Christopher Creed


1.     Christopher Creed #27444, b. abt 1618, of Charing, Kent, England, d. aft 25 Aug 1681, Charing, Kent, England.  PRC32/54/619               

CHRISTOPHER CREED         25 November 1681

     In the name of God Amen

     I Christopher Creed of Charing in the County of Kent yeoman being in my sound minde and understanding make my last will and Testament in manner and forme following (that is to say) First I recommend my Soule into the hands of Almighty God assuredly trusting in and through  The onely merits of Jeases Christ my onely Saviour and Redemmer to be saved, and my body I commit to the Earth decently to be buried by my Exectors hereafter named, And my Temperall Estate I give devise and bequeath as followeth (that is to say) I give to my daughter Sampson one shilling.  Item I  give to my daughter Elizabeth twenty pounds to be paid within one yeare after my decease. Item I give to my sonn James Creed twenty pounds.  Item my will is that Mary my wife shall have her dwelling in my house during her widowhood if she please.  Item I give and devise unto my son John Creed and Mary my wife and to their heires All that my Messuage or Tenement called Stockers Head together with the Barne Stable Edifices Buildingd yards gardens orchards closes backsides and all my Lands thereunto belonging scituate lyeing and being in Charing aforesaid or elsewhere in the said County of Kent.  The one halfe to be disposed att my wifes pleasure when she dies Item all the rest of my goods and Chattles I give to my wife Mary and to my sonn John whome I make my Executors jointly to this my last will and Testament Witnes my hand and seale.  Dated the five and twentieth day of November in the yeare of our Lord Christ One Thousand six Hundred and one  The marke of Christopher Creed the Testator

     Signed sealed published and declared by the Testator for his last will and Testament in the presence of Simon Gripps John Burwash John Knowler

     The underlineing was done by order of the Testator before the will was signed and sealed Witnes hereunto Simon Gripp John Burwash John Knowler

     Probate 12 January 1681.

     He married Mary Wood #27445, 6 Jul 1643, in Charing, Kent, England, b. 26 Dec 1619, Charing, Kent, England, (daughter of Isaac Wood #27446 and Abygall Fisher #27447) d. aft 25 Aug 1681.


                      i       Joane Creed #27448, baptized 5 Oct 1645.

            2.       ii     John Creed #27427 b. Dec 1646.

                     iii       Ann Creed #27449, baptized 11 Mar 1648/9, buried: 22 May 1664.

                     iv       Sampson Creed #27450.  Discribed as "daughter Sampson"  in her father's will.

                      v       Mary Creed #27451, baptized 16 Nov 1650, buried: 17 Mar 1657/8.

                     vi       Christopher Creed #27452, baptized 9 Feb 1651/2.

                     vii       Elizabeth Creed #27453, baptized 28 May 1655, buried: 1681.

                     viii       Isaac Creed #27454, baptized 20 Nov 1657, buried: 21 Nov 1660.

            3.       ix       James Creed #27455 b. 16 Nov 1660.

                      x       Anne Creed #27457, baptized 25 Apr 1666, Charing, Kent, England.


Second Generation


2.  John Creed #27427, (1.Christopher1) b. Dec 1646, baptized 1 Jan 1647, Charing, Kent, England, d. 1 Nov 1730.  Will dated 6 Dec. 1729, Will probated 13 Nov 1730.  John was blind at the time he wrote his will.  Residence given as Stockers Head.

     PRC32/60/547                  JOHN CREED         6 December 1729

     In the name of God Amen

     I John Creed of Charing in the County of Kent Yeoman being of sound and perfect Mind and Memory (blessed be God) do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and Form following (that is to say) Imprimis I give devise and bequeath unto my Son Thomas Creed All that my Messauge or Tenement commonly called or known by the Name of Stockerhead with the Malthouse Barn Stable and Outhouses thereunto belonging And also those several pieces or parcels of Land arable Meadow and Pasture and also two pieces or parcels of Land planted with Hopps containing  in the Whole by Estimation twenty Acres more or less to the said Messuage or Tenement likewise belonging situal lying and being in Charing aforesaid and now in the Tenure or Occupation of the said Thomas Creed or his Assigns To have and to hold the said Messuage or Tenement Malthouse Barn Stable and Outhouses several pieces or parcels of Land and Premisses with the Appurtenances unto the said Thomas Creed his Heirs and Assigns forever  Item I give devise and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Creed and to his Heirs and Assigns forever  All that Messuage or Tenement with a small piece of Land thereunto belonging situate lying and being in Charing aforesaid and now in the Tenure or Occupation of John Redman or his Assigns  Item I give and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Creed and to his Heirs and Assigns for ever All those two Tenements or dwelling Houses lately built with the Land thereunto belonging situate lying and being in Charing aforesaid near a certain place called Long Beech Wood and now in the several Tenures or Occupations of John Lucas and William Millen their Assignee or Assigns.  Item I give and devise and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Creed and to his Heirs and Assigns forever All those two Tenements or dwelling Houses Backsides and Premisses thereunto belonging situate lying and being in Charing aforesaid and now in the several Tenures or Occupations of Richard Fowtrell and Paul Wooley their Assignee or Assigns Item I give and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Creed and to his Heirs and Assigns forever all those two Tenements or dwelling Houses Backsides and Premisses with the Appurtenances situal lying and being in Charing aforesaid and now in the several Tenures or Occupations of Thomas Beeching and John Beeching their Assignee or Assigns Item I give devide and bequeath unto my son Thomas Creed and to his Heirs and Assigns forever All that my one full undivided Moiety or half Part of all that one piece or parcel of Woodland called Bapchild Wood containing in the whole by Estimation twenty and Five Acres more or less situate lying and being in the parishes of Kingsdown  John Creed and Milsted in the said County of Kent together also with all the Timber and Underwood growing and being on the said full undivided Moiety or half part of the said piece or parcel of Woodland  Item I give devise and bequeath unto my Son in Law Richard Whitehood and to his Heirs and Asigns forever All that Messuage or Tenement Backside and premises with the Appurtenances situat lying and being in Charing aforesaid and now in the Tenure or Occupation of Richard Whitehood or his Assignes he the said Richard Whitehood paying to my said Son Thomas Creed the Sum of Thirty pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain within two years next after my Decease and in case the said Richard Whitewood shall refuse or neglect to pay my said Son Thomas Creed the said Sume of Thirty pounds within two years next after my Decease then I give and devise the said Messuage or Tenement Backside and Premises unto my said Son Thomas Creed his Heirs and Assigns forever Item I give and bequeath unto my Sons John Creed Christopher Creed William Creed Edward Creed and Richard Creed and to my granddaughter Mary Creed daughter of my Son James Creed Deceased severally and respectively One Shilling of lawfull money of Great Britain to be paid to them by my Executor hereinafter named within One Year after my Decease Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Honey the Sum of Five pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain to be paid to her by my Executor hereinafter nemed within One Year next after my Decease  Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Wife of John Southurst and to my Son Samuel Creed severally One and twenty Shillings of lawfull money of Great Britain to be paid to them by my Executor hereinafter named within One year next after my Decease  Item I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Elizabeth Golding the Sum of twenty pounds of lawfull money of Great Britain to be paid by my Excutor hereinafter named when she shall attain to the full Age of One and twenty Yeares  Item All the rest Residue and Remainder of my Goods Chattells and personal Estate of what Nature or Kind soever after my Debts Legacys and Funeral Expences are satisfied and paid I give and bequeath unto my said Son Thomas Creed his Executors Administrators and Assigns And I do hereby make name constitute and appoint my said Son Thomas Creed full and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testaments by me at any time heretofore made or published and I do declare this to be my only last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the above named John Creed the Testator to this my last Will and Testament contained in two sheets of paper to the first of which Sheets I have set my Hand and to this Second Sheet my Hand and Seal the Sixth Day of December in the third Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc.

     Anno Domini 1729.  the mark of John Creed the Testator he being blind Signed Sealed and by the above named John Creed the Teatator published and declared to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses Edward Hammon Thomas Medhurst John Nethersole

               Examined by Mart. Upton Not. Pub.

     Probate 13 November 1730

     Ex. Thomas Creed, son.

     He married Mary Allen #27428, 22 Jul 1670, in Wychling, Kent, england, b. 10 Dec 1655, Doddington, Kent, England, (daughter of William Allen #27429 and Mary _____ #27430) buried: 28 Aug 1714, Charing, Kent, England.


                      i       Mary Creed #27431, baptized 4 Oct 1671, Charing, Kent, England, d. bef 14 Oct 1675, Charing, Kent, England.

                      ii     Jane Creed #27440, b. Feb 1672/3, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 10 Feb 1673, Charing, Kent, England, d. aft 1 Nov 1730, Charing, Kent, England.

                             She married _____ Honey #27441.

                     iii       Mary Creed #29281, b. 1675, baptized 14 Oct 1675, Charing, Kent, England.

                             She married Richard Whitehead #29282, 10 May 1696.

                     iv       John Creed #27432, baptized 15 Mar 1677, Charing, Kent, England, d. bef 24 Jul 1682.

                      v       Christopher Creed #27435, b. 1679, Charing, Kent, England, d. aft 1 Nov 1730, in father's will.

                             He married Mary Phillips #29276.

                     vi       John Creed #29279, b. 1682, baptized 24 Jul 1682, Charing, Kent, England, d. aft 1 Nov 1730, in father's will.  Married Ann ?

            4.       vii       William Creed #27436 b. Jun 1683.

            5.       viii       Thomas Creed #27434 b. Sep 1685.

                     ix       Ann Creed #29277, b. 1688, baptized 4 Apr 1688, Charing, Kent, England.

                             She married Thomas Golding #29278, 29 Oct 1709.

                      x       James Creed #27439, b. Mar 1690/1, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 20 Mar 1691, Chraing, Kent, England.

                             He married Elizabeth Lushington #29280, 15 Jun 1711.

                     xi       Sarah Creed #27442, b. Nov 1692, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 6 Nov 1692, Charing, Kent, England.

                             She married John Southhurst #27443, 13 Aug 1710.

                     xii       Edward Creed #27438, b. Feb 1694, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 11 Feb 1694, Charing, Kent, England.

            6.       xiii       Richard Creed #27416 b. abt 1696.

            7.       xiv       Samuel Creed #27433 b. 21 Feb 1702/3.

3.  James Creed #27455, (1.Christopher) b. 16 Nov 1660, baptized 16 Nov 1660, Charing, Kent, England, occupation Limeburner, buried: 20 Jun 1713.

     He married Margaret Jeffrey #27456, 13 Sep 1680, in Charing/ Westwell.


                      i       John Creed #27458, baptized 24 Jul 1681, buried: 20 Sep 1730.


Third Generation


4.  William Creed #27436, (2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. Jun 1683, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 23 Jun 1683, Charing, Kent, England, d. 6 Feb 1759, Faversham, Kent, England.

     He married Ann (widow) Underdown Dadd #27437, 1710, b. Sep 1673, Herne, Kent, England.  Ann: Ann Dadd is her maiden name she also married John Muzred and John Underdown before marrying William Creed.


            8.       i       Sarah Creed #27465 b. Dec 1711.

            9.       ii     Mary Creed #27466 b. Mar 1713/4.

5.  Thomas Creed #27434, (2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. Sep 1685, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 27 Sep 1685, Charing, Kent, England.

     He married Elizabeth Beane #27484, 2 Mar 1716.


                      i       John Creed #27487, b. 5 Aug 1717, baptized 17 Aug 1717.

                      ii     Bennet Creed #27485, baptized 25 Sep 1719, buried: 21 Dec 1719.

                     iii       Thomas Creed #27488, b. 28 Oct 1720, baptized 9 Nov 1720.

                     iv       James Creed #27489, b. 15 Apr 1722, baptized 29 Apr 1722.

                      v       Samuel Creed #27486, b. 25 Dec 1724, baptized 29 Dec 1724, d. 23 Jan 1724/5.

6.  Richard Creed #27416, (2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. abt 1696, of Charing, Kent, England, baptized 18 Oct 1696, Charing, Kent, England, buried: 17 Jan 1779.

     He married Ann _____ #27417.


                      i       John Creed #27418, baptized 23 Jul 1728, Throwley, Kent, England.

                      ii     Richard Creed #27419, baptized 19 Dec 1729, Throwley, Kent, England.

                             He married Elizabeth Staines #27421, 17 Oct 1758.

                     iii       Ann Baker Creed #27420, baptized 10 Sep 1731, Throwley, Kent, England.  Was Ann's mother's maiden name Baker? Died as a young woman.

            10.       iv       George Creed #2516 b. 1733.

                      v       Mary Creed #27422, baptized 18 Apr 1735, Throwley, Kent, England.

                     vi       Christopher Creed #27423, baptized 21 Oct 1737, Throwley, Kent, England.

                     vii       William Creed #27424, baptized 21 Oct 1737, Throwley, Kent, England.

                     viii       Elizabeth Creed #27425, baptized 9 Sep 1739, Throwley, Kent, England.

                     ix       Thomas Creed #27426, baptized 22 Jul 1743, Throwley, Kent, England, d. 1743.

7.  Samuel Creed #27433, (2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 21 Feb 1702/3, Charing, Kent, England, baptized 24 Feb 1702/3.

     He married Mary Wood #27459, 5 Oct 1726.


                      i       James Creed #27462, b. 28 Dec 1727, baptized 12 Jan 1727/8, d. 9 Apr 1728.

                      ii     Samuel Creed #27463, b. 13 Feb 1728, baptized 26 Feb 1728/9.

                     iii       Mary Creed #27461, b. 15 Dec 1730, baptized 20 Dec 1730.

                     iv       Jane Creed #27464, b. 18 Dec 1733, baptized 14 Jan 1733/4.

                      v       Christopher Creed #27460, b. 25 Mar 1736, baptized 7 Apr 1736.


Fourth Generation


8.  Sarah Creed #27465, (4.William3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. Dec 1711, Faversham, Kent, England, d. 15 Sep 1799, Faversham, Kent, England.

     She married Nicholas Murton #27476, 20 Apr 1734, in Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England, b. Dec 1707, Newington, Kent, England, d. 20 Sep 1758, Faversham, Kent, England.


                      i       William Murton #27477, b. 1735, Faversham, Kent, England.

                      ii     Richard Murton #27478, b. 1737, Faversham, Kent, England.

                     iii       Benjamin Murton #27483, b. 1739, Faversham, Kent, England, buried: 29 Dec 1742, Faversham, Kent, England.

                     iv       John Murton #27480, baptized 29 Apr 1741, Faversham, Kent, England.

                             He married Margaret Baker #29777, 27 Mar 1764, in Folkestone, Kent, England, b. Jul 1745, Folkestone, Kent, England.

                      v       Edward Murton #27479, baptized 16 Dec 1743, Faversham, Kent, England.

                     vi       Mary Elizabeth Murton #27481, baptized 28 Nov 1745, Faversham, Kent, England.

                     vii       Sarah Murton #27482, baptized 10 Feb 1748, Faversham, Kent, England.

9.  Mary Creed #27466, (4.William3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. Mar 1713/4, Faversham, Kent, England, baptized 1 Apr 1714, Faversham, buried: 16 Apr 1776.

     She married Richard Murton #27467, 14 Oct 1734, in Faversham, Kent, England, b. 1706, Newington next Sittingbourne, Kent, England, buried: 10 Mar 1774.


                      i       John Murton #27468, baptized 18 Sep 1735, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                      ii     Mary Murton #27469, baptized 14 Jun 1737, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                     iii       Sarah Murton #27470, baptized 8 Mar 1739, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                     iv       Richard Murton #27471, baptized 12 May 1741, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                      v       Batcheller Murton #27472, b. 1743, d. 1816.  Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wynne f.586, Probate 29 Nov 1816

                             Batcheller Murton of Newington, yeoman, will dated 1 Jun 1814

                             Niece Frances Murton of Chatham, executrix

                             Brother Francis

                             Nephews Thomas John Creed, William Yeomans

                             Witnesses William Roper of Newington victualler, Will. Jefferys Atty at law, Willm Noker his clerk.

                     vi       Frances Murton #27473, baptized 3 Jun 1745, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                     vii       Philip Murton #27474, baptized 24 Apr 1751, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

                     viii       Francis Murton #27475, baptized 22 Mar 1753, Newington-next-Sittingborne, Kent, England.

10.  George Creed #2516, (6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1733, baptized 22 Jun 1733, Throwley, Kent, England, d. bef 4 Jan 1803, England.  Pavenment Act Commissioner in 1789. Married in the Parish church after banns in the presence of John Luckhurst (her father.) and John Clarke by Richard March, Vicar.  Marriage: Film # 1736729 Item 3.

       He married Mary Luckhurst #2514, 9 Jul 1758, in Faversham, Kent Co., England by Vicar Richard Marsh,[1] b. abt 1739, (daughter of John Luckhurst #26824 and Mary ____ #26825) baptized 28 Jan 1739/40, Throwley, Kent, England.


            11.     i       John Creed #29769 b. 1759.

                      ii     Elizabeth Creed #2517, b. 1 Jun 1760, baptized 8 Jun 1760, Faversham, Kent Co. England.

                             She married William Pearce #29585, 29 Jul 1792, in Faversham, Kent, England.

                     iii       Mary Creed #2518, b. 1762, baptized 17 Jan 1762, Faversham, Kent Co. England.

                             She married Richard Sharpe #29586, occupation Woollen Draper.

                     iv       Sarah Creed #2519, b. 1766, baptized 25 May 1766, Faversham, Kent Co. England.

                             She married Francis Sanders #29587.

            12.     v       James Creed #2520 b. 1771.

            13.       vi       Richard Creed #2513 b. 21 Dec 1777.


Fifth Generation


11.  John Creed #29769, (10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1759, baptized 2 Apr 1759, Faversham, Kent, England.

       He married Catherine _____ #29770.


                      i       John Creed #29771, baptized 16 Nov 1788, Faversham, Kent, England.

                      ii     Ann Creed #29772, baptized 29 Feb 1792, Faversham, Kent, England.

12.  James Creed #2520, (10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1771, baptized 4 Aug 1771, Faversham, Kent Co. England, d. 4 Apr 1818, Hastings, England.  The Wife and descendants of this James Creed must be proven but it appears to be the correct family.  All descending information on this line from David Creed.

       He married Hannah Foster #29946, 11 Mar 1800, in St. Clements, Hastings, Sussex, England.


            14.     i       George Foster Creed #29947 b. 18 May 1808.

                      ii     William Henry Robinson Creed #29948, b. 16 Aug 1816, Hastings, England, d. 23 Jun 1828, buried: St. Clements, Hastings, England.

