Family of Samuel Montgomery


        Contents: Samuel, children, and some descendants
Appendix A - The Knox Co., Tennessee Census for 1830
Appendix B - Tax records
Appendix C - Problem and Resolution of a Second James Montgomery
Appendix D - Record of Samuel Montgomery in the Knox County Court Minutes
Appendix E - The Shook Family
Appendix F - Land Records for Samuel Montgomery in North Carolina and Tennessee
Appendix G - Claim of the Family Relationship
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1. Samuel MONTGOMERY  - 
Married Magdalena Shook in Knox County, Tennessee, July 19, 1797
[D'Armands' index].
Came from North Carolina, was born 1760-70, probably before 1762.
     Documentation: In NC, a Samuel bought land in 1780; birth in 1762 
     would imply his age at purchase as 18.  
     The 1830 census shows Samuel Montgomery, age 60-69, in Knox County, 
     Tennessee, living between son James and daughter Polly Dunlap.
     Samuel has a wife age 50-59, 2 other males, 4 other females.  
     DAR Magazine 55:106 (Feb 1921): Samuel came from N.C.
      "early in 1800 & participated in the founding 
     of the Seceeder Presbyterian Church."
Land sales imply his move from NC to TN about 1787.
Not found after 1830 TN census.

     [Using this notation for numbering people: x.y. is the
     parent of x.y.z. Renumbered 30 Oct 2002.
     b, m, and d = born, married, and died. "+" may also indicate
     a spouse.]

Samuel had these children, all presumably born in Tennessee:  
1.1. John McKee b 1797-1800,
     Document: 1830 census in Knox Co. TN shows (15 entries away
     from Samuel) John M. Montgomery, age 30-40.
     Married [D'Armands' index] to Mary Dunlap by Samuel
     Montgomery, J.P. (1816)
1.2. Wm S. b 1800, 
     Document: Pleasant Run cemetery, Carroll Co., Indiana shows
     Wm S. Montgomery with dates 10/14/1800 - 9/13/1872.  
     More follows Samuel's family summary.
1.3. Mary (Polly) b 1800-1810
     Document: 1830 census in TN: age 20-30.
     Her gravestone in Grand Rapids, MI gives b&d dates as
     28 Dec 1801 - 30 Apr 1872.
     More follows Samuel's family summary.
1.4. James M. b 1802/3, 
     Document: In the 1860 census (June 25), Carroll Co., he was
     57.  (His middle initial is given there as N.)
     More follows Samuel's family summary.
1.5. Elizabeth b 1806/07,
     Document: In the 1860 census (June 25), Carroll Co.,
     Elizabeth Elston, b in Tenn., was 53.  (Husband in 1860 is
     George Elson, 56, b Ky.  Two children b in Indiana put her
     move to Indiana before 1837.)
1.6. Samuel b 1807/08,
     Documents: Indiana marriage index shows Samuel E. Montgomery
     m to Jane Neal in Carroll Co., 8-5-1847.    
     In the 1850 census of Carroll Co. (pg 327), Samuel
     Montgomery, b in Tenn., was 42; living with Jane, age 29, b
     Samuel K. Montgomery  died November 21, 1855 per Pleasant
     Run Cemetery Sec. A, Carroll Co., IN.  Tombstone lists him
     as a veteran.  
     December 19, 1855 Carroll Co., IN - Will book 2, pg 169,
     mentions only Malinda, minor heir.   
     From Delphi records reported by D. Robbins, on 12/11/1855
     Robert H. Hamel filed something that said he knew Samuel had
     a will that appointed Wm P. Montgomery exec., but Wm refused
     to prove said will.  
          Indiana marriage index shows Margaret A. Montgomery to 
          Robert A. Hamil, (Carroll) 11-12-1840.  The 1850 census
          (Carroll Co., p. 332) shows Robert A. Hamel age 38, b
          in Tennessee, with Margaret age 34. also b in TN, and
          Sarah J. age 8 b in IN.  This Margaret could be 1.7
          (below) if Robert died and she remarried.
     Then on Dec. 19, 1855, William P. Montgomery produced will
     of Samuel K. Montgomery.  On Mar. 5, 1856, an ESTATE of
     Samuel "M." shows up mentioning a Melinda as a minor heir of
     Samuel M. and Jane Montgomery.
     --We attribute the discrepancy in middle initials to
     problems in interpreting handwriting.  We believe Samuel was
     a brother [although we do not find him in Tennessee] because
     he lived in the same county as his siblings and his presumed
     brother Wm was executor of his will.--
1.7. Margaret b 1817/18. 
     In the 1860 census (June 25), Carroll Co., Margaret Hull, b
     in Tenn., was 42. (Husband in 1860 is Ruben Hull, 42, b in

