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Outline Descent Trees

Leonard Family
1541 - 1715

Leanard, Leanerd, Learnard, Learned, Lenard, Lennard, Lenner, Lennord, Lenoard, Lenord, Leonard, Leonnarde, Lonard

  • 32 Leonard folks, all kin to me.
    (No Leonard ancestors here; All are cousins or cousins-by-marriage.)
  1. Outline Descent Trees
    1. (32: 1541-1715) Sampson Lennard, esq, of Knole [1544​-​1615] 11C10
      Sampson Lennard, 1John
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Outline Descent Trees

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33 Descendants of Sampson Lennard, esq, of Knole [1544​—​1615]

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The Immigrant, Thomas Lennard (or Leonard) who died in Taunton in 1638, formerly identified as a member of the Sampson Lennard-Margaret Fiennes family, has been removed for lack of proof that he was, in fact, a bona fide descendant.
A1. LENNARD, Sampson, esq, of Knole b: 1544 Chevening, KEN, ENG d: 20 Sep 1615 Chevening, KEN, ENG #: LEON1
 ✔ LENNARD, Sampson, of Knole <== FIENNES-BOHUN-
+FIENNES, Margaret, 11° Baroness Dacre b: 1541 Pontypool, MON, WLS d: 10 Mar 1611/12 Chevening, KEN, ENG #: FYNS133 2C13 m: 16 Nov 1564 Chevening, KEN, ENG
B1. LENNARD, Sir Henry, 12° Lord Dacre bp: 25 Mar 1570 Chevening, KEN d: 08 Aug 1616 Chevening, KEN #: LEON97
+BAKER, Chrysogona b: ~1573 bur: 30 Sep 1616 Chevening, KEN #: LEON32 m: 1589 Mother: Mary Giffard Father: Sir Richard Baker, of Sissinghurst KEN
C1. [1] LENNARD, Richard, 13° Lord Dacre b: Apr 1596 d: 20 Aug 1630 Hurstmonceaux #: LEON10
 ✔ LENNARD, Richard, Lord Dacre <== THROCKMORTON-VAUX-
+THROCKMORTON, Elizabeth, of Paulerspury b: 1590 Paulerspury, NTH, ENG d: Feb 1621/22 #: TROG41 15C11 m: 14 Jul 1617 Paulerspury, NTH, ENG
D1. LENNARD, Francis, 13° Lord Dacre b: 11 May 1619 d: 12 May 1662 London, ENG #: LEON12
+RAYNING, Elizabeth b: <Jul 1624 Sudbury, SFK, ENG #: LEON25 m: 16 Apr 1641 Sudbury, SFK, ENG
E1. LENNARD, Thomas, 14° Earl Sussex b: 13 May 1654 London, ENG d: 30 Oct 1715 Chevening, KEN, ENG #: LEON26
+FITZROY, Anne, Countess Sussex b: 25 Feb 1660/61 Westminster, London, ENG #: LEON33 m: 18 May 1681 Hampton Ct, London, ENG
E2. LENNARD, Elizabeth b: ~1661 Hurstmonceaux, SSX, ENG d: 28 Dec 1701 #: LEON27
E3. LENNARD, Henry b: 1662-1663 Hurstmonceaux, SSX, ENG d: 1703 #: LEON28
E4. LENNARD, Philadelphia b: Hurstmonceaux, SSX, ENG d: 1662 #: LEON29
+O'BRIEN, Daniel, 3° Viscount of Clare #: LEON34
E5. LENNARD, Francis b: 11 Sep 1657 Chevening, KEN, ENG d: 1706-1709 ENG #: LEON30
E6. LENNARD, Margaret b: 25 Jun 1659 Chevening, KEN, ENG d.um: #: LEON31
D2. LENNARD, Richard b: ~1621 _, KEN, ENG #: LEON22
D3. LENNARD, Henry b: 19 Feb 1620/21 _, KEN, ENG #: LEON23
D4. LENNARD, Thomas b: 08 Mar 1619/20 _, KEN, ENG #: LEON24
«2° Wife of C1. [1] Richard Lennard, 13° Lord Dacre:»
+NORTH, Dorothy #: LEON13 m: 04 Jan 1624/25 Mother: Frances Brocket Father: Dudley North
D1. BARRETT alias LENNARD, Richard b: ~1626 d: 28 Apr 1696 Belhus, Aveley, ESS, ENG #: LEON14
B2. LENNARD, Anne b: 01 Aug 1572 #: LEON35
+MORLEY, Herbert #: LEON140
B3. LENNARD, Gregory b: 25 Oct 1573 dsp: 1620 #: LEON36
B4. LENNARD, Mary b: 17 Oct 1574 #: LEON37
+BOSVILLE, Sir Ralph #: LEON141
B5. LENNARD, Margaret Barrett b: 1578 #: LEON38
+WALLER, Sir Thomas #: LEON139
B6. LENNARD, Elizabeth bp: 26 Nov 1581 Sevenoaks, KEN bur: 19 Sep 1631 Maidstone, KEN #: LEON5
 ✔ LENNARD, Elizabeth, Baroness Dacre <== BARNUM-
+BARNHAM, Sir Francis, MP b: 20 Oct 1576 wp: 1646 #: BRNM577 12C9 m: 03 Jan 1598/99 Sevenoaks, KEN Mother: Ursula Rudstone Father: Martin Barnham
B7. LENNARD, Frances b: 1583 #: LEON39
+MORE, Sir Robert #: LEON142

Pronunciation Guide

Idiosyncratic or local pronunciations.
noth (MA);
rayf [UK], ralf [US];


Inter-family Links

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From this family to...

  1. BARNHAM, Sir Francis, MP (BRNM577) [1:31] 12C9
  2. FIENNES, Margaret, 11° Baroness Dacre (FYNS133) [1:2] 2C13
  3. THROCKMORTON, Elizabeth, of Paulerspury (TROG41) [1:6] 15C11

Ancestors and Immigrants


Persons of Note


Principal Sources

This is not a complete list of my Leonard sources; See the Sources button, above, for the complete detailed list of all 16 of those. Use the Annex button to see individual citations (and other notes). Use the book icon link (see details for a source) to see details about a particular source. They are listed here in relevance order; i.e. the first had the most citations.

  1. see details for this source LARSON, Kirk; "Hohelohe, Bethune Research"
  2. see details for this source TORREY, Clarence Almon; "New England Marriages prior to 1700"
  3. see details for this source WHEELER, Mary Beth; "Ancestry of Bob and Mary Beth Wheeler"
  4. see details for this source WILLIAMS, Kenneth; "Williams Latham Tomlin Charlier"
  5. see details for this source UTZINGER, Dave ; "Dave's Database"

Surname Inventory

These are the surnames found in this page.
14 Surnames: (1 frequent fliers highlighted.)
My families (8) are underscored, with links to those pages. Other names than mine, of course, have no link.


Unrealized: 4(4) BAKE MOOR* RANN WALL


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