Dawn’s Family History

About This Site

On this site, I present information about some of the families in my ‘tree’. I can’t hope to display every piece of data on every line, so I’ve been very selective – I’m hoping I’ve made it a good read, even for those who find their line is unconnected to mine after all.


Family Names

Click here and you’ll go straight to the page that lists all the family names currently featured on this site. There aren’t many at present, but more will follow.



Part of the thrill of our hobby is finding out about the places where our ancestors lived, worked, loved and laughed. Click here for a list of the ‘place’ pages on this site. Again, not many at present, but more will follow.



Worth remembering.........

The information on this site is presented in good faith, but as always in family history, if you think you are related to the families you read about here, you should check each piece of information - preferably against original sources.


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