13.  Richard Creed #2513, (10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 21 Dec 1777, Faversham, Kent Co., England, baptized 6 Jan 1778, Partridge Lane Parish, Faversham, occupation Clerk of Works, Halifax, d. 24 Aug 1864, Halifax, NS, Canada, buried: Halifax, NS, Camp Hill Cemetery.      

       Art & I were at the "Citadel" Fortress in Halifax in August, 1998 and found the Royal Engineer's Room with pictures, uniform of the period, a 3-D display of Richard Creed and the workman as well as accounts written by Richard Creed.

       Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 pg. 322 Creed, Richard; England to Halifax 1819 (84:150). Picture is of 24 Abbey Street, Faversham, built in the mid/late 16th century, and the home of Richard and Sarah Creed.  Picture taken by Arthur Percival in 1993.

       As written by Edwin W. Creed in 1931:


       Descendants of Richard Creed

       by Edwin W. Creed

       Richard Creed was born at Faversham, Kent County, England, on December twenty-first, seventeen seventy-seven.  Who his father or mother were, so far as I can learn, is not known by any of the family now living.  He married Sarah Dean, who was born at Sittingbourn, England, on January twenty-third, seventeen seventy-nine.

       From 1805 to 1820 he held the position of Overseer of Works, Royal Engineer Department.  He was then promoted to be Clerk of Works, at Halifax, Nova Scotia; and moved there with his family.  I have been told that he had a great deal to do with the work of developing the "Citadel" fortress at Halifax.  He was retired on pension in September 1843.  An old friend of the family, Mrs. James H. Crichton, (Jane Clark), has often spoken to me of my great-grandfather, Richard Creed.  He was a frequent visitor at her father's home; often at meal time, but he would not eat with them.  He would sit near her father and talk with him.  He had to use an ear trumpet, as he was very hard of hearing.  They were of the same religious faith, "Christadelphian" or its equivalent.

       Great-grandmother, Sarah Dean Creed died in Halifax on December 22,1850, aged 71 years.

       Richard Creed died August 24,1864, aged 87 years.  He is buried in the family lot in "Camp Hill Cemetery".  His tombstone, also that of John Andrew Wellner and Edwin Stearns is shown in the accompanying photograph (in album of Creed family).

       Richard Creed and Sarah Dean had three sons and seven daughters.  This history is concerned principally with the descendants of their oldest son, George John, who was born at Faversham, England on December 7,1803.  At the time his father left England for Halifax, he was very ill.  Upon his recovery, or some time later, on April 14,1822, he left London for Halifax arriving there June 1,1822.  I have a very anxious letter written by his father to Mr. Dean, his uncle in Sittingbourne, at the time of his illness.  It is dated Halifax, October 9, 1820.  He was a "Clerk" in the Civil Department of the Royal Engineers, with the rank of Lieutenant, from 1825 to 1861,  when he was retired on pension.  On September 25, 1826, he married Susan Wellner, the eldest daughter of John Andrew Wellner.  At one time grandfather Creed and family lived in a house on Barrington Street, nearly opposite the present City Hall.  Later they moved to "Poplar Grove" off Buckingham Street.  Here my father Edwin Stearns, passed through a long and very serious illness.  During his convalescence the family moved to "Faversham" farm in South Rawdon. This was in the fall of 1859.

       Some time in the year 1851 (Note by Ruth Davison: Passenger Ship Lists Mr. Creed from London to Halifax Pkt Barque Moro Castle - Voyage Notes: Newspaper date Oct 6 1851, Plate 318.c5 - must be when her returned from his trip). my Uncle George Creed went to England to visit the great Crystal Palace Exposition.  While there he visited the Town of Faversham, in the hope of learning more of the family genealogy, beyond great grandfather Richard Creed.  Apparently he was not successful or found that it was not to his liking to trace the family further.  No one else has succeeded in extending our knowledge of the early history of the family. It would be interesting to know  what Richard Creed's father and mother's names were and whether he had brothers and sisters.

       Some time after Uncle George returned from his visit to England, his grandfather John Andrew Wellner gave him "Faversham Farm" in South Rawdon, which he worked until his father and family moved up from Halifax.  He then acquired the neighboring farm, known to the family since as "Clifford".  This home will be remembered by everyone who ever visited there for the generous hospitality always found there.  This farm has been owned by some member of the branch of the family ever since.  At the present tome it is the home of Sophie and her son Hedley Lawson.  A portion of this farm was set aside as a family burial lot.  Here may be found the graves of grandfather George John Creed and grandmother Creed. George Creed and Elizabeth; their children, Sarah, James Levi, Obed Clifford, George Silas and Mary Louise; my father Edwin Stearns, my two brothers Maynard Ives and Wilfred Lawson; W. Henry Lawson and his infant son.

       The most outstanding event in the family history occurred on the 26th of September 1876; the celebration of the "Golden Wedding" anniversary of grandfather and grandmother Creed.  Invitations were sent to all their relatives.  Their sons George, Edwin, Herbert, Roland, with their wives and children, were all present; also the daughter Sarah, her husband Robert Davison and three sons.  Many other relatives and friends came.

       A large military tent or Marquee was set up on the lawn in front of Faversham, and tables were put up in it.  The most wonderful banquet ever seen in that part of the country was served there.  In commemoration of this happy occasion a fund was raised, each member of the immediate family having a share.  A very handsome family Bible was purchased.  The clasp was of gold and had engraved on it "Presented to George John and Susan Creed by their children on the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage, September 26, 1876".  On the blank leaves of the Bible was written: "To our dear parents this commemorative gift is affectionately dedicated by

            George Creed                              Elizabeth Creed

            Sarah C. Davison                        Robert Davison

            Edwin S. Creed                            Sarah W. Creed

            Herbert C. Creed                        Jessie S. M. Creed

            Roland H. Creed                       Mary W. Creed

       The presentation took place some time after the anniversary, at the home of my father in Mill Valley.  As at the anniversary, all the sons, their wives and children were present; also the daughter, her husband and children.  The children were not present when the "Bible" was presented, but were in another room, in the charge of our cousin Richard Creed, who was some years older than the rest of us.  It was anything but a pleasurable duty for him, due to a heated controversy between some of the cousins.  I believe that this was the last gathering of all the members of the family at which grandfather was present.  I have among my treasures an account of this occasion, also of the anniversary celebration in grandfather's own handwriting, for my father.

       On September 17, 1877, grandfather Creed died, at the age of 74.  At the time and for some time afterwards, the writer was seriously ill, in fact not expected to live.  I have been told that grandfather's funeral was the largest ever witnessed in that part of the country.  He was a very zealous member of the Baptist Church and an enthusiastic "Son of Temperance", a member of Rechab Division in South Rawdon.  I am not positive of this, but have the impression that at one time he was "Grand Worthy Patriarch" of the Grand Division, Sons of Temperance of Nova Scotia.  Everyone who knew him, loved and respected him.  Grandmother Creed survived grandfather some thirteen years, living for longer or shorter periods with the families of her children.  She died August 19, 1890 at the home of her daughter Sarah Davison, aged 86 years.  I remember her as a very gentle, lovable old lady.

       For some years after Grandfathe'rs death, Faversham continued to be the home of his son Roland Hill Creed.  In 1894 Uncle Roland bought the property in Ashdale, formerly owned by Thomas Dimock, and Faversham, for a few years, was occupied by Richard Creed.  Then he and his family went to Alberta and Faversham passed out of the family.  George and Elizabeth Dimock Creed had twelve children, six boys and six girls.

       Susan married Thomas Knowles.  She had two children, Gertrude who is now Mrs. Arthur Lebosierre; and Maynard.  At the time of Susan's death, her family was living in Massachusetts.  Gertrude and Maynard are now living in Lynn, Massachusetts.

       Hedley, who had been living in California for some years, came home in the fall of 1866 for a few months visit, returning afterwards to California.  I remember him as being very popular.  He had considerable musical talent and was an expert with a rifle.  On June 9, 1894, he married Mary A Manley.  They had three children, Elizabeth, John Hedley Jr. and Henry.  The later years of his life, Hedley was Forest Warden, or Deputy Sheriff in the Giant Redwoods Forest of California.  He died March 15, 1925.  His wife married again to a Mr. Doherty.

       Cousin Bessie married Cyrus Weldon of Maitland.  They had six children, two boys and four girls.  Bessie died February 21, 1926.

       Richard, after living in Alberta, returned to the old homestead and is now living with Sophie.  His wife Fannie Taylor, died out in Alberta, as did also his sons George and Gordon.  The daughter Mildred and son Leslie are still living in Alberta.  Mildred married Charles Stearns.

       Cousin Edith married James Mason and is living at Sackville, Halifax County, N.S.

       Sophie married W. Henry Lawson.  As I have already mentioned, she is now living on the "Clifford" homestead with her son.  I feel that as a family we are very much indebted to Sophie for her thoughtful care of the burial lot.

       Cousin Robert married Ella Wood, November 5, 1898, and for some years worked the "Clifford" farm.  Then he moved to Woburn, Mass.,  where he followed the trade of carpenter, until 1930 when he went back to Nova Scotia and built himself a house near Mount Uniacke station.

       Uncle George Creed in his lifetime was engaged in a number of different enterprises.  He will probably be remembered by more people as an organizing Deputy of Granges, Patrons of Husbandry.  He traveled extensively in the Maritime Provinces and I believe to some extent in the Province of Quebec.  I have no information as to how many granges he organized but know that he was very successful.  In the years 1927 and 1928, I was Lecturer of the Metropolitan Pomona Grange of Massachusetts, which has a membership of about 1000, drawn from twelve subordinate granges.  At one of our meetings, an elderly lady came to me and said, "When I was a small girl in Nova Scotia, an old man with a white beard used to visit the grange in our village.  His name was Creed.  I have often wondered if you were related to him".

       My father Edwin Stearns Creed, some time after his recovery from his serious illness in 1859, went to New York and studied for a Doctor at Dr. Tralls Hegio-Therapeutic College, graduating March 29,1865.  For a time he practised in Cornwallis, N.S.  He was married June 11, 1867 to Sarah Wellner of Fredericton, N.B.  They began housekeeping in Hantsport, N.S., where for a time he practised his profession.  Before he had been married a year, he purchased some property at Ashdale from James Fish.  Here I was born, also my sister Jessie and brother Harry.

       Probably in the year 1873, the Ashdale property was sold, and the "Poplars Farm" was bought from Josiah Parker.  At this home, brothers Thomas E., James H. and Wilfred L, also sisters F. Josephine and Mary E. were born.  Some time between 1874 and 1876, our family moved to a house in the Valley.  Here was born Maynard, who only lived about two weeks.  In this house also was born brother George John.

       I have already referred to the gathering on the family for the presentation of the "Golden Wedding" Bible, being held at this house.  Again in 1878 I think the family moved back to the "Poplars".

       Nothing of special interest to the other branches of the family occurred between this time and the fall of 1889.  Then the "Poplars" was sold to John Parker, and our family moved to Halifax.  For a time, we lived in a house on Barrington Street owned by the estate of John Andrew Wellner.  The family lived in two other houses in Halifax.  In the summer of 1892, sister Jessie, who had been in Massachusetts for several years, came home for a visit.  She was very enthusiastic about the opportunities for employment in that country.  She succeeded in persuading Harry to go there with her when she returned September 6th.  On November 12th, father and James left Halifax for Boston, leaving me with mother, John, Josie and Mary to provide for.  I had been working several years in the Electric Light Department of the Halifax Gas company and continued with them till February 9, 1893.  After trying for some weeks to get other work, it was decided that the best thing to do was to join the others of the family in Boston.  We packed up our belongings that we wanted to take with us and sold or otherwise disposed of the remainder.  I left Halifax for Boston on February 25th by way of Saint John, all rail, arriving there the evening of the 27th.  I found the other members of the family in an apartment at 577 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge. Mother, John and the little girls left Halifax March 1st via D.A.RY. and Yarmouth boat, arriving in Boston before noon March 2nd.  The family lived in the Putnam Avenue house until October 9,1893.

       I had to leave them shortly after I got work at the East Cambridge Power Station, as it was too far to walk to and from work.  The family moved from the Putnam Avenue house to an apartment house on Windsor Street, near Hamshire Street, Cambridge, where they stayed about a year.  Early in the summer 1895, they moved to a house at 201 Washington Street, Dorchester.  At the time I was working in Newport, Rhode Island.

       I came home early in July and went to work again for the old West End St. Ry.  The latter part of October 1895, I was taken sick and went through a long and very serious illness, lasting twenty two weeks.  During that time father was taken sick the day before Christmas and died December 27th.  He was taken to South Rawdon, N.S. for burial.  The family had very little thought then that they would permanently settle in the United States.  On March 18,1897, Annie McKenzie and the writer were married in above mentioned house in Dorchester and went to live in Allston, Massachusetts.

       That was the beginning of splitting up of the family.  Within a few years each one of the boys married and set up homes of their own, also Josie. Jessie and Mary still remain in single blessedness.  Until the present time 1931, all have been within easy distance of one another and if necessary could get together on two hours notice.

       Mother, Jessie and Mary, for one reason or another moved a number of times, finally coming to South Braintree, where I had been living for some years.  Here they lived first on Hancock Street, later moving to 1070 Washington Street within a few houses of where I lived.  Hardly a day passed that I did not spend some time with mother.  She was I know, very happy to have me so near her and I think we took more satisfaction out of being together than any other time in our lives.

       Mother was taken sick on the 20th of September, 1928.  On the morning of the 22nd, I spent some time with her.  She seemed bright and hopeful of recovery.  The doctor had been in to see her and thought that she was getting better.  I left her to visit my son Maynard, who was living in Allson, about an hour's journey.  Before I got there, Jessie had called up, leaving word for me to call her when I arrived.  She informed me that mother had passed away without any warning, while Jessie was in another room.  Some members of the family thought that she should have been taken to Rawdon and buried beside father. A very natural thought.  On different occasions mother had expressed herself as not wishing to be buried in Rawdon and as desiring to be laid in a little cemetery almost in sight of her last home.  As her children were a unit favor of that idea, it was so decided.  Although she had only resided a few years in our town, mother had a large circle of friends.  Her funeral was very largely attended and there was a very wonderful display of flowers.

       Herbert C. Creed was at one time a teacher in the High School in Sydney, Cape Breton.  While on a visit to Toronto, Ont., a few years ago, I had an experience which shows what a small place this world is.  I was sent to a private family to get a night's lodging.  After engaging a room, the lady of the house, quite and elderly person, asked me if I had not been there before, she said that I seemed very familiar to her.  On giving her my card, she said, "Why I used to know a man by the name of Creed when I was a young girl at home in Sydney, Cape Breton.  He was a teacher in the High School or Academy.  I told her that he was my uncle.

       I have very little knowledge of the early family history of Uncle Herbert.  My earliest recollection of them was of their living in Fredericton, N.B. and every year or two, visiting the relatives in Newport and Rawdon.  In the spring and summer of 1888, I was a frequent visitor at their home on St. John Street, while I was attending the Royal Military School.  I will never forget the first evening that I called there.  They were not expecting me and were very greatly surprised and pleased.  I was made to feel at home and one of the family.  Uncle was a Professor in the Provincial Normal School in Fredericton. He was very prominently identified with the Baptist Church in Fredericton and in the Provincial Baptist Convention.  Uncle Herbert was a member of about every non-sectarian, non-political secret society in Fredericton; notably in the Masons, Oddfellows, and the Independent Order of Foresters.  At one time he was Supreme Vice-Chief Ranger, of the Supreme Court of Canada of the last named order.  I had the pleasure of conducting him through the degrees of the grange at Ashdale, N.S.  I was much pleased to know that he considered those ceremonies compared very favorably with those of any other order of which he was a member.

       Harry Dean Creed after his marriage lived in St. John for a few years, then he mover to Saskatoon, Sask.  He is now living in Prince Albert, Sask.

       Frank S. Creed has for some years lived in Sussex, N.B.  His children are all married, living in Ontario.

       Clifford S. Creed always lived in Fredericton and died there January 6,1929.

       Vega L. Creed was a sweet, lovable girl and her death a very great grief to all who knew her.

       I think probably every one of the family has fond memories of the old home of Aunt Sarah and Uncle Robert Davison.  Their sons George, Walter, Leander and Charles were grown to manhood when Uncle Robert purchased the neighboring farm of James Stevens and moved there.  In 1902 or 1903 George and his family moved to Alberta.  He is now living at Toplands, Alberta.  About the same time Leander also went to Alberta.  For several years George, Leander and Cousin Richard Creed, owned adjoining sections.

       Leander married Edith Watson in 1910. Whether before this or later, he moved to British Columbia.  Both his wife and he died there within a year of one another, 1924 and 1925.  I have not been able to get much information about Leander and his family.

       Walter got the old Homestead and Charles the Stevens Farm.  Walter died December 16,1929.  His family still occupy the old Homestead.  In May 1930, Charles bought the property formerly owned by Uncle Roland, also the adjoining farm of Francis Dimock and moved into the former house.  He sold the Stevens Farm, or part of it.

       Roland Hill Creed married Mary Phalen April 19, 1870.  For some years he conducted the Faversham Farm.  At Grandfather Creed's death possibly before he succeeded to the title of the property.

       They never had any children, but adopted and brought up a boy they named Howard.  In 1892 Uncle Roland and Mary left Rawdon, and went to Massachusetts, where for about two years he was employed as a farm manager.

       In my diary for 1894, I find an entry that on June 1st., I visited Aunt Mary at her brother's home, in Norwood.  She had been very seriously ill.  Not long after that she and Uncle Roland returned to Rawdon.  On August 6th. the same year, I was on a vacation visit to Rawdon and saw Uncle Roland and Aunt Mary at her father's home.  I did not visit Nova Scotia again until September 1897.  In the meantime Uncle Roland had purchased the property at Ashdale, formerly owned by Thomas Dimock.

       On March 18, 1898, Aunt Mary passed away.  Her sister Hattie was living with her at the time and stayed there afterwards as housekeeper for Uncle Roland.  On April 18, 1901, Uncle Roland and Hattie Phalen were married.  I visited them in September 1911.  Uncle was then very much crippled with rheumatism.  He carried on a small General Store business and had the Upper Newport Post Office.

       Aunt Hattie died July 7th., 1927 and Uncle Roland on October 29th of the same year.  Before his death Uncle deeded his property to Frank McQuarrie.

       Many things that would have been of much interest and value to members of the Creed family were sold at auction.  Uncle Roland was a devout member of the Baptist Church and a very enthusiastic "Son of Temperance".

       Much more might have been written about the different branches of the family, that no doubt would be of interest, had I possessed the necessary information.  At least one member of the family who was in a position to assist me in that way has neglected to do so.

