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Family of Charles III + and Edgiva +* of KENT

Husband: Charles III + (879-929)
Wife: Edgiva +* of KENT (896-968)
Children: Louis IV + (921-954)

Husband: Charles III +

Name: Charles III +
Sex: Male
Nickname: Charles the Simple
Father: Louis + (843-879)
Mother: Adelaide + of PARIS (855-900)
Birth 0879
Occupation King of France
Title King of France
Death 0929 (age 49-50)

Wife: Edgiva +* of KENT

Name: Edgiva +* of KENT
Sex: Female
Father: Sigeheim + of KENT (871- )
Mother: Ealhswith + of MERCIA (c. 875- )
Birth 0896 Kent, Essex, England
Death 25 Aug 0968 (age 71-72)

Child 1: Louis IV +

Name: Louis IV +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gerberge + (913-984)
Birth 10 Sep 0921 Laon, Champagne, France
Occupation King of France
Title King of France
Death 10 Oct 0954 (age 33) St. Remy Abbaye, Reims, Champagne, France
Burial Reims, Champagne, France

Note on Wife: Edgiva +* of KENT

Eadgifu of Kent (also Edgiva or Ediva) (died August 25, 968) was the third wife of Edward the Elder, King of England. Eadgifu was the daughter of Sigehelm, Ealdorman of Kent (died 903). She became the mother of two sons, Edmund I of England, later King Edmund I, and Eadred of England, later King Eadred, and a daughter, Saint Eadburh of Winchester. Eadgifu survived Edward by many years, dying in the reign of her grandson Edgar.