Peyatt Reunion 2002, Richwood, WV Peyatt Reunion 2002--Richwood, WV
by Robin Pyatt Bellamy

On July 27, 2002 my husband, son and I attended the Peyatt (is that the right spelling?) Reunion in Richwood, WV.  If any of you are not familiar with Richwood, it is deep in the hills of West Virginia, accessible by two-lane paved road.  We did find a grocery store and a couple of gas stations and a very quaint downtown.  What struck me most, however, was the raw beauty of this place.  It is situated just at the edge of the Monongahela National Forrest, and the reunion itself was held at a picnic shelter at Woodbine Park, right along the Cranberry River.  Breathtakinglingly beautiful.

True to my Pyatt quests of 2002, it was pouring the rain down.  Lightening and thunder rolled in as well, but we were unswerved in our quest for family and food.  Both were downhome and delicious!

I met my new internet friend/cousin Glenda and many, many others.  I'm not sure how many were in attendance but I would guess about 75.  It was quite crowded under that shelter!  Everyone I spoke with suggested that I contact Chester or Charles about the family history, as everyone defferred to them as the branch historians.  I especially delighted in the stories told.  One story says that a Peyatt (possibly Elijah) is buried between Richwood and Holcomb at a cemetary on Hinkle Mountain.  I say 'at' the cemetary because he is supposedly buried standing up as pennance for shooting a man's dog.  A second story that delighted me was the story of how someone's son (or was it brother? or uncle?) had met a 'real genealogist' and that person had really helped them out in finding thier ancestors.  And who was this famed researcher?  Our own Richard (Dick) O. Piatt whom I too have had the pleasure of meeting.  Dick, you are now family legend material!

It was soon established that the family records belonging the the branch historians are currently in the hands of Glenda who lives in Cleveland, OH.  I am anxious to paruse these records as they include many documents regarding William and Mary Smith Pyatt as well as Abraham Piatt of Mason County.  When possible, I hope to travel to Cleveland to have a look.  I believe this branch of the family to be closely related to that of Beth and Jo Lauer.

Please have a look at these photos.  If you can identify anyone, please email me and let me know so I can put thier names with thier faces.  I didn't remember many names!

Here are the photos:  Please note, the date of the Reunion was July 27, 2002--the date on my camera is wrong!

Entries marked with an asterisk (*)have been emailed to me from helpful cousins.
people 1 Clayton Peyatt (Glenda's Brother) Food!!!!
people 2 people 8
*Well, I think the man in the blue checkered shirt is my grandpa George but I'm not sure. 
*your picture that is labeled people 8 is my grandfather's second wife Candy she is the one that is looking out into the field dress in a white top
Lots of Cars
people 3 Doug and John David Bellamy
*In the picture that you have labeled online Doug and John David Bellamy my grandfather Andrew Jackson Peyatt is in there he is the guy with glasses, plaid shirt holding a white styrofoam cup.
Bryan Chasing Butterfly (Glenda's grandson)
people 4
*in pic # 4, the man to the far left is carl himself
The person in the very center of this photo leaned against the beam is also Carl Peyatt of Youngstown Ohio.
Shannon The men playing horseshoes
*On the picture of the men playing horseshoes, to the far left is Carl Clifton Peyatt, Sr.  He is from Youngstown (Liberty) Ohio
people 5 Down by the Riverside people 10
*Looking at your photos I found my Grandfather, George Peyatt.  He is in "people 10"  in the middle wearing a blue/grey flannel shirt behind the wood rail.  It almost brought tears to my eyes when I saw this. 
people 6
*holding the baby in picture # 6 is Linda Peyatt, the widow of Albert Peyatt, which is carl's brother. She lives in Niles ohio
*the women standing up in picture six is erma peyatt , is married to charles peyatt from camden on gauley west virginia
people 9


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