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BELDEN Family Information

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Descendants of David & Louisa BELDEN, of Cayuga County, New York

David BELDEN was born about 1804 in New York, according to the information given in the 1850 Census for Cayuga Co., NY, as well as the 1860 Census for De Kalb Co., IL. His occupation was listed as a shoemaker. His wife Louisa (maiden name unknown) was born about 1808-1809. The LDS Ancestral File lists the following children for this couple:

Alexander Jackson Belden, born 1 Mar 1828 in New York
Charles Belden, born 1830 in New York
Almerion Belden, born 1832 in New York
John Belden, born 1834 in New York
David Belden, born 1844 in New York
Georgina Belden, born 1848 in New York
Charles Belden, born 1850 in New York

Alexander Jackson BELDEN (my gg grandfather) was born 1 Mar 1828 in NY. He married Nancy Elizabeth DAVEY about 1847-48 in New York. Their children:

Ellen S. Belden, born 1848 in New York
Emily E. Belden, born 1849 in New York
Nancy O. Belden, born 1851 in New York
Eliza O. Belden, born 1853 in New York
Phoebe L. Belden, born 1854 in New York
Permelia A. Belden, born 1855 in Ohio
Rachel R. Belden, born 1856 in Ohio
Nina Lily Belden, born 22 July 1858 in De Kalb Co., IL (my great grandmother)
John Jay Belden, born 10 Mar 1861 in De Kalb Co., IL
Alexander Kay Belden, born 27 Jan 1864, in Illinois
George Thomas Belden, born 6 Apr 1869 in Illinois

More information available on request from Alice Allen

Descendants of Richard BELDEN & Margaret ACKRENDEN

Bartholomew Belden was b. 30 Dec 1759, Canaan, CT. C.V.R, d. 1839, Amsterdam, NY (HELP - NEED REF. FOR THIS?) m. 11 Jan 1780, Canaan CT. CVR
Children, Octavia b. 1781, Kellogg b. 1783, Almira b. 1785, CVR
Wife, Tabitha, d. 26 Aug. 1791 age 28 and is buried at Grassy Hills
Ceme. Falls Village, CT.
Her in-laws are buried there also. Need proof that 4th child, Jeremiah, is theirs.

There is another Bartholomew Belden b. 16 Dec 1762 d. 31 Oct 1831 Montgomery Co. NY that the DAR has mixed all up with Bartholomew and Tabitha

7. JEREMIAH GEORGE BELDEN B. 1791, (Need birth record) York State, USA, d. 25 May 1877, 85 yrs.) in Huron Co., Howick twp., Ont. Canada. (home of son, Jeremiah) Have d. record, m. ca 1824, HANNAH TUTTLE b. ca 1798, York State, USA, her father d. in War of 1812. HELP? She was still alive in 1851 on Canadian Census.

Children: All b. Canada
Mary b. 1825
Sylvanus b. 1826
Hezekia b. 1829
Jeremiah b. 1831
GEORGE B. 24 Apr. 1837
Serinda b. ca 1844

8. GEORGE BELDEN b, 24 Apr. 1837, Ontario, Canada, blacksmith, farmer, d. 1 May 1924(at son Jimshome) near Arlington, KS., m. 23 May 1858, near Hawksville, Waterloo Co, Ont. LYDIA 'MARIA' TEMPLETON. b. 30 Jan 1830, Ont. Res. 1851 Brant Co., So. Dumfries twp., d. 19 June 1924 (at son Geo. Nelsons) SW of Sterling, KS, dtr. of DANIEL E. TEMPLETEON & LYDIA WILL

Children all b. in Ont, Canada
Daniel J. Elmer
Isabelle "Bertha"
John Will
James Emerson
Francis Wilson "Frank"
Rowland Hill "Rolla"
One son d. in infancy

9. GEORGE NELSON BELDEN b, 6 Mar. 1866, Drayton, Wellington Co, Ont. d. 13 May 1 1942, Sterling, Rice Co., KS, m. 22 June 1890, Saxman, Ks., MINNIE ALICE WYATT, b. 27 July 1870, Keokuk, IA, d. 29 Dec 1916, Saxman, KS, Wilson twp., dtr. of DANIEL WYATT & MARY ALICE DAVISON.

