The Gurley Herald

October 10, 1912


Old Soldiers Fish Fry


There was an old soldiers fish fry at the residence of W. A. LEDBETTER, near Woodville, Saturday, September 28th, given by R. B. JONES, J. R. LEDBETTER and S. KEEL, Jr.


It was a sight long to be remembered by twenty-two who witnessed the eight veterans sit down to feast on the thirty pound nice cat, trout and kid and other delicacies prepared for them and loved ones they brought with them.  The majority of their heads are silvered over with three score and ten years.  Below we give their ages and the company they served in during the war.


E. Maston ELKINS, age 78, Co. G 55 Ala.

J. F. ELLETT, age 76, Co. C 50th Ala.

W. D. BUFORD, age 74, Co. E 37th Tenn.

J. H. ATCHLEY, age 74, Co. C 4th Ala.

S. KEEL, Sr., age 72, Col Meads 12th Ala.

D. L. (Coon) LEDBETTER, age 71, Co. H, 49th Ala.

W. M. SCROGGINS, age 67, Co. A 1st Ala.

A. J. COOPER, age 66, Co. A 1st Ala.


Other veteran citizens were M. M. MAPLES, Jas. T. WOODY, and J. Rob WHITTAKER.


We regret very much some were forgotten due to having to get up reunion on one days notice on account of saving fish.  Hope there will be no missing links in the next one.


J. F. ELLETT and wife were congratulated on having celebrated their golden wedding April 2, 1911.


After singing, “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” and giving each other the parting hand the audience was dismissed by W. D. Buford.