18, 1835, age 2 yrs. 8 days old. Buried Old Daughdrill Cemetery near Old Spring Hill, Alabama.

1 2-1-2 4 George Washington Daughdrill. Born 1838, died 1902. Was educated at Howard College, joined Jeff Davis Legion of Cavalry in his brother James' Company as a Corporal, went to Va. and fought with J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry. After the war he was a teacher and also in the mining business in Ala. In 1874 he married Julia Augusta Daughdrill, a cousin, daughter of James Harrell Daughdrill and Elizabeth J. Rawls and granddaughter of John and Winnie Harrell Daughdrill. Julia was born in 1842, educated at Mobile, Ala., as a pianist and singer.

1 2-1-2 5 Julia Daughdrill. Married Elysah Bell, a Baptist Minister - no children.

1 2-1-2 6 Elizabeth Daughdrill. Married Frank Norris, a Physician, and died early in life. Not known whether they had any children.

1 2-1-2 7 Franklin Daughdrill. Was killed in the battle of Chickamauga in the Civil War between the States when a mere school boy.

1 2-1-2 8 Rachel Eran Daughdrill. Born Old Springhill, May 1836. Married William F. Jones in February 1861. He died July 1867. Had one son James Earle. It is reported that Rachel Eran Daughdrill Jones and their only son are buried in the Old Daughdrill Cemetery, Old Spring Hill, Alabama. No marker located.

1 2-1-2 9 Thaddeus Turner Daughdrill - born Oct. 13, 1843, died Sept. 25, 1925. He was a lawyer by profession and was one of the Trustees of Judson College at Marion, Alabama for many years. He married Mary Willie Westbrook, Oct. 14, 1868, daughter of John Ivy and Susan Ann Westbrook of Jefferson, Ala. She was born July 7, 1849, died December 8, 1927.


Children of William Turner Daughdrill and Dorinda West Daughdrill:

1 2-1-3 1 Arminda Ann Daughdrill. Born January 21, 1836 - died in 1924. Married Richard H. Henderson - died June 28, 1899, age 78. They are buried in Bethel Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Mississippi.

1 2-1-3 2 Elizabeth Charity Daughdrill. Born March 9, 1838 - died April 16, 1926. Married Robertus "Bert or Doc" Castilaw. He was a farmer and resided in White Sand Area. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Miss.

1 2-1-3 3 William J. Daughdrill. Born January 4, 1841 - died September 10, 1919. Married Jane Castilaw, born June 14, 1832, died August 20, 1933. She was sister of Robertus "Bert" Castilaw. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Miss. William enlisted in the Civil War at Trenton as a private. He was captured July 4, 1863 at Vicksburg, Miss. and shown as paroled at Meridian, Miss. May 11, 1865.

1 2-1-3 4 John E. Daughdrill. Born Dec. 9, 1844 - died 1924. Married Amanda Gardner September 26, 1866. Amanda was born 1849, died in 1927. Both buried in Topisaw Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Miss. John E. Daughdrill enlisted February 17, 1862 in the Civil War at Trenton, Smith Co., Miss. Co. G, 46th Miss. Inf. He was in the Battle of Vicksburg and later in the battle near Franklin, Tenn. and was captured and in prison at Camp Douglas, Ill. He gave the following account of his capture to his daughter, Evia Daughdrill, the story being revealed to us by DeWitt and Ford Daughdrill of New York, grandsons of John E. Daughdrill.

"His outfit was in retreat after a severe defeat in Tenn. It was bitter cold and their clothes were in tatters and their shoes were gone. Their feet bleeding had been wrapped in what few rags they had. They were nearly starved and their flight was through forest trails in the rocks, snow, ice and bitter cold and they were under "hot" pursuit by the Calvary. Many of them were captured, he being one of them."