       It is my present intention to keep the register of births, marriages and deaths, up to date, providing the families keep me posted on the same.

       As stated in the beginning of this brief History, very little information as to the origins of the family has been passed on to the descendants of Richard Creed.  The earliest mention of the name that I have found, was in the Diary of Samuel Peppys sic (Pepys), Secretary to the Admiralty, in the reign of Charles 2nd and James 2nd, of England.  One the date of April 19,1660, he mentioned Major Richard Creed, who commanded a troup under Lambert, when that General surrendered to Ingoldsby.  A Mr. John Creed's name appears quite frequently in this Diary covering the five years from 1660 to 1665.  He was a man of considerable importance in government affairs.  Several members of our family have a sketch of the "Coat of Arms" granted to a Sir James Creed, Knight of St. Duston, in the East London and Battersea Surry, A.D. 1725.

       Whether our ancestors belonged to the Nobility, or were only commoners is of little consequence at the present time.  It may well be said of those of our Ancestors who are the subjects of this History that they were "Natures Noblemen", men of high character, integrity and intelligence.

       I have been intimately acquainted with three generations.  They were all total abstainers from intoxicating liquors and what is perhaps more notable, I do not know of but one Creed descendant of grandfather Creed, to the third generation, who is a tobacco user.  I have never heard a  whisper of scandal about any member of the family.

       The Telephone Directory for Boston and vicinity lists some 260,000 persons; of the number only twenty-three are Creeds, five are members of my own family.  From this it will be seen that our name is far from common.

       I have had some knowledge of, or personal acquaintance with eight families of Creeds, no two of which were related, so far as I could learn.  In 1894, I made the acquaintance of a Mr. Charles Creed, living in Cambridge, Mass.  I saw the name in our city directory and thought perhaps it was Cousin Charles Creed, of Halifax.  I called at his place of business only to find that he was a stranger.  We soon became very well acquainted.  In appearance and manner he resembled the older members of our family.  I regretted to find that he knew very little of his own family, beyond his father.  The family were natives of one of the South Shore towns of Massachusetts.  I remember of his speaking of having a brother but do not remember now the names of either his father or brother.  This family were evidently of English origin.

       When I came to Braintree to live in 1914, I found that a Mr. George Creed's family was living in the town.  He had died a year or two before.  I have met his wife, who I would say was about 70 years old.  On account of her being deaf and very difficult to talk with I have never tried to get better acquainted with her.  Mr. Creed was a market gardener.  He was highly esteemed by all who knew him.

       A few years ago, while on a visit to New York City, I was calling on a friend, the Editor of an engineering magazine.  After greeting me he turned to the young lady who was his Secretary and said "Miss Creed, allow me to introduce Mr. Creed from Braintree, Mass."  After a few minutes conversation with her, I found that she knew very little of her family history.

       For many years there has been a large family of Creeds living in South Boston, Mass.  The father was a Judge in one of our Massachusetts Courts.  I have been told that he was very much interested in the family genealogy and well informed on the same.  It had been my intention to make his acquaintance.  However, I put off doing so too long, as he passed away a year ago.  This family was of Irish descent and Catholic.


       On March 12, 1931, Jane Haley passed away at the age of 82. There is now no one of her generation, either of the Creed or Wellner families living.

       In the History of the Creed family, Mrs. Jane Crichton is mentioned as having known Great Grandfather Richard Creed.  She now claims to have known or at least seen six generations of the Creed Family.  This is a remarkable experience; to have seen six generations of any family.

       While looking through some old papers, I came across and undated newspaper clipping to this effect:- The estate of John A. Wellner was valued at $16,482, consisting chiefly of mortgages to the value of $16,250 and the balance remaining for distribution was $5,736.80.  Legacies had been paid as follows:- Heirs of Susan Creed; H.C. Creed; R.H. Creed; Sarah Davison, and the estate of E.S. Creed, $932.62 each. Assignees of Susan Shore, Jane Haley and James Wellner $274.30 each.  The amount of $4,388.80 was set apart for Mary Woodworth's life interest.

       Many of the family would be interested to know that I have Great Grandfather John A. Wellner's clock, which like Grandfathers Clock in the old song,

       "---------------------------was too large for the shelf

       So it stood ninety years on the floor

       It was taller by far than the old man himself

       Though it weighed not a penny weight more."

       Unlike the clock in the song which  'stopped short never to go again, when the old man died".  My clock keeps excellent time, though it must be 125 years old.  I have been told that Granmother Creed had this clock for some years, but that no one seemed able to get it to run, until my father tried his hand at it and was successful.  He was given the clock.  The day I was twenty-one, the clock was presented to me, but with the reservation that it was to remain in the home until such time as father or mother thought best for me to have it.  The works are of brass and are heavy enough to make several modern clocks.

       I regretted very much that at the time Uncle Roland's effects were auctioned off, some 'rush' seated, ladder back chairs that originally belonged to Grandfather Creed, were allowed to pass out of the family.  They are now owned by Charles McKenzie of Falmouth, N.S.

       Edwin W. Creed


       He married Sarah Dean #2515, ABT    1802, b. 23 Jun 1779, Sittingbourn, Kent Co., England, d. 22 Dec 1850, Halifax, NS, Canada,[2] buried: Camp Hill Cem, Halifax, NS.


            15.     i       George John Creed #2534 b. 7 Dec 1803.

                      ii     Sarah Creed #2536, b. 10 Apr 1805, Faversham, Kent Co, England, baptized 14 May 1805, Partridge Lane Parish, Faversham, d. 12 Feb 1837, NS.  Christening record LDS 1992 card 0786 page 7059 Kent County.  Christened by John Mather (parish record on file).   Marriage record in RELIGIOUS MARRIAGES IN HALIFAX, 1768-1841, FROM ORGINAL SOURCES by Terrence M. Punch.

                             She married William H. S. Neal #2552, 22 Jan 1825, in Halifax, NS by Rev. Mr. Willis,[3] occupation Cooper.

                     iii       Harriette Creed #2537, b. 30 Dec 1806, Faversham, Kent Co, England, d. 28 Jun 1900, NS.  Unmarried; her obit. appeared in the Hants Journal of 18 July 1900, pg. 1 which gave a summary of the Creed family founded by Richard Creed, arrived at Halifax, NS on a government transport after a passage of 72 days from London - Richard arrived with his wife and sons Samuel, Charles and daughters Sarah, Harriott, Mary and Eliza, infant daughter who died at sea during the passage; Harriette Creed was living at the home of her brother Dr. C.M. Creed, 104 Pleasent Street., Halifax, NS - 1900. Shown in the 1871 census living in the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Eliza & Jonathan McCully, age 60,  born England, Church of England as well as Mary Creed 23 years old born in NS.

                     iv       Eliza Creed #2538, b. 7 Aug 1807, Faversham, Kent Co, England, d. 15 Dec 1807, Kent Co., England.

            16.     v       Samuel Creed #2539 b. 24 Oct 1809.

                     vi       Mary Creed #2540, b. 15 Apr 1813, Faversham, Kent Co, England, d. 11 May 1901.  In June 1900 she was living at the home of John R. Creed at Halifax, NS.

                             She married Richard Payne #2554, occupation Rev.  Richard: Of Blandford, Lun. Co., NS.

            17.       vii       Charles Major Creed #2541 b. 2 May 1815.

            18.       viii       Eliza 2nd Creed #2542 b. 9 Jun 1818.

                     ix       Elizabeth Creed #2543, b. 27 Jan 1820, Faversham, Kent Co, England, d. 1820, at sea.  Died at sea on passage to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Sixth Generation


14.  George Foster Creed #29947, (12.James5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 18 May 1808, St. Mary's Melcombe Regis (Weymouth), England, occupation Master Shoemaker, d. 23 Nov 1865, Union Workhouse, Ore.  George was a founding member of the Victoria Lodge of Oddfellows, Hastings.  Lived 11 West Street, then moved to Longfields, now St. Mary's Terrace.

       He married (1) Eliza Wood #29949, 13 Feb 1828, in Church in Wood, Hollington, England, b. Hastings, England, d. 16 Aug 1865, Highgate, Hawkhurst, Kent, Englaand, buried: 20 Aug 1865, St. Lawrence, Hawkhurst, Kent.  Eliza: All her children attended her funeral.  Her father was a rope maker.  Apparently built his own house.  Her grave was destroyed by a doodlebug 1944.


            19.     i       William Henry Robinson Creed #29952 b. 21 Jan 1829.

                      ii     George Foster Creed #29954, b. 10 Jun 1830, d. 1880.

                             He married Hannah Elizabeth Kent #29955, 18 Jan 1856, in St. Clements, Hastings.  Hannah: Father a ship builder.

                     iii       Hannah Wood Creed #29956, b. 27 Apr 1832.

                     iv       Eliza Creed #29957, b. 2 Oct 1833, d. 23 Nov 1838.

                      v       Francis Creed #29958, b. 3 Dec 1835.

                             She married George Stapely #29959, abt 1861.

                     vi       Richard Creed #29960, b. 5 Jul 1837.  Richard lived with his wife Ellen at 37 St. Ands Road, Hastings, 1881, living 74 St. Mary's Terrace, 1901, age 63, wife age 65.

                             He married Ellen _____ #29961, abt 1856.

                     vii       Victoria Creed #29962, b. 25 Aug 1840, d. 30 Jan 1841, Hastings.  Possibly known as Ally.

                     viii       Rosina Creed #29963, b. 9 Oct 1840, d. 13 Dec 1844, Hastings.

                     ix       Harriett Creed #29964, b. abt 1844.

                             She married Robert Wilson #29965, 13 Dec 1869, in St. Mary in the Castle.

                      x       Louisa Creed #29966, b. abt 1844.

                     xi       Charles Frederick Creed #29967, b. 17 Sep 1846.  174 London Road, Tonbridge, KT Master boot and shoemaker.

                             He married Fanny _____ #29968.

                     xii       Elizabeth Creed #29969, b. abt 1849.  Possible burial 2 Dec 1871.

                     xiii       Thomas Walter Creed #29970, b. abt 1849.

                             He married Emily Twort #29971, 20 Dec 1875, in Holy Trinity.

                     xiv       Alice Anne Creed #29972, b. 13 Jan 1850, Hastings.

       He married (2) Harriet Gallop #29950, 30 Nov 1868, d. 31 May 1869, 10 Union Row.  Harriet: Daughter of William Gallop.  Hanna was a widow - married name Davis.

       He married (3) Eliza Pattenden #29951, 30 Nov 1869, in St. Mary Magdalen.  Eliza: Daughter of Henry Pattenden.

15.  George John Creed #2534, (13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 7 Dec 1803, Faversham, Kent Co, England, baptized 8 Jan 1804, Partaridge Lane Parish, Faversham, occupation Royal Engineers, d. 17 Sep 1877, South Rawdon, NS, Canada, buried: South Rawdon, NS, Clifford Farm Ce.  (1: Came to Nova Scotia 14 April, 1822)

       (2: Clerk in Civil Dept. Royal Engineers)

       (3: Lieut. 1825 to 1861)

       (4: Christening Record LDS Kent Co. 1992 Card 0786 page 7055.

       Christened by John Harm (parish record on file).

       Film # 1376197 US/CAN MARRIAGE BONDS lists George John Creed of Halifax, clerk in the Engineering Dept. (Army), bachelor, and Susan Wellner, spinster.  (George J. Creed and John Wellner of Halifax).  Salt Lake City March 1994.

       Copy of will on file.

       The 1871 Census of Hants Co. shows Roland and his wife Mary living in dwelling number 23 with his parents George and Susan.

       He married Hannah "Susan" Wellner #2535, 26 Sep 1826, in Halifax, NS, Canada St. Paul's by Rector,[4] b. 8 Nov 1804, NS, Canada, (daughter of John Andrew Wellner #3301 and Ann Williams #3302) d. 19 Aug 1890, buried: South Rawdon, NS, Clifford Farm Cemetery.  Hannah: Died at the home of her daughter, Sarah Davison.  Of German descent.  Susan is listed as a widow in the home of her son George in the 1881 Census, household # 26.


                      i       John Richard Creed #2544, b. 28 Jul 1827, NS, Canada, d. 11 Apr 1834, NS, Canada.

            20.     ii     George Creed #2545 b. 27 May 1829.

                     iii       James Creed #2546, b. 24 Nov 1831, NS, Canada, d. 4 Jul 1833, NS, Canada 1 yr. 7 mo.

                     iv       Ann Creed #2547, b. 29 Oct 1833, NS, Canada, d. 30 Mar 1834, NS, Canada.

            21.     v       Sarah C. Creed #1473 b. 5 Apr 1835.

            22.       vi       Edwin Stearns Creed #2548 b. 30 Jan 1838.

                     vii       Dean Creed #2549, b. 16 Jan 1841, Halifax, NS, d. 9 Apr 1842, Halifax, NS.[5]

            23.       viii       Herbert Clifford  Creed #2550 b. 13 Aug 1843.

            24.       ix       Roland Hill Creed #2551 b. 4 Jan 1848.

16.  Samuel Creed #2539, (13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 24 Oct 1809, Faversham, Kent Co, England, occupation Cabinet Maker/City Libarian, Halifax, d. 9 Dec 1893, Halifax, NS.  The obit. of 18 July 1900 reported that he was in business in Halifax and Newfoundland; when he returned he was City Libarian at Halifax for 30 years. Marriage Bond - 11 Oct 1831 Samuel Creed of Halifax, cabinetmaker, bachelor & Sophia Major, spinster (Frederich J. Major, yeoman, of Halifax also signed bond.)

       Halifax Herald - Monday December 11, 1893 - Page 1

       At Halifax, December 9th. in the 84th year of his age, Samuel Creed, a native of Faversham, England.  Funeral at 2:30 to-morrow, (Tuesday) afternoon, from his late residence, 5 Dundonald street.

       Halifax Herald - Monday 11 December, 1893 -  Page 8

       Death of Samuel Creed

       The death occured on Saturday afternoon of one of the best known men in Halifax -Samuel Creed- in the 84th year of his age.  He had been ill for some weeks and death was not unexpected.  Mr. Creed was a native of Faversham, Kent county, England, and came to this country with his father when he was ten years old.  Mr. Creed's father was Clerk of Works in the lumber yard.  Samuel Creed went to Newfoundland when he was 24 years of age, where he worked as a cabinet maker.  Twenty one years later - 1854 - he returned to Halifax, and for three years he was bookkeeper with the late Joseph Jennings.  Then he obtained a position on the Nova Scotia railway, where he was "surveyor of wood" for use on the railway.  In 1865 he was appointed librarian of the old Halifax library, and when the city obtained control of it he continued librarian of the "Citizens' library", a position he held till within a couple of years ago.  Mr. Creed was twice married, his second wife being a daughter of the late Dr. Hoffman, of this city.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from his late residence, 4 Dundonald Street.  C.M. Creed, secretary of the board of trade, is a son of the deceased.  He arrived on the steamer Halifax last evening from Boston.

       Hosehold Record, 1881 Canadian Census, Ward No. 6, Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Household Number 80.  Family History Library Film 1375804.

       He married Sophia Major #2553, 13 Oct 1831, in Cow Bay, Halifax, NS By Rev. M.B. DesBrisay, b. 1807, NS, d. 16 Aug 1884, Halifax, NS.  Sophia: 4th daughter of Fredrick Major, Esq. Shown in 1871 Census as 62 years old.


            25.     i       Charles M. Creed #22094 b. 1 Jul 1832.

            26.     ii     John Richard Creed #25109 b. 4 Mar 1836.

17.  Charles Major Creed #2541, (13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 2 May 1815, Faversham, Kent Co, England, occupation Medical Doctor, d. Mar 1896.  Medical Doctor at Pugwash, NS; in later life he lived at 104 Pleasant St., Halifax, NS.     US/CDN Film # 1376197 Marriage Bonds - __ July 1861 Charles Creed of Pugwash, Cumberland Co. NS surgeon, widower, and Maria Louisa deWolf of same place, spinster (John Edward deWolf of Pugwash, merchant, also signed bond). Settled at Tatamagouche about 1840, but moved later to Pugwash. WFT - living in Pugwash in 1871.

       He married (1) Margaret (Noonan) MacDonald #2555, 4 Oct 1841, in Antigonish, NS.[6]  Margaret: Daughter of Alexander MacDonald, M.D. born Armdale, Skye in 1782, came to Charlottetown, P.E.I. as the ship's doctor.  He settled in Antigonish about 1810 and married Charototte Harrington in 1812. Their children: Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. James Wilke), Charlotte (Mrs. John Geddie), Dr. Archibald MacD., Margaret (Mrs. Dr. Creed), Sophia (Mrs. William Henry), Henriette (Mrs. Edward Pineo), Daniel MacD Q.c., and Dr. William MacDonald.


                      i       Mary H. Creed #12865.

                             She married Frank Friend #12866, 20 Apr 1876, in Liverpool, NS by Rev. Dr. Nicholas, b. of Kidderminster, Eng.

            27.     ii     Henrietta McDonald Creed #12869 b. 1855.

                     iii       Helen Creed #12870, b. 1856, Pugwash, NS.  Married at age 23 yrs.

                             She married Edward Charles Black #12873, 16 Dec 1879, in Cumberland Co., NS, b. abt 1858, PEI. Edward: Son of Jesse & Sarah Black.  Married at age 21 yrs.

                     iv       Amelia Ann Creed #12871.  Married at age 18 yrs.

                             Canadian Census 1881 On-Line: Living in Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick.  Also in home is Elizabeth Wallum, married, English, age 23, born NB.

                             She married Andrew William Weldon #12874, 14 Nov 1868, in Cumberland Co., NS, b. Dorchester, Westmorland Co., NS, occupation Tanner.  Andrew: Son of John & Sarah Ann Weldon.  Married at age 23 yrs.

       He married (2) Katherine E. Ernest #12903, 9 Aug 1859.  Katherine: 9 Aug 1859 Charles Major Creed of Halifax, accountant & Katherine E. Ernest, spinster (Francis Stevens of Halifax, gentelman, also signed Bond).

18.  Eliza 2nd Creed #2542, (13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 9 Jun 1818, Faversham, Kent Co, England, d. 9 May 1874, Brunswick Place, Halifax, NS, buried: Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, NS.

       She married Jonathan Judge McCully #2556, 27 Oct 1842, in Amherst, NS, Canada,[7] b. 25 Jul 1809, Nappan, Cumberland Co, NS, (son of Samuel Rev. McCully #3303 and Esther Pipes #3304) occupation Barrister, d. 2 Jan 1877, Halifax, NS, buried: Camp Hill Cem.  Jonathan: One of Canada's Fathers of Confederation; owned a newspaper in Halifax that often featured pro-confederation editorials.  He was one of the first senators of the Dominion of Canada.

