William Corin (1716-1788)

WILLIAM CORIN (1716?-1788), William and Mary's son, was born about 1716. He was 'of Gulval' in 1739, when he married Susanna Philips at Madron on 8 January.

Susanna, or Sukey, was the 22-year-old daughter of Tristram Philips, another cordwainer, of Penzance and St Ives, whose father, another Tristram, had been assistant magistrate at Penzance in the 1690's (he had been a butcher). Sukey's sister Constance married John Noall of Penzance.

The couple may have lived on the tenement at Pendrea, Gulval, which William's father leased - he inherited the lease on his father's death in 1750, and he was 'of Gulval' in 1751 when he took over the administration of his late father-in-law's estate, but the next year and in 1755 he is described as 'of Madron', and it seems that from then until his death he lived in the upper, or western. part of his father's old house at Chyandour, which his brother Jacob had inherited, but which he presumably did not need because he had moved to Tolver.

Little is known about William. He could not sign his name. He may have continued with his father's shoemaking business in collaboration with John - certainly his eldest son continued the family trade.

William died in 1788, and was buried at Gulval on 26 January. His wife survived him, dying in November 1794, aged 78.

William and Susanna Corin had seven children:

1 JACOB CORIN (?1742-1813), born in 1742 or 1743. He married a 17-year-old girl, Elizabeth Symonds, at Madron on 2 July 1763. According to his son Philip, he was a cordwainer, although in his will he describes himself as a yeoman. He is described as a cordwainer when he took a mortgage on the house "formerly built by John Cunnack" at Chyandour, from his uncle, George Noy on 8 March 1768. Dr John Tonkin, patron of the young Humphry Davy, who was born in Penzance in 1778, is recorded on several occasions as buying shoes for him from Jacob Corin.

He inherited the residue of his uncle Jacob's estate in 1785, and we also know that in 1795 he had a quarter share in some mortgaged land at Boscowen in St Just. He lived at Chyandour. His wife died on 15 April 1806, aged 66, and he survived her for some seven years, dying on 14 February 1813. He was buried five days later, and shares a tombstone with his uncle Jacob. He left personal effects worth in excess of £4000.

Jacob and Elizabeth Corin had nine or ten children:

1.1 ELIZABETH CORIN (1764-1819), baptized at Penzance on 20 February 1764. She married Martin Edwards at St Just in Penwith on 25 November 1786. Elizabeth was buried at St Just on 26 May 1819, and Martin died on 12 September 1838 at Bojewyan, St Just. They had four children.

1.2 JACOB CORIN (1766-1849), baptized on 1 December 1766. He inherited Lescudjack Fields from his great-uncle in 1785, and was living in a house there in 1792 and in 1800. On 21 January 1792 he married Grace Lukey at Madron. The witnesses were William Oliver and Joseph Hicks. He signed himself on the marriage certificate as Jacob Corin junior, and it was probably he who was the Jacob Corin junior who was Overseer of the Poor in Madron in 1811, along with Richard Couch. Jacob Corin lived in the house at Penzance Clift, Chyandour in 1841. He died in 1849, aged 83, and was buried at Gulval on 11 September. Jacob and Grace had three children:

1.2.1 JACOB CORIN (?1802-1874), born about 1802, who married Ann Victor at Paul on 28 February 1824. He inherited the house at 9 Chyandour Cliff from his father, or possibly his uncle, as he and his father seem to have been next-door neighbours in 1841. He was a farmer. He died early in 1874, and Ann in 1875. They had eight children: ELIZABETH CORIN (1824-?), baptized on 29 October 1824 at Gulval. She married Roulle Cary, a seaman from a seafaring family (his father was also a master mariner) by license at Madron on 29 March 1852. Roulle is said to have drowned at Start Point off Brixham, Devon. He had a white beard and "lovely eyes". She had issue, including: RUTH ANN CARY (1856-?), born in the first quarter of 1856. She emigrated to Sarnia, Ontario with her second husband, Edward Rosenbloom. From her is descended Paul Marley of P.O. Box 99, Wyoming, Ontario, N0N 1TU. ELIZABETH CORIN CARY (1859-?), born in the Penzance registration district in the last quarter of 1859. She married John Thomas Nicholls in Stepney in the second quarter of 1887. He was a policeman during the 1914-18 war. ROULLENA JANE CARY (1866-?), known as Lena, born in the Mile End registration district in the last quarter of 1866. She is said to have been brought up in a house in Mousehole "overlooking Lamorna Cove". She married William Lloyd Tupper in Stepney in the third quarter of 1890. JACOB CORIN (1826-1885), baptized at Gulval on 14 June 1826. He married Jane Matthews of Ludgvan on 7 November 1854, and he was a farmer at Trereife in 1861. He became landlord of the 'Duke of Cumberland' public house in Causewayhead, Penzance. In 1871 he was living at 70 North Street, Penzance. He died in 1885. Jacob and Jane had three children: EDITH JANE CORIN (1857-?), baptized on 5 July 1857 at Gulval. CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS CORIN (1859-1870), baptized on 5 June 1859, who died at the age of eleven, and is buried at Gulval. MARY CORIN (1861-?), born in 1861. WILLIAM CORIN (1828-?), baptized on 14 July 1828, presumably privately, as the baby was received into the congregation on 1 December. He may have married in 1849. JOHN CORIN (1830-1908?), baptized on 7 September 1830, and received into the congregation on 29 November. He may well have been the John Victor who emigrated to the Mansfield district of Victoria, whose parents were listed on his death certificate as Jacob Victor and Ann Corin. This John Victor married Hannah Carey, and had four children born in Victoria. He died in Melbourne in 1908. RICHARD CORIN (1833-1836), baptized on 23 March 1833, who died in childhood in 1836. EDWIN CORIN (1835-1921), baptized at Penzance on 29 November 1835. He was a carpenter and cabinet maker. He married Elizabeth Kingston Stevens on 28 June 1858. They had two children. In 1871 they were in North Street, Penzance. Elizabeth died at the end of 1875, aged 41, and on 30 August 1879 Edwin married again, to Elizabeth Ann Polglase, having a further six children. She was 26, he was 44. In 1881, they were living at 34 High Street, with Elizabeth's mother and grandfather. Edwin died, aged 86, at Penzance in 1921.

Edwin and Elizabeth's children were: ELIZABETH JANE CORIN (1859-1932), born on 29 August 1859 at Chyandour and baptized on 5 October at Penzance. In 1881, she was living with her brother, John, at 67 Causewayhead. On 25 August 1881, however, she married Edward James Kingston Stevens Hocking at Penzance. He was a basketmaker, a widower some eight years older than herself. They lived with Edward James' parents at 8 Chyandour Cliff. Edward died on 6 July 1930, and Elizabeth on 3 March 1932. JOHN KINGSTON CORIN (1862-1935), baptized on 19 January 1862. He was a cabinet maker. He married Jessie Eddy in the second quarter of 1885, and died in 1935. He had two sons: FREDERICK JOHN KINGSTON CORIN (1886-1887). ALBERT KINGSTON CORIN (1887-19??), born in Penzance in 1887. He married a Miss Exhall, and they had a son: ALBERT CORIN (1920-).