John E. Daughdrill was assigned to the Camp Douglas, Ill. prison when the war ended. They were told that they would have to make their way home. He secured work on the Illinois Central Railroad and worked his way down to their terminal in Northern Mississippi. And it was while he was working there he met Amanda Gardner. Her family lived between Water Valley and Coffeeville, Miss. During this period of time John E. Daughdrill was known as John E. West, using this assumed name, possibly because of war and prison condition and in order to secure work and return south.

Marriage records of Lafayette Co., Miss. (b D p 214) show that John E. West and Amanda Gardner were married September 26, 1866 by R. Martin, Minister. Name corrections were properly made at a later date to "Daughdrill." Amanda "Mandy" Gardner was b. Sept. 1849 in Water Valley, Miss. and died in 1927. John and Amanda Daughdrill are buried in Topisaw Cemetery near Ruth, Lincoln Co., Miss.

Soon after 1867 they moved to Hooker in Lawrence Co., Miss. In 1880 they were residing in Jefferson Co., Miss. Thereafter settled in the Topisaw Community, Lincoln Co., Miss. He was engaged in farming and timber business. The 1880 and 1900 U.S. Census Report for Lincoln Co., Miss. shows:

1880 - Daughdrill, John E. Age 35; Amanda E. age 30, wife; Joseph W. age 12, son: Lucy E. age 8, daughter; Quilla E. age 6, daughter; Jessie age 2, son.

1900 - Daughdrill, John E. age 55, born Dec 1844; Manda L. age 50 born Sept 1849; Elijah age 25 born 1877; Equilla age 24 born 1876; Evia age 17 born 1881; David age 16 born 1883; Edgar age 12 born 1888; John H. age 8 born 1892.

1 2-1-3 5 Joseph Nelson Daughdrill. Born February 1, 1847 - died January 31, 1933. Married Martha Ann "Patsy" Baldwin on November 11, 1870. Martha Ann was born July 9, 1849, died May 29, 1937. She was the daughter of Rebecca Williamson and ____ Baldwin. Joseph Nelson was a farmer. Both buried in Bethel Cemetery near New Hebron, Lawrence Co., Miss.

1 2-1-3 6 Wilson Turner Daughdrill. Born November 17, 1850 - died March 5, 1927. Married Sarah Ross January 20, 1875. She was born Sept. 13, 1849, died January 22, 1927. Both buried in Mobley Cemetery near New Hebron, Lawrence Co., Miss. He was a farmer.

1 2-1-3 7 George W. Daughdrill. Born January 14, 1854 - died February 19, 1907. Married _______Case. She and their only child, an infant, died of measles August 17, 1899. Married Emma P. Reid in 1889. Emma was born December 14, 1875, died August 27, 1899. They had 3 children. George married Sallie Lambert on December 8, 1900. Sallie was born January 23, 1866, died December 3, 1945. They had 3 children. George and Emma P. Reid Daughdrill are buried in Shiloh Cemetery near Sontag, Lawrence Co., Miss. Sallie Lambert Daughdrill is buried in White Sand Baptist Church Cemetery, north of Prentiss, Miss.

1 2-1-3 8 Jessie Francis Daughdrill. Born September 7, 1859, died June 29, 1955. Married Martha Ann Elizabeth "Mossie" Parkman March 7, 1886. Martha Ann was the daughter of John Robert Parkman and Martha Louisa Johnson Parkman. She was born December 27, 1866, died January 12, 1931. Both are buried in Shiloh Cemetery near Sontag, Lawrence Co., Miss. Jessie Francis was a farmer.

The old Jessie Francis Daughdrill residence is still standing.


Children of James Daughdrill, Jr. and Isabelle Pistole Daughdrill:

1 2-1-6 1 Eunice A. Daughdrill. born April 10, 1859, married George G. Cunningham of Thomaston, Ala., a merchant, on December 11, 1895 and resided Thomaston, Ala. They had no children. He had two sons, Gordon and Thomas D. Cunningham by a previous marriage.

1 2-1-6 2 Ella Daughdrill. Born December 29, 1860 - died May 30, 1910. Married a (Mr. Pearson) (J.M. Simpson) September 13, 1888. Had two children, a son Thomas and daughter, Lillian who were reared by Mrs. Eunice Cunningham.

