"USS Orvetta, IX-157"
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U.S.S. Orvetta, IX-157


Displacement 12,940 tons; Length 418'; Beam 54';

Draft 27'; Speed 9.5 knots; Armaments one 3" and one 40mm.

At Anchor in Huangpu River

Shanghai, China, 1945

Though not a sleek combat vessel, in WWII the USS Orvetta IX-157 performed vital services to her fleet and her country. Sadly, she has long since gone to the scrap heap and many of her crew are no longer with us.

The lack of glamour associated with her assigned duties in no way diminished the dedication and pride of her crew. It is to their service that this web site is dedicated.

To paraphrase what Lt. Doug Roberts (novel and movie Mister Roberts) wrote to crew of his former ship, Reluctant:

"I'm thinking now of everyone on that bucket. All the guys who sailed from Tedium to Apathy and back again, with an occasional side trip to Monotony. The unseen enemy of this war is the boredom that eventually becomes a faith and, therefore, a terrible sort of suicide. l know now that the ones who refuse to surrender to it are the strongest of all. At a time in the world when courage counted most, I lived among brave men."

If you have names or photos of any of the crew, other photos of the ship or can identify any of the crew photos, please contact me (see below).

Thank you.

David Whitt Dorsey, Sr., Fireman First Class - Electrician Striker

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