Edwin and Elizabeth Ann's children were: MINNIE CORIN (1880-1973), born on 8 February 1880 at Penzance. She died at the age of 93 on 7 October 1973. She was unmarried. LAURA CORIN (1881-1933), born in 1881. In 1901, she was a music shop assistant. She died in Penzance in May 1933. ELLEN CORIN (1882-?), born on 24 May 1882. FLORENCE CORIN (1890?-?), who married a London jeweller named Jarvis. BERTIE CORIN (1892-1909), born late in 1892, who died of consumption in 1909 in Penzance. LILIAN CORIN (1894-19??), familiarly called Dolly. She married William George Semmens, who was six years older than she, and they had four children: PEGGY SEMMENS (1924-), born on 4 October 1924. She married William Thomas Francis Casey in 1947, and they had two children: ANTHONY CASEY (b.1948), born on 13 November 1948. He is one of the researchers of the present notes. PETER CASEY (b.195?), who married Alison Yates. JAMES SEMMENS. PETER SEMMENS. PAULINE SEMMENS. RICHARD CORIN (1840-1868?) was born in Penzance in the first quarter of 1840. He may have died in Merthyr Tydfil in 1868. More probably, though, he is the Richard Corin who arrived at Melbourne in July 1862 on the City of Melbourne, aged 23, in the company of his brother Thomas. THOMAS CORIN (1843-1910). He is probably the Thomas Victor who emigrated to Australia with his brother Richard. He was a miner and died at Woods Point, Victoria in 1910.

1.2.2 ELIZABETH CORIN (1807-?) was the second of Jacob and Grace's children. She was baptized at Penzance on 16 January 1807.

1.2.3 WILLIAM CORIN (1810-1877), baptized on 22 July 1810, was living with his father in 1841, but by 1851 he had moved to Boskinning, and was also landlord of the Farmer's Arms in North (other sources say Chapel(?)) Street, Penzance. He married Betsy Richards Downing on 20 May 1837. He probably died at Penzance in the second quarter of 1877. He and Betsy had four children: MARY ANN CORIN (1837-?), baptized at Penzance on 30 July 1837. (Her name is given as Ann in 1841, and as Mary in 1851!) She married William Cowper in 1865. JACOB CURNOW WEYMOUTH CORIN (1840-1890) was baptized on 30 August 1840. He succeeded William and Betsy as landlord of the Farmer's Arms, but in the 1870's was describing himself as a potato, broccoli and Peruvian guano merchant. For a while he was in partnership with Elias Goliah Cooper at 41 Bell st., Birmingham, trading as Cooper and Corin. The business failed, and the partnership was dissolved on 9 September 1869, according to a notice in the London Gazette. Jacob married Bessie Graham Taylor on 1 February 1871 at St Paul's, Penzance. He died in 1890, leaving seven daughters and a son, including: JACOB CURNOW WEYMOUTH CORIN jnr (1887-1931), born at 36 North Street, Penzance (i.e. the Farmer's Arms) on 23 January 1887. He died on 28 February 1931. His children included: HAROLD WEYMOUTH CORIN (1918-), born in 1918, who was living at 2 Penpons Road, Penzance in 1982. ELIZABETH CORIN (1871-?), born in February 1871. ELIZABETH CORIN (1843-?), born in 1843. CHARLOTTE CORIN (1846-1894). She married Joseph Tonkin Bodinnar on 2 October 1871 at Madron. She died at Newlyn in 1894 and was buried on 5 May 1894 at Paul. They had two children: LYDIA BODINNAR (1872-1921), born at Newlyn in 1872. She married Albert Charles Haynes, a clerk on the Great Western Railway on 29 August 1893. She died on 27 August 1921 at 43 Montem Lane, Slough, Bucks. Her husband survived her, and died on 20 January 1942.

They had three children: LYDIA HAYNES (1895-1899), born in Shepherd's Bush in 1895. She died on 11 April 1899, 182 Fernhead Road, Paddington. CHARLES ALBERT HAYNES (1897-1957), born in Shepherd's Bush on 23 November 1897. He married Violet Allan Meager. Charles died on 20 November 1958 at Arthur Road, Slough, Bucks, and is buried at Stoke Poges. Charles and Violet had two children: SHEILA HAYNES (1927-1927), who died in infancy. WILLIAM HAYNES (1934-). LEONARD ALBERT HAYNES (1900-1993), born in Shepherd's Bush on 11 June 1900. He married Elizabeth Hockin Kliskey on 1 August 1924. He died at Tithe Farm Home, Farnham Royal, Slough, Berks on 8 July 1993. Leonard and Elizabeth had two children: JOAN HAYNES (1928-), born on 20 November 1928 at Windsor Lane, Burnham, Bucks. She married Francis Granville Douglas Aiken on 24 July 1954 at St.Giles, Stoke Poges, Bucks. They had two children: ELIZABETH JUNE AIKEN (b.1955). HARRY JOHN AIKEN (b.1958). BARBARA HAYNES (1931-), born on 18 Jul 1931, Greengates, Burnham, Bucks. She married Anthoni Kasimierz Swiatek and lives in Slough. They had five children. STEPHEN SWIATEK (b.1953). He married Pauline Mary Harding. IRENA SWIATEK (b.1954). She married Stephen Cox in 1974. ANTHONY SWIATEK (b.1956). He married Christine Bonner. DAVID SWIATEK (b.1958). URSULA SWIATEK (b.1959). She married Jeffery Anderson in 1985. HENRY TONKIN BODINNAR (1875-1922), born in 1875, who died at Kimberly in the Cape Colony in 1922.

1.3 JOSEPH CORIN (1769-1841) was Jacob and Elizabeth's third child. He was baptized at Madron on Boxing Day 1769. He became a hatter, and married Sarah Harris at St Germoe on 17 March 1796. Between 1794 and 1796 he was involved in a defamation case brought in the Archdeaconry Court by Elizabeth Symons of Penzance. Joseph died early in 1841. Their children included:

1.3.1 JACOB CORIN (1797-18??), baptized on 15 January 1797. He married Susanna Corin on 15 January 1816. In 1816, he was a hatter like his father, and in 1841, he and Susanna were in St Mary, Newington in Southwark: their daughter Elizabeth had just died, and they were caring for the granddaughters, Catherine and Leonora.

Susanna died of bronchitis on 22 January 1848 at Barnards Place, Bedminster, Somerset.

By 1851, the widowed Jacob was describing himself as an accountant. By this time he was living at 10 Belle Vue Terrace in Penzance. He gave his age as 52. In 1861 he was lodging with Mary Wright at 1 Windsor Terrace, and described himself as a bank stock holder (corrected on the enumerator's schedule to annuitant). Jacob and Susanna had two children: ELIZABETH HARRIS CORIN (1816-1841), baptized at Gulval on 20 November 1816, who married Robert Robinson, a master saddler, on 20 May 1834. She died of consumption at 49 Castle Street, Southwark on 5 March 1841. Her father, Jacob, was the informant of her death. They had two daughters: CATHERINE ROBINSON (1835-1918), aged 16 in 1851, when she was living with her widowed grandfather, Jacob in Belle Vue Terrace, Penzance. She married a widower, John Trathen in 1858 and they emigrated to Australia. Catherine died at Lidcombe, New South Wales, on 14 February 1918. LEONORA ROBINSON (18??-??), living with her grandparents in 1841. SAMUEL HARRIS CORIN (1817-1817), buried at Gulval on 9 December 1817, aged six months.