       Hon. Jonathan McCully was born July 25, 1809 in Nappan, Cumberland County.  He travelled to Amherst to obtain his education and eventually became a school teacher.  In 1830, McCully began his law studies with Amherst lawyer, James S. Morse.  He was admitted attorney in 1836 and became a barrister a year later.  He entered politics in 1836, winning a  seat in the Legislative Council in 1848.  He was appointed as solicitor general and was appointed a delegate to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864.  McCully was called to the Senate by Royal Proclamation and appears on the list of the first senators of the Dominion of Canada in Queen Victoria's Confederation Proclamation in May, 1867.   In 1870, he came a Nova Scotia supreme court judge.  He died January 2, 1877 in Halifax.


                      i       Clarence Watts McCully #9036, b. 1843, Amherst, NS, occupation Anglican clergyman/Lawyer, d. 25 Aug 1908, Montreal, Ouebec, buried: Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, NS.

                             He married Agnes Adelaide Cleveland #31100, 7 Nov 1876, in Bayswater, Lunenburg Co., NS.

            28.     ii     Agnes C McCully #9037.

                     iii       Sarah Dean McCully #9038, b. 1846, d. 10 Feb 1847, Amherst, NS (infant), buried: 5 mos old.

                     iv       Celeste Marie McCully #9035, b. abt 1859, NS, d. 18 Feb 1894, Baltimore, MD.[8]  Shown in the 1871 census as 12 yrs. old, born in NS.

                             She married William A. James #9039, 14 Nov 1877, in Amherst, NS, b. of Halifax, occupation Col.


Seventh Generation


19.  William Henry Robinson Creed #29952, (14.George6, 12.James5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 21 Jan 1829, Hastings, occupation Shoemaker, d. 19 Nov 1880, 13 St. Mary's Terrace, Hastings.  Lodger at 64 All Saints Street in 1851.

       He married Eliza Edwards #29953, 14 Mar 1853, in St. Mary's in Castle by Banns, b. abt 1832, Hastings.  Eliza: Age given at marriage, 21, spinster. Living 13 St. Mary Terrace 1881, Widow.


                      i       Eliza Creed #29980, b. 1853.

            29.     ii     William Edward Creed #29973 b. 1855.

            30.       iii       Francis Creed #30053 b. 1857.

                     iv       Emma Margaret Creed #30061, b. 1860.

            31.     v       Charles Frederick Creed #30062 b. 1862.

                     vi       Edward Creed #30063, b. 1865.

                     vii       Frederick Creed #30064, b. 1866.

                     viii       Albert Creed #30065, b. 1868.

20.  George Creed #2545, (15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 27 May 1829, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, occupation Farmer/Storekeeper/Postmaster, d. 1 Feb 1899, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS.  "for love and affection ... to my grandson George Creed ... for one shilling" - this land was bounded by lands of James Wellner, Francis Parker, John McLellan and John Laws Jr. and 140 acres now in possession of "Mary Williams, widow, my tenants"; (HRCeg.Bk 33/64) the Creed family burial ground is located near the western boundary of Leslie Haley's farm on the west side of the main road at the top of Creed Hill where 18 of the family are buried.

       Married by Rev. J. Bancroft.

       From 'The Hants Journal's Births, Marriages and Deaths - 1898-1903 Vol. One

       US/CAN 971.635 V2b v1  Compiled by Shirley C.L. Benoit

       CREED - South Rawdon, Feb. 1st, 1899, Mr. George Creed, aged 80 yrs., he leaves sons - Robert, Richard, Hedley and daus. - Bessie, Sophie (Mrs. Henry Lawson), and Edith (Mrs. James Mason).  His wife passed away over a year ago.  Mr. Creed was the s/o the late George Creed of Halifax, who died in South Rawdon many years ago.

       George was Postmaster at South Rawdon from 1870 to 6 July 1892 when he resigned. Note from Enid Colborne: There were no postage cancellation stamps, so he carved them from pieces of wood, and they were used for many years on letters mailed from South Rawdon.  He was very interested in Nova Scotia's Native Indians and could speak their language.

       The 1871 Census shows George and Elizabeth living in South Rawdon, dwelling # 22, with their children Edith 11, Elizabeth 13, George 1, John 14, Mary Louise 3/12, Obed 3, Richard 8, Sophia 6 and Susan 15.

       Passenger Ship List - Mr. Creed - 1851 - from London to Halifax, Pkt Bargue Moro Castle - Voyage Notes: Newspaper date: Oct 6, 1851, Plate 318.c5.  This must be when George Creed returned from a visit to England to visit the great Crystal Palace Exposition, Faversham, and tried to find more information on the family genealogy.


         "George Creed with Col. Garrick Mallery Arrived at Kejimikujik Lake Sept. 21,1887.  George Creed had seen petrographs in 1881 at a small circular almost enclosed port known as Fairy Bay.  The next year G. Creed and family camped at the lake and recorded more than 300 additional petrographs."  part of a letter written by George Creed 19 Sept., 1888 "and I have the honor to be descended from one of those who landed with Cornwallis on 21st. June 1749"   - This must refer to Wellner -  (Halifax founded 1749).

       From Enid Colborne's writings.

       The Register, Thursday, September 25, 1902

       Old Time Records

       There has been placed on our table by Dr. S. M. Weeks, of Brooklyn, a copy of an Almanac for the year 1800. The old pamphlet is in good condition having been cared for by its original owner, George Creed, Esq., of H. M. Ordnance, and by those who have handled it subsequently.  It bears the imprint of John Howe, and was sold at his Printing Office in George Street, near the Parade, Halifax. There are thirty-two pages of matter, which contain the usual announcements of Legal Holidays, Directions to Farmers and Gardeners, Monthly Calendars, which are embellished with sonnets or stanzas applicable to the several months, Army and Navy Lists, Lists of Justices of the Peace and other matters of provincial interest.

       Mr. Creed has interleaved the almanac and made on the inserted pages several notes. He tells us that 30th Jan. there was "a severe frost and cold the whole day" and "the month ended with a very fine day and sunny thaw." On June 2nd he began to build again the Chimnies of R. M. A. Barracks but does not tell us what had happened to the originals. He notes on Sept. 4th the sailing of H. M. Ship Assistance with H. R. H., the Duke of Kent. His other memoranda are taken up with the forwarding by several ships of originals and duplicates of his monthly returns, many despatches for the Duke being sent by the ship Isabella on Dec. 30th.

       The fleet was under the command of George Vandeport, Esq., Admiral of the Blue, and was composed of the Asia, 64 guns; St. Albans, 54 guns; Cleopatra, 32 guns; Boston, 32 guns; Andromache, 32 guns; Hind, 28 guns; Porcupine, 24 guns; Pheasant, 16 guns; Termagant, 18 guns; Fly, 16 guns; Swan, 14 guns, and Lilly, 14 guns. The troops were under the command of H. R. H. the Duke of Kent, and consisted of Royal Artillery one Company, the 7th Regiment (Royal Fusiliers); 24th Regiment, 66th Regiment (Berkshire), and the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment.

       Dr. Weeks; grandfather was a member of the 7th Regiment. His name appears in the Almanac. Sir John Wentworth was Governor of the Province and commander of the Militia. He had as his council Honorables Sampson Salter Blowers - Chief Justice; Richard Bulkeley, Henry Newton, Alexander Brymes, Isaac Deschamps, Thomas Cochran, Charles Morris, John Haliburton, Henry Duncan, James Delaney, Benning Wentworth and James Brenton. The Hon. I. Deschamps was also Judge of Probate for Hants County.

       There are many family names now in the county which appear on the list of Justices of the Peace in 1800.  Jeremiah Northup, of Newport, whose descendants are still in that section; Constant Church whose name remains in Falmouth; John Chambers, also of Newport; Joshua Sanford, of Kennetcook - the name is now legion; in Windsor Benjamin DeWolfe, Andrew Shaw, Shubael Dimock,  William Smith, Isaac O'Brien, Nathaniel Rickards have still remaining many called by their several patronymics.

       A pocket sailed regularly between Windsor and Parrsboro twice every week, always from Parrsboro, every Monday in the summer season.  We learn "the passage money for each person is five shillings, and the freights for horses and neat cattle is seven shillings and six pence per head.  The vessel is forty two tons burthen, and hath good accommodation for passengers."  Think of it ye travellers of today who grumble at the comforts of first class coaches and the speed of A 1 steamships.

       To be delayed in these days for a few minutes is counted an imposition.  What would it be to be cooped up in the diminutive not over clean cabin of a forty ton hooker, smelling foully of bilgewater, becalmed over night in the Basin of Minas?  The writer of the present lines remembers just such an experience less than fifty years ago on the same route.

       The times we write of were days of the stage coach in its rather primitive form.  The distance between Halifax and Annapolis was divided and the division accentuated as follows: -

       >From Halifax to Fort Sackville,

       Maddocks's,  10 miles

       To Weoman's Farm  5 "

       " Springfield 2"

       " Eglington 3"

       " Pence's Farm 4 "

       " Morris's 5"

       " Montague House 6"

       " Margaret Place 2"

       " Windsor 6 "

       " The Ferry House, Falmouth 2"

       " Halfway Railway 5"

       " Bishop's Farm 7"

       " Fowler's 3"

       " Peck's 6 "

       " Inglis' Farm 41/2"

       " Marshall's Farm, Steadman's 5"

       " Aylesford Township Boundary 6"

       " Bowen's Farm, Buskirk's 6"

       " Clermont (the Bishop of Nova Scotia's Seat) 1"

       " Dodger's farm 71/2"

       "Leonard's Farm 101/2"

       "Hicks Ferry 6"

       " Annapolis Ferry 15"

       Total miles 133

       Few will now recognize the points named in this itinerary.  Windsor, Falmouth and Halfway River remain.  Aylesford Township boundary and Annapolis Ferry may be identified.  We can find Clermont.  Hick's Ferry may be remembered by some.  The farms may or may not continue to be known by the names of the then owners, but the whole country has undergone great changes in the century.  Places have changed in name and lands in ownership, so that a cyclist taking this old time document as a guide book would be muddled, discouraged and lost.  The names given and of "Houses of Entertainment on the Road."  We have in our possession sundry other old almanacs of various years, and may in the future refer to some of them.  The records will be interesting to many of our readers

       - Hants Journal.

       He married Elizabeth Dimock #2557, 22 Dec 1853, in South Rawdon, Newport, NS by Rev. J. Bancroft,[9] b. 31 Jul 1831, NS, (daughter of Levi Dimock #6717 and Susanna B. Parker #6718) d. 27 Sep 1897, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, buried: South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS.  Elizabeth: Age 39 in the 1871 Census for Hants County.


            32.     i       Susan Creed #2558 b. 13 Sep 1855.

            33.     ii     John Hedley Creed #2559 b. 2 Jan 1857.

            34.       iii       Elizabeth (Bessie) Creed #2560 b. 21 Mar 1858.

                     iv       Edith Creed #2561, b. 23 Aug 1859, Hants Co., NS, d. 27 May 1937, buried: United Baptist Cemetery, Lower Sackville, Halifax Co., NS.  Living in Sackville, Halifax Co., NS in 1931. 11 years of age in the 1871 census.

                             On the headstone is also a baby.

                             She married James A Mason #2592, 13 Oct 1898, b. 25 Jan 1855, d. 19??, buried: United Baptist Cemetery, Lower Sackville, Halifax Co., NS.

                      v       Sarah Creed #2562, b. 8 Feb 1861, d. 28 May 1866.

            35.     vi       Richard Creed #2563 b. 6 Jun 1862.

            36.     vii       Sophia "Sophie" Creed #2564 b. 27 Apr 1864.

                     viii       James Levi Creed #2565, b. 24 Jan 1866, Hants Co. NS,, d. 4 Sep 1866, NS.

                     ix       Obed (Clifford) Creed #2566, b. 18 Jul 1867, Hants Co., NS, Canada, d. 6 Sep 1872, NS, Canada.

                      x       George Silas Creed #2567, b. 27 May 1869, Hants Co., NS, Canada, d. 3 Sep 1872.  Age 1 in the 1871 Census for Hants County.

                     xi       Mary Louise Creed #2568, b. 28 Jan 1871, Hants Co., NS, Canada, d. 5 Sep 1872, NS, Canada.

            37.    xii       Robert Hambrook Creed #2569 b. 30 Aug 1872.

21.  Sarah C. Creed #1473, (15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 5 Apr 1835, Halifax, NS, Canada, d. 1 Apr 1918, Woodville, Hants Co., NS, buried: Dimock/Parker Cem., Woodville, Hants Co.  Obituary - 1 May, 1918

       Mrs. Robert Davison

       There passed at Woodville, Hants Co., Sarah, wife of Robert Davison, aged 83 years.  She was born at Halifax on Easter Sunday 1835 and her last day on earth was Easter Sunday 1908.  She united with the Granville Street Baptist Church in early life in 1857 or previous to that.  She leaves besides her husband four married sons.  Two in Alberta; Charles on the homestead and Walter on the adjoining farm; also sixteen grandchildren, and one brother, R.H. Creed, of Ashdale, Hants Co.  She was made a life member of the Red Cross Society by her friends and neighbors in Woodville.  The ending of her beautiful, patient, loving life here was the beginning of the glorious eternal life beyond.

       She married Robert Davison #1471, 3 Nov 1868, in Rawdon, NS, b. 14 Jan 1842, Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, Canada, (son of William Davison #1467 and Mary Glassey #1468) d. 28 Aug 1919, NS, Canada, buried: Dimock/Parker Cem., Woodville, NS.  Robert: 1: Have the marriage licence from the Nova Scotia Archives (Hants, RG 32, M #36/1869).  Marriage wittnessed by John Davison and Sarah Meagher.  Rector Charles Bowman, St. Pauls, Rawdon.

       Davison, Watson and McCallums

           Sam Clifton, the Wilsons, and Ross Cochrane were among those who lived across the river from the depot.  In the summer they crossed the river in a boat to get the mail, in the winter, on the ice.  Most of the community news was passed on at the depot.


            38.     i       George William Davison #1474 b. 16 Apr 1870.

            39.     ii     Walter Edwin Davison #1475 b. 21 Apr 1872.

            40.    iii       Leander Davison #1476 b. 20 Sep 1875.

            41.    iv       Charles Herbert  Arnold Davison #1477 b. 2 Jul 1877.

22.  Edwin Stearns Creed #2548, (15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 30 Jan 1838, NS, Canada, occupation Medical Doctor, d. 27 Dec 1895, Boston, MA, USA, buried: South Rawdon, NS, Canada.  E.S. Creed is listed as a merchant, Ashdale, NS in the book "Newport, Nova Scotia  A Rhode Island Township" by John Victor Duncanson ISBN0-919303-92-7 The 1871 Census lists Edwin and Sarah living in dwelling # 114 with Edwin 3 and Jessie 1, at Brooklyn, Hants Co., NS. Living in Hantport, NS when married. Postmaster at Upper Newport from 1 April 1870 to 22 April 1873 when he resigned.

       Edwin Creed is listed as arriving New York 23 Jul 1859  from Windsor, Nova Scotia, age 21,  on the ship Ocean Waive.

       He married[10] Sarah (Sadie) Wellner #2570, 11 Jun 1867, in Fredericton, NB, Canada by Rev. J. Lathern, b. 1846, (daughter of Thomas Eads Wellner #4816 and Sarah Biggs #4819) d. 22 Sep 1928, South Braintree, Mass, USA.  Sarah: The 1871 Census shows Sarah as 25 years old.


            42.     i       Edwin Wellner Creed #2571 b. 26 May 1868.

                      ii     Jessie Sarah Creed #2572, b. 21 Apr 1870, Ashdale, Hants Co., NS, d. 1 Aug 1937.

            43.    iii       Harry Roland Creed #2573 b. 9 Nov 1871.

            44.    iv       Thomas Ernest Sr. Creed #2574 b. 7 Sep 1873.

            45.     v       James Herbert Creed #2575 b. 7 Oct 1874.

                     vi       Maynard Ives Creed #2576, b. 7 Mar 1876, Hants Co., NS, d. 27 Mar 1876.

            46.    vii       George "John" T. Creed #2577 b. 6 Oct 1877.

            47.   viii       Fannie Josephine "Josie" Creed #2578 b. 10 Oct 1879.

                     ix       Mary Elizabeth Creed #2579, b. 13 Aug 1881.

                      x       Wilfred Lawson Creed #2580, b. 11 Feb 1887, d. 12 Feb 1887.

23.  Herbert Clifford  Creed #2550, (15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 13 Aug 1843, Halifax, NS, Canada, occupation Doctor of English, d. 31 Aug 1910, Charlotte St., Halifax, NS, Canada.  Instructor of English Literature. Listed in Who's Who Index 1898-1984 pg. 115 as educator 98. Head Master of Sydney Academy, NS in 1867.

       CREED, Herbert Clifford, educationist, is the 6th s. of the late Geo. J. Creed, a native of Faversham, Kent, Eng., who was formerly a clk. In the R.E. Dept., at Halifax, N.S., by Susan, dau. oF the late John Wellner, B. at Halifax, Sept. 23, 1843, he was ed. At the High Sch., in his native place, at Dalhousie Coll., and at the Univ. of Acadia Coll. (B.A., 1865; M.A., 1869).  While carrying on his studies, he was a teacher of French in Horton Acad., and at the Ladies' Semy.,Wolfville.  Subsequently, having chosen the proffession of teaching, he was apptd., 1869, Head Master of the Co. Acad., Sydney, C.B., where he remained for 4 yrs.  Afterwards he was principal of Yarmouth Semy., 1869-72; and do., Eng. High Sch, Fredericton, 1872-73.  In 1874 he was apptd. Instructor in Math in the Provl. Normal Sch., Fredericton, a position he still occupies.

       Concurrently, he has been called to other prominent positions connected with his profession.  He was during several yrs. one of the exams. at his Alma Mater, and for a considerable period a mem. of the Bd. of Governors of Acadia Coll.  He was also, for some yrs., a Senator, and Secy. of the Senate, and from 1877 to 1892, Secy. of the Educational Inst., N.B.  Mr. C. is a mem. of the Mang. Comte. of the Fredericton Inst. for the Deaf and Dumb, and an Exam. for the Med. Council, N.B.  In religion, a Bapt., he has filled the offices of Secy., V.P. and Presdt. of the Bapt.  Convention of the Maritime Provinces.  He is also a dir. of the Maritime Bapt. Pub. Co.