In summary, at least five children moved from Knox Co., Tennessee
to Carroll Co., Indiana.  Letter from EG archives written by
Elizabeth Elston in 1862 says that William, James, and Margaret
live near her, all presumably in Carroll Co.  It says that sons
of William and James are in the army.  The letter, to Mary,
implies that Mary lives at some distance.

EG family tradition has these children of "Judge" Samuel
Montgomery: Samuel, James, John, Cyrus, William, Margaret,
Malinda, Elizabeth, and Mary (birth order unknown).
     Added documentation: DAR Magazine 47:233 (Oct 1915)
     "Samuel Montgomery m Magdalene Shook ab 1795 in Tenn.  Their
     children were William, Polly, John, Samuel, Cyrus, James b
     1801, Jane Elizabeth, Melinda, Margaret."

---- Additional detail and documentation on Samuel's children ---

1.2. William S. Montgomery 

Fact 1: 1830 Knox Co. TN census - pg. 87  with age 20-30.
Fact 2: 1840 Carroll Co., IN census pg 434  
Fact 3: 1850 Carroll Co. Jefferson twn., IN census pg 332, with
his age 49.  He has a daughter 20, born in Tennessee; son 17,
born in Indiana [placing move between 1830 and 1833].   
Fact 4: 1860 Carroll Co. Jefferson twn., IN census pg 199

     + Anne A. Dunlap  m: Feb. 8, 1820 Knox Co. TN by Samuel
Montgomery [D'Armands' index] 

     1.2.1. Sarah Ann Montgomery  b: January 27, 1827 in
     Knoxville, Knox Co, TN  d July 14, 1907 in Pleasant Run
     Cemetery, Carroll Co, IN
          + William Craighead Carson  b: December 1827 in Monroe
          Co., Tennessee  d: May 03, 1900 in Pleasant Run
          Cemetery, Carroll Co., IN  m: December 10, 1847 in
          Carroll Co., IN.  
          Fact 1: 1880 Jefferson Twn., Carroll Co., IN - pg. 3  
          Fact 2: April 05, 1856, Named as constable in Carroll
          Fact 3: June 02, 1900 Obituary in Carroll County
          Citizen,  pg. 1  

     1.2.3. Jemima Montgomery  b: Abt. 1830  

     1.2.4. William Montgomery  b: Abt. 1833  

     1.2.5. Amanda Montgomery  b: Abt. 1834  

     1.2.6. Elizabeth Montgomery  
          +Hugh McCully  

     Document: History of Carroll Co. by T.B. Helm (1882) implies
     William Montgomery, a farmer, arrived in Tippecanoe Township
     1833/34.  He held a number of offices, including constable
     and J.P.
     *2nd Wife of William S. Montgomery:     
        +Mary Dickson  m: April 03, 1835 in Carroll Co., Indiana  

     1.2.7. Samuel Montgomery  b: Abt. 1838
          Document: 1870 IN census, Carroll Co., Sam M.
          Montgomery listed with no family, age 33, b. IN.  

     Document: Pleasant Run Cemetery (Tippecanoe township,
     Carroll Co.) shows Mary A., wife of Wm S., died 2/4/1842.

     *3rd Wife of William S. Montgomery:  
      +Rachel Brown  b: Abt. 1805 in Ohio  m: January 05, 1843 in
          Tippecanoe Co., Indiana  

     *4th Wife of William S. Montgomery:  
      +Cynthia Kerr  m: December 12, 1866 in Carroll Co., Indiana 

1.3. Mary (Polly) Montgomery Dunlap
Document: Married [D'Armands' index] to Nathaniel Dunlap by
Samuel Montgomery (March 14, 1820); bondsman was Wm S. Montgomery. 
EG family history:  Nathaniel Dunlap was killed about 1830.

