John Montgomery and Mecklenburg Co., NC
John Montgomery and Mecklenburg Co., NC

In the Irwin folder at Knoxville's McClung Collection, notes refer to "Pioneer Virginia Preachers," Vol 5, Page 43. I have never found this reference, but under "Montgomery of North Carolina" the notes quoted,
"On Nov. 9, 1773, John Montgomery, late of the Provence of Pennsylvania, received ... three parcels of land lying in Mecklenburg Co., NC, containing in all 630 acres, and on the waters of McRees [actually McKees] Creek. His will, dated Sept 13, 1795 (probated October term 1795) mentions his wife (name not given), four sons . . . and four daughters. . .
"Before 1800, Samuel Montgomery moved to Knox County, TN.
"Before 1809, John moved to Blount Co., TN."

[Years after first reading those notes, I found a short article in the journal Genealogy (New York), June 1915, vol. 5, iss. 6, p. 43, which must have been the source of Irwin's notes. That article gives no references.]

The Samuel Montgomery is ours, documented in his section of this site. The 1830 federal census does show a John Montgomery, born in the same decade as Samuel, living in Blount Co., TN.

A source on the purchase is Holcomb and Parker's "Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts 1763-1779." William Harris of Parish of St. Pauls, Prov. of Georgia sold the three tracts to John for 300 pounds (curr.) on 9 Nov 1773.

The will of John Montgomery, probated in 1795, gives 200 A on the north side of McKees Cr to son Samuel. Son James also gets 200 A on McKee Creek. Son Robert gets the rest of the plantation. Son John gets a colt and 50 pounds "in specie." His unmarried daughters were Isabella and Ruth; married were Elizabeth Johnston and Mary Irwin.

From the "loose estate papers" of Mecklenburg County, Samuel received his part of the estate in 1800 (from the executors). Here is the signed receipt. Those papers also include the receipt of her part of her husband's estate by Isabell, establishing the name of John's wife.

A survey of 200 acres on the "northwest" side of McKee's Creek was made 1805, Sept 11 for Samuel Mountgomery by Saml Black.

These are transactions in Mecklenburg's "Abstracts of Deed Books 15-23" (1794-1830) compiled by Ferguson: The important point is that I have specific documentation for our Samuel being the son of John Montgomery, "late of the Provence of Pennsylvania."

Here is my copy of the Mecklenburg land abstracts

The 1790 federal census for Mecklenburg Co. shows these heads of household named Montgomery.
Page	Line	Given name  a*b*f
358	07	David       1 3 3
383	19	George      1 4 1
350	46	James       1 4 3
355	44	John        1 . 1
377	28	John        1 3 3
355	45	Robert      1 3 5
  *Note: a=Males 16 or older; b=males less than 16; f=females.
  These three categories are free white persons. The 4th and 5th categories of the census are respectively slaves and other free persons. Neither John has an entry in the latter 2 categories.
The absence of a Samuel is consistent with the interpretation that Samuel left in about 1786. See his section. I interpret one John as Samuel's father. The other could be Samuel's brother.

The 1798 Tax List of Mecklenburg County is organized by militias. Under "Captain Smith's Co." are these Montgomerys: James with 200 A and 1 WP [white male person], Robert with 240 A and blank WP, and Samuel with 200 A and blank WP. John Montgomery is listed under Captain Bowman. [I interpret the blanks to mean that they owned the land but did not live there.]

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