       Mr. C. has written largely for the press, often anonymously, on educational topics, the temp. question, matters of Christian doctrine and practice, etc.; and has also prepared a variety of matters for school texts and other books.  He has taken an active part in the work of fraternal orders and societies, and has reached the highest offices and rewards in their gift to bestow - Freemasonary, Oddfellowship, Temp., United Workman, and Forestry, being all included in the list.  In Forestry especially, his services have marked him out for special honour at the hands of his brethren.  For  5 yrs. he was the head of the order (H.C.R.) in N.B.; he was Supreme Vice-C.R. for 2 yrs., and he finally received the Grand Cross of Merit at the close of his official career.   He m. 1867, Miss Jessie S. Masters, of St. John, N.B.  -Fredericton, N.B.

       Pages 223 & 224 "The Canadian men and women of the time: a handbook of Canadian biography" by Henry James Morgan, 1842-1913


       Well Known Educationalist Closes Long and Useful Career --- Was a Member of the Normal School Staff for Thirty-six Years - A Prominent Baptist and Governor of Acadia College - Free Mason and a Forester.

       Dr. Herbert C. Creed, the well known educationalist, passed away at his home on Charlotte Street at two o'clock this afternoon.  It was not generally known that he was seriously ill and the news of his death came as a painful shock, to his fellow citizens.

       Dr. Creed, who had long been recognized as one of the leading laymen of the Baptist denomination in the province, attended the Maritime Convention at Woodstock a short time ago and was honored by election to the office of Secretary.  Upon his return home he complained of feeling unwell and on Monday of this week he was stricken down by an attack of hemorrhage of the brain.  The family physician was called and everything possible was done to save his life but to no purpose.  He lapsed into unconsciousness and remained in that condition up to the time of his death.


       The deceased gentleman was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on September 23rd. 1843, and was therefore in his sixty-seventh year.  He was educated at the public schools in his native city and also at Acadia College, from which institution he graduated with the degree of B. A.   He taught school at Sydney, Yarmouth, and other points in Nova Scotia and in the early seventies removed to this city with his family and occupied a position on the staff of the Frederiction High School.  In 1873 he resigned and was appointed instructor of English literature and drawing in the Provincial Normal School.  He continued to fill that position down to the month of January of last year, when on account of failing health he was granted six months leave of absence.  In the month of August, of the same year, his health not improving, he tendered his resignation.  At the last session of the Legislature he was voted a retiring allowance of $600 per year, in recognition of his long and faithful service to the province.

       Dr. Creed was a most painstaking and efficient instructor and during his long connection with the Normal School his fine Christian character and the high ideals which he exemplified must have a potent influence for good on the lives of the hundreds of young people with whom he was brought in contact.  A few years ago his alma mater, in recognition of his scholarly attainments, conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Literature.


       Dr. Creed was a devout Baptist and for years has been an active worker in the Brunswick Street Church.  He filled in a most satisfactory manner the office of clerk for a long period and upon his retirement about ten years ago, was appointed a deacon.  He took a deep interest in the work of the Maritime Baptist Convention and for many years looked after the publication of the year book.  At the recent convention at Woodstock he was appointed secretary in succession to Rev. J. H. MacDonald.  For some years the deceased had been a member of the Board of Governors of Acadia College.

       The Baptist denomination in the Maritime Provinces suffer a distinct loss by his death.

       Dr. Creed had for many years been an active member of the Masonic fraternity and was secretary of Hiram Lodge of this city.  He was several times appointed a delegate to Grand Lodge.  He was one of the oldest Foresters in this city and has filled high positions in the order.

       As a citizen he always displayed an active interest in all good work and was identified with every movement having for the object the promotion of temperance and moral reform.  He was a leading member of the Frederiction auxiliary Bible Society.

       Dr. Creed is survived by a surviving widow and family of three sons.  They are  Harry D. Creed accountant for R.C. Chestnut & Sons, Frank S. with J. Clark & Son and Clifford accountant for the F.B. Edgecombe Company Ltd.  His only daughter died a few years ago.  He also leaves one brother, Mr. Roland Creed and one sister Mrs. Robert Davison both residing in Kings County, N.S.

       The funeral will probably take place on Friday at an hour to be announced later.

       Notes: Lot#13  Marker Location: Section 4 Lot 3 Row 7 Number 2  Cemetery: Fredericton Rural Cemetery, York County

       Cemetery Location: 395 Woodstock Road, Fredericton NB The cemetery is organized by Section from number 1 to 6, then by numbered Row, then by numbered Lot (as there can be more than one marker on a lot) and finally by numbered marker. To locate markers in this large cemetery refer to the maps prepared for the individual Sections. You can consult the Plot Plan at the Fredericton Rural Cemetery but please note that it has been modified slightly to prepare the sectional maps in order to conform to the parameters of the NB Cemeteries database.

       He married Jessie Sibley Masters #2581, 4 Nov 1867, in St. John, NB by Rev. W.S. McKenzie, b. 17 Dec 1843, d. 6 Aug 1920.  Jessie: Daughter of John F. Marsters of St. John, NB


            48.     i       Harry "Henry" Dean Creed #2582 b. 25 Jan 1870.

            49.     ii     Frank Stewart Creed #2583 b. 19 Jan 1872.

            50.   iii       Clifford Sibley Creed #2584 b. 1 Jul 1875.

                     iv       Vega Lillian Creed #2585, b. 30 Jul 1881, d. 10 Apr 1907.  CREED, Vega L

24.  Roland Hill Creed #2551, (15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 4 Jan 1848, NS, Canada, occupation Postmaster, d. 20 Oct 1927, NS.  Had a small general store and had the Upper Newport Post Office. Roland and Mary were living in his parents home in the 1871 census. Postmaster at Upper Newport from 1 Jan 1914 to Oct 1927 when he resigned.

       He married (1) Mary Sarah Phalen #2586, 19 Apr 1870, in South Rawdon, NS, b. 1851, (daughter of William H. Phalen #11537 and Sarah Jane Knowles #11538) d. 18 Mar 1898, Ashdale, NS.


            51.     i       Howard Bliss Creed #2588 b. 17 Mar 1877.

       He married (2) Harriet "Hattie" Alice Phalen #2587, 18 Apr 1901, b. 3 Sep 1859, (daughter of William H. Phalen #11537 and Sarah Jane Knowles #11538) d. 7 Jul 1927, Ashdale, Upper Newport, NS, buried: 10 Jul 1927, South Rawdon, NS.  Harriet: obit


       Mrs. Hattie Alice Creed

         Ashdale, July 12th-The funeral exercises for Mrs. Hattie A. Creed, aged 67 years, were held at the late home of the deceased in Ashdale, Upper Newport on Sunday, July 10th. at 2 p.m. where some 300 of her friends and relatives gathered on the front lawn in front of the house where comfortable seats had been provided.

         The Rev. Mr. Denny gave a very feeling and interesting talk regarding his acquaintance with Mrs. Creed for the last two years, and during her last illness, saying that "her life was an inspiration to him, and was one of Christian fortitude and sacrifice for others, always thinking of herself last."

       The music was in charge of Dr. Bennett who presided at the organ. The humns rendered were "Nearer My God To Thee", "Adide With Me", "On the Resurrection Morn" and "Sister Thou Wast Mild and Lovely." The prayer was by the Rev. Mr. Taylor of Scotch Village. Interment was in the family lot at the cemetery at South Rawdon.

         Mrs. Creed was formerly Miss Hattie Alice Phalen, youngest daughter of Deacon William and Sarah Jane Knowles Phalen of South Rawdon where her early life was spent and where she united with the Baptist Church, which she attended as long as her health would permit. She was for some time a faithful teacher in the Sunday School. In 1901 she was united in marriage with Mr. Roland H, Creed who survives her. Besides her husband she leaves three brothers, Edwin A. of Acton; Walter S., of Norwood; Clarence W., of Wollaston, all of Massachusetts; also several nephews and neices of this Province and in the United States.

       Copy of newspaper clipping from Enid Colborne.

25.  Charles M. Creed #22094, (16.Samuel6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1 Jul 1832, NS, occupation Broker.  1881 Canadian Census Household Record: Charles Creed, English, age 49, born Nova Scotia, Broker, Church of England, Cath Creed, German, age 42, born Nova Scotia, Eleanor, German, age 19, Minnie, age 17, Frank age 13, Florence, age 5, Eleanor Stevens, Scottish, age 65, b. Nova Scotia, Church of England, J. McDonald, Female, Scottish, age 24, b. NS, Servant, Catholic.

       Ward No. 1, Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Household Number 107.

       1901 Census lists Charles Creed, b. 1 Jul 1932, NS, age 68, Notory Public, Florence, Dau., b. 16 Jun 1875, age 25, Thomas Dougherty, son-in-law, b. 8 Oct 1864, age 36.

       E-mail from NS Archives gives dates 1899 to 1920 as dates Charles was a Notary Public.

       He married Catharina Unknown #25110, abt 1860, b. abt 1839, NS, d. bef 1901 census.


                      i       Eleanor Creed #25111, b. abt 1862, NS.

                      ii     Minnie Creed #25112, b. abt 1864, NS.

                     iii       Frank Creed #25113, b. abt 1868, NS.

                     iv       Florence Creed #25114, b. 16 Jun 1875, NS, d. ?.

                             She married Thomas Dougherty #25136, b. 8 Oct 1864.

26.  John Richard Creed #25109, (16.Samuel6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 4 Mar 1836, Newfoundland, d. 11 Jun 1912, NS.  1881 Canadian Census Household Record: John R. Creed, English (all listed as English), age 45, born Newfoundland, Baptist (all listed as Baptist), Mary J. age 40, Sophia, age 13, Jason, age 11, Frederick, age 10, Edward, age 8, John N., age 6, Hattie, age 4, Frank, age 1, Augusta MACK, widow, English, age 77, b. Nova Scotia, Church of England.

       Local District No. 9, Mill Village, Queens, Nova Scotia, Household # 28.

       1901 Census lists Mary Payne, lodger, b. 3 Feb 1813, age 86, living in the John R. Creed's household.

       Liverpool Advance - Liverpool, June 12th, 1912


       The death occured at his residence, 30 Hollis Street, last night, of John R. Creed, aged 76 years.  Mr. Creed, who was a native of St. John's, Newfoundland, came to Halifax when he was about 18 years of age and for a number of years was engaged in the wholesale dry goods business, under the firm name of Neil, White and Creed.  He later moved to Mill Village, Queens County, where he engaged in business for some years, and in 1882 moved to Canso.  After residing in Canso for seven or eight years Mr. Creed returned to Halifax and has since resided here.

       Mr. Creed had been in failing health for the past few months and passed away peacefully away early last evening.  He is survived by his widow, who was Miss Mary Mack, of Mill Village, two daughters and five sons.  The daughters are Mrs. S.W. Mack, of Guysboro, and Mrs. Chester Mendell of Marion, Mass.  The sons are J.S. and Edward M. of T.S. Creed & Co., Halifax, John N., of Chicago, Frederick G., of London, England, and Frank O., of New York -[Chronicle.

       [Mr. Creed was a brother-in-law of Hon. J.M. Mack, who left for Halifax this morning to attend the funeral.].

       He married Mary J. Mack #25115, 1867, in Mill Village, queens Co., NS, b. 12 Aug 1841, NS, d. Apr 1918.  Mary: Daughter of Jason Mack and Augusta Miller.  She was a sister of Hon. Jason M. Mack.


                      i       Sophia Augusta Creed #25116, b. 1868, NS.

                             She married Stephen Mack #25124.

                      ii     Jason Samuel Creed #25117, b. 29 Dec 1869, NS, d. bef 11 Dec 1957.

                             He married Laura Elliott #25125.

            52.       iii       Frederick George Creed #25118 b. 6 Oct 1871.

                     iv       Edward Mack Creed #25119, b. 23 Jun 1873, NS, d. May 1949, Mill Village, queens Co., NS, buried: Family Plot, Mill Village, NS.  Liverpool Advance - June 2, 1949

                             EDWARD M. CREED

                             Edward Mack Creed passed away after a brief illness at his home in Mill Village, Queens Co., last week.

                             Mr. Creed, who was 76 years of age, was the son of the late John R. and Mary (Mack) Creed, and a brother of the inventoe of the Creed Telegraph machine.

                             For many years he conducted a commission brokeage business in Halifax.  He retired some 25 years ago because of ill health, taking up residence in Mill Village.

                             He is survived by his wife, the former Maude M. Cropley, two sisters, Harrietta in New York, and Sophia (Mrs. Stephen Mack) Bridgetown; three brothers, Jason of Mill Village, Frederick of London, England, and John, in New York.

                             The funeral was held from his residence Sunday at 3:30 p.m.  Interment was in the family plot at Mill Village.

                             He married Maude M. Cropley #25123.

                      v       Frank O. Creed #25122, b. 17 Dec 1874, NS.

                     vi       John Naylor Creed #25120, b. abt 1875, NS.

                             He married Isabel Hayes #25126.

                     vii       Harrietta "Hattie" May Creed #25121, b. abt 1877, NS.

                             She married Chester M. Handell #25127.

27.  Henrietta McDonald Creed #12869, (17.Charles6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1855, Pugwash, NS.  Married at age 23 yrs.

       She married George Howard Black #12872, 18 Jun 1878, in Cumberland Co., NS, b. Salem, occupation Farmer.  George: Married at age 33 yrs.  Son of Ezra & Mary Ann (Carter) Black.


                      i       Karl Creed Black #21517, b. 1880.

                      ii     Herbert Linton Black #21518, b. 1881.

                     iii       Helen Black #22552, b. 1886.

                     iv       Harold Black #22553, b. 1888.

                      v       Lillian Etta Black #22554, b. 1890, Salen, Cumberland Co., NS.

                             She married Robert Swan Steele #22555, b. 1881.

                     vi       Alice Black #22556, b. 1894.

                     vii       Edith Black #22557, b. 1894.

                     viii       Earl Black #22558, b. 1896.

                     ix       Cyril Black #22559, b. 1899.

28.  Agnes C McCully #9037, (18.Eliza6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1). At Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick in 1881 Census.

       She married Thomas Foote #9040, 21 Sep 1865, in Brunswick Place, Halifax, NS, b. of Moncton, NB, occupation Accountant of the Railway.


                      i       Ada Foote #9041, b. abt 1870, NS.

                      ii     Harry Foote #9042, b. abt 1871, NS.

                     iii       Frederick Foote #25103, b. 1877, New Brunswick.

                     iv       Hubert T. Foote #25104, b. 7 Aug 1881, NB.


Eighth Generation


29.  William Edward Creed #29973, (19.William7, 14.George6, 12.James5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1855, d. 1901.

       He married Mary Ann Elizabeth Turner #29974, 26 Dec 1880, in Emmanuel Church, Hastings, b. 1856, d. 1943.


                      i       Ethel Creed #29981.

                      ii     William George Creed #29975, b. 1881, d. 1926.

                             He married Mabel Ellen Marshall #29976, 2 May 1904, in Hastings Reg. office, b. 1881, d. 1931.

                     iii       Nell Creed #30029, b. 1883.

                             She married Henry Wilkinson #30035.

                     iv       Albert Creed #30030, b. 1884.

                             He married Louise Cooper #30045.

                      v       Florence Creed #30031, b. 1885.

                             She married Thomas Wheatley #30052.

                     vi       Eadie Creed #30032, b. 1889.

                     vii       Frank Alfred Creed #30033, b. 1891, d. 1914.

                     viii       Harold Creed #30034, b. 1892, d. 1917.

30.  Francis Creed #30053, (19.William7, 14.George6, 12.James5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1857.

       She married George Stapely #30054.


                      i       William George Stapely #30055.

                             He married Amelia Cramp #30056.

31.  Charles Frederick Creed #30062, (19.William7, 14.George6, 12.James5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1862, d. 1931.

       He married Elizabeth Swain #30066, b. 1862, d. 1931.


                      i       Elizabeth Creed #30067, b. 1884, d. 1965.

                             She married John Moore #30068.

                      ii     Charles Creed #30069, b. 1895, d. 1947.

                             He married Dorothy Ivy Gould #30070.

32.  Susan Creed #2558, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 13 Sep 1855, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, d. 30 Jul 1886, Lynn, Mass, USA, buried: Baptist Cemetery,  South Rawdon, NS.

       She married Thomas D. Knowles #2589, 26 Jul 1882, in Lynn, Mass., b. 9 Dec 1852, d. 4 Aug 1935, Vancouver, BC.  Thomas: Son of Joshus and Sarah (Burgess) Knowles.


                      i       Gertrude Susan Knowles #2608, b. 19 Jul 1883, d. 3 Feb 1958.  No issue.

                             She married Arthur La Bossiere #2610, 7 Aug 1926, d. Dec 1931.

                      ii     Maynard Thomas Knowles #2609, b. 7 Apr 1885, Lynn, MA, USA, d. 28 Aug 1971, Halifax Co., NS.

                             He married Mildred Idella Stedman #2611, 23 Apr 1913, b. 11 Dec 1888, d. 15 Dec 1970.

33.  John Hedley Creed #2559, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 2 Jan 1857, NS, occupation Forest Warden, d. 5 Mar 1925.   Headly, who had been living in California for some years, came home in the fall of 1886, for a few months visit, returning afterwards to California.  I remember him as being very popular.  He had considerable musical talent, and was an expert with a rifle.  On June 9th., 1894 he married Mary A. Manley.  They had 3 children, Elizabeth, John Hedley Jr. and Henry.  The later years of his life Hedley was a Forest Warden, or Deputy Sheriff in the Giant Redwoods Forest of California.  He died March 15th. 1925.  His wife married again to a Mr. Doherty.

       From Edwin W. Creed's book of 1931.

       Age 14 in the 1871 Census for Hants County.

       He married Mary A. Manley #2590, 9 Jun 1894.


                      i       Elizabeth (Beth) Creed #2634, b. 26 May 1895.

                             She married Harry G. Blomquist #2637, 15 Jan 1921, d. 13 Sep 1940.

                      ii     John Hedley Jr. Creed #2635, b. 4 Sep 1901.

                     iii       Henry (Clifford) Creed #2636, b. 7 Jan 1904.

                             He married Sybil Barrett #2687.

34.  Elizabeth (Bessie) Creed #2560, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 21 Mar 1858, NS, d. 21 Feb 1926.  13 years old in the 1871 Census of Hants County.

       She married Cyrus Weldon #2591, 6 Nov 1888, b. 21 Feb 1861, of Maitland, NS, d. 1935.


                      i       Clifford Creed Weldon #2612, b. 18 Nov 1889, d. 26 Jun 1906.

                      ii     Agusta Weldon #2613, b. 2 Sep 1891, d. 26 Dec 1913.

                     iii       Georgie Weldon #2614, b. 29 Jul 1893, d. 14 Aug 1962.

