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Welcome to this web site, which shows some of the details I have researched since I started tracing my family tree in 1999. If you have a connection with any of the families mentioned please send me an email at the address below.

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The only place in the UK named Litchfield is in Hampshire. There is no evidence for the surname Litchfield being linked with it. This is what The English Place-Name Society, (School of English Studies, University of Nottingham) has to say about the name...

"The earliest spellings (Livesulve, Lidesull) of this name indicate that the second part was Old English scylf, 'a terrace, shelving land'. The earliest spelling which gives the 'field' spelling is 1539. It is unclear what the first element is: maybe a personal name Leof, maybe OE hlywe 'shelter', but it is impossible to be sure. What seems clear is that the whole was influenced by the Staffordshire Lichfield (which is from completely different elements, British leto-cetum 'grey wood')."

Litchfield Railway Station


The families are as follows:

LITCHFIELD in Nottingham and Derbyshire

FURNISS in Derbyshire and Nottingham

WINFIELD in Nottingham
HUSKINSON in Nottinghamshire COOPER in Nottinghamshire JOHNSON in Derbyshire
HASLAM in Derbyshire JACKSON in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
BARSBY in Nottingham and France
NEMPON in France and Belgium WIDDOWSON in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire COCHRANE in India and ?
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