Children all born in same room on farm at Rice Co., Wilson twp, KS
Mamie Rebecca
"Cecil"ia Alice
Emerson Bristol
Gladys Elizabeth
John William
Daniel "Elmer"
Ernestine Mae
Hollie Harley
Albert Wilbur "Pete"
Grace Marcella

10. NELSON TEMPLETON BELDEN B. 7 Dec 1890, Saxman KS, d. 10 Mar 1959, Hutchinson, KS. m. 19 June 1912 WANDA NEVA BALL, b. 6 Feb. 1892 near Lyons, KS. d. 13 Feb. 1928, Lyons, KS., dtr. of Henry R. Ball and Ida Mary Nodurft.
2nd. m. 18 Sept 1940, Hutchinson, KS, Ida Mae Stuckey.

Children all of 1st m. b. Rice Co, KS
Neva Loretta, George "Henry", Winona Ruth, Ernest Wesley, Nellie Opal, Myrtle Emily, Elsie Anna, Earl Nelson and ROWENA GRACE

ROWENA GRACE BELDEN submitted these records.


Heman BELDEN, son of Aretus BELDEN and Maria FORDHAM
Betsy PARKHURST, daughter of Jabez PARKHURST and Delana CHILDS

Their children:
1. MARIAH B. born October 30, 1840 in DeKalb, New York
2. NATHAN SUTHERLAND born December 25, 1842 in DeKalb, New York
3. GEORGE WASHINGTON born December 29, 1844 in Beloit, Wisconsin
4. LAURA HENRIETTA born April 2, 1847 in Beloit, Wisconsin
5. AARON FREDERICK born January 15, 1850 in Beloit, Wisconsin
6. ALICE JANE born January 18, 18521 in Beloit, Wisconsin
7. ELLEN R. born May 22, 1853 in Beloit, Wisconsin
8. WILLIAM NEWTON born February 18, 1855 in Beloit, Wisconsin
9. ELISHA HEMAN born November 30, 1857 in Beloit, Wisconsin
10. FRANK WAYBURN born September 24, 1859 in Beloit, Wisconsin
11. ADA ETHLIND born May 19, 1861 in Pepin County, Wisconsin
12. CLARA ETTA born January 6, 1865 in Pepin County, Wisconsin

The above information was contributed by Joanne Rohrscheib
She would love to know more about this family, and is willing to share what she has collected, too.

Ancestors of Lana A. Belden

Samuel Belden Jr (b.1689-Wethersfield,Hartford,CT;m.1712;d.1771)
..+ Mary Spencer (b.1692-Haddam,Middlesex,CT;d.1751)
...... 2. Richard Belden (b.1728-Wethersfield,Hartford,CT;m.1749;d.1797)
..........+ Elizabeth Hurlburt (b.1725-Wethersfield,Hartford,CT;d.1818)
............3. Private Othniel Belden Sr (b.1755-Wethersfield,Hartford,CT;m.1778;d.1834)
................+ Sarah Lindsay (b.1762-Windsor,Hartford,CT;d.1848)
................. 4. Amos Belden (b.1779-MA;m.1800;d.1863)
.....................+ Anna Day (b.1779-Hadley,Hampshire,MA;d.1830)
.......................5. Amos D. Belden (b.1821-Summit,Schoharie,NY;m.1845;d.1910)
...........................+ Sally Fredendall (b.1823-Summit,Schoharie,NY;d.1890)
..............................6. Lana A. Belden (b.1848-East Worcester,Otsego,NY;d.1931)

Contributed by Gary Green

Descendants of Luther Belden (1780-1815)

Luther Belden, born 25 March 1780 at Wethersfield CT [parents names not found] had been living in Saybrook (now Essex) CT for several years when Uriah Hayden applied for a Seaman's Protection Certificate for him. [It does not appear that he is connected to the Seymour Belden family also living at Saybrook.] Luther married 18 July 1801 Prudence Starkey, daughter of Noah Starkey and Prudence Gladding Starkey. He invested in and was master of several ships in the coasting trade including the Sloop Prudence, Sloop Thetis, and Sloop William, all sailing out of Saybrook. He died March 1815 at Saybrook. Prudence died 9 Feb 1850. Luther and Prudence had one child: Louisa Belden born 1804 at Saybrook. She married 8 Dec 1825 Ralph Pratt of Saybrook.

