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Family of Heber + FIONN

Partner: Heber + FIONN (1012-967)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Conmal + (965-912)

Partner: Heber + FIONN

Name: Heber + FIONN
Sex: Male
Father: Milesius + (1050- )
Mother: Scota + (1035-968)
Birth 1012 B.C. Egypt
Death 0967 B.C. (age 44-45) Plains of Geisiol, Leinster, Ireland
Cause: Battle on the Plains of Geisiol

Child 1: Conmal +

Name: Conmal +
Sex: Male
Birth 0965 B.C. Ireland
Occupation King of Ireland
Title King of Ireland
Death 0912 B.C. (age 52-53) Ireland

Note on Husband: Heber + FIONN

Book of McKee pg 385 "With sixty vessels the Milesian colony set sail under the leadership of the sons of Milesius for Innisfail, or Ireland, taking with them the widowed Scota. Only Heremon, Heber, and Amergin succeeded in effecting a landing with their followers. Almost at once they were engaged in battle by the Tuatha de Danaans, whom they succeeded in routing. Scota was killed in one of these first battles...Thereafter they divided the island between them...This joint sovereignty of the island by Heremon and Heber occurred in the year 3501 anno mundi, or 1693 BC.


Page 386 states: The two brothers Heremon and Heber Fionn reigned together for about a year, when Heber's wife caused them to quarrel over possession of a beautiful valley she coveted. She finally persuaded Heber to attack Hremon, and in the ensuing battle upon the plains of Geisiol, the frontier boundaries of Leinster and Munster, Heber was slain."