The Gurley Herald

August 29, 1912


Reunion Of Capt. Frank B. Gurley’s Co.


Last Wednesday, and Thursday, August 21-22, Capt. F. B. GURLEY honored the survivors of his Confederate Company C 4th Alabama Cavalry and other veterans with a two days barbecue at his residence.  This was the seventh annual reunion he has given, at all of which his hospitality has been lavishly bestowed.


There were present of his company:


J. E. HEWLETT, 4201 Ave D Birmingham, Ala.

T. J. KELLEY, Ryland, Ala.

G. B. GILL, Petersburg, Va.

J. B. WEAVER, Nashville, Tenn.

J. E. BUTLER, New Hope, Ala.

F. T. GIVEN, Brownsboro, Ala.

J. T. GULLATT, Hollywood, Ala.

J. W. PROCTOR, Mud Creek, Ala.

D. W. SPIVEY, Gurley, Ala.

J. C. GIDENS, Leighton, Ala.

John BURDINE, Deposit, Ala.


Other veterans present were:


J. B. JOPLIN, Gurley, Ala.

J. S. RENFROE, Gurley, Ala.

W. C. BRAGG, Gurley, Ala.

C. L. PRITCHETT, New Hope, Ala.

W. D. BUFORD, New Hope, Ala.

J. W. GRAYSON, Gurley, Ala.

W. H. BEASON, Gurley, Ala.

J. R. RUSSELL, Gurley, Ala.

R. B. LEDBETTER, Gurley, Ala.

W. T. CAMPBELL, Gurley, Ala.

J. L. SMITH, Gurley, Ala.

J. S. ORR, Gurley, Ala.

J. W. CONNALLY, Gurley, Ala.

C. O. SHEPPARD, Huntsville, Ala.

C. S. McCAULEY, Huntsville, Ala.

R. L. COYLE, RFD2 Huntsville, Ala.

W. T. HOOPER, Huntsville, Ala.

A. W. MOSELY, Huntsville, Ala.

Geo A. MORRIS, RFD4 Huntsville, Ala.

D. H. TURNER, Huntsville, Ala.

Henry GOLDSMITH, Huntsville, Ala.

E. D. MARTIN, Madison, Ala.

R. E. WILLIAMS, Madison, Ala.

R. D. TRIBLLE, Madison, Ala.

D. M. JONES, Maysville, Ala.

John A. DOUGLAS, Chase, Ala.

A. J. ESSLINGER, Chase, Ala.

John B. DOUGLAS, Chase, Ala.

L. M. SLOAN, Scottsboro, Ala.

John R. HARRIS, Scottsboro, Ala.

R. F. COLE, Upton, Ala.

J. F. DELONEY, Decatur, Ala.

John GLOVER, Owens Cross Roads, Ala.

N. G. CHANDLER, Owens Cross Roads, Ala.

John SIMS, Larkinsville, Ala.

A. W. BAKER, New Market, Ala.

John HORNER, New Market, Ala.

J. P. DAVIS, Hollytree, Ala.

G. M. GIPSON, Ryland, Ala.

W. H. WEBSTER, Brownsboro, Ala.

W. J. POTTS, Meridianville, Ala.

M. T. JOHNSON, Hollywood, Ala.

J. B. FERGUSON, Grant, Ala.

R. E. McGAHA, Grant, Ala.

T. Bright CONNALLY, Jackson, Tenn.

W. B. LEEDY, Birmingham, Ala.

J. M. ROBINSON, Birmingham, Ala.

T. S. McCALLEY, Birmingham, Ala.

G. G. LILLY, Chattanooga, Tenn.

W. H. MOORE, Memphis, Tenn.

J. C. BEAN, South Pittsburg, Tenn.


At the closing of the reunion Major J. M. ROBINSON was called to preside and Capt. GRAYSON offered the following resolutions, which were adopted by a rising vote.


Whereas the Great Commander of the Universe has removed, by death, the beloved Commanding General of the Confederate Veterans G. W. GORDON, and a number of other comrades who resided near here, since our last reunion, to wit:


W. I. SPIVEY, Co. E, 37th Tenn.

J. P. MOON, Co. E, 37th Tenn.

T. T. COBB, Co. E, 37th Tenn.

J. W. WOODY, 55th Ala.

Madison POWERS, Co. F, 41st Tenn.

Bradford HILL, 4th Ala. Cavalry.

William HAMBRICK, Lee’s Army.

Thomas MORRIS, Lee’s Army.

Wiley COTTON, Co. F, 4th Ala. Cavalry.

Edward ADAY, Co. F, 4th, Ala. Cavalry.


Resolved.  That we bow reverently to his inexorable decrees, offering grateful thanks that so many of us have been spared so long, trusting that we may so live that our lives will be honor to the great cause for which we fought.


Resolved, that as the years come ad go faster our comradeship grows stronger and stronger and our appreciation of Capt. Gurley’s annual hospitality grows deeper and deeper.


Resolved, that we hereby extend to him our most grateful appreciation of his heroic services during the war and our keen remembrance of the punishment inflicted upon him just after the war by imprisonment fettered with chains and a narrow escape for execution, by the Federal Government, all because he participated conspicuously in a fight in which the Federal General McCOOK was killed.


Major J. M. ROBINSON offered the following, which was adopted:


Resolved.  That we hereby express our sincere appreciation of the splendid services rendered during the war by our splendid women and who, with their daughters, lend their aid to the pleasure and social happiness of the veterans on such occasions as the present.


Resolved.  That a copy of these proceedings be furnished the Gurley Herald, the Huntsville Mercury, the Progressive Age and the Confederate Veteran with the request that they publish the same.


“God be with us until we meet again: was feelingly sung as the veterans marched around and gave a parting hand to each other.  Then with a benediction by Rev. G. M. GIPSON, the reunion ended.


J. M. ROBINSON, Chairman

J. W. GRAYSON, Secretary