1 2-1-6 3 James Asa Daughdrill. Born March 10, 1863 - died August 3, 1930, married Teresa Bolton Feb. 9, 1890. As to this family, Mrs. Eunice Cunningham in 1931, wrote: "I had one brother who has three sons but only one, James, of Mobile, Ala. who has sons to bear the name." Eunice Daughdrill, a daughter of one of these sons married a Mr. Bolds and in l94l was living in Mobile, AL.


Children of James Harold Daughdrill and Elizabeth Rawls Daughdrill:

1 2-2-1 1 John Daughdrill. Born 1838 - died February 12, 1917 at Gadsden, AL. Married Leona Standifer in 1867. Leona was born September 2, 1847, died December 26, 1942, age 95. He was Clerk of the Court for many years. Served in Civil War.

This letter from John Daughdrill to his brother James Harold Daughdrill, Jr. has been found. They were both sons of James Harold and Elizabeth Rawls Daughdrill:


Bayou La Batre, Ala.

November 29, 1907

Mr. J. H. Daughdrill, Gadsden, Ala.

As you know, I have been "down in these parts" for a month and have "nosed" about and probed into "a right smart" of the acts and doings of those who have "manipulated and distributed the property." The most valuable (?) consists of Bank buildings and Residence property on the main streets of Mobile, apparently applied to payments of debts. But there are many, many plots and tracts of land scattered here and yonder that are held under Bon for title. And there are big tracts (some as much as 480 acres, some 80, and one near this place of 40 acres). One a railroad holds as a purchase, but they have no title and offered money for "quit claim deeds." I also learned that conditional sales of land were made by our father to the railroad provided the railroad was built and operating within 4 years from the date of the sale. I learned that the railroad was not built, and in that event (so expressed in the paper) the lands were to revert. In other words the paper given by our father became void and worthless as a title -- but it has been so very long ago. They (the railroad) will endeavor to figure taxes and limitations -- everything they can to hold on to it. Henry and Homer are endeavoring to make a deal with some 3 or 4 lawyers who have jointly a copy of Abstracts of all lands in the city of Mobile belonging to our father, made for brother Henry by a Mr. Eslava or Eslair, now dead. These lawyers have promised to give answer in about 3 or 4 days. It may be that we have to buy a copy from them, or pay them $25 or $30 for the privilege of copying it ourselves, and pay for the typewritten copy. We will know soon.

are some 3 or 4 big farms in Clark County (I saw the deeds myself). Of course we must see about the disposition of them. I saw the sheriff of Clark County and had a long talk with him. He was once connected with the Tax Office. He said, to use his words, "Yes, Colonel Jas. H. Daughdrill owns some lands in Clark County which was rented out." I will have to go up there or get a lawyer or Probate Court Judge to get me a abstract. All this investigation and probing costs money. I have thought all the time, and still think, that it is best for us to pro-rate the expense of investigation. After we find out all the prospects and see the chances to recover, then we can take the "hull cheese" to some lawyer of our selection at a fair percent of the amount recovered. But I have got to have a little money along if I stay down here and "nose into" the affairs. You can see for yourself I have none. If you can't let me have $10 or $12 now, but you can soon, I will borrow it from one of the boys here, Henry, Homer or Al, and pay them back when you send it. George is perfectly willing to do this, so he told Henry and me to go ahead. I have not written Ed or Cuz BZ(?) yet. He is in a bad fix; he had an operation performed, but he is still the same. They may have to perform another one. He is doing very well; I got a letter yesterday from him. I will get an explanation about all he did. He told Henry that he would explain everything to me. I have not told him anything as to his work, but Henry told him that I would likely "check up on the hull cheese."