1.3.1. Jane Dunlop (b. c1821?) m. Fred Field, (bur. 30 Apr. 1872, 
Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI) moved to Indiana?, then to 
Michigan, taking her widowed mother and younger siblings with her.
1.3.2. Samuel Montgomery Dunlop (b. 1823, Knoxville, TN, bur.
1897, Claremont, VA)
1.3.3. James N. Dunlop (b. c1826?; buried 12 Sep 1897 Greenwood Cemetery,
Grand Rapids, MI)
1.3.4. Russel Riley Dunlop, (b. 8 Feb. 1830, Knoxville, TN,
buried 5 Nov. 1886, Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI) [burial
record says Riley Russel Dunlop]

1.3.2. Samuel Montgomery Dunlop (1823-1897) m. Lydia Frances
Seymore (buried 23 Apr. 1894, Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids,
MI) Their children were: Cyrus Miles Dunlop, d. infant Mary Elizabeth (Libby) Dunlop (b.1852, bur. 1906,
Claremont, VA) Seymore Montgomery Dunlop (c1865 -1929) Thursia Aurilla (Nan) Dunlop m. 1901 George Ellis, moved
to California.  Their child Edna Ellis m. Marvin Beeson Emmett Dwight Dunlop (b. 21 Jul. 1871, d. 9 Nov. 1956,
Claremont VA) Emmett Dwight Dunlop (b. 21 Jul. 1871,Grand Rapids,
Michigan; d 9 Nov. 1956 at Claremont, VA) m. 2 April 1901,
Claremont, VA, Clarissa Anna Mills. Their children were: Frances Ann Dunlop (b.3 Aug. 1902, d. 23 April 1997,
Claremont, VA) m. 18 Oct. 1930 Louis Edward Stein (1899 - 1987). Eva Aurilla Dunlop (1905 -1956) Carl Mills Dunlop (1909 - 1993)

1.4. James M. Montgomery 
Doc. 1: James M. Montgomery married [D'Armands' index] Sarah
Kilburn in Knox County, 24 September, 1826; bondsman was Wm S.
Doc. 2: 1830 census in Knox Co., TN: age 20-30.
Doc. 3: Tax rolls, 1836-1845: he lived south of the French Broad
River in Knox County. According to the rolls, he owned no
property. The year that James disappeared from the Knox tax
rolls, 1846, a William Montgomery appeared on them; William was
not on the rolls 1845.  [A possible explanation being that
William was a son who stayed behind].
Doc. 4: From the census records of 1830 and 1840 (also Knox Co.),
he had these children, with unknown names, 
     1.4.1 & 1.4.2. two sons born before 1830 (one was possibly William)
     1.4.3. a son born 1830-1835
     1.4.4. a son (besides Isaac, below) born 1835-1840.
          James had two sons age 0-5.  One of these was Isaac;
          the other may be Samuel, as follows:
               1860 IN census, Carroll Co. two listings away from
               James is Sam Montgomery age 25, b. Tennessee. 
               1870 IN census, Carroll Co. Jefferson Twnship (p.
               544), is Samuel Montgomery age 35 b. TN.
Doc. 4b: DAR Magazine 47:233 (Oct 1915) "James ... and Sarah ...  
     had nine children, all boys except one, Elizabeth Jane b Feb
     17 1831 in Blount Co. Tenn near Knoxville."  
     She appears in the 1840 census with age implying birth
     1.4.5. Elizabeth Jane
Doc. 5: Names of other children from the 1860 census (Carroll Co., Indiana),
     1.4.6. Isaac Wilson, born 17 April, 1839, in Blount County,
Tennessee [birth date from record of military service, Civil War;
Isaac served in the 46th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry,
Company A.].
     1.4.7. Thomas R., born 1841 in Tennessee
     1.4.8. John M., born 1843 in Tennessee
     1.4.9. R.A.B. (son), born 1847 in Indiana.

From DCM research:
     1.4.6. Isaac Wilson Montgomery (b. 1839, TN, d. 1914, IN)    
     m. Anna Louisa Simonton (b. 1847, OH, d. 1882, IN) 
     Four children lived to maturity including  Carey Wilson Montgomery (b. 1875, IN, d. 1963,
     IN), who m. Elizabeth Klapp (b. 1880, PA, d. 1936, IN).
     They had five children including Paul Edwin Montgomery (b. 1907, IN, d. 1982, CA),
     who m. Judith May Wetzel (b. 1908, IN, d. 1989, CA).  
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Appendix A
The Knox Co., Tennessee Census for 1830

Head of Household        1998 Notes 
_________________        __________
Page 387. Copied from the
microfilm at NARA, 9-9-98;
order retained; DCM used the
index when he could not read
the microfilm.

