Potter Family Ancestors (Chatterton,Brown,Lund,Andrus) - by David John Potter

David John Potter's

Potter Family Ancestors


"In Honor of Those Who Came Before Us" 

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Just click on a Family Name below and find out more about these GREAT people !!

Potter Family
(My Father's Lines)
Potter (1861)
Chatterton (1813)
Brown (1841)
Robb (1845)
Lund (1874)
Romney (1806)
Andrus (1836)
Gibson (1800)
Romney (1806)
Hulbert (1790)
Smith (1778)


  Loeffler Family
(My Mother's Lines)
Loeffler (1895)
Wyler (1838)
Keahn (1858)
Chatham (1850)
Hughes (1826)


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