1.3.2 JOSEPH HARRIS CORIN (1806-1882), baptized on 31 December 1806, followed in his father's footsteps as a hatter. He married Margaret Kemp at Madron on 26 June 1827. Their children were born in Penzance, but in the 1840's the family moved to 15 St Mary Street, Cardiff, where Joseph set up as a newsagent, stationer and trunk maker (as well as a 'ladies' fancy goods depository'). He opened branches in Church Street, Trinity Street and Crockherbtown in Cardiff, as well as in Swansea and Dowlais. In 1879 the business suffered bankruptcy, and Joseph, of 37 Catle Bailey St., Swansea, appears in the London Gazette for 8 August that year. In 1881 he was at 10 Trinity Street, Cardiff - his age is given as 80 and his name as Joseph H Corin (?Harris). It was at the railway station in Dowlais that he died on 5 December 1882.

Joseph and Margaret Corin had four children: JOSEPH HOCKING CORIN (1828-1830), baptized on 25 May 1828, who was buried at Madron on 31 December 1830. EMMA CORIN (1832-?), baptized on 9 September 1832. JOSEPH CORIN (1834-1921), baptized on 29 June 1834, who died in Bayswater in 1921. He was a stationer. He was a widower in 1884, when he married Clara Jane Mainwaring at Christ Church, Watney Street in London. ALBERT HARRIS CORIN (1836-1836), baptized on 23 October 1836 and buried at Madron, aged 2 months, on 4 December.

1.4 MARY CORIN (17??-1771), who was buried at Gulval on 20 November 1771.

1.5 JOHN CORIN (1775-1780), baptized at Madron on 27 February 1775. He died at the age of five, and was buried at Gulval on 13 October 1780.

1.6 RICHARD CORIN (1778-1830), Jacob and Elizabeth's sixth child, was baptized on 21 January 1778. On 6 November 1802 he married Elizabeth Saundry. The marriage, which was by licence, took place in the bride's parish at Sennen. From at least 1814 until his death in 1830, he farmed at Tolver, next to his cousin-once-removed Charles, and his uncle Richard, but he also owned a farm at Start in St Erth. He died, aged 52, on 19 April 1830, and was buried four days later at Gulval. (An inscription at St Mary's, Penzance, however, implies that he died on 23 April, and was buried there.) His sons Jacob and John inherited his interest in Tolver after his death. His wife survived him, but moved to South Terrace in Penzance. During the cholera epidemic of 1832, she called at a shop in the market place to order a pair of clogs, but when they were sent down the following evening, the bearer, an Edward Smith, found her daughter Peggy weeping in the passage, as Betty was dying of cholera. Smith was sent to Chyandour 'to make the sad fact known to the Penzance Corins'. (Seventeen years later the Public Health Inspector was to write: "It is impossible to convey an adequate idea of the filth of the town near the Quay, in which the cholera prevailed formerly.") Elizabeth died and was buried at Penzance on 8 November 1832. In her will, dated 20 September 1830 and proved on 9 May 1833 she made bequests to her daughters Elizabeth, Margaret Saundry and Mary, and her two younger sons, William and James Saundry. Her executors and trustees were her 'friends' Jacob Corin, James Saundry and John Permevan. (This 'friend' Jacob can be identified as the son of John Corin and Elizabeth Harris (1762-1843)).

Richard and Elizabeth Corin had ten children:

1.6.1 ELIZABETH CORIN (1804-?), baptized at Gulval on 23 September 1804.

1.6.2 JACOB CORIN (1806-1882), baptized at Gulval on 9 February 1806, who stayed with his father at Tolver and farmed it after his death. On 9 January 1832, after his father's death, he married a distant cousin, Charlotte Corin (perhaps the daughter of James and Mary (née Blighty), but more likely of Jacob and Ann). She was 17 years old. The couple had five children, but in 1838 Charlotte died, perhaps in childbirth. She was buried on 9 November, the same day that her son James was baptized.

By 1851 Jacob was living with Maria Williams, twenty years his younger, described to the census enumerator as a house servant. Tolver at this time consisted of a number of farms: Jacob's extended to 30 acres. Maria had already borne one of Jacob's children; a further three were born before they regularized their relationship by marrying on 12 November 1859 ('in the presence of George Matthews and John Carbis'). This marriage was far from popular with the children of the first marriage, and is said to have been prompted by a serious bout of illness.

Jacob continued as a market gardener, farming 14 acres and employing two men in 1871, but in the same year he bought premises in High Street, Penzance, from one John McAlister. These were leased to James Gilbert and Thomas Bond Tredrea. He also owned 56 and 57 Causewayhead, and by the time of his death was probably living there. (His son Frederick was carrying on a grocery business in number 56 in 1873.)

In 1879 Jacob signed an indenture giving his son Frederick the right to these properties after his and his wife's death. In his will, the right was extended also to his two youngest daughters. Jacob died on 23 February 1882, and is buried at Gulval.

After his death, his eldest son, Jacob, it is said, was affected in his mind by the contents of his will, as the children of Jacob's first marriage were cut off without anything. (The estate amounted to £922/14/9 gross, £889/19/3 net.) He and his brother, Richard Thomas, sold their farms to raise the money to contest the will - unsuccessfully. Indeed, some twenty years later, between 1904 and 1910, a second will was found in the deeds of the property at Causewayhead later owned by a Mr Francis. Perhaps it was the knowledge of this will that led Jacob and Richard to contest the will that had been probated. The dispute led to an extraordinary incident at Maria's funeral, which followed her death on New Year's Day 1884.

"Upon the funeral procession leaving the house of the deceased for Gulval," reports The Cornishman (this was on the morning of 5 January 1884),"the step son stepped in front of the hearse, and preceded it from the town to Gulval. He wore around his body a rough garland of cabbages with long stalks, and at his back a ginger-beer bottle was suspended, in its neck a leek. The eccentric one was refused admission to the church, but he persisted in standing on the edge of the grave while the service was read. It is said that his object was to throw the cabbages and the leek into the grave, but the vicar previously threatening him with expulsion if he did so, he desisted."