Jeremiah Johnson
George Wade
James Ferguson
Alexander T. Patterson
John Gains
William Dunlap           m Betsy Swaggerty by Samuel, 1819
William S. Montgomery    TE's line; m Anne Dunlap by Samuel, 1820
Luke Stansberry
Polly Dunlap             EG's line; m Nathaniel Dunlap by Samuel,
                         1820; N. Dunlap died before 1830 census
Samuel Montgomery        "Judge"
James M. Montgomery      DCM's line; m Sarah Kilburn 1826
Samuel Bowman            See John Dunlap 
Claiborne Swaggerty       
John Larence
Benj. Swaggerty            
Margaret Ward
Robert McNutt
Andrew Stansberry
Tolliver Munday
Iaham Dikes
Nancy Julian
Samuel Burnett           Anything to do with Burnett Creek???
Felicia Wilnite

P. 388 [from the index]
George Wilnite
John M. Montgomery       m Mary Dunlap by Samuel, J.P., 1816 
John Dunlap              John K. Dunlap m Sarah Julian by Zac.
                         Burnett, J.P., 1846; Bondsman was Samuel
Susannah Grizzle
John Hickey
[skipping five lines]
Zachariah Burnett        See John Dunlap; Burnett Creek???
Number of people in the household by age category:
    Categ.: (below) male 123456789 female 123456789         
William S. Montgomery    000110000        321001000
Polly Dunlap             220010000        010010000
Samuel Montgomery        000110001        001111010
James M. Montgomery      200010000        000010000
John M. Montgomery       102001000        000001000

Categ.  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
Age less than
        5  10  15  20  30  40  50  60  70

That is, identifying the eldest person of the right sex with the
head of household, we have William, Polly, and James each in the
age category of 20 but less than 30; they were born between 1800
and 1810.  John M, is more than 30; he was born before 1800. 
Samuel is in his 60's.  
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Appendix B
Tax records in Tennessee

Civil government in that era followed the organization of the
local militias.  So tax "districts" were the companies of the
militia.  The tax list for 1806 for Captain Haislet's Company
shows 71 men, including
Dunlap, Samuel
Dunlap, George
Dunn, William
McCammon, John
Montgomery, Samuel
Shook, William
Shook, Abraham
Shook, Isaac
Shook, Jacob
Shook, Harman
Willson, Isaac
See more on McCammon.
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Appendix C
Problem and Resolution of a Second James Montgomery

In addition to the 1826 marriage of James M. Montgomery to Sarah
Kilburn, D'Armands' "Knox Co. TN Marriage Records, 1792-1900"
also lists James Montgomery to Sarah S. Cole in 1831.  However,
in the Knox Court Personal Index - Search for Montgomery,
there are two entries of Apr 5, 1841.  The first is Sarah
Montgomery - Support from James Montgomery Estate; the second,
James Montgomery - Estate Support of Sarah Montgomery.  On these,
from the Allen Papers of the McClung Collection (Knoxville, TN):
Knox Co, TN County Court      1840-46
April Session, 1841
67   Sarah S. Montgomery dissuits [?] from provisions for her
     support by will of her deceased husband James Montgomery.  
     Apr 5, 1841
68   -,-,- apt. Commissioners to lay off to [?] Mrs. Sarah
     Montgomery, widow of James . . .

The above middle initial "S" is significant because
the D'Armand marriage index shows "Sarah S. Cole" married to
James Montgomery in 1831.  The Sarah who married James M.
Montgomery in 1826 did not appear to use a middle initial.
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Appendix D
Record of Samuel Montgomery in the Mecklenburg and Knox County Court Minutes

An important question is raised by the minutes of the Mecklenburg County Court.  
A Samuel Montgomery was named executor of the will of John Morrison in 1777. We 
have our Samuel born no earlier than 1760, and no one is going to name a 17-year-old 
his executor, is he?  A way out of the difficulty is to assume there were two Samuels 
in Mecklenburg Co., but that prevents us from claiming to know more about our own 
Samuel; e.g. one Samuel Montgomery has a tavern near his home at "The Crossroads" 
near Clear Creek but which one?