If I get the abstract from the lawyers I will write you in detail. If I go on with the investigation, I cannot do it without a little money along, a small amount from each. I can get money here, but I won't borrow it except on the promise and faith of each of the brothers and sisters to send it, so I can pay them back. I will not charge anything for my time, or a commission; also I will pay my pro-rata share of all expenses. I know that I will recover some property by a compromise. This, in several instances, has already been proposed. One man offered $92 in cash, but I won't do any such business as that and not know the value of the property, no sir. I will know something about it before I say to my own brothers and sisters, "Yes, do that." I shall explain all and repeat truthfully about each property, the name of each, and where it is, if I can go on with the investigation.

You remember about our brother Henry's deeding to our father a big lot of land (I have not yet seen the deed). This property is now very valuable. Lots sell around and near this land from $300 to $1,500 (100 x 150). I think a big slice of this can be recovered. I find that Mrs. Gaynor and Mrs. Hallie (our stepmother) have a lot of land deeded to them jointly. Indeed, I keep on finding things strange to me and seemingly illegal. No doubt a Court of Equity would pronounce some void and award us the title -- the old home place, a house and lot on Hallet St. and one on Pine Street (property left to Mrs. Hallie and her boys Claude and Steve). She mortgaged them and let her brother Bill Homer have the money, and the boys have lost the property. The vacant lots left to her -- I do not know what they are or what she (Mrs. H.) did with them. The abstract should show all. I learned that there are 160 acres of land out near "The Bull's Head," and another parcel out there also owned by Charles Ralls and Pa. But I can't say how the matter stands until I get that abstract.

I have written all this, Jim, that you might see the "Outer Edge" of things down here" There is no telling what can be seen if the "lid is removed."

Well, Jim, how's the "show biz" -- are you doing pretty well at it? If I don't stay down here, I suppose I can get a job as a "Sooper."

Give my very best to each of the family and "drop me a line or so." Give me your opinion, your version, and your judgment on what I ought to do and not do. If you are willing to "risk" $10 or $12 in the matter to find out what really is the status of these cases -- it will simply be our investment with probably no dividends. On the other hand, it might turn out "a little parcel of land somewhere" We all want to know how and where all this property went to, and through what channels.

Now Buss write

Always same

Your Bro. John

P.S. Brother Colin has got some papers that he took from Claude; I don't know what they are. And some have some here in Mobile that they got from Claude. Claude promised to get them for me, but I have not yet gotten them. But I will get them. Claude says they are some mortgages and deeds and notes. I have not seen Claude or Steve; it looks like they would hunt me up. I got some papers from Claude (Henry went to Biloxi after them) but I did not get the statement which I shall always believe Pa left. Homer will go to ____ next week and perhaps see brother Colin. If he does, he will bring back the papers he took from Claude.

I believe, Jim, if we will be on the "watch out" more closely, that we will "unkiver" lots of rascality, stealing, and illegal doings.

Buss again


Direct reply to Bayou LaBatre, Ala., c/o H.C. Daughdrill


1 2-2-1 2 Julia Augusta Daughdrill. Born 1842. Married George Washington Daughdrill, a cousin, in 1874. He was born 1838, died 1902. Julia was educated in Mobile, Ala., as a pianist and singer. George Washington was a teacher and in the mining business in Alabama. Descendants in this family see: 1-1-2 4 George Washington Daughdrill.

1 2-2-1 3 Charles W. Daughdrill. Born 1844. Fought in Civil war - then married Mary _______ (Molly) and moved to Texas and died in Houston.

1 2-2-1 4 James Harold Daughdrill, Jr. Born August 22, 1846 in Mobile, Ala. - died November 29, 1930, age 84. Married Martha Elizabeth Whitlock on November 27, 1867. She was born l849, died October 6, l937. Martha was the niece of General Francis Marion, the noted General known as "The Swamp Fox," who served during the Revolutionary War in South Carolina. The Whitlock family was originally from Scotland. Miss Whitlock, born Jan. 17, 1849 in Piedmont, AL (then called Cross Plains Township), was the daughter of Judge and Mrs. William Lafayette Whitlock of Centre, AL. Judge Whitlock was a circuit judge, one of the first men in the U.S. to become a 33rd degree Mason, an award prsented to him by the President of the U.S. Mrs. Whitlock was Lucinda Bridges from Greenville, SC before she married Judge Whitlock.