Jacob and Charlotte Corin had at least five children: JACOB CORIN (1833-1888), baptized at Gulval on 25 January 1833, and responsible for the incident with the leek in 1882. It is likely that he is the JOHN CORIN described in "The Cornishman" of 6 August 1888 in the following terms: "John Corin who was born at Tolver, Gulval, and who recently died at the county gaol, had long been known for his eccentric and tramp-like life. He was the eldest son of the late Mr Jacob Corin of Tolver, and, disliking the occupation of a market gardener, was set up as a fisherman at St Ives - boats, nets, etc., by his father. Neither here nor elsewhere, at his trade nor any other trade, did he seem to get on. At last he fell to a wandering life with lodgings in outhouses, etc. at nights, to the terror of people and the danger of premises. He had been sent to prison for this, and finally was sentenced to two months for a series of robberies at Polmennor. Entering prison with inflammation of the lungs, there he lingered and died." It is possible that he married at St Ives in 1855, and that he was a miner at St Just in 1871. If so, he had issue: JACOB CORIN (1857-1894), born at Gulval in 1857, who married in 1879. He died at Redruth in 1894. FRANCIS CORIN (1859-1901) born at St Ives in 1859. In 1871, aged 12, he was working as a miner. He married in 1877 and died in 1901. In 1881 he was at 22 Virgin Street, St Ives. He and his wife Elizabeth Ann had a son: JACOB CORIN (1880?-??), aged one in 1881. ELIZABETH ANN CORIN (1834-?), baptized on 26 May 1834. CHARLOTTE CORIN (1836-1837), baptized on 4 January 1836, who died in infancy and was buried on 22 February 1837. RICHARD CORIN (1837-?), baptized on 23 July 1837. He appears to have been looked after by his cousin Richard (b.1788) at the farm next door after Charlotte, his mother's, death. He (or possibly Richard, son of Jacob and Ann (née Victor)) married Kezia Eddy, the daughter of a St Just farmer on 6 February 1864 at Gulval. The couple were living at Treen in St Levan in 1865, but later moved to Ludgvan. In 1871 they were at Botreva in Ludgvan. Richard was a miner, and is believed to have died in America. Kezia died on 25 October 1918, and is buried in the borough cemetery at Penzance. The couple had six children: RICHARD HENRY CORIN (1864-1936), born at St Levan on 1 March 1864 and baptized there in January 1865. He enlisted in the Royal Navy as a stoker and gained his certificate in 1884. From 1 October 1884 to 28 April 1885 he served on HMS Monarch in the Nile Flotilla, participating in the relief of Khartoum. On 22 November 1885, he married Edith Eddy, the daughter of James Eddy, a Gulval bootmaker, at East Stonehouse. From 1891 to 1900 he was a coastguard on the Waterford coast. He later kept the 'Yacht Inn', Penzance, until about 1910, when it was taken over by Francis Eddy, his brother-in-law. He died at Plymouth on 17 November 1936, aged 71.

Richard and Edith Corin had three children: MARGARET ETHEL CORIN (1892-1899), who died in infancy. EDITH CORIN (1902-), who married Henry Thomas Gilbert of the Royal Artillery in 1934. They had no children. DORIS CORIN (1908-1988) was born at the 'Yacht Inn' in Penzance on 11 June 1908. She married James William Ward R.N. (1888-1968). They had two children: BRIAN CORIN WARD (1929-), one of the contributors to the present notes. SYLVIA WARD (1944-), born in 1944. She became Mrs Foster, and had a daughter: CAROLYN FOSTER (196?-), who in 1988 married a second cousin, Kenneth Eddy, descended from her great-grandmother's brother Edwin, who had settled in America. DAVID CORIN (1868-1887), baptized at Ludgvan in 1868. CHARLOTTE CORIN (1870-1951), born at Bahara, Ludgvan on 14 January 1870. She was baptized at Ludgvan on 28 May 1871 with her younger sister. She married, firstly, William Edward J P Wheeler, a billiard maker, in Plymouth in the first quarter of 1893, and later Ernest Walter Zane. She had two children: DOROTHY WHEELER (?-1915), who died in 1915. GLADYS ZANE (1907-1924), who died in childhood. ELIZABETH ANN CORIN (1871-1952), born at Ludgvan on 12 April 1871, and baptized there with her sister onf 28 May. She married Isaac Pemberthy of the Cornwall Constabulary. The couple had two daughters: GWEN PEMBERTHY (19??-?), believed to have been a nurse. Another daughter, who became Mrs. Perry. MARY LOUISE CORIN (1873-1873), who died in 1873, aged nine months. MARY MARGARET CORIN (1875-1947), baptized at Ludgvan, who married twice. Her first husband was Samuel Richards, a miner in Roodepoort, South Africa, whom she married in 1901. After the Boer War, Samuel returned to South Africa. Maggie joined him, but the climate did not agree with her. Samuel also returned, and died on 18 July 1918. She later married Robert Hellen in the summer of 1920. At one time she kept a newsagents shop in Causewayhead, Penzance, in premises once owned by her grandfather. She died at 21 Herbert St., Devonport, on 1 December 1947.

The Hellens had three children: SAMUEL HELLEN (19??-19??). MAY HELLEN (1902-1991), who died in 1991. ELSIE HELLEN (b.19??), living in New Jersey in 1992. JAMES CORIN (1838-1839), baptized on 9 November 1838, the same day that his mother was buried. He died at the beginning of 1839 and was buried on 4 January.

Jacob Corin and Maria Williams had five children, later legitimized: ELIZA JANE CORIN (1848-?), born in February 1848 in Ludgvan. On Census night, 1851, she was staying in Ludgvan with her grandmother, Jane Williams. In 1871 she was a domestic servant. She married John Colenso, a painter, at St Paul's Church, Penzance, on 18 June 1877. RUTH WILLIAMS (1850-1855?), born in the first quarter of 1850 in Ludgvan. She probably died in infancy in the second quarter of 1855. FREDERICK ALBERT CORIN (?1853-1883), born in 1853 or 1854, and baptized as Frederick Albert Corin Williams together with his sister Eliza at Ludgvan on 2 October 1855. In 1871 he was lodging at 1 Leskinnick Terrace, and is recorded twice. He was a grocer at 56 Causewayhead in 1873. On 13 January 1877 he married Annie Read, the daughter of Charles Read, an accountant, at St Paul's parish church, Penzance. By this time he was described as a commission agent. In 1881 he was at 32 Belgravia Street, Penzance. He died aged 29 on 7 July 1883, and is buried at Gulval with his father, whom he had survived by less than 17 months.

Frederick and Annie Corin had four children: EDITH ROSABELL CORIN (1877-?), aged 4 in 1881. HILDA MAUD CORIN (1879-?), born at Penzance in the second quarter of 1879 and aged 2 in 1881. FREDERICK LANCELOT CORIN (1881?-195?), who moved to Plymouth and is recorded there in the electoral roll until 1955. HAROLD IVAN CORIN (1884-196?), who was born posthumously on 4 February 1884 at 5 Clarence Terrace, Penzance. e also moved to Plymouth, and was there until 1967. ELIZABETH ANN CORIN (1854-193?). She was a dressmaker in 1871. She married John William Wallis on 1 December 1881. He was descibed as a marine engineers, and is said to have been a shipowner of Cardiff, who died by drowning in 1885. Elizabeth died without issue in the 1930's, and her estate was divided among her nephews and nieces, who, by order of the court, included the descendants of Jacob's first wife. JAMES CORIN (1859-?), baptized on 11 August 1859 at Gulval.