                             She married William L. MacCallum #2618, 5 Dec 1922, b. 4 Aug 1890, (son of Israel Church McCallum #20086 and Abigail "Abbie" H. Lawrence #20087) d. 28 Sep 1945.

                     iv       Belle Weldon #2615, b. 31 Aug 1895, NS, d. 15 Sep 1968, NS, buried: New Cemetery, South Rawdon, Hants Co.  Belle was Postmaster at South Rawdon from 21 June 1941 to 15 Nov 1950 when the post office closed R.M.D. Mount Uniacke RR no. 1.

                             She married Watson Dimock McLearn #2638, 31 Dec 1925, b. 22 Dec 1887, NS, (son of Rupert Judson McLearn #20083 and Georgenia Rebecca Dimock #20084) d. 21 Mar 1939, NS, buried: New Cemetery, South Rawdon, Hants Co.

                      v       Edith Weldon #2616, b. 31 Aug 1897, d. 25 Aug 1965.

                             She married Clarence E. Banks #2642, 15 Oct 1931.

                     vi       Milton Davison Weldon #2617, b. 18 Oct 1901, d. 20 Oct 1977.

                             He married Ida Jennings #2676, 2 Dec 1942, b. 1896, d. 21 Apr 1979.

35.  Richard Creed #2563, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 6 Jun 1862, South Rawdon, NS, Canada, d. 18 May 1947, Windsor, NS, buried: South Rawdon Cemetery.  Photocopy of marriage certificate on file received from Enid Colborne.

       He married Fannie Burnett Taylor #2593, 5 Jan 1893, in Martlock, Hants Co, Nova Scotia, Canada, b. 6 Jun 1872, NS, Canada, (daughter of George Taylor #21450 and Hannah Bates #21451) d. 18 Nov 1908, Vegerville, AB, Canada.  Fannie: Obit

       We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Creed of the Gilpin section which took place at the Vegerville Hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 25th. inst. from typhoid fever. The circumstances are very sad as this makes the third in the family within three months. Mr. Creed and the remainder of the family have the deapest sympathy of the community.

       Anotation from Enid Colborne; Grandad Creeds' own handwriting gives the date of her death as Nov. 18, 1908.


                      i       George Taylor Creed #2619, b. 26 Mar 1894, d. 29 Sep 1908, Alberta, Canada.

                      ii     Mildred Laura Creed #2620, b. 19 Apr 1896, d. 1 Mar 1971, Langley, BC, Canada, buried: 5 Mar 1971, Ft. Langley Cemetery.

                             She married Charles Ernest Stearns #2641, 5 Aug 1919, in Innisfree, Alberta, Canada, b. 16 Aug 1892, Greenfield, Queens Co, NS, Canada, (son of Charles Symonds Stearns Rev. #3968 and Ada Mabel Sutherland #3969) d. 10 Jan 1960, Langley, BC, Canada, buried: 13 Jan 1960, Fort Langley Cemetery.

                     iii       Leslie Dimock Creed #2621, b. 7 Aug 1902, Martock, NS,[11] d. 28 May 1959, Clearwater, BC, Canada.  Died in a logging accident.

                             He married Effie Lorena Traub #2681, 2 Nov 1943,

                     iv       Gordon Davison Creed #2622, b. 5 Apr 1905, Martock, Hants Co., NS, d. 29 Aug 1908, Alberta, Canada.  Birth place form The Hants Journal's Birth, Deaths Marriages 1903-1906 Vol. 2.

36.  Sophia "Sophie" Creed #2564, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 27 Apr 1864, South Rawdon, NS, Canada, d. 5 Feb 1945, South Rawdon, NS, buried: 7 Feb 1945, Creed Family Cemetery.  Obit: Mrs. Sophia Lawson

       Born Sophia Creed, at South Rawdon, April 27th, 1864.  Married Dec. 1893, to William Henry Lawson, who predeceased her 22 years ago.

       She was a life long member of The Sons Temperance, and three years ago was presented by the Grand Division of the S. of T. of Nova Scotia, with a Fifty-year Membership Jewel.

       She passed away on February 5th 1945, at the home where she was born and spent almost 70 of her 80  years, now the home of her only child, Hedley.  Her declining days were brightened by the faithful care of her daughter-in-law, formerly Alberta McLearn.

       She was buried on the day of the 90th Anniversary celebration of her beloved "Rechab" Division, S. of T. on February 7th.

       The Pastor of the Rawdon Baptist Church, Rev. A.G.J. Steeves, who is also W.P. of the "Rechab" Division, led the funeral service with a brief but fitting address, and the hymns "Rock of Ages" and "Nearer My God to Thee" were sung.  Mrs. Steeves presided at the piano.

       In accordance with the wish of the deceased, the Sons of Temperance funeral ritual was used, being carried out by the Grand Worthy Patriach of the Order for Nova Scotia, Bro. H.W. MacDonald, of Halifax.  There were also four other Grand Division members present.  The procession across the sunlit snow-covered fields, (using only horses and sleighs,) to the Creed Family Cemetery on the home farm was led by a life-long friend, James B. Blois.  Interment was beside the remains of her husband and her infant son.

       The pall-bearers were Division brothers, and all the Division members attended, in regalia.  Beautiful floral tributes were sent by the Grand Div. by "Rechab" Division, and by numerous relatives and friends.

       She leaves to mourn their loss, one brother, Richard Creed of Minburn, Alta., (who , at the age of 82, travelled almost across the Dominion to be with his sister in her final illness;) one son, Hedley, his wife Alberta; and four grandchildren, Wilfred (now in the Canadian Active Army,) helen, George, and David, at home.

       Her Star of Life has set, as sets the Morning Star, which "goeth not down beyond the darkened West, but melts away into the brightness of Heaven."

       She married William Henry Lawson #2594, 6 Dec 1893, b. 22 Feb 1852, occupation Ship's Carpenter, d. 28 Dec 1922, buried: South Rawdon Creed Family Cemetery.


                      i       Wilfred "Hedley" Lawson #2639, b. 7 Jan 1896, NS, d. 14 Aug 1979, NS, buried: South Rawdon Cemetery.

                             He married Helen "Alberta" McLearn #2640, 7 Apr 1924, b. 26 Aug 1896, NS, (daughter of Rupert Judson McLearn #20083 and Georgenia Rebecca Dimock #20084) d. 5 Apr 1984, NS, buried: South Rawdon, NS.

37.  Robert Hambrook Creed #2569, (20.George7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 30 Aug 1872, Hants Co., NS, Canada, d. 5 Aug 1938.  Notes and dates in the descendancy of Robert Hambrook Creed are generally by Elizabeth S Gay:

       I don't remember much about Grampy (as we called him).  He seemed to me to be a tall man, but I later found from his Military record that he was only 5' 9 and1/2".  I remember, probably when we went to Nova Scotia in 1930, I remember being in the city (probably Halifax) with Grampy holding hands with Mim and I and he had bought us each a banana.  I was about 3 and Mum would have been one and a half.  I remember looking up into his blue eyes. This is probably the only memory I have of him. Nana was the one who came to the U.S. They Lived in Nova Scotia from about 1930 on.  He died in 1938.

       He married Margaret "Ella" Wood #2600, 5 Nov 1898, in at her father's home, b. 1 May 1878, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, d. 30 May 1957.  Margaret: Daughter of James lll Wood (1827-1912) & Mary Jane Mason (1840-1917).

       Notes by Elizabeth S Gay: Margaret Ella Wood, Nana, was a very warm person.  She always seemed to have a smile on her face, at least that is how I remember her.  We had many good times together, even though we only saw her on her infrequent visits to the U.S. from Nova Scotia.  When we were very young, if she came in the fall, it was time to make quilts and, although they were not very complicated quilts.  We would get together with fabric, wide rolls of cotton, and yarn.  The material would be stitched on three sides, the cotton rolled out inside the material, and we would proceed, with needle and colored yarn, to tie the cotton in place and at the same time make a very attractive quilt.  After the yarn was stitched through and tied in enough places to secure the cotton, the fourth side would be finished.    Nana loved to tell jokes and would laugh just as hard as anyone else after she told them.  She was always ready to do something outlandish.  One time we visited her cousin in Massachusetts who lived on a farm.  Nana knew very little about driving but one day while we were pitching hay onto a truck she decided she wanted to drive it.  We hopped on top of the hay in the truck and she started to drive across the field.  All I can say is it was a good thing we were on top of hay as it was a very bumpy ride but she had the best time.  I can't even begin to tell about all the things I remember about my parents, Nana, my brother, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles.  We were a very close family.  Even when far apart we would write or call when we were concerned about anyone, but Nana was very special.  She was one of twelve children many whom we met at one time or another.  Most were older than her.  I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me to have known her people, not one who was pretentious, or proud.  All honest, hard working, and lovable.  It still amazes me that I have so many I can call family who have not been affected by the materialistic world we live in.  People who still hold to the important things, like helping someone who may need help, talking with someone who may be lonesome, doing their best with God given talents, wanting to make someone else happy.  There are so many selfish people in the world, I am proud to have been connected with so many good and interesting people.


                      i       Martha Elizabeth Creed #2649, b. 30 Oct 1899, Faversham Farm, South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, d. 1 Apr 1984, Mass. (cancer), buried: Pinegrove Cemetery, Lynn, Mass.  Woburn High School

                             At the time she was born her father was working on the "Clifford" farm in South Rawdon, Nova Scotia.  She was born on a Monday at 3 A.M.  By 1901 the family had moved to Woburn Massachusetts where the rest of the children were born.  In Woburn her father was a carpenter and cabinet maker.  Martha went to grade school and started high school in Woburn, but became sick about age 14.  The family went to Nova Scotia and lived on a farm for a short time.  Martha, Clifford, and Gertrude were baptized while there on September 20, 1914  in the river(don't know which one). The family was Baptist.  They came back to Woburn sometime in 1915 and I believe  they lived on Elm Street.

                             Attended Boston Young Women's Christian Association, Business Women's Branch.  Became a stenographer.

                             Worked at Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank where she met Clifford.

                             Mom was a wonderful mother.  She gave everything she had, intelligence, ability, time, and heart to all of us.  She worked very hard during the depression to give us the best home possible and when we had little money and lots of company, she somehow found a way to take care of everyone.  Many people called her mom because she showed love for anyone who visited.  During World War II when my brother Bob was in the service she would not only write letters to him but would write to all his friends also. I could write a book about the wonderful times we had with no money.  We lived near Lynn Beach - so near we could run down to the shore in bare feet in the summer.  When we were young she would take us there and sit fully clothed with an umbrella, as she couldn't take the hot sun and was afraid of the water because of a scare when she was little.

                             by Elizabeth S. Gay.

                             She married Clifford Oscar Soles #2674, 10 Nov 1920, in North Congregational Church, b. 22 Oct 1892, Woburn, Mass, (son of Frank Edward Soles #20456 and Fannie Davis Stearns #20457) d. 23 Jul 1957, Lynn, Mass, buried: Pinegrove Cemetery, Lynn, Mass.  Clifford: Woburn High School - Diploma

                             Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank - Out of High School

                             September 19,1917 Clifford left for New York and Sept. 22,1917 he left New York for France to join the American Field Service there.

                             Enlisted in the United States Army Ambulance Service at Paris, France October 17,1917. Assigned to S.S.U. 647, Nov. 24,1917.

                             In the following engagements

                             Seichesprey defensive-Apr. 18,19, 20,  1918.

                             Sivray defensive-June 1918.

                             St. Mehiel offensive - Sept 11,12,13,  1918.

                             Meuse - Argonne offensive - Oct & Nov.  1918.

                             Army of occupation-Germany Nov. 30,1918 - Mar. 25,1919

                             Sailed from St. Nazaire, France, May 17,1919

                             Landed May 28,1919.

                             Discharged June 5,1919

                             Wounded (gassed), August 8,1918 at Flirey, France

                             1 Wound Chevron

                             2 Bronze stars and two battle stars (St. Mihiel - Meuse Argonne)

                             1 Silver star for Citation by 82nd Div. Jan. 13,1919

                             Took old position in the Woburn Five Cents Savings Bank June 16,1919

                             Entered Employ of S.B. Goddard & Son Nov. 10,1919

                             Married Martha Elizabeth Creed Nov. 10,1920 - North Congregational Church 7PM Rev. Ambrose Clark DeLapp

                             Bought home on Scott Street Woburn, Massachusetts

                             Son - Robert Byron born November 16,19--

                             Daughter - Elizabeth Stearns born November 23,19--

                            Daughter - Marion born May 4,19--

                             Sometime between August 1929 and October 1930 dad lost everything he had in Woburn; job, home, car, some possessions.  The job loss I believe was as a result of the 1929 crash. The family went to Nova Scotia to be with my mother's family in Mount Uniacke, Hants County while my father looked for a job in the States. Since I see no correspondence to Nova Scotia after 1930, I imagine, from pictures, we were in the States on 7 Sagamore Street, Lynn, Massachusetts.

                             Dad had various jobs during the Depression Immigration, Boston; Park Service Lynn,Massachusetts; restaurant.

                             General Electric Lynn, Massachusetts until retiring in 1956 or 57 at almost 65 years of age.

                             Dad was a wonderful father and a good husband. He let us know he loved us in many ways.

                             He loved to tell us bedtime stories and we loved to listen.  I think this is what began my interest in reading.  Dad played the piano, drums and xylophone. He belonged to a band in Woburn. My mother also played the piano. My aunt Gertrude, mother's sister, lived nearby and the families got together on the holidays.  It was a special treat when my grandmother came down from Nova Scotia to visit.  She had a wonderful sense of humor.

                             Dad did most things well.  He loved gardening and could make the small garden plot in front of our house into the show place of the neighborhood.  When we moved to Miss Caswell's home at 11 Sagamore (just across the street), he had a whole yard of garden plots he cared for.

                             When dad worked for the W.P.A. during the depression he helped construct Lynn Woods, a Park in Lynn, Massachusetts. He was in charge of a crew which made way for the park and he later worked with a crew to plant trees there and grass for a golf course.  He also helped construct a stone wall around Pinegrove Cemetery in Lynn where mom and dad are both buried.  He taught us to work hard, be honest and do the very best we could with the talents we had without thinking of competition.   We never felt deprived of anything.

                             By Elizabeth S. Gay.

                      ii     Gertrude Jane Creed #2650, b. 10 Nov 1901, North Woburn, MA 17 School St, (home),[12] d. 30 Oct 1973.

                             She married Howard Daniel Poole #2678, 11 Sep 1926, b. 1 Feb 1903, Revere (Beachmont), Mass, occupation Salesman, d. 26 May 1975, Swampscott, Mass.  Howard: Son of George Russell Poole & Ada Gertrude Martin (1876-1964).

                     iii       Clifford Robert Creed #2651, b. 13 Aug 1903, 70 Elm Street, North Woburn, Mass, d. 4 Jan 1991, Halifax, NS, buried: Union Cemetery, Mount Uniacke, NS.

                             He married Kathaleen McCabe #2684, 24 Nov 1927, b. 11 Jan 1903, Bath, Maine, d. 29 Oct 1988, Brunswick, Maine.

                     iv       Helen Wood Creed #2652, b. 14 Nov 1915, North Woburn, MA Choate Hospital.

                             She married Malcolm Reid McClare #2728, 15 Oct 1934, in Mount Uniacke, NS, b. 26 Jul 1914, Mount Uniacke, NS, (son of Percy Lamont McClare #17202 and Gertrude Isabella Winthrope #17203) d. 16 Oct 1995, Halifax, NS.  Malcolm: A twin.

38.  George William Davison #1474, (21.Sarah7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 16 Apr 1870, Newport, Hants Co., NS, Canada, occupation School Teacher/Farmer, d. 24 Dec 1938, Lone Pine, AB, Canada, buried: Topland Cemetery, AB.  Listed in McAlpine's NS Directory for 1896 as a teacher. 1) Marriage certificate (Hants, RG 32, M, #49/1900) 2) Death registration for Mary (Glassey) Davison (Hants RG 32 WB, Deaths    #52/1865).

       1901 Census lists George and Ethel living in the home of his parents.

       ArchiviaNet - Post Offices - Lone Pine, Alberta

       George William Davison - Date of Appointment 1930-07-16, Date of Vacancy 1938-12-24, Cause of Vacancy - Death

       Mrs. Ethel Outerbridge Davison - Date of Appointment 1938-12-24, Acting

       Mrs. Ethel Outerbridge Davison - Date of Appointment 1939-06-22, Date of Vacancy 1948-08-07, Resignation

       Lone Pine, Alta., July 12th - After a lingering illness there passed away in Westlock Hospital, Westlock, Alta., on Dec. 24, 1938, at age 68 years.  George William Davison of Lone Pine, Alberta, son of the late Robert and Sarah Davison of Woodville, Hants County.  The funeral services were conducted in the school house and at the grave by Rev. Mr. Graham of Barrhead.  On account of the bad weather, the temperature being 60 degrees below zero, the services had to be very brief.

       The deceased had been postmaster at Lone Pine for eleven years and a was well liked and respected citizen who had hosts of friends to mourn his passing.  He came with his family to Alberta in 1906 and ever since that date had been a reader of the Windsor Tribune thus keeping in touch with his native County of Hants.

       He was survived by his wife, formerly Miss Ethel Wilcox of Pembroke, Hants Co., three sons, Stanley, Bert and Norman and two daughters, Arletta, Mrs. Brady, Susan, Mrs. Smith, one brother, C.H.A. in Nova Scotia and ten grandchildren.

       He married Ethel Outerbridge Wilcox #1478, 24 Aug 1900, in Pembrook, NS, Canada, b. 8 Sep 1880, Pembroke, Hants Co, NS, Canada, (daughter of Nathan Wilcox #2452 and Susan Louisa Rebecca Barber #2453) d. 13 Sep 1953, Lone Pine, AB, Canada, buried: Topland, AB.  Ethel: Birthdate from Wilcox family bible. Davison-Wilcox - At the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. N. Wilcox, on Aug. 24, 1900, Miss Ethel Onterbridge Wilcox, to Mr. Geo. W. Davison, of Woodville, Upper Newport.  The ceremony was preformed by Rev. Mr. Whitman and assisted by Rev. W.M. Ryan. From "The Hants Journal's Birth, Marriages and Deaths - 1898-1903 Vol. One' US/CAN 971.635 V2bV1.


                      i       Robert Stanley Davison #1479, b. 30 Aug 1901, Rawdon/Woodville, Hants Co., NS, Canada, occupation Truck driver, d. 3 Aug 1983, Kamloops, BC, buried: 6 Aug 1983, Clearwater, BC, Riverview Cemetery.  Certificate of Birth and death on file.

