The Weekly Mercury

October 23, 1895


A Family Reunion


The Hodges Family Have A Reunion


Haden, Ala., October 22, 1895


Editors Mercury:


At the home of Mr. And Mrs. A. J. MOORE, in Big Cove, near Haden, on Friday, Oct. 18th, the remnant of the Hodges family celebrated a happy reunion.  Many of the readers of THE MERCURY will remember old Mr. Thomas HODGES, a good, honest and very respectful gentleman; member of the Cumberland Church at Mt. Pleasant.  He has raised a nice family of children.  He and his dear wife and several children have long ago crossed the river of death.  Only five are now living, four sisters and one brother.  These five with some of their children and grandchildren celebrated the reunion.  Some of them have not seen each others faces in 15 years.  Happy meetings indeed.  For the pleasure of distant relatives and friends, the names which they now bear also their age and address are given.


Mrs. M. C. MOORE, Haden, Ala., age 71

Mrs. Sarah C. STOWDER, Blue Ash, O [?], age 55

Mrs. Ellen WICKER, Gurley, Ala., age 53

Mrs. Lou PETTY, New Market, Ala., age 50

Mr. Robert HODGES, Marcus, Dekalb County, Ala., age 57.


These are the Hodges children; all are Christians; all enjoying good health.  They have not yet separated and we know they dread parting, for they will probably never meet again in this world but we trust they will be reunited around the throne of God in Heaven, where there is no more parting and all tears wiped away.


Very truly,