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Family of William of BARRY and Angharad of WINDSOR

Husband: William of BARRY (c. 1201- )
Wife: Angharad of WINDSOR (c. 1196- )
Children: Philip of BARRY (c. 1226- )
Robert of BARRY (c. 1228- )
Edmond of BARRY (c. 1230- )
Gerald of WALES (c. 1232- )

Husband: William of BARRY

Name: William of BARRY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1201 (est)

Wife: Angharad of WINDSOR

Name: Angharad of WINDSOR
Sex: Female
Father: Gerald of WINDSOR (1070-1136)
Mother: Nest verch RHYS (1073-aft1136)
Birth 1196 (est)

Child 1: Philip of BARRY

Name: Philip of BARRY
Sex: Male
Birth 1226 (est)

Child 2: Robert of BARRY

Name: Robert of BARRY
Sex: Male
Birth 1228 (est)

Child 3: Edmond of BARRY

Name: Edmond of BARRY
Sex: Male
Birth 1230 (est)

Child 4: Gerald of WALES

Name: Gerald of WALES
Sex: Male
Birth 1232 (est)