Samuel Montgomery shows up first in Knox Co. as a Juror in 1801.  He
was then appointed as Justice of the Peace (J.P.) in 1804.  He is
mentioned in some capacity as J.P. in the years 1805 through
1820 consecutive then 1822 through 1824.  And that's all as J.P.  
In between the J.P. entries are many others as, e.g., tax
assessor appointment and commissioner to settle various estates. 
The last entry for Samuel is in 1827 as "Juror Circuit Court
Appointment."  An intriguing entry is in 1825: "Deft [defendant]
vs Samuel Dunlap Pltf [plaintiff] Civil."

In April 1826, both William Montgomery and Samuel Montgomery were
appointed commissioners to mark a road from Bays Mountain to
Sevierville. Since road commissioners lived near the subject
road, we infer that both William and Samuel lived near Shook's
Gap in 1826.  Note that the 1830 census shows a William
Montgomery age 50-60 in Knox Co.
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Appendix E
The Shook Family

Excerpt from _The Frosts and Related Families of Bedford County,
Tennessee_, by Wright W. Frost.  Published by Wright W. Frost,
730 Cherokee Blvd, Knoxville 19, TN [No date; references in the
text place it after 1962.]  Found in the Ft. Worth Public Library
[GEN929.2F] pp.155, 156.
     The author credits Marshall Wilson, a descendent of Sarah
(5) below, in his work, _You Take It from Here_, for a list of
the children of William and Catherine Sears Shook, as follows:
[shortening 1-4]:
	    1. Margaret, 1766-1838
	    2. William, Jr., 1767 - c.1840
	    3. Abraham, c.1770 - 1850/1860
	    4. Isaac, ?-?
          5. Sarah Shook was born in Hampshire Co. VA, in 1774.
She married her cousin, Isaac Willson, in Knox Co., November 28,
1796, and bore him 12 children.  Her brother Abraham was
bondsman.  She died soon after 1850.
          6. Jacob Shook was born December 17, 1777, and died
December 22, 1834.  On July 24, 1810, he married Eleanor Veach,
of Sevier County, Tennessee, who became the mother of his seven
children.  He was a Baptist minister and settled in Harrison
County, Indiana.
          7. Magdalena Shook married Samuel Montgomery in Knox
County on July 19, 1797.  Abraham Shook was bondsman, and Hugh
Allen White was witness. [should read Hugh L. White]
          8. Mary Ann Shook was born December 21, 1792, and died
before 1845.  She married Thomas Carpenter III in Knox County,
Tennessee, on June 13, 1801.  A descendant of this union was
Colonel William T. Carpenter, whose research into Shook family
history has provided much of the information used in this
          9. Harmon Shook married Margaret McMillan on February
16, 1808, in Knox County, Tennessee.  The family removed to
Harrison County, Indiana, in 1814, accompanying Thomas and Mary
Ann Shook Carpenter.
          10. Jemima Shook married Rowley McMillan on March 9,
1807, in Knox County, Tennessee.
          11. John Shook married Catherine Wilson on August 7,
1816, in Knox County, Tennessee.  She was probably a sister of
Isaac Willson who married Sarah Shook.  John and Isaac Shook are
listed in the United States Census Report for Monroe County,
Tennessee, in 1830; but there are no land records for either name
in that county.  It is assumed, but not verified by any document,
that John and Isaac Shook of Monroe County were the sons of
William and Catherine Sears Shook.
          Although in 1962 there were Shook descendants living in
Knox County, the Shook name had disappeared through migration to
Bedford County, Tennessee, Harrison County, Indiana, and
elsewhere by 1830.

See also the web site for "Maiden's Choice,"

Other document: 
Isaac Willson is in the Knox Co. census of 1850 as a farmer with
land valued at $300 (i.e., relatively well off), age 77, b
Virginia, and his wife Sarah age 76, also b Virginia, consistent
with Sarah Shook as above.  So he was present to serve as
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Appendix F
Land Records for Samuel Montgomery

in North Carolina

The concern over these critical land transactions in Mecklenburg County is that there might have been another Samuel Montgomery. The land on Clear Creek, however, is the only property I find for a Samuel, and it seems unlikely that our Samuel owned nothing in NC. This map shows the area.

1780 Adam Alexander to Samuel Montgomery 145 A on Clear Cr
1780 Samuel Montgomery to Adam Alexander et al., trustees for the congregation of Rocky Spring, 3 A being subdivided.

