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Life and Times of Robert Flint, colonial wars

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Welcome to my Web site. I hope you will find my site interesting and useful. I have devoted hundreds of hours to research for all three of my books.

My first book, The Life and Times of Robert Flint, the Pioneer; my second book, Trail of Broken Chains; and my third book, which is completed but not yet published, Two Brothers, Two Wars, One Valley are all part of this site.

Having been born and raised in the historical Mohawk Valley, I have tried to place all my characters in the geography of this area.
I have walked upon the battlefields and into the great forts of New York. I have stood upon the land where my ancestor, Robert Flint and his “Five Fighting Sons,’ all lived and died. Where he had settled, and built his first log cabin, and built a stockade in 1739. I have restored and reclaimed the Ancient Flint Burial Spot, where my ancestors now lie, with the earliest fieldstone marker dated in 1792. Each time I visit their resting place, I could feel their spirits, their strength reaching out to me; telling me to write my first book, The Life and Times of Robert Flint, the Pioneer. I could also feel the spirits of the local people that lived in this small hamlet of Sprout Brook.

This sacred piece of ground is only one of hundreds of forgotten burial sites where many men, women, and children lived and died during this unsettled times during the colonial wars in our history.

I have found small facts of their lives, which were like many other pioneers that lived in the beautiful Mohawk Valley. These brave men and women lived, fought, and died for our freedom. Time must never erase these strong, proud, hardworking settlers. This is why I write about these great colonists. It is my passion, my duty to write of their simple, hard lives. Many were never famous or heroes in the history books. But to me, each and every character I write about is a hero in my eyes.

We now all live in a fast, unpredictable everyday life. When Robert Flint lived in the 1700s, it was a slow but still unpredictable life. I had to write their story—not for us, but rather for them and all the Flints that had come from this one man and his sons and daughters.

This is why I have my site—for everyone who has deep, strong feelings about their ancestors and the early foundation of our great country we now all enjoy. My favorite links will take each of you into a world of valuable information of this time in our history.

David Burton Flint


The Life and Times of Robert Flint

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