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Bibliography of Resources

These are the resources from which I gleaned the data for the DOWNING Outline Descendant Tree (ODT).

Some of these sources with a network address may be proprietary resources requiring membership for access, possibly after paying a fee. Examples: the Genealogy.com GenealogyLibrary, or the Ancestry.com databases. Some, such as the Heritage Quest collection, may be available gratis through your local public library.

To find individual source citations (and notes), go to the Annex on the DOWNING pages navigation bar above.

  1. (lost source), (was: www.tillotson.org/tillotson/fam11054.htm), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S3473@, Citations=6]
  2. ANDERSON, Robert Charles, "Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33", (http://​www.​ancestry.​com/​search/​rectype/​immigration/​migration/​main.​htm), Medium: Book, [ID=@S3272@, Citations=7]
  3. anon. (Stoddard, Charles [1802-72]), "Genealogy of the Family of Anthony Stoddard of Boston", (Boston, 1849\ http://​persi.​heritagequestonline.​com/​hqoweb/​library/​do/​books/​results/​fullcitation​?urn=urn:proquest:US;​glhbooks;​Genealogy-glh33372816;​1;​-1;​), Medium: Book, Call number: CS71.S869 1849, [ID=@S5070@, Citations=8]
  4. Another ParsonsTech Casualty, (Original location: www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/crice/d18.htm), Medium: Unknown, Comments: Callously trashed when Genealogy.com took over. ?: mailto:crice@asrr.arsusda.gov, [ID=@S5365@, Citations=1]
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  18. EVERINGHAM, Kimball G., "Kimball G. Everingham's Genealogical Database", (http://​WC.​rootsweb.​ancestry.​com/​cgi-bin/​igm.​cgi​?db=KGEVERINGHAM), Medium: Electronic, [ID=@S2836@, Citations=11]
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