1.6.3 JOHN CORIN (1808-1879), baptized on 13 November 1808. He married Jennifer Thomas at Gulval on 21 January 1832. They lived at Trevarrack in 1833, and he was an innkeeper in Gulval Churchtown in 1834-6. In 1841 he described himself as a farmer, and by 1851 he had moved to Tolver Water. He was also a market gardener like his brother, and died at Botreva in Ludgvan on 30 October 1879. His widow Jane survived him and was buried in Gulval on 7 January 1884. John and Jane Corin had twelve children: RICHARD CORIN (1833-1836), baptized on 13 January 1833, who died in childhood and was buried on 16 October 1836. MARGARET SAUNDRY CORIN (1834-1899), also known as MARY CORIN, baptized on 10 August 1834. She died in Penzance in the second quarter of 1899. CAROLINE CORIN (1836-?), also known as CATHERINE CORIN, was baptized on 17 July 1836. She was a milliner in 1851. She is said to have married Stephen Curnow, a Ludgvan farmer, in 1862. JOHN CORIN (1838-?), baptized on 11 November 1838. He is said to have married Elizabeth Jane Hoskin of Ludgvan in 1860. They had five children: ELIZABETH JANE CORIN (1860-?), baptized at Ludgvan. She was a draper's assistant in 1881, when she and two of her sisters were living at Tolver with their aunt Margaret. RICHARD CORIN (1862-?), baptized at Ludgvan. MARY HOSKING CORIN (1863-?), baptized at Gulval. EMILY CORIN (1866-?), baptized at Gulval. She was a dressmaker in 1881. ELLEN CORIN (1869-?), baptized at Gulval. ELIZABETH JANE CORIN (1841-?), also known as EMILY CORIN, born in February 1841 and not baptized until 14 November. She is said to have married Richard Loney, a Ludgvan market gardener, in 1863. MATHUSELA CORIN (1843-1853), born in 1843, but who, in spite of his name, died at the age of ten. MARGARET CORIN (?1845-?), aged six in 1851. REBECCA CORIN (?1846-?), aged four in 1851, but whose birth appears to have been registered in 1848. In 1871, she was working as a draper's assistant, and living above the shop of John Mackenzie in Boscawen Street, Truro. She is said to have married William Henry Borlase, a mining agent of St Columb in 1873. ELIZABETH CORIN (?1849-?), born in 1849/50. JAMES SAUNDRY CORIN (1852-1913), who was his father's executor in 1879. He became a Justice of the Peace. He died on 6 November 1913. ELIZA JANE CORIN (?1856-?), born in 1856. She is said to have married Henry Thomas Noall, a mariner of St Hilary in 1883. ELLEN RICHARDS CORIN (1859-1867), buried in Gulval.

1.6.4 RICHARD CORIN (1811-1884?), baptized on 28 January 1811, who inherited Start in St Erth from his father in 1830. He was a saddler. He probably died in the last quarter of 1884.

1.6.5 MARGARET SAUNDRY CORIN (1814-1856), baptized on 27 February 1814. She married William Harvey, a druggist of Market Place, Penzance, on 21 December 1835. She made her will on 13 April 1852 and it was proved in London on 8 March 1856. In it she names her sons Thomas and Christopher, and the executors were her brother Richard Corin, saddler, and her brother-in-law James Harvey, surgeon RN, both of Penzance. She and William had three children: WILLIAM HARVEY (1840-1923), born at Penzance in 1840, aged 5 months on Census Day 1841, who became a naval surgeon (MRCS, FRCS, LSA). He married Annie Hosking Bellringer in Penzance early in 1867. It is said that he married again twice, to Emily Wells at East Stonehouse in 1870, and to an Alice Blee. CHRISTOPHER HARVEY (1846-1926), born at Penzance in 1846. In 1861, after his mother's death, he and his brother Thomas were with their uncle Richard. He was a fleet surgeon (LSA, LRCP, LRCS), and served for a time on HMS Warrior. He married and had children. THOMAS HARVEY (1849-1915), born at Penzance in 1849, who remained single. He also became a surgeon (LRSA, MRCS).

1.6.6 WILLIAM CORIN (1817-?), baptized on 4 May 1817 at Gulval. He married Grace Carlyon on 17 July 1839 at Gulval, at which time he was a farmer at Long Rock. His wife was a farmer's daughter from St Keverne, and related to the Jane Carlyon who married John Corin of Long Rock a year before. Grace died early in 1843, and William remarried the next year to a Sarah Grenfell. By now, William was a miner, and Sarah was a miner's daughter, from Chandrow in Gulval. In January 1846, he took a lease on land in Mount Street, Penzance, from one Francis Paynter, and built a house on it. In the lease indenture he was described as a farmer of Gulval, and appears to have given up mining. The premises referred to in the lease appear to have been 12 Mount Street, but in 1851, the house there was occupied by Nicholas C. Andrews, a 26-year-old foundry worker. William was at 46 Leskinnick Terrace, and was described as a gardener. William and Sarah Corin had three children: SARAH CORIN (?1844-?), born in 1844/45. ELIZABETH CORIN (?1850-?), born in 1850/51. RICHARD CORIN (?1854-1870), who died on 22 Jaunary 1870, aged 16.

1.6.7 MARY CORIN (1818-1819) was born in February 1818, and died, unrecorded by the parish register, on 20 April 1819. She lies buried at Gulval.

1.6.8 MARY CORIN (1820-1821), baptized on 8 May 1820, who also died in infancy, and was probably buried on 20 June 1821.

1.6.9 JAMES SAUNDRY CORIN (1822-1868), born on 2 September 1822 and baptized on 4 October. He moved to Southampton, and married Sally Gill there on 13 February 1848. He died in 1868. He was a leather merchant. James Saundry and Sally Corin had four children: ELIZABETH CORIN (1849-1849), born on 24 May 1849, who died the same year. JULIA CORIN (1851-1877), born on 28 April 1851. She died in 1877. JAMES SAUNDRY CORIN (1859-1928), born in Southampton on 17 May 1859. He was a surveyor. He moved to South London, and married Mary Williams at St Philip's, Kennington on 18 April 1884. She was a couple of years younger than him. He died on 4 April 1928, but his wife lived on until 1951, dying in her 90th year.

Their four children were: JAMES SAUNDRY CORIN (1884-1933), born in Brixton on 20 November 1885. He married Sylvia Maude Cecile Marshall on 21 April 1915. He died in 1933. His wife Sylvia Corin lived on until 17 October 1981. Their son was: CHRISTOPHER CORIN (1927-), born on 17 July 1927, who married Jean Sheila Warne on 17 April 1954. They lived in Redhill, moving after Chris' retirement to "Trespassers W...", Bugsell Lane, Robertsbridge, Sussex, TN32 5EN. Jean died on 7 June 2001. They have three children: JAMES STEPHEN SAUNDRY CORIN (b.1957). MARY ALISON C. CORIN (b.1958). JULIAN MATTHEW CORIN (b.1967). HERBERT CORIN (1886-19??), born on 5 August 1886, who married a Miss Cottgrave (or Kotgreave) in 1915. He served articles and became a surveyor. They had two children: ELEANOR CORIN (1916-), born in 1916, who became Mrs Ralph. AUDREY CORIN (1920-), born in 1920, who married a Mr Floyd. FRANK RICHARD CORIN (1892-1894), born on 4 January 1892, who died on 4 September 1894. EDITH MARGARET CORIN (1894-1980), born on 24 May 1894, and who died unmarried in 1980. SARAH MARGARET CORIN (1861-?), born on 9 December 1861, was the fourth child of James and Sally Corin.