James Harold Daughdrill, Jr. was a boy of 17 when Alabama seceded from the Union. He enlisted at once in Shannon's Scouts and for four years followed the sword of General Wheeler in the campaigns of Chickamauga, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. He was in the force that fought against General Sherman in Georgia. After the Civil War, he settled in Gadsden, AL. He and his wife had thirteen children. (See, under listing for his brother John, a letter that he received from John dated November 29, 1907.)

James Harold Daughdrill, Jr. had a hobby of calligraphy, and wrote beautifully lettered poems to his wife Martha. They moved to Houston, TX from Mobile in 1906 and he opened the first motion picture theater in that city. After that he and his wife spent most of their time visiting their eleven living children and their families, coming back to Houston for the winters.

He died at the age of 84 in Houston on Nov. 29, 1930. He was the last of the Shannon Scouts to die. An article in the Houston Chronicle about his death was entitled "Taps for the Last Shannon Scout." At the time of his death he had 21 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Martha Whitlock Daughdrill died Oct. 6, 1937 in Houston. They are buried in Forest Park (Lawndale) Cemetery in Houston.

1 2-2-1 5 Elizabeth M. Daughdrill. Born 1847. Died May 9, 1851 (4 years old)

1 2-2-1 6 Henry Clay Daughdrill. Born 1850. Married Catherine Ella May. Then married Mrs. Alice Glazeneo.

1 2-2-1 7 Alabama Daughdrill. Born 1852. Married George Stockdale

1 2-2-1 8 Minnie Daughdrill. Born 1854. Died young.

1 2-2-1 9 George Daughdrill. Born 1856. Married Fannie Whitlock, daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. L. Whitlock, and a sister of the wife of James Harrell Daughdrill.

1 2-2-1 10 Edward Poe Daughdrill. Born May 19, 1859 - died March 21, 1921. On November 14, 1881, he married Ida Madden, daughter of John Madden and Lucretia Ida George.

1 2-2-1 11 Colin Daughdrill. Born 1860. Married Katy Moffit of Okoloma, Miss.


Children of James Harrell Daughdrill and Harriett _______:

1 2-2-1 12 Claude Daughdrill

1 2-2-1 13 Stephen Daughdrill


Children of John "Jackie" Daughdrill and Sarah Breland:

1 2-2-2 1 James Daughdrill. Served in Civil War - 24th Reg. Co. A. Was in battle of Lookout Mountain, later captured and last heard of he was in prison at Rock Island, Ill.

1 2-2-2 2 John W. Daughdrill. Born December 5, 1845 - died December 6, 1914. Married Mary P. Bradley, born November 7, 1849, died April 25, 1927. He was a volunteer in the Civil War and escaped the enemy at Lookout Mountain. After the war he returned to Greene Co., Miss.

1 2-2-2 3 William T. Daughdrill. Born April 4, 1856 - died April 7, 1932. Married I. Etta Moss, born July 18, 1861, died December 12, 1921. Both are buried in Old Daughdrill Cemetery South East of McLain, East of Hwy 98 on Dirt Road.

1 2-2-2 4 Jefferson Davis Daughdrill. Born April 20, 1861 - died August 8, 1948. Married Elizabeth Williams, born November 1, 1860, died August 17, 1932. Buried Old Daughdrill Cemetery South East of McLain, East of Hwy 98 on Dirt Road.

1 2-2-2 5 Elizabeth Daughdrill. Married James Turner

1 2-2-2 6 Mary Daughdrill. Married Axom Williams

1 2-2-2 7 Frozeen Daughdrill. Married James Williams

1 2-2-2 8 Minerva Daughdrill. Married Christopher C. Brewer. Both are buried in Unity Cemetery near Neely, Green, Co., Miss.