Mary Belden, living at Saybrook, died ca 1805 9 (Saybrook Probate #116).
Her children (all of the Saybrook area) were:
(1) Seymour Belden born ca 1753 who married 31 Dec 1777 Priscilla Jones. Seymour died 7 July 1814 age 61.(Saybrook Probates #118). Priscilla died in 1813 (Saybrook Probate #117.)
(2) Ebenezer Belden born ca. 1759 married Sarah and d. 17 Jan 1819 age 69. He went to Canaan (CT?) or New Canaan, Albany County NY in 1778.
(3) Mary Belden who married Benjamin Ingham. It appears Mary had a child. Rufus Belding was presented for baptism in 1784 by Seymer Belding at Westbrook, CT. In Seymour Belden's wife Priscilla's will she left legacies to her husband and to Rufus Belding Ingham. The child may have born his mother's name and then been adopted by her husband, Benjamin Ingham.
(4) Job K. Belden born 3 Sep 1762 married Martha Dean in 1791 and died 18 Feb 1830. Job went to Canaan, Columbia Co. NY
(5) Phebe married 18 Apr 1802 Noah Hall.

The husband of Mary Belden who died ca 1805 at Saybrook may have been Ebenezer Belding of East Hampton, LI. According to The American Genealogist 53:110, Ebenezer Belding of East Hampton bought land in Saybrook in 1701, sold it in 1702 and 1706. He returned to East Hampton in 1703 & 1704 according to East Hampton Town Records 3:75, 113.

Contributed by Pam Olson

Miscellaneous Belden Information

If you don't have a web page but would like to share your information, this is the place it will appear. Email me at dcaallen@pacifier.com and send me the data, I will include it in this section. Of course, I would like to list you as the contributor of that information, so please let me know if I can do this. This would include your name & email address so others can get in touch with you. If you have happened upon some BELDEN information in your research that you can't make a connection with but would still like to share, again, let me know, I'll place it here. Would still like to list you as the contributor, but if there is no connection to your family, I will add that "disclaimer" so that others will know you probably don't have any more information.

Selected BELDEN marriages from the State of Illinois Website (http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/archives/databases.html)





Belden, Charles

Whitney, Addie


La Salle Co., IL

Belden, Edwin Lewis

Burdick, Jane E.


De Kalb Co., IL

Belden, John A.

Whitman, Isabella


La Salle Co., IL

Belden, John W.

Wing, Margaret


La Salle Co., IL

Belden, Samuel

Nickolson, Elizabeth


La Salle Co., IL

Fuller, Henry

Belden, Ann


La Salle Co., IL

Christopher, Martin

Belden, Flora


La Salle Co., IL

Becker, Frank

Belden, Georgie


De Kalb Co., IL

Thompson, Edward

Belden, Mabel


La Salle Co., IL

Godfrey, Edwin R.

Belden, Mary L.


La Salle Co., IL

Lightfoot, William

Belden, Nancy


Kane Co., IL

Selected Marriage Records From LDS Sources in the State of Iowa






Belden, Soleman

Buckmaster, Mariah


Bremer Co., IA

LDS Film #1034274

Belden, Homer N.

Hartsough, Mary S.


Black Hawk, IA

LDS Film #1034533

Pratt, Ozen G.

Belden, Hattie F.


Black Hawk, IA

LDS Film #1034533

Belden, W. S.

Humphreys, Evelyn


Jackson Co., IA

LDS Film #1255477

Wilson, Edward V.

Belden, Elizabeth L.


