DANIEL GENEALOGY of Morgan County, Georgia

DANIEL GENEALOGYof Morgan County, Georgia

This site is dedicated to all the PEOPLE that came before me! I want to thank my wife, Freda, who sits there so silently, understanding and says nothing while I do this....rrright"

I also want to thank Sheila Daniel Colston and Faye Harwell Cohne
for all the information and photos they share with me. Thanks to Becky Allen Pentecost
for the information on Maggie Allen and also for the photos of Maggie and her family.
Thanks to Kathy Keith Price, Grady Keith, Sr. and Isabelle Sullivan for sharing their Keith info with me!

The fields around Fairplay, Georgia are now void of cotton, but years ago at this time of the year(September and October) the fields would be as white as snow, as cotton bolls opened to let the white fluffy cotton burst out and color the rolling and flat land of Fairplay. Then came the Boll Weevil. The cotton pickers and field hands are no more and the nearby cotton mills in Monroe and Social Circle are sitting idle, the cotton gins at Fairplay, Bostwick and Madison are no more, another era gone by.

My Daniel ancesters have lived in and around Fairplay for the last 200 years.They were all farmers of cotton.

WILLIAM DANIEL was born in the Fairplay District of Morgan County, Georgia in 1847 and in 1863, he served in The War Between the States at Andersonville, Georgia. In 1866 he married Julia Autry. They farmed for a living, mostly in Morgan and Walton County and lived most of the time in the Blasingame District, which is located adjacent to Morgan County within a mile or two of Fairplay, Georgia.(Fairplay, years ago, was a farming mega hub. Fairplay had a post office before Monroe or Madison). In the latter days of his life, he purchased 30 acres of land in the Blasingame District, Walton County and he had a Social Circle address. He received a $100 a year war pension from Walton County.

My KEITH ancestors migrated to Oolenoy Valley, South Carolina in 1743 and Cornelius Keith traded a pony to Cherokee Indian Chief Woolenoy for the 'part of the Valley' he wanted. Three of the Keith brothers left Pickens County, South Carolina to fight in the Revolutionary War and after the war found wives in Virginia and North Carolina and settled in those states. In the late 1790's they came back to Pickens County, South Carolina to be with their father, Cornelius and siblings. In 1795 the brothers donated the land for the founding of Oolenoy Baptist Church.

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