1 2-2-2 9 Jeanette Daughdrill. Married William Givens

1 2-2-2 10 Viola Daughdrill. Married Frank Backstrom


Children of Zachariah Daughdrill and Caroline Davis:

1 2-2-3 1 Elvira Daughdrill. Born 1846 - died unmarried. Buried in Old Daughdrill Cemetery East of Poplarville, Miss. No marker located.

1 2-2-3 2 Henry Daughdrill. Born 1847. Married Julia Ann Lee, born September 25, 1857, died August 30, 1908. Buried Old Daughdrill Cemetery east of Poplarville, Miss. No marker located.

Henry was a volunteer in the Civil War. His job was to scout out the men that were Rebel deserters. It has been said that he would go up to the houses at night on cold rainy nights and there sat the little woman and "chillins" around a big fire. On the table would be a supper set out and a big pone of corn bread would be cooking on the fire. "Well I would just take the pan of corn pone turn it out in my hand and tell the little woman to cook her man another one, cause I was just as hungry as he was." It is said that he never found any deserters, but he ate an awful lot of corn pones.

It seems that Henry was always starting things and never finishing them. His excuse was that "By sonies, I struck a stump." He also liked to sleep late. Somebody asked him one time how he could sleep all the time and still have nice clothes and a dollar in his pocket. He told them it didn't matter what time you woke up but how wide awake you were when you did get up.

1 2-2-3 3 Frances Davis Daughdrill. Born 1848. Married George Bell. Three children.

1 2-2-3 4 Saphronie Daughdrill. Married Jerry Bond. Four children.

1 2-2-3 5 Miranda Daughdrill. Married John R. Lee. Five children

1 2-2-3 6 Felix Daughdrill. Born 1858 - died 1931. Married _____ Culpepper. Then married Eliza Bond, born 1883. Felix was a Baptist preacher. He also helped to build old highway 11 with a mule team. Felix and wife ______Culpepper had five children.


Children of Henry Daughdrill and Elmira (or Elvira) Davis:

1 2-2-4 1 Martha Daughdrill. Married Thomas B. Roberts. Then married John Fortenberry. Address: Columbia, Miss.

1 2-2-4 2 Zacharia Taylor Daughdrill. Born July 23, 1847 - died October 5, 1918. Married Melissa Ann King on August 17, 1865. Melissa was born April 18, 1845, died February 27, 19l4. Both are buried in Society Hill Cemetery, North of Columbia, Miss.

1 2-2-4 3 Mary Daughdrill. Married William N. Cooper in 1865. After his death she married James Evans.

1 2-2-4 4 James H. Daughdrill. Born October 21, 1853 - died July 17, 1917. Married Geneve ________, born March 29, 1866, died April 1, 1902. Buried in Society Hill Cemetery north of Columbia, Miss.

1 2-2-4 5 Elizabeth Daughdrill. Married Geneva Hogan.


Children of Winnie Daughdrill and Louis Turner:

1 2-2-5 1 Missouri Turner. Born 1853

1 2-2-5 2 William Turner. Born 1856

1 2-2-5 3 Leonard Turner. Born 1861

1 2-2-5 4 John (George?) Turner. Born 1865

1 2-2-5 5 Henry Turner. Born 1868

1 2-2-5 6 Sarah Turner. Born 1869


Children of Sarah Davis and John Anderson:

1 2-3-1 1 John Anderson. Born 1828

1 2-3-1 2 William Anderson. Born 1833

1 2-3-1 3 Daniel Anderson. Born 1835

1 2-3-1 4 Elisha Anderson. Born 1837


Children of Harrison Davis and _______ Head:

1 2-3-2 1 David Davis. Born April 13, 1868 died 1921 at age 85. Married Lucinda Wallace.

1 2-3-2 2 James Davis. Married Rachel Wallace. James was killed in Civil War. Resided Franklinton, LA.

1 2-3-2 3 Absolum Davis.