Bremer Co., IA

LDS Film #1034274


Selected Marriage Records from LDS Sources in the State of Ohio






Stone, George W.

Belden, Mehitable


Summit Co. OH

LDS Film #900961

Belden, Champion E.

Hardy, Mary E.


Summit Co. OH

LDS Film #900961

Belden, Samuel

Cecil, Emma


Van Wert Co., OH

LDS Film #1015859

Selected Birth Records from LDS Sources in the State of Illinois






Belden, Ira Charles

2 July 1871

Frederick Whitney Belden/Sarah Elizabeth Annis

Kaneville, Kane, IL

LDS Film # 1481151

Belden, Nellie Arabella

31 Mar 1879

Palmer R. Belden/ Cora A. Stone

Kewanee, Henry, IL

LDS Film # 1435939

Selected Birth Records from LDS Sources in the State of Connecticut


Birth Date


Birth Place


Belden, Richard Edwin

17 Jan 1871

Samuel Belden

New London, CT

LDS Film # 1011945

Belden, Annie Walton

29 June 1874

Samuel Belden

New London, CT

LDS Film # 1011945

Belden, Idella

Christening date 19 Feb 1888


Groton, New London, CT

LDS Film # 4305

Belden, Lena B.

Christening date 19 Feb 1888


Groton, New London, CT

LDS Film # 4305

Selected Birth Records, Massachusetts


Birth Date


Birth Place


Belden, Lucy Ann

29 Aug. 1816

Reuben & Lucy Belden

Montgomery, MA

Vital Records of Montgomery

Belden, Sally Barker

9 Oct. 1818

Reuben & Lucy Belden

Montgomery, MA

Vital Records of Montgomery

Belden, Everitt Moore

26 May 1832

(none listed)

Granville, MA

Vital Records of Granville

Belden, Daniel

19 Feb 1774

Daniel Belden


Vital Records of Shelburne, MA

Selected Marriage Records, Massachusetts






Belden, Moses

Hays, Rachel

10 Oct 1761

Acton, MA

Vital Records of Acton

Belden, Ezekial

Parsons, Phebe

17 Sept1812

Granville, MA

Vital Records of Granville

Harger, Joel D.

Belden, Nancy

18 Apr 1830

Granville, MA

Vital Records of Granville

Belden, Anson

Clapp, Eunice

6 Aug 1831

Montgomery, MA

Vital Records of Montgomery

Belden, John

Tooley, Dency

5 Sept 1802

Richmond, MA

Vital Records of Richmond

Clift, Willis

Belden, Rachel

2 Oct 1783

Marshfield, Plymouth Co., MA

Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800

Belden, Horace

Baldwin, Fanny

22 Sep 1823


Vital Records of West Springfield, MA


Cayuga County, New York Census information for Belden:


Mentz twp.

Daniel Belden:
(The writing is very faint so not sure if I have this right)
2 males under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 60-70
1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, ?????

 Sempronius twp.

William Belden:
1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 3 males 20-30, 1 male 50-60
1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 30-40, 1 female 50-60

 Springport twp.

Charles Belden:

2 males 10-15, 2 males 20-30
2 females 5-10, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60

Venice twp.

David Belden (mine again):
3 males under 5, 1 male 20-30
1 female 20-30

Note: These images are very washed out, it's possible there are others listed I can't see, or that I might not have them lined up in the right columns.



Venice twp.

Alonzo Belden:

1 male 30-40; 1 female 20-30

Luke Belden:
1 male 20-30; 1 female 20-30

David Belden (this one's mine):
1 male under 5, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 30-40
1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40

Springport twp.

Ephraim Belden:
1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30
1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 30-40



Town of Mentz, Cayuga Co. NY

A.R. Belden, age 31, male, (can't tell occupation for sure), born MA
D.D. Belden, age 27, female, born NY
Mary Holmes, age 6, female, born NY

 Moravia, Cayuga Co. NY
Thomas Belden, age 46, Farmer, born NY
Hannah Belden, age 38, born NY
Harry (or Henry) N. Belden, age 14, born NY


The above information was submitted by AliceAllen

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