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chg • EDWARDS, Henry Pierpont [1809-1855] – American lawyer, jurist EDWA23 8C4
He was a judge of the supreme court of New York for over seven years, and sustained a high reputation for independence and legal ability. He died Feb. 24, 1855, in New York City. HE
chg • EDWARDS, Henry Waggaman [1779-1847] – American lawyer, legislator EDWA21 7C5
Edwards, Henry Waggaman, senator, was born in New Haven, Conn., in 1779; son of Pierpont Edwards, delegate to Continental congress and judge of the U.S. district court, and grandson of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, Sr., the eminent theologian. He was graduated at the College of New Jersey in 1797, pursued a law course at Litchfield, Conn., and practised law in New Haven. He was a representative in the 16th and 17th congresses, 1819-23, and in 1823 was appointed by Governor Wolcott to a seat in the U.S. senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Senator Elijah Boardman. The state legislature confirmed the selection by electing him to complete the term to expire March 3, 1827. He then served as state senator, 1827-29, and as state representative and speaker of the house 1830-32. He served as governor of Connecticut four terms, 1833-34 and 1835-38. He received the degree of LL.D. from Yale in 1833. His son, Henry Pierpont (1809-55), was a judge of the supreme court of New York. Senator Edwards died in New Haven, Conn., July 22, 1847. BDNA
chg • EDWARDS, Jonathan, the Younger [1745-1801] – American theologian EDWA176 6C6
Edwards, Jonathan, theologian, was born in Northampton, Mass., May 26, 1745; second son of the Rev. Jonathan (qv) and Sarah (Pierpont) Edwards; and grandson of the Rev. Timothy Edwards and of the Rev. James Pierpont. His youth was spent at Stockbridge, Mass., at that time an Indian settlement, and there he acquired a mastery of the dialect of the Housatonnuck Indians. His father desired that he should become a missionary among the aboriginal tribes and he began to study the dialect of the Oneidas with the Rev. Gideon Hawley (qv), stationed on the Susquehanna river, but the French and Indian war put an end to his project after six months' sojourn with the tribe. The removal of his father's family to Princeton, N.J., and the sudden death of his father, mother and sister, caused him to change his plans. Friends assisted him to prepare for college and he was graduated at the College of New Jersey in 1765. He then studied theology under the Rev. Dr. Bellamy at Bethlehem, Conn., and was licensed to preach by the association of Litchfield county in 1766. He returned, however, to Princeton, where he was tutor in the college, 1767-68, and in January, 1769, he became pastor at White Haven, Conn. Here he met the opposition of the advocates of the "half-way covenant," and also the reaction incident to the extravagant religious fervor brought about by the revival of 1740-42. The churches were at the same time also greatly divided and impoverished by reason of the war with the mother country, and his own congregation took advantage of all these causes to rid themselves of their minister. He was dismissed from his charge, May 19, 1795, and found a church at Colebrook, a retired country parish in Litchfield county, where he ministered to a small and not exacting congregation, 1796-99, meanwhile pursuing his theological and metaphysical researches. He was called from his retirement in 1799 to assume the presidency of Union college, Schenectady, N.Y., rendered vacant by the resignation of the first president, the Rev. Dr. John Blair Smith. He was eminently successful in his administration and won the friendship of his faculty, the students and the citizens of Schenectady. He received the degree of A.M. from the [p.401] College of New Jersey and from Yale in 1769, and in 1785 that of S.T.D. from the College of New Jersey. By an odd coincidence, on the first Sunday of the year of his death, 1801, he preached from the text, "This year thou shalt die," as his father had done. He prepared of the works of his father left unpublished, History of the Work of Redemption, two volumes of sermons and Miscellaneous Observations on Important Theological Subjects in two volumes. He published of his own writings, A Dissertation Concerning Liberty and Necessity, sermons on The Necessity of the Atonement and Its Consistency with Free Grace in Forgiveness (1785), and observations on the Language of the Muhhekeneew Indians. The Rev. Tryon Edwards, his grandson, edited with a memoir most of his published writings (2 vols., 1842). He died in Schenectady, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1801. [The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans]
chg • EDWARDS, Pierpont [1750-1826] – American lawyer and jurist, delegate EDWA178 6C6
Edwards, Pierpont, lawyer, was born in Northampton, Mass., April 8, 1750; the youngest son of the Rev. Jonathan and Sarah (Pierpont) Edwards. He was graduated at the College of New Jersey in 1768 and in 1771 settled in New Haven as a practising lawyer. He was elected to the state legislature, was a soldier in the patriot army during the Revolution, and when Benedict Arnold was found to be guilty of treason he was made administrator of his estate. He was a delegate from Connecticut to the Continental Congress, 1787-88, and in the convention called to ratify the Federal constitution, Jan. 9, 1788, he ably advocated the adoption of the instrument. He opposed the Calvinists and helped to found the Toleration party in Connecticut. He was made a judge of the U.S. district court and held the office at the time of his death which occurred in Bridgeport, Conn., April 5, 1826. BDNA
chg/ • => EDWARDS, Rev. Jonathan [1703-1758] – American clergyman and theologian EDWA98 5C7
chg • EDWARDS, William [1770-1851] – American tanner, inventor, Colonel EDWA72 7C5


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Candidates Work List

This is my working list of candidates to include -- I'm not yet sure if they are related to me! As candidates are eliminated (proven not related) they are marked appropriately (THUS) and an explanation included. They are kept in the list in case future research proves they can be included. (And to keep them from popping up on the list again!) Never discard good research!

Proven candidates' names are marked with an asterisk (*) until they can be added to the database.

EDWARDS, Clarence Ransom [1860-1931]
American army officer
EDWARDS, George Clark [1846-?]
American manufacturer
EDWARDS, George Wharton [1859-1950]
American artist and author
EDWARDS, Harry Stillwell [1855-1938]
American journalist and author
EDWARDS, John [1748-1837]
American planter and politician in Kentucky
EDWARDS, Justin [1787-1853]
American clergyman
EDWARDS, Ninian [1775-1833]
American lawyer and politician
EDWARDS, Ninian Wirt [1809-1889]
American lawyer

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