1.6.10 MARY CORIN (1828-?), the last of Richard and Elizabeth's ten children, was baptized at Gulval on 21 April 1828. She was probably staying with her sister, Peggy Harvey, in 1841 and 1851.

1.7 PHILIP CORIN (1780-1856), Jacob and Elizabeth's seventh child, was baptized at Penzance on 16 May 1780. He married three times. It is quite possible that Philip was associated with the running of the farm at Tolver, and that it is he who is recorded in the 1803 muster roll at Lower Tolver. However, between 1814 and 1856, this (or another?) Philip was described as a carpenter or joiner. Philip died, aged 76, on 6 February 1856, in Camberwell St., Penzance.

He and his numerous descendants form the subject of a separate section.

1.8 WILLIAM CORIN (17??-1781) was Jacob and Elizabeth's eighth child. He died in infancy and was buried on 17 January 1781.

1.9 WILLIAM JOHN CORIN (1782-1865), Jacob and Elizabeth's ninth and youngest child, was named after two brothers who had both died between October 1780 and January 1781. He was baptized at Madron (or Penzance) on 21 May 1782. On 21 November 1812 he married a distant relative, Charlotte (or Caroline) Corin. In 1813 after his father's death, 'Mesdames Corin' assigned to him the lease of 'premises in Gulval'. However he did not move to Gulval, but was living at Chyandour, carrying on the trade of a hatter. He had moved to Mount Street by 1841. In 1861 he was growing old, and staying with his son, William, in Fore St., Redruth. It is probably he who died on 16 December 1865 "aged 81" and is buried in Redruth.

William John Corin and Caroline had four children:

1.9.1 WILLIAM JOHN CORIN (1813-1895), baptized at Gulval on 19 February 1813. He followed in his father's footsteps at first, becoming a hatter. On 1 October 1837 he married a girl from Hayle, Jane Glasson, at Madron. Jane's father was a grocer, tea, china and earthenware dealer, and when the couple's first son was born, they were living in East St., Penzance, and William was describing himself as a grocer. The couple moved to Redruth and opened a grocery in Fore Street. In 1844, William was described as an Earthenware, Grocery and Tea Dealer. In 1853, William and Jane applied to join the Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Redruth. They are recorded at the Fore Street address in directories for 1854 and 1856. In 1881, they were at Teignmouth Road, Tor Vales, Castle Clare, near Torbay in Devon.

William died in Lambeth early in 1895. The surname on his death certificate was spelt Coryn, and his age was given as 84.

William and Jane had at least six children: WILLIAM JOHN CORIN (1838-1910), born on 15 April 1838. On Census night in 1841 he was staying with his grandparents, the Glassons, in Chapel Street, Penzance. He became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, qualifying on 5 December 1860. At this time he gave his address as Rose Hill, Gwennap. On 12 March 1861, he married Mary Jenkin, born in 1832, at the Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Redruth: her father was described as a gentleman, of Trewirgie, and may have been a mineowner. It is said that William John practised as a mine doctor. In 1870 he was practising at Liskeard, and between 1876 and 1891 was at 68 Acre Lane, Brixton. In 1901 he was at 159 Acre Lane.

In Liskeard, he took a lively interest in national politics, and was a member of the constituency Liberal association. A letter from him in The Times of 27 December 1873 shows that he did not always see eye to eye with Edward Horsman, the local M.P., whose support for the Gladstone government he felt was characterised by an "attitude of hostility".

He changed his name to CORYN some time between his move to Brixton and 1881. In the British Medical Association's register for 1910 he was at Eliot House, Durand Gardens, Clapham Road, London. He died on 12 January 1910. Mary lived on until 7 March 1915. Their children were: IDA MARY CORYN (1862-19??), born in Rosehill, Cornwall. Perhaps her name was Ada. She married Roland van der Heyde in Lambeth (also known as Rowland Hyde) in the second quarter of 1895. HERBERT ALFRED WILLIAM CORYN (1863-1927). He was born on 18 May 1863 at Liskeard. He also became a surgeon, attending University College, London, and distinguishing himself there by writing a prize essay on "The Moral and Physical Advantages of Total Abstinence" in 1886. He qualified on 23 March 1888. He continued his writing by contributing articles to The Internationalist (later called The International Theosophist), a theosophical monthly. He was co-founder and co-editor of this journal, which was published in Dublin between 1897 and 1904. He also contributed an article on "Mind as a Disease Producer" to the National Review. In 1894 he was at 153 Acre Lane in Brixton. In 1898 he emigrated to the U.S.A., and moved to Point Loma, California. He was deeply involved in the Theosophical Society there. He also worked as a surgeon during the Spanish-American War. He died in California in 1927. SYDNEY GLASSON PIERCE CORYN (1865-1921). He was born in 1865 at Liskeard. He married Agnes Sophia Horne in Lambeth in the third quarter of 1888. He was a Fellow of the Theosophical Society, and contributed a letter on theosophy to the National Review. He moved to California in 1902 and was closely involved with the Theosophical colony at San Diego. He was an authority on Egyptology, and a writer of book reviews and literary criticisms. With Alfred Holman, he was co-editor of The Argonaut He was also editor of The Crusader, a theosophical monthly first published in 1897. The Bodleian catalogue also mentions works by Sidney G.B.(sic) Coryn on Canadian railways.

Sidney died in a hotel in Auburn, California, on 15 November 1921. He and Agnes had two children: FREDERICK SIDNEY CORYN (1892-19??), born in Lambeth in the first quarter of 1892. He is shown in the 1910 census of San Francisco as aged 17 and working as a printer. He joined the Wiltshire Regiment and was gassed in 1918 in Picardy, but survived. He may have gone to South Africa with his mother and sister for a time. MARJORIE STELLA CORYN (1894-1968), who was born on 11 May 1894 in Billericay. She went with her parents to California, but returned, and served during the war in France, where she was awarded the Croix de Guerre. She lived for a while with her mother in France, returning around 1937. She was a writer, and published several historical biographies between 1932 and 1954. She died on 12 June 1968. EDGAR ARTHUR CORYN (1866-1940). He was born on 13 June 1866 at Liskeard. On 23 December 1893 he married Edith Allen in Peckham. Edith had been born in Canada, and at some stage, Edgar went briefly to Canada. In 1901, Ellen and the chidren were at Butts Green, Hornchurch. He died on 5 September 1940. The couple had four children: ALLEN HERBERT CORYN (1895-1963), who was born on 28 August 1895 in Billericay. He went to Canada in 1913, but returned, enlisted in the Canadian Army, in 1914. He married Marjorie Hilda Stephenson in Holy Trinity, Gray's Inn. He died in 1963 and is buried at Stondon.