[Note first: According to North Carolina Research, Genealogy and Local History (Helen Leary, ed.) a man could buy or be granted land before he was 21, but he could not sell it in his own name. There does not seem to be any limitation of age for buying property. Trying to apply common sense to a situation more than 200 years ago, I assume that Samuel would not have bought land much before he was 18.]

From R. Kerr's A History of Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, 1770-1970: The original building, called the Rock Springs Meeting House, was built near Clear Creek adjacent to the Rock Springs cemetery. In 1780 Samuel Montgomery received 5 pounds (currency) for what sounds like a quit-claim deed to part of his property that had been used by, and built on by, the church.

1787 Samuel Montgomery to James Sevin [or Devine], 142 A on Clear Cr.

That is, on 3 Mar 1787, Samuel sold off all the land he then owned. Simultaneously, references to Samuel in the court records, e.g., serving on juries, end in 1786 (the time Hugh White's family is supposed to have moved to Knox Co. White had lived about 25 miles from our Samuel. See more). My interpretation is that this marks the move of Samuel also.

in Tennessee

Before 1806, ownership of land "south of the French Broad River" was determined solely by occupancy, and there is no record of first occupancy. About the first paper records on land cover the survey undertaken in 1806 in preparation for taxation.

In the "Surveyor's Entry Book - September 1806-July 1807" (pg. 18) we find land of Samuel McGomery [sic] on Shooks Creek [sic]. The creek was also called Shooks Mill Creek; it is now called Burnetts Creek. His land, on both sides of the creek, comprised 123 acres. [From an old map of the region: At the intersection of the three counties, with Bays Mountain separating Knox and Sevier, what is now U.S. highway 441 goes through Shooks Gap. Burnetts Creek (or the Willson Branch) crosses Old Sevierville Pike 2 or 3 miles northwest of the gap at the community of "Shooks" where the Shook Post Office stood.]

[Here is the map.]

William Shook's and Isaac Willson's lands were also on Shooks Mill Creek.

In 1811, Samuel Montgomery sold 123 acres on Shooks Mill Creek to John Reagan. We find no further records of land purchases for Samuel.

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Appendix G
Claim of the relationship between Samuel and children.

Although we have seen no document explicitly stating any
relationship between Samuel and his children, we base its
existence on these observations:
Parties live very near each other in both Knox Co. TN and 
Carroll Co., IN.  The moves from TN to IN are close in time.
Birth dates are consistent with parents' marriage.
Marriages are connected - brother serving for brother; father
     performing service for John and Wm, uncle Isaac as bondsman;
     father performing service for Dunlaps, who marry Montgomerys.
The names of the children that we derive from the official      
records match those of EG's family history and the DAR query.
Other Shooks of Samuel and Magdalena's generation also move from
     TN to IN (Harrison Co. at the south end of the state).
What we know of birth date of Magdalena is consistent with her  
     being wife of the Samuel next to James and Polly in 1830.
Both Samuel, Sr. and Wm serve as Justice of the Peace.
Location of families in 1830 and link of families by marriage in  
   Knox Co. is consistent with EG's family history of the
   Dunlaps and Montgomerys moving together.
Use of unusual name Jemima; Wm named his daughter after  
   his supposed aunt.
Use of name Isaac Wilson for supposed nephew, James' son.
Wm and James each name a son after their supposed father, Samuel. 
James' possible son William links to his supposed brother.
James named his 7th son John M., linking to his supposed brother.
Finally, the family is consistent with the DAR Magazine, as above.

There is an undocumented event that does not fit the conclusions
of our logic; namely, the LDS IGI indicates that there was only
one son of Samuel Montgomery and Magdelena Shook.  That son was 
supposedly named Samuel, born May 10, 1801 in Knox Co.  The source of 
the IGI entry is an LDS family sheet (submitted by Sylvia Gatton) citing 
Tennessee bible records that no one can locate.  If both birth dates 
were right, this Samuel would have been born just seven months after 
William S.  This incorrect information from the IGI has been 
propagated through many references to our Samuel Montgomery including
the data base of Clan Montgomery Society International.
EG = Eva Gregory, descendant of Mary (Polly) Montgomery Dunlap.
TE = Terry Ervin, descendant of Wm S. Montgomery
DCM = Dave Montgomery, descendant of James M. Montgomery
February 11, 2000 updated October 15, 2002 and August 26, 2005

   Dave Montgomery

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