                             He married Nellie Margaret Rath #1485, 19 Feb 1931, in Westlock, Alberta, Canada, b. 19 Oct 1905, Camden, Col. Co., NS, Canada, (daughter of Wilbert Rath #1570 and Louisa Jane Burgess #1577) buried Riverview Cemetery Plot M-13, d. 17 Oct 1986, Clearwater, BC, Canada, buried: 21 Oct 1986, Clearwater, BC, United Church.  Nellie: A son, Leslie Roy Davison, was stillborn and buried on the homestead at Lone Pine, Alberta. Certicicate of Birth and Death on file. Moved to Clearwater 30 June, 1943, to Camp 3 on 30 Jun 1946.

                      ii     Arletta Davison #1480, b. 24 Apr 1904, d. 20 Jun 1967, Edmonton, AB, Canada, buried: Topland, AB, Topland Cemetery.

                             She married John Bailey Bready #1496, 1 Jan 1929, in Topland, Alberta, Canada, b. 5 Mar 1900, Edmonton, Strathcona, AB, Canada, (son of Stewart Bready #4179 and Sarah L. Smith #4180) d. 24 Dec 1979, Edmonton, AB, Canada, buried: Topland, AB, Topland Cemetery.  John: From the book "The Endless Reach" by Clarence Simmons Fort St. John, B.C.  ISBN: 0-88925-984-4

                             Page 20

                             The mail was delivered to the gates of those living on the mail route.  Those not on it would put a box on the corner closet to the mail route.  Some people had to go four or five miles to get to their mail.  We lived on rural route number two which had to have been twenty to twenty-four miles long.

                             Johnny Bready was our mailman.  Everyone depended on him so much.  Mail came on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Bready also sold stamps (one, two, and three centers) and money orders.  Money orders were used when we bought clothing through Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues.  Johnny would bring our groceries from the store in Ardrossan, where he collected the mail.  He never charged anything for delivery.  Winter and summer, rain or shine, he made the trip; even when it was thirty below zero.  If Conditions were favorable, he used his car; otherwise, he drove a team of horses.  In winter, dressed in a buffalo coat, big fur mitts and a fur hat, he would run along behind the sled to keep warm.  We never gave it much thought at the time, but, looking back, I think Johnny should have been given a metal.

                     iii       George Ethelbert "Bert" Davison #1481, b. 26 Mar 1907, Birch Lake, AB, Canada, d. 3 Dec 1979.

                             He married Dora Christina Skahl #1511, 12 Jun 1929, in Westlock, Alberta, Canada, b. 11 Aug 1911, Kamloops, BC, Canada, (daughter of Knute Skahl #11994 and Inga Anderson #11995) d. 1 Jul 1986, Ft. Assiniboine, AB, Canada, buried: Ft. Assiniboine, AB.

                     iv       Susan Alta Davison #1482, b. 2 Aug 1909, Birch Lake, AB, occupation Postmistress, d. 8 Dec 1994, Alberta, buried: 13 Dec 1994, Ft. Assiniboine, AB, Topland Cemetery.  Pallbearers were George Bready, Frank McKort, Gerald Carlson, Bud Davison, Leroy Davison and Robby Robertson. Rose Garden Chapels Ltd. Barrhead, AB.

                             She married Orville Arthur Smith #1528, 10 Dec 1929, in Goose Lake, Alberta, Canada, b. 17 Dec 1906, Harrington, KS, USA, occupation Farmer/Postmaster, d. 19 Apr 1983, Lone Pine, AB, Canada, buried: Topland, AB, Topland Cem.  Orville: Son of Trask Edward and Phoebe (Baker) Smith.

                             ArchiviaNet - Post Offices - Lone Pine, Alberta

                             Orville Arthur Smith - Date of Appointment 1948-09-27 - Acting

                             Orville Arthur Smith - Date of Appointment 1948-12-08, Date of Vacancy 1971-12-09, Retired

                             Mrs. S.A. Smith - Date of Appointment 1971-12-09, Date of Vacancy 1974-08-01, Retired.

                      v       Norman Walter Davison #1483, b. 8 Jan 1912, Birch Lake, AB, d. 18 Jun 1998, Edmonton, AB, buried: 23 Jun 1998, Topland Cemetery, Ft. Assiniboine, AB.  1: Norman never married but worked on the farm and in the store with Susan and Orville at Goose Lake, Alberta.

                     vi       Ethel Constance Davison #1484, b. 13 Dec 1914, Edmonton, AB, d. 25 Dec 1915, Edmonton, AB.

39.  Walter Edwin Davison #1475, (21.Sarah7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 21 Apr 1872, Woodville, Hants Co., NS, d. 16 Dec 1929, Windsor, NS, buried: Brooklyn, Hants Co, Riverview Haven.  Obituary - 1929

       Walter E. Davison

       The community of Woodville, Hants Co., was saddened on Monday Dec. 16th, when it was learned that Walter Edwin Davison of that place had passed away that morning at the Payzant Memorial Hospital, where he had been taken for treatment, Nov. 11, just five weeks previously.

       Mr. Davison, who was 57 years of age was the son of the late Robert and Sarah (Creed) Davison of Woodville.  He leaves to mourn their loss, a wife, formerly Miss Josephine Underwood of Mapleton, and four children, Ralph, Margaret, Ruth and Walter; also two brothers George of Topland, Albt., and Chas. Of Woodville.

       The deceased was a member of the Newport United Church and P.W.

       He married Josephine Underwood #2599, 15 Apr 1914, b. 8 Mar 1894, Wentworth, Hants Co., NS, d. 3 Dec 1970, St. John, NB, buried: Riverview Haven Cemetery, Brooklyn, Hants Co.  Josephine: Daughter of Robert Underwood & Dorothy Jane Caldwell.


                      i       Ralph Edwin Davison #2720, b. 5 Jan 1915, Woodville, Hants Co., NS, occupation School Bus Driver, d. 10 Nov 1972, Windsor, NS, buried: Riverview Haven Cem., Brooklyn, Newport.  Hants Journal, Wednesday November 15, 1972

                             Ralph Edwin Davison, 57, of Woodville, Hants County, died Friday, Nov. 10 at Payzant Memorial Hospital, Windsor.

                             Born in Woodville he was the son of the late Walter and Josephine (Underwood) Davison.

                             Mr. Davison was a member of Newport United Church. He was employed by the Hants West School Board as a bus driver.

                             Surviving are his wife, the former Helen Armstrong; two daughters, Betty Ann and Emma Ruth, at home; two sons, Grant, Brooklyn, and Charles, at home; a foster son Percy Blair, Baxter's Harbor; two sisters, Margaret (Mrs. Arthur Brown) Halifax, and Ruth (Mrs. Charles Higgins) Saint John; and a brother Walter, Summerside, P.E.I.

                             The body rested at R.D. Lindsay Funeral Home, Windsor. Funeral service was held at 2 p.m. Monday at Newport United Church, with Rev. David McKane officiating. Burial was in River Haven Cemetery, Brooklyn.

                             He married Helen Armstrong #2726, 8 Nov 1947, in Halifax, NS,

                      ii     Margaret Elva Davison #2721, b. 1 Nov 19--, Woodville, Hants Co., NS, occupation School teacher. 

                             She married (1) James Arthur Hugh Brown #2730, 2 Oct 1941, b. 6 Jul 1917, Bishopsville, Kings Co., NS, d. 5 Feb 1950, Halifax, NS, buried: Halifax,Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, NS.

                             She married (2) Francis Elwood Rev. MacPherson #2733, 22 May 1976, b. 10 Mar 1908, PEI, d. Apr 1990, Windsor, NS, buried: Hantsport, Hants Co., NS.

                     iii       Ruth Harriett Davison #2722, b. 20 Mar 1919, Woodville, Hants Co, NS, occupation Nurse, d. 10 May 1993, New Glasgow, NS, buried: 13 May 1993, Stellarton, NS. 

                             She married Charles A. Higgins #2738, 31 Dec 1942, in New Glasgow, NS, b. 2 Jun 1915, Westville, Hants Co., NS, d. 1995.

                     iv       Walter Ernest Davison #2723, b. 12 Jan 19--, Woodville, NS, occupation Chief Warrent Officer/CDN.  They were married in her mother's home.

                             He married Marion Mae Hume #2799, 23 Jan 1971, in Little Sands, PEI, b. 14 Nov 19--, PEI.

40.  Leander Davison #1476, (21.Sarah7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 20 Sep 1875, NS, Canada, occupation Farmer, d. 10 Aug 1925, Croydon, BC, Canada, buried: Croydon, BC.  1: See the book Northland Echos.

       Davison, Watson and McCallums

           Sam Clifton, the Wilsons, and Ross Cochrane were among those who lived across the river from the depot. In the summer they crossed the river in a boat to get the mail, in the winter, on the ice. Most of the community news was passed on at the depot.

           Early one summer day a family by the name of Davison moved in.  They brought a load of farm machinery, some horses and a cow down the river on a scow. They had four children, and were Sam Clifton's closest neighbours.

           Leander Davison pitched a tent on his claim and moved his family into it for the summer. He had a good team and his wife, Edith, had a small roan mare. He felled trees for their log house and Edith and Robbie, their oldest boy, helped to clear the land. Hazel was the eldest girl and cared for the younger children. Ada, the baby, was a year old. In early March of the following year a son was born to the Davisons at their homestead. Edith had been warned at Ada's birth not to have any more children. Sadly, due to considerable complications at the birth, Edith died that day. The baby was taken to McBride by Sam Clifton and Mrs. Wilson, who had been summoned by Robbie.

           Edith was buried by the big rock along Davison Creek where she liked to go. It was a large rock that sat on the trail the scow-drivers had used when walking back to Tete Jaune.

           When the baby was ready to be brought home, he was put in the care of Elizabeth (Tom) McCallum, who had no children of their own. Leander Davison named his new son Archie.

           The following summer Leander was helping Frank Barker haying when he fell on a pitchfork, was stabbed in the groin and died before Frank could get help.

           The Davison children were kept by neighbours for a month until their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson (Edith's parents) could come for them from Pouce Coupe', B.C. Archie remained in the care of the McCallums as the Wilsons felt, at their age, they could not properly care for a small baby.

           Archie was legally adopted by the McCallums but it was not until after their death and he found his adoption papers, that he found he had brothers and sisters. Hazel had traced him and could visit but was not allowed to tell him she was his sister.

           Edith died March 25, 1924, and Leander on August 10, 1925.

           The story of the McCallums has been written in a book "Northland Echoes" by Doris Neeley Haralson and is available from her in Yarrow, B.C. We are indebted to Mrs. Haralson for this reprint permission. Mrs. Enid Colborne, Clearwater, adds:

           Leander Davison and my maternal grandfather were cousins, and grew up a few miles apart in Hants County, Nova Scotia. Leander and a brother George homesteaded in Alberta, near Birch Lake, south of Innisfree.

           George wrote, "Soon after 1900, Leander had then been some years in Western Canada and California. In 1906 we moved to Birch Lake, Alberta, where Leander was then living."

                 He married Edith Pearl Watson #1549, Jan 1910, b. 1892, d. 25 Mar 1924, Croydon, British Columbia, Canada.  Edith: In August 1993 Art and Ruth Davison and Sherman and Enid Colborne went to Croydon to find the grave sites of the family.  We found Walter Roy Davison as well as one marked Aaron Watson marked 1873 - 1932.


                      i       Hazel Alberta Davison #1550, b. 9 Oct 1911, Ranfurly, AB, Canada, d. 21 Dec 1971, Vancouver, BC.

                             She married William Cyril Woodman #2706, 17 Dec 1938.

                      ii     Robert Aaron Davison #1551, b. 10 Apr 1913, Ranfurly, AB, Canada, d. 6 Jan 2003, Oliver, BC.  1) Voters' List - Croydon Polling Division    240 Davison, Robert Aaron, Croydon, Farmer 2) Post Office Directory Croydon: 1943    Davison, Robert A. - farmer.

                             He married Elsia Bella Young #2709, 31 Dec 1937, in BC, b. 22 Jan 19--, Melford, SK.

                     iii       Walter Roy Davison #1552, b. 9 Jul 1916, Ranfurly, AB, Canada, d. 13 Dec 1938, Croydon, BC, Canada, buried: Croydon, BC.  Walter drowned in the Frazer River at Croydon, B.C. Canada.

                     iv       Bertha Ada Davison #1553, b. 18 Dec 1921, Lucerne, AB, Canada, d. 20 Jun 1993.

                             She married John Howey #2742, 21 Dec 1938.

                      v       William Archibald "Archie" McCallum #1554, b. 24 Mar 1924, Croydon, BC, Canada, d. Apr 2003, Barrhead, AB.  William was adopted by Tom and Elizabeth McCallum. See the book "Northland Echos". Married in 1964, divorced in 1966.

41.  Charles Herbert  Arnold Davison #1477, (21.Sarah7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 2 Jul 1877, Woodville, NS, Canada, occupation Farmer/Lumberman, d. 9 Jul 1961, NS, Canada, buried: Windsor, NS, Maplewood Cemetery.

       He married Margaret Forrest #2604, 15 Apr 1903, in Hants Co., NS, Canada, b. 26 Mar 1883, d. 1981, buried: Windsor,Maplewood Cem.,Nova Scotia,Canad.


                      i       Laura May Davison #2689, b. 14 Mar 1904, Woodville, NS, d. 21 Feb 1990, Plymoth, Mass.  Laura Sisson

                               She married Jack Sisson #2697, 15 Dec 1954.

                      ii     Annie Maude Davison #2690, b. 25 Mar 1905, Woodville, NS.

                             She married Avery Watson Dearman #2700, 6 Nov 1930, b. 8 Nov 1906, d. 6 Oct 1987, NS.

                     iii       Arthur Charles Davison #2691, b. 13 Jul 1907, Woodville, NS, d. 12 Apr 1984, Halifax, NS.

                             He married Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" Brown #2701, 3 Oct 1931, b. 4 Jun 19--, (daughter of Walter Brown #20395 and Annabelle McLeod #20396).

                     iv       Howard Elmore Davison #2692, b. 6 Mar 1909, Woodville, NS, d. 29 Aug 1993, Windsor, NS.

                             He married Alma Claire Manning #2705, 7 Jun 1933, b. 20 Jul 1913, Upper Newport, Hants Co., NS, d. 11 Sep 2002, Windsor, NS, buried: 13 Sep 2002, South Rawdon Baptist Church Cemetery.  Alma: DAVISON, Alma Claire

                             DAVISON, Alma Claire - 89, Ashdale, Hants Co., died Wednesday, September 11, 2002, in Hants Community Hospital, Windsor. Born in Newport, Hants Co., she was a daughter of the late Hartford and Winnifred (Cochrane) Manning. Alma was a member of the Scotch Village Baptist Church and choir and was previously a member of the South Rawdon Baptist Church and choir. She was a member of the Womens Institute for over 50 years, as well as the Newport Jolly Seniors. In her spare time she hooked rugs, played the autoharp and entertained the seniors at Dykeland Lodge. She is survived by her daughter, Noreen Walsh, Windsor; grandson, Darren Walsh, Windsor; great-granddaughter, Michaela Walsh; brother, Reg Manning, Three Mile Plains; several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband, Howard Elmore Davison; brothers, Raymond, Gordon and Fred; sister, Della. Visitation will be 7-9 p.m. today, with funeral service 2 p.m. Friday, September 13, both in Lohnes~Beazley Funeral Home, 419 Albert St., Windsor, Rev. Charles Milbury officiating. Burial will be in South Rawdon Baptist Church Cemetery. Donations may be made to Dykeland Lodge, 124 Cottage St., Windsor, NS B0N 2T0.

                             The Halifax Herald Thursday, September 12, 2002.

                      v       Harold Brenton Davison #2693, b. 24 Nov 1911, Woodville,NS, d. 25 Mar 1983.

                             He married Aileen Mary Greenough #2707, 21 Jun 1944, b. 14 Mar 1923, d. 21 Apr 1998, NS.

                    vi       Myrtle Marguerite "Rita" Davison #2694, b. 13 Sep 19--, Woodville, NS.

                             She married Roland "Rollie" Charles Lyttle #2725, 2 Jul 1931, in Windsor, NS, b. 26 Nov 1905, Ellershouse, Hants Co., NS, (son of Charles Lyttle #4001 and Sarah Densmore #4002) occupation Carpenter, d. 12 Jul 1999, Windsor, NS, buried: Hantsport, NS.

                     vii       John Herbert Davison #2695, b. 3 Jun 19--, Woodville, NS.

                             He married Evelyn Luella Collicutte #2736, 27 Aug 1942, b. 22 Mar 19--.

                     viii       George Stewart Davison #2696, b. 18 Jun 1923, Woodville, NS, d. 30 Jan 1997, NS.

                             He married Maxine Ruth Collicutte #2769, 18 Jun 1945, b. 22 Mar 19--.

42.  Edwin Wellner Creed #2571, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 26 May 1868, Ashdale, Hants Co., NS, d. 27 Mar 1944.  Our family has one of the orginal family books that Edwin made.

       He married Annie Blanche Mc Kenzie #2595, 18 Mar 1897, in Dorchester, MA, USA, b. 6 Sep 1868, d. 2 Oct 1948.


                      i       Maynard Edwin Creed #2644, b. 13 Jun 1898, d. 29 Oct 1962.  Lived at 800 Beacon St., Boston, MA in 1935.

                             He married Margaret Gladys Hastie #2673, 28 Nov 1922, separated 1929.

                      ii     Ruth Helen Creed #2645, b. 26 Nov 1899.

                     iii       Harriette Alice Creed #2646, b. 18 Mar 1902, d. 19 Oct 1902, Boston, MA.[13]

CREED - At Boston, Mass., Sunday morning, Oct. 19, 1902, Harriet Alice, infant d/o Edwin W. and Annie H. Creed, of 13 Centre Ave., N.Y.

                     iv       Ada Blanche Creed #2647, b. 18 Oct 1903.  Letter written by Edwin W. Creed 22 March 1940 states Ada and her daughter were living with them at the time.  Ada had a very fine hair dressing establishment in Braintree, Mass.

                             She married William Harold O'Donnell #2685, 17 Mar 1929.

                      v       Doris Louise Creed #2648, b. 31 Jan 1908, d. 3 Mar 1974.

                             She married James J. Hughes #2702, 15 Oct 1939.

43.  Harry Roland Creed #2573, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 9 Nov 1871, Ashdale, Hants Co., NS.  Harry worked for Charles Black in Dorchester, NB for four months in 1888. Charles Black bought his railway ticket back to Windsor and gave him $1.00 cash for travel.  At the end of his 4 months work he owed Chas M. Black $4.35 Duplicate of Acct sent to Dr. Edwin S. Creed, Newport, NS Dec. 13th 1888.