Children of Jane Davis and Robert Brown:

1 2-3-3 1 Elizabeth Brown. Born 1835

1 2-3-3 2 Thornton Brown. Born 1837

1 2-3-3 3 Sarah Brown. Born 1838

1 2-3-3 4 Jane E. Brown. Born 1839

1 2-3-3 5 Kesiah Brown. Born 1840

1 2-3-3 6 Rebecca Brown. Born 1842

1 2-3-3 7 Harriet Brown. Born 1844

1 2-3-3 8 Reuben Brown. Born 1845

1 2-3-3 9 Matilda Brown. Born 1847


Children of Harietta Davis and Brantley Bond:

1 2-3-5 1 Davis Bond

1 2-3-5 2 Elizabeth Bond. Born 1827 - died 1864. Married Hardy Henry Dale, born 1824, died 1897.


Children of James Davis III and Jane Swetman:

1 2-3-6 1 William Rankin Davis. Born 1837. Married Elizabeth Batson, born 1841.

1 2-3-6 2 George Benson Davis. Born 1829. Married Delpha Batson, born 1842.

1 2-3-6 3 Elizabeth Davis. Born 1841 - died 1926. Married Eli Batson, born 1830, died 1908.

1 2-3-6 4 Leroy Thomas Davis. Born 1843. Married Amanda Batson, born 1845.

1 2-3-6 5 Walter Emanuel Davis. Born 1849. Married Melvina Batson, born 1851.

1 2-3-6 6 Missouri Adaline Davis. Married Preston Bond.

1 2-3-6 7 Tobias Davis. Killed in Civil War.

1 2-3-6 8 Erazmus Davis. Killed in Civil War.


Children of C. Eddings Davis and Virginia Stewart:

1 2-3-7 1 Arietta Davis. Born 1842. Married Samuel Slade

1 2-3-7 2 Seaborn Davis. Born 1844, Married Nancy Tiner

1 2-3-7 3 Hyram Davis. Born 1846. Married Clarinda Moody

1 2-3-7 4 Culley Davis. Married _____ Slade

1 2-3-7 5 Edward Davis. Born 1847. Married Jane Pittman

1 2-3-7 6 Leonard Davis. Born 1850. Married Mary Pittman

1 2-3-7 7 Columbus Davis. Born 1851. Married Nancy Pittman


Children of William Davis and Sarah Bounds:

1 2-3-8 1 Riley Davis. Born 1852. Married Mary Ann Byrd, born 1855.


Children of Elvira (Elmira) Davis and Henry Daughdrill:

1 2-3-9 1 Martha Daughdrill. Married Thomas B. Roberts. Later married John Fortenberry.

1 2-3-9 2 Zacharia Taylor Daughdrill. Married Melissa Ann King.

1 2-3-9 3 Mary Daughdrill. Married William N. Cooper. Later married James Evans.

1 2-3-9 4 James H. Daughdrill. Married Geneva ______.

1 2-3-9 5 Elizabeth Daughdrill. Married Geneva Hogan

1 2-3-9 6 Samuel Fortenberry.

1 2-3-9 7 Davis Fortenberry.

1 2-3-9 8 Caroline M. Fortenberry.


Children of Caroline Davis and Zachariah Daughdrill:

1 2-3-10 1 Elvira Daughdrill

1 2-3-10 2 Henry Daughdrill. Married Julia Ann Lee

1 2-3-10 3 Frances Davis Daughdrill. Married George Bell

1 2-3-10 4 Saphronia Daughdrill. Married Jerry Bond

1 2-3-10 5 Miranda Daughdrill. Married John R. Lee

1 2-3-10 6 Felix Daughdrill. Married Elizabeth Ingram


Children of John H. Davis and Rebecca Stewart:

1 2-3-ll 1 James Rankin Davis. Born May 6, 1852 - died January 23, 1929. Married Elvira Josephine Byrd, born April 10, 1855, died December 22, 1935.

1 2-3-11 2 Florence Davis. Born 1878. Married Edward Stone.