He and Marjorie had three children: JOAN MARY VIDA CORYN (1919-1992), born on 12 November 1919. She was a nurse, and trained at St Thomas's Hospital. She married James Watt, an electrical engineer who was a major in the Hussars and had been severely wounded in both arms. Joan Watt died on 4 March 1992.

She and James had two children: PENELOPE WATT (19??-) JEREMY WATT (19??-) JOHN HAYNES CORYN (1924-1998), born on 26 July 1924. He was a regular in the Royal Navy, a Frobisher Cadet, did Russian Convoys, was present at D-Day, was a qualified Fleet Navigating and Directing Officer, served as Navigator to the parent ship for midget submarines in the Far East and spent a period as an Instructor at HMS Driad Naval School of Navigation. He married Elizabeth Hamilton Keith in Gibraltar on 12 October 1954. In retirement he lived at Mellow Purgess, Stondon Massey, Essex. He died in 1998. He was one of the contributors to the present notes. HUGH DERMOT CORYN (1930-), born on 2 May 1930. He married Ella Anne Norman on 10 September 1953, and they have a son. Anne Coryn died on 9 September 2011 and is buried at Tannington, Suffolk. JOAN MARY CORYN (1897-?), born on 20 November 1897 in Romford. She was in California for a while, but returned in 1927. JOHN GARTH CORYN (1899-1955), born on 6 June 1899 in Romford, who married Winifred Ivy Adams. He died on 22 March 1995. DAVID GEOFFREY CORYN (1904-1971), born on 9 November 1904. He married Eva Beatrice Brown on 11 April 1932 at St Andrew's, Hornchurch. They had a daughter: JULIETTE THERESA CORYN (1935-), born on 19 May 1935, who married Terence Johnson. FRANCES JANE CORYN, (1868-19??) born in December 1868 at Liskeard. She travelled to America in 1906 on the SS Etruria, arriving at Ellis Island on 23 June. However, this may have been only a visit, as she is also recorded as arriving on the St Paul on 25 May 1913 from Southampton. She may have married a Mr Dick in California. CHARLES GLASSON CORIN (1839-1900), born on 23 December 1839. He married Emily Jessey Philips at Camborne parish church on 13 November 1861. However, his wife died of tuberculosis on 20 December 1864, and Charles married again, to Margaret Pearce Rosewarne, on 28 August 1866 at Gwithian. He was a grocer, and in 1862 was at the Market Place, Camborne. He filed for bankruptcy in 1879 (London Gazette, 25 February). In 1881, he was living at Beacon Hill Villas, Camborne. He died in Truro at the beginning of 1900. The surname on his death certificate is spelt Coryn. Charles and Emily had a son: LEONARD CHARLES CORYN (1862-1907) (registered as Corin), born on 23 August 1862 in Camborne. He immigrated to Canada on 19 May 1886, arriving in Montreal from Plymouth aboard the SS Corean. He married Martha Stewart at St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Montreal on 19 October 1892. Martha was born in "Ireland" about 1874. Leonard's profession is listed as Canadian Pacific Railway clerk on the Canadian 1901 census. He died of tuberculosis in Montreal on 26 April 1907. Martha died of the same on 20 January 1915. They are both buried in the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.

The couple had four children ANNIE RUTH CORYN (1893-1963), born on 24 January 1893. She married Thomas Durocher at St. James Cathedral in Montreal on 5 October 1914. He died on 21 October 1918, and Annie remarried, to Joseph Bleau. She died on 19 October 1963.

Annie and Thomas had three children CATHERINE MARTHA MARY DUROCHER (1914-?), born in October 1914. ALFRED ROY DUROCHER (1916-?), born on 19 February 1916. THOMAS DUROCHER (1918-?), born on 24 February 1918.

Annie and Joseph had two children ALEXANDER BLEAU MARGARET BLEAU EMILY JESSIE CORYN (1893-1963), known as Jessie, born on 29 November 1893. She married Philippe Mayer at Ste. Anne Catholic Church in Montreal on 10 October 1916. Either Philippe died or the couple split up, and Jessie spent the majority of her subsequent years with a partner, Joseph Patenaude. Neither relationship produced any children. She died on 2 April 1963. WILLIAM CHARLES CORYN (1896-1968), born on 23 August 1896. He married Hettie Watkins at St. Jude's Anglican Church in Montreal on 16 July 1919.

Hettie was born on October 18, 1900 in Doncaster, England. She immigrated to Canada on May 17, 1903.
William Charles Coryn died on 13 September 1968.

He and Hettie had five children: MARTHA HENRIETTA CORYN (1920-1954), born on 14 May 1920. She died on 19 October 1954 WILLIAM ALFRED CORYN (1922-1967), born on 5 March 1922. He died on 22 December 1967 He had three sons, so the Coryn surname from Leonard's line still survives in Montreal and the Toronto area. MYRTLE ETHEL CORYN (1923-2006), born on 1 October 1923. She died on 26 June 2006. JOYCE EMILY CORYN. LEILA BEATRICE CORYN. ROBERT FREDERICK CORYN (1900-1957), born on 17 March 1900. He never married, and died on 26 September 1957.

Charles and Margaret had three children: NORMAN CORYN (1869-??), born in Camborne. ELSIE JANE CORYN (1871-19??), known as Janie. She married James Barnard. CLARA CORYN (1873-??). She was born on 26 September 1873.

There also seem to have been other Coryns. A Mary Grace Coryn died on 26 August 1958 aged 86 and is buried in Truro. A Francis Corin (18??-19??) also qualified as a doctor, and was practising at 35 Harley Street, London, W.1, around 1933. ARTHUR EVANS CORIN (1842-1901), born on 3 July 1842. In 1861 he was a grocer, living with his brother William at Rose Hill, Gwennap. He married Elizabeth Emily Martin Bennett on 10 July 1865 in Camborne Wesleyan Chapel. In 1881 he was at 86 Fore Street, Redruth. He died in Lambeth on 10 October 1901, and his wife Elizabeth lived on until 1918. Their children were: HESKETH ARTHUR ERNEST CORYN (1871-1950), who married Mary Grace Hopper at Truro Wesleyan Chapel on 15 February 1893. He was farming at St Allen in 1901. He died on 30 January 1950 aged 79 and is buried in Truro. MURIEL EMMA CORYN (1893-1900), born on 12 April 1893. She died, aged six, at Redruth in the second quarter of 1900. (An erroneous source says she married a Mr Goyne around 1915.) WILLIAM ALROY CORYN (1897-19??). He was born on 30 June 1897. He married Mabel Bassett at St Mary's Wesleyan Chapel, Truro, on 16 September 1920. SIDNEY ERNEST CORYN (1917-1972). He was born on 3 January 1917 and died on 2 October 1972. He married Olga Maud Bullock, and they had a daughter: JOHANNA GRACE CORYN (1927??-), who became Mrs Roberts, and dealt with her mother's estate in 1975. MURIEL JANE CORYN (1874?-19??), who married Arthur Brunt Alsop in Redruth in the second quarter of 1895. ALROY GARNET E CORYN (1875-??), born in Redruth in the last quarter of 1875 and aged 5 in 1881. AMELIA JANE CORIN (1845-1912), born in Redruth in the third quarter of 1844. She was living with her parents in 1881. She was known as Millie and died on 28 October 1912. HELEN CORIN (1847-?), registered as Ellen, born at Redruth in the first quarter of 1847. In 1871 both were staying with Elizabeth Hodder in Marine Terrace, Penzance. CLARA CORIN (1854-?), born in Redruth in the fourth quarter of 1854.