       He married Georgia Percy #2597, 19 Feb 1903, in Dorchester, MA in the parsonage by Rev. Charles W. Holden.[14]  Georgia: Daughter of David A. Percy, Canning, NS.


                      i       Viola Alice Creed #2669, b. 8 Oct 19--.

                             She married Harry Edward McCalvey #2876, 6 Oct 1934, b. of New Hampshire.

                      ii     David Andrew P. Creed #2670, b. 10 Sep 19--.

                     iii       Ida Maybelle Creed #2671, b. 18 Aug 19--.

                   iv       Gertrude Mary Creed #2672, b. 17 Dec 1911, d. 24 Dec 1931.

44.  Thomas Ernest Sr. Creed #2574, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 7 Sep 1873, Hants Co., NS, d. 24 Jun 1951.

       He married Edith Eldridge #2601, May 1901, d. 7 May 1912.


                     i       Thomas (Ernest) Creed #2655, b. 22 Mar 1902, d. 10 Nov 1972.

                             He married Nathalie Bean #2679, 9 Apr 1924.

                      ii     Evelyn Frances Creed #2656, b. 7 Jan 1904.

                             She married Robert N. Booth #2688, 23 Jun 1923.

                     iii       Rodger Wellner Creed #2657, b. 13 Feb 1906, d. 17 Feb 1906.

                     iv       Roland Hill Creed #2658, b. 18 Feb 1907, d. Nov 1984, Mass. USA.

                             He married _____ Unknown #2888.

                      v       Beatrice May Creed #2659, b. 11 Nov 19--.

                             She married William Copp #2704, 14 Oct 1939.

                     vi       Robert Graham Creed #2660, b. 6 Sep 1910, d. Nov 1910.

                     vii       Herbert Wendall Creed #2661, b. 30 Dec 19--.

45.  James Herbert Creed #2575, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 7 Oct 1874, Hants Co., NS, d. 24 Aug 1958.

       He married Nina Soule #2602, 28 Nov 1901, d. 25 Dec 1967.


                      i       Nina Adelle Creed #2698, b. 16 May 1904, d. 14 Jul 1987.

                             She married James H. Richardson #2699, 11 Jun 1926, b. 27 May 1902, d. 10 Jul 1973.

46.  George "John" T. Creed #2577, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 6 Oct 1877, d. 15 Jul 1963, Mass.

       He married Nettie Moore Nickerson #2606, 6 Sep 1911, d. 30 Apr 1955.


                      i       Dorothy Prescott Creed #2710, b. 15 Aug 19--.

                             She married Bernard Elliott #2711, 9 Feb 1975.

47.  Fannie Josephine "Josie" Creed #2578, (22.Edwin7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 10 Oct 1879, d. ?.

       She married George Ellis Cranshaw #2607, 18 Apr 1902, in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA,[15] b. 25 Jul 1864, Bridgeport, CT,[16] d. 1941, Waltham, MA.


                      i       Harry Frederick Cranshaw #2662, b. 6 Jan 1903.

                             He married Esther Borne #2682, 25 Nov 1922.

                      ii     Sarah Wellner Cranshaw #2663, b. 22 May 1905, d. 24 Apr 1938.

                     iii       Gordon Ellis Cranshaw #2664, b. 4 Feb 19--.

                             He married Irene Mildred Madigan #2703, 12 Feb 1933, b. 10 Jan 19--.

                     iv       Jessie Clara Cranshaw #2665, b. 10 Nov 1912, d. 2 Mar 1985.

                             She married Arseno Frappier #2708, 28 Nov 1935, b. 10 Jun 1913, d. 1986.

                      v       James Herbert Cranshaw #2666, b. 27 Jan 1916, d. 30 Dec 1991, South Shore Hospital, Weymouth, MA.

                             He married (1) Doris F. Oelcher #2729, 19 Oct 1936, divorced Mar 1941.  Doris: Divorced with no children.

                             He married (2) Mary Margaret Gillis #9200, 18 Sep 1941, in Salem, NH, b. 14 May 19--, Boston, MA.  Mary: In a nursing home in Braintree, MA in 1997.  All decending info from James Hugh "Jim" Cranshaw.

                     vi       Albert Roy Cranshaw #2667, b. 22 Mar 19--.

                             He married Patricia Walls #2734, 5 Nov 1933.

                     vii       Ruth Helen Cranshaw #2668, b. 16 Jul 19--.

                             She married Joseph John Gorgone #2743, 11 Jun 1949, b. 3 Dec 19--.

48.  Harry "Henry" Dean Creed #2582, (23.Herbert7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 25 Jan 1870, Yarmouth, NS, occupation Accountant, d. 13 Jan 1946, Prince Albert, SK, buried: 18 Jan 1946, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK Plot 32W 1/2.  Living in Prince Albert, SK in 1931.  Henry died at home, 362-13th. W., Prince Albert, Sk.  He was a city asseror.  Golden Wedding notice in paper said married 1894 not 1892.

       He married Maria Emelina Reicker #2596, 25 Jan 1894, in Free Christian Baptist Church, 185 Victoria St., Saint John, NB,[17] b. 1870, Panama City, d. 28 Sep 1951, Prince Albert, SK, buried: 1 Oct 1951, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK Plot 32 E 1/2.  Maria: Maria died in the Victoria Hospital of cardiovascular.  Marrried 25 Jan 1894, at Free Christian Baptist Church 185 Victoria St., St. John, NB Henry Dean Creed, 24, of Fredericton, b. Yarmouth, NS; batchelor; Merchant; Baptist Parents: Herbert C. & Jessie E. Creed TO Marie Emelina Riecker, no age; of North End, St. John, NB; b. Panama; Parents: George Albert & Josephanas L. Reicker. Witness: Geo. A. Reicker, North End, Saint John, NB. Marriage Record from J. Roy Mackay.


                      i       George Albert Creed #2623, b. 1 Nov 1894, d. 8 Apr 1897.

                      ii     Gordon Masters Creed #2624, b. 28 Mar 1898, St. John, NB, d. 4 Oct 1956.

                             He married Elsie Naomi Alcock #2643, 10 Aug 1926, b. ABT    1900.

                     iii       Ernest Harold Creed #2625, b. 18 Mar 1901, St. John, NB, d. 8 May 1996, Prince Albert, SK, buried: 13 May 1996, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK.  When Ernest Harold was born, his parents lived at 174 Carmarthon Street, St. John, NB.  The doctor was Dr. T. Walker.

                             He married Irene Laverne Galligan Mitchell #2853, 10 Aug 1932, b. 8 Apr 1904, Geary, Blaine, Oklahoma Territory, d. 2 Apr 2003, Prince Albert, SK.  Irene: Irene is the adopted daughter of Rev. William Franklin Mitchell and Etta Anna Tannahill.  Her father was Peter Thomas Galligan.

                             2003 April 2  Irene Laverne Creed  April 8, 1904 - April 2, 2003

                      iv       Deana Reicker Creed #2626, b. 21 Jul 1903, Truro, NS, d. 16 Sep 1994, Prince Albert, SK, buried: 21 Sep 1994, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK.

                             She married William Williamson #2683, 1 Sep 1930.

                      v       Donald Racine Creed #2627, b. 14 Aug 1906, d. 13 Feb 1968, Carlsbad, New Mexico, buried: 21 Feb 1968, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK.  Donald and his wife died of heater gas fumes in their trailer.

                             He married Elise Mochulski #12548, 23 Feb 1936, d. 13 Feb 1968, Carlsbad, New Mexice, buried: 21 Feb 1968, South Hill Cemetery, Prince Albert, SK.

49.  Frank Stewart Creed #2583, (23.Herbert7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 19 Jan 1872, Yarmouth, NS, occupation Clerk, d. 2 Feb 1936, NB.  For some years lived in Susses, NB, his children were all living in Ontario in 1931. Frank S. Creed, 22, res of Fredericton, NB b. Yarmouth, NS (B); clerk; Baptist; Parents: H.C. & Jessie Creed m. at res. of minister, Saint John, NB To Mary E. Brown, 22, (S), of Hampton, NB, b. Saint John, NB; Baptist Parents: Geo. & Mary Brown. Marriage Record from J. Roy Mackay.

        Marker Location: Section 4 Lot 3 Row 7 Number 2

       Cemetery: Fredericton Rural Cemetery, York County

       Cemetery Location: 395 Woodstock Road, Fredericton NB The cemetery is organized by Section from number 1 to 6, then by numbered Row, then by numbered Lot (as there can be more than one marker on a lot) and finally by numbered marker. To locate markers in this large cemetery refer to the maps prepared for the individual Sections. You can consult the Plot Plan at the Fredericton Rural Cemetery but please note that it has been modified slightly to prepare the sectional maps in order to conform to the parameters of the NB Cemeteries database.

       He married Mary Elizabeth Brown #2598, 4 Apr 1894, in Saint John County, NB,[18] b. 1872, d. 1954.  Mary: Daughter of George & Mary Brown.


                      i       Herbert Paisley Creed #2628, b. 20 Jan 1895, 428 King St., Fredericton, NB, occupation Bank Clerk, d. 2 Sep 1980, Ontario, buried: Woodland Cemetery, Flamborough East, Wentworth Co., ON.  Attestation Paper gives birth date as Jan. 20th 1895.  Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force dated Oct. 18th 1915. Folio # 180111.   Present address 428 King St., Frederication, NB.  Trade: Bank Clerk.

                             Ontario Cemetery Records #HM-356.

                             He married Florence Trasker #2633, 19 Jun 1920, b. 9 Jan 1894, d. 14 Mar 1987, Ontario, buried: Woodland Cemetery, Flamborough East, Wentworth County, ON.

                      ii     Stewart Brown Creed #2629, b. 29 Jun 1896, d. 21 Jan 1915.  CREED, Stewart Brown

                    iii       Constance Emilina Creed #2630, b. 10 Mar 1901.

                             She married Kenneth W. Ward #2675, 7 Dec 1929.

                     iv       George Edward Creed #2631, b. 18 Jul 1902.

                             He married Mildred Edgett #2680, 2 Oct 1926.

                      v       Kenneth Bruce Creed #2632, b. 14 Nov 1903.

                             He married Kay Agnes Reid #2686, 16 Dec 1929.

50.  Clifford Sibley Creed #2584, (23.Herbert7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 1 Jul 1875, occupation Accountant, d. 6 Jan 1929, Fredericton, NB, Canada.  CREED, Clifford S

        He married Laura "Maude" Cavanah #2603, 1 Jul 1912, b. 1879, d. 1971. 

51.  Howard Bliss Creed #2588, (24.Roland7, 15.George6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 17 Mar 1877, Upper Newport, Hants Co., NS, d. 17 Aug 1908, Cohasset, Massachusetts.  Adopted.

       He married Helena McKay #2605, 10 Oct 1900, in Upper Newport, Hants Co., NS,[19] b. 29 Oct 1881, (daughter of Lewis McKay #12013 and Lydia Fox #12045) d. Jun 1971, buried: McKay Family Burial Ground, Nova Scotia.  Helena: Daughter of Lewis A. and Lydia (FOX) McKay of McKay settlement, Newport, NS.


                      i       Raymond Howard Creed #2653, b. 1 Nov 1901, Cohasset, MA,[20] d. 15 Aug 1965, Nova Scotia, buried: McKay Family Burial Ground, NS.  CREED-SPENCE -At the home of the bride's father, George M. Spence, Ellerhouse, N.S., August 18th, 1925, by Rev. C.A. Munro, Raymond Howard Creed, of Newport, N.S. to Jean Munro Spence.

                             He married Jean Munroe Spence #2677, 23 Aug 1925, in Ellerhouse, NS by Rev. G.A. Munro, b. 1 Feb 1902, Ellerhouse, NS, d. 10 Jul 1988, Cohasset, Massachusetts.  Jean: Daughter of George M. Spence.

                      ii     Gertrude Lillian Creed #2654, b. 1905, christened aged 15 yrs. 8 mos., d. 8 Dec 1920, NS, buried: MacKay Family Burying Ground.

52.  Frederick George Creed #25118, (26.John7, 16.Samuel6, 13.Richard5, 10.George4, 6.Richard3, 2.John2, 1.Christopher1) b. 6 Oct 1871, Mill Village, Queens Co., NS, d. 11 Dec 1957, London, England.  At Bent-View, Hamilton, Scotland, Aug. 19th, to Mr. and Mrs. F.G. "Creed, a son.  Paper of Sept. 22, 1887.

       Liverpool Advance - April 19, 1899: At the Center House, by Biggar, Scotland, March 5th, 1899, to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Creed, a son.

       Liverpool Advance - January 13, 1932


       The World's Press News of London, England, has the following news item; which may be of interest to many of our readers in this Country.  Mr. Creed, the inventor of the system which has revolutionized the message transmission as stated below, is the father of Gavin L. Creed of Mill Village, and is well known in these parts.

       "Until about 50 years ago the average rate of message transmission from Fleet Street offices to the provincial newspapers was 40 words a minute.  Then came the Wheatstone machine, followed by the Creed.  Nowadays a private wire is able to carry up to 80,000 words a day, and the average number of words a minute is more than 150", said Mr. J. Jobson, Yorkshire Post London Editor, in a lunch hour address last week to the London District, Institute of Journalists.

       Most people are aware of the impact the personal computer (the PC) has had on the workplace. Printed information is transferred from PC to PC in the form of electronic mail, and every major company has PCS communication through telephone lines and satellites to send and receive information between head office and branch offices, as well as with other companies.

       More recently, pictorial, as well as printed information is transmitted almost instantly over facsimile (FAX) machines and data communications links. In both of these systems, words, numbers and pictures are sent over communications links in coded form.

       Frederick George Creed

       It is doubtful, however, whether many Nova Scotians are aware that one of their native sons is credited with the invention of the system on which modern data communications is based. Frederick George Creed was born in Mill Village, Queens County, Nova Scotia in 1871, and in 1889, at the age of twenty-seven, invented what he called the "High Speed Automatic Printing Telegraph System." Immediately after Creed had demonstrated that his system was indeed a major breakthrough in communications, he established a company in London, England, where he began manufacturing the Creed Printer.

       Creed continued to be involved in the technology he had invented by serving on the Board of Directors of ITT.

       Nova Scotian Idea......

       The idea leading to the invention of the Creed Printer (the teletype) was conceived in Canso, Nova Scotia but realized in Glasgow, Scotland. Frederick Creed had moved from Mill Village to Canso with his family in 1878 and by 1885 was employed by the Western Union Telegraph Company in that town. He learned Morse Code and telegraph and soon formulated the idea that one should be able to interface a typewriter to a telegraphy system to send code, and then to receive the code using the telegraph system and a typewriter in reverse order.

       Creed set out to invent a means to convert the alphanumeric characters on the keyboard of the ordinary typewriter so that when any particular key is pressed, the Morse Code representing that particular character is created automatically, and transmitted via the telegraph system. Creed worked on this system during the nine years (1888-1897) he worked for the South American Telegraph Company in Peru and Chile, and in the latter year set up a shop in Glasgow, Scotland, to perfect and complete his invention.

       In 1898, he demonstrated that he could transmit the Glasgow Herald newspaper to London via telegraphy at a rate of sixty words per minute. By 1913, his system was being used routinely to transmit London newspapers to other major centres in Great Britain and Europe. Creed Teleprinters were sold to Denmark, Sweden, India, Australia and South Africa, and provided almost instant printed communications between heads of state. In 1923, he demonstrated that his system was also applicable to ship to shore communications, and it therefore became a valuable life saving system for ships in distress.

       Frederick Creed died in London in 1957. It is unfortunate that the major contribution he made to the area of data communications technology has not been suitably recognized by either the Nova Scotian or Canadian Governments.

       From am article written by Allan Marble, Ph.D., P.Eng., in the Engineering Journal

       Taking Pledge To Get A Factory Job

       From The Croydon Guardian

       Readers who wrote in with their memories was John Rackham, former editor of the company newspaper. Here we print his history of the company's founder, Frederick Creed.

       Frederick George Creed was born at Mill Village, Nova Scotia, on October 6, 1871, one of six children born to humble parents who had emigrated to Canada from Scotland.

       He left school at 14 and qualified as a telegraph operator, first working in Peru and then Chile where he met his wife, Jane Russell.

       At the time Morse code signals were transmitted from punched paper tape which involved the use of a Morse stick perforator.

       This method was slow and tedious and often damaging to the operator's hands. Creed suffered a permanently distorted right hand as a result of this employment and this experience forced him to think about alternative methods.

       Creed and his wife moved to Glasgow in 1897 where he tried to drum up support for a Morse-based telegraphic keyboard perforator. Success was slow in coming and after 12 years he relocated, with six mechanics, to Croydon.

       In Croydon, Creed, a devout Christian, was horrified to find people at work or drinking in public houses on Sundays. He felt it a duty to shield his workforce from these practices.

       New employees, without exception, had to sign a pledge to stay teetotal and Creed would sometimes scour the streets, searching for transgressors who were usually sacked. Smoking was strongly discouraged.

       He would often visit sick employees - 6ft 4ins tall, black bearded and with a long, black coat and black, wide-brimmed hat, his sudden appearance on the doorsteps of the sick apparently unnerved some spouses. He was also known to despatch certain convalescing employees on holiday at no expense to themselves.

       In the struggle for survival Creed was helped by Harold Bille, a Dutch telegraph engineer. The two formed a partnership in 1912 and although Bille died four years later, the company continued to make great progress.

       Creed designed Europe's first start-stop five unit code printer and went on to design and build many others.

       In 1927 Creed and Co were acquired by the International Telephone & Telegraph Corporation (later ITT Corporation) for just over 250,000. Frederick Creed stayed on the board until 1930 when, at the age of 59, he suddenly resigned.

       A factor in this decision may have been the parent company's readiness to permit employees to use their sports field on Sundays.

       Following his resignation Creed made a number of unfortunate investments and over the years patenting proved a constant drain on his resources.

       His last years were spent preventing his descent into bankruptcy.

       He spent his last days at 20 Outram Road, Croydon and died on December 11, 1957, leaving 1,496 gross."

       He married (1) Jane "Jennie" Russell #25128, Oct 1896, in Halifax, NS, b. of Scotland, d. May or Jun 1945.


                      i       Garvin L. Creed #25129, b. 19 Aug 1887.

                      ii     Russell Creed #29579, b. 5 Mar 1899.

                     iii       Jean Creed #29580.

                            She married _____ Firmenish #29581.

                     iv       Eva Creed #29582.

                             She married _____ Brewster #29583.

       He married (2) Valerie Leopoldina Gisella Layton #29584, Nov 1947.


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