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Family of Walter + of CLIFFORD and Margaret + of TONI

Husband: Walter + of CLIFFORD (1113-1190)
Wife: Margaret + of TONI (1118-1185)
Children: Rosamond + of CLIFFORD (1136-1176)
Walter II + of CLIFFORD (1150-1221)
Marriage 1135

Husband: Walter + of CLIFFORD

Name: Walter + of CLIFFORD
Sex: Male
Father: Richard + FITZPONS (1080-1129)
Mother: Maud + FITZWALTER (1081-1127)
Birth 1113 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
Death 1190 (age 76-77) Godstow, Oxfordshire, England

Wife: Margaret + of TONI

Name: Margaret + of TONI
Sex: Female
Father: Ralph + of TONEY (1088-1113)
Mother: Alice + of TONEY (1092- )
Birth 1118 Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England
Death 1185 (age 66-67)

Child 1: Rosamond + of CLIFFORD


Spouse: Henry II +

Name: Rosamond + of CLIFFORD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry II + (1133-1189)
Birth 1136 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
Death 1176 (age 39-40) Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Burial Godstow Nunnery, Oxfordshire, England

Child 2: Walter II + of CLIFFORD

Name: Walter II + of CLIFFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes + of CUNDY (1160- )
Birth 1150 Clifford Castle, Herefordshire, England
Occupation frm 1207 to 1208 (age 56-58) High Sheriff of Herefordshire
Death 17 Jan 1221 (age 70-71)

Note on Husband: Walter + of CLIFFORD

Walter I de Clifford (1113–1190)[1] was an Anglo-Norman marcher lord of Bronllys Castle[2] on the Welsh border, and Clifford Castle (from the 1130s[3]), in Herefordshire. He is now best known for his daughter, Rosamund Clifford, with Margaret de Toeni, daughter of Ralph de Toeni[4].


He was the son of Richard FitzPons and Matilda, who the sister of Miles de Gloucester, 1st Earl of Hereford.


Walter's other children were[5]:


Walter II de Clifford



Amicia, married Osbern fitz Hugh of Richards Castle

Lucia, married Hugh de Say of Clun Castle

Rosamund Clifford, known as "the fair Rosamund", the mistress of King Henry II.