1.9.2 CAROLINE CORIN (1821-1859) was born in 1821 in Penzance. She married Thomas Harris Jnr, a cabinet maker, son of Thomas Harris Snr and Martha Hockin on 19 August 1846 in Camborne Parish Church. Thomas' sister was married to an Elisha Youlten, who emigrated to Victoria in 1852, settling in Bendigo. Thomas followed him, probably taking an unassisted passage from Liverpool on 9 June 1854 aboard SS Great Britain, arriving in Melbourne in August 1854. Caroline and her three children, Thomas 8, William John 6 and Caroline 3, emigrated on 20 June 1856 aboard the Golden Era. On 6 August 1856 Caroline (the child) died of fever and was buried at sea. It is noted on the child's death certificate "father not on board". Caroline and her two sons arrived in Melbourne on 6 September 1856. She died on 16 April 1859 in White Hills, near Bendigo, Victoria, aged 38, and was buried in White Hills Cemetery. The informant on her death certificate was a George John Lucas, described as "mate of Husband". Thomas died on 8 November 1906 in Numurkah, Victoria. They had four children: THOMAS HARRIS (1848-1941) was born in 1848 in Redruth. He became a farmer. Thomas married Annie Clarke in 1879 in Geelong. She died, and Thomas next married Jane Matilda Webb in 1925. Jane died before 1941. They had no children. Thomas died on 30 August 1941 in "Burreel" Private Hospital, Kooyong Road, Caulfield, Victoria, aged 93, and was buried in Brighton Cemetery. At the time of his death, he was resident at 332 Kooyong Road, Caulfield, Victoria. Thomas and Annie had two children: ANNIE CAROLINE HARRIS (1883-??) was born in 1883 in Victoria. EDITH HARRIS (1885-??) was born in 1885 in Victoria. WILLIAM JOHN HARRIS (1850-1931) was born in 1850 in Redruth. He was a farmer. He married Eugenie Elizabeth Hooper in 1883 in Bendigo, Victoria. He died on 26 November 1931 at 14 Bryson Street, Canterbury, Victoria, aged 81, and was buried in Box Hill Cemetery. He had seven children: CAROLINE ELIZABETH HARRIS (1883-1878) was born in 1883 in Namurkah, Victoria. She died in Blackburn, Victoria. AMELIA HARRIS (1885-1886) was born in 1885 in Namurkah, Victoria, and died in infancy. WILLIAM JOHN HARRIS (1887-1957) was born in 1887 in Bendigo, Victoria. He died in Beaumaris, Victoria. ARTHUR THOMAS HARRIS (1889-1967) was born in 1889 in Bendigo, Victoria. He died in Namurkah. ETHEL MAY HARRIS (1891-1984) was born in 1891 in Bendigo, Victoria. She died in Prahran, Victoria. AMELIA MAY HARRIS (1891-1893), Ethel's twin sister, died in infancy. THOMAS EDWIN HARRIS (1893-1991) was born in 1893 in Namurkah, Victoria. He died in Mansfield, Victoria. CAROLINE HARRIS (1853-1856) was born in the first quarter of 1853 in Redruth and died on 5 August 1856 aboard the Golden Era EDWIN HARRIS (1858-1858)was born in 1858 in White Hills, nr Bendigo, Victoria. He suffered from hydrocephaly, and died on 28 Movember the same year at the age of five months.

1.9.3 SELINA CORIN (1821-?), baptized on 22 July 1821. In 1841 she was at home with her father, and in 1851 she was in Redruth living with her brother. She was described then as an annuitant.

1.9.4 AMELIA CORIN (1822-1842), apparently baptized twice, at Madron on 20 September 1822 and at Gulval on 8 October. She was buried at Gulval on 30 May 1842.

2 WILLIAM CORIN (1740?-?), of whom little is known. He was possibly born between 1743 and 1746, though there is a possibility that he was the William (1752-1808) who married Elizabeth Barcar at St Hilary in 1774. He had a share in Tolver, and received £10 p.a. under his uncle Jacob's will secured on this. It is possible that he was aged 9 in 1749, when a William son of William was a life on a lease concluded by Jacob Corin on land at Tolver in Gulval.

If he was the husband of Elizabeth, he had six children:

2.1 JOHN CORIN (1774-?).

2.2 WILLIAM CORIN (1778-1783).

2.3 PHILIP CORIN (1779-1780).

2.4 JENEPHER CORIN (1782-1797).

2.5 WILLIAM CORIN (1786-1795).

2.6 PHILIP CORIN (1792-?), the only child not known to have died in childhood.

3 JOSEPH COREN (1745-1821), of whom more below.

4 PHILIP COREN (175?-?), probably born after his grandfather William's death in 1750. He was probably not the Philip who married Elizabeth Uren at Phillack in 1770, who more likely came from Crowan. He may have married Ann Nicholls in 1782, (see the son of James Corin in the chapter on the Carne Corins), as a Nicholls was witness to Jacob's will in 1785.

5 SUSANNA COREN (175?-1752), who died in infancy and was buried at Gulval on 7 May 1752 (?1751).

6 RICHARD COREN (175?-1755), who also died in infancy, and was buried at Gulval on 7 June 1755.

7 RICHARD COREN (1756-1816), born in 1756. He married Jane Gard at Gulval on 11 August 1781. We know that he was a farmer, as four years later his uncle Jacob left him 'such two of my milch cows as he shall chuse', along with land at Tolver, which he was still farming in 1800. In 1797 he was living in the smallest of the three houses at Tolver, with only three windows. He owned three horses at that time.

Richard died in 1816 and was buried on 20 November. His widow lived on at Tolver, and was buried on 10 October 1818, aged 66. Richard and Jane Corin had seven children:

7.1 SUSANNA CORIN (1782-?), baptized at Gulval on 24 March 1782. She probably married Richard Bennats at Gulval in 1815.

7.2 MARY CORIN (1784-1789), baptized on 23 May 1784, who died in May 1789.

7.3 RICHARD CORIN (1786-1786), baptized on 21 June 1786 and buried five days later.

7.4 Another RICHARD CORIN (1788-1872), of whom little is known. He was baptized on 17 February 1788, and married a girl from St Erth named Elizabeth. He was at Tolver in 1851 and 1871, and died in 1872, aged 83.

7.5 MARY CORIN (1790-1790), baptized on 27 June 1790 and buried two days later.

7.6 WILLIAM CORIN (1791-1824), baptized at Gulval on 13 November 1791. He died unmarried in August 1824.

7.7 MARY ANNE CORIN (1794-?), baptized on 21 September 1794. She may have married John Grenfell on 29 March 1845.

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