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Family of Alfgar III +* and Aelfgifu + *

Husband: Alfgar III +* (1002-1062)
Wife: Aelfgifu + * (c. 999-1098)
Children: Morcar (1024-1087)
Edith + SWANISHA (1025-1086)
Burgheard (c. 1025- )
Edwin (1028-1070)
Edith + *of MERCIA (1034-1086)

Husband: Alfgar III +*

Name: Alfgar III +*
Sex: Male
Father: Leofric III +of MERCIA (c. 975-1057)
Mother: Godiva + of MERCIA (980-1067)
Birth 1002 Mercia, Leicestershire, England
Occupation Earl of Mercia
Title frm 1057 to 1062 (age 54-60) Earl of Mercia
Death 1062 (age 59-60) Mercia, Leicestershire, England

Wife: Aelfgifu + *

Name: Aelfgifu + *
Sex: Female
Father: Aethelred +* (968-1016)
Mother: Alfflaed + GUNNARSDOTTIR (968-1002)
Birth 0999 (est)
Death 1098 (age 98-99) Mercia, Leicestershire, England

Child 1: Morcar

Name: Morcar
Sex: Male
Spouse: unknown ( - )
Birth 1024 Wessex, England
Occupation Earl of Northumbria
Title frm 1065 to 1066 (age 40-42) Earl of Northumbria
Death 1087 (age 62-63) Wessex, England
Cause: died imprisoned

Child 2: Edith + SWANISHA


Spouse: Harold II + GODWINSSON

Name: Edith + SWANISHA
Sex: Female
Nickname: The Gentle Swan
Spouse: Harold II + GODWINSSON (1022-1066)
Birth 1025 Mercia, Leicestershire, England
Occupation Queen of England
Title Queen of England
Religion Chalcedonian Christianity
Death 1086 (age 60-61) Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
Burial Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

Child 3: Burgheard

Name: Burgheard
Sex: Male
Birth 1025 (est)
Burial Reims, Champagne, France

Child 4: Edwin

Name: Edwin
Sex: Male
Spouse: Iwerydd verch CYNFYN (1024-1048)
Birth 1028 Mercia, Leicestershire, England
Death 1070 (age 41-42) England

Child 5: Edith + *of MERCIA


Spouse: Gruffydd + *ap LLEWELYN


Spouse: Harold II + GODWINSSON

Name: Edith + *of MERCIA
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Gruffydd + *ap LLEWELYN (1007-1063)
Spouse 2: Harold II + GODWINSSON (1022-1066)
Birth 1034 Mercia, Leicestershire, England
Occupation Queen of England
Title frm 4 Jan 1066 to 14 Oct 1066 (age 31-32) Queen Consort of England
Death 1086 (age 51-52)

Note on Husband: Alfgar III +*

Ælfgar (died c. 1062) was son of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, possibly by his well-known wife Godgifu (Lady Godiva), although more probably by an earlier marriage. He succeeded to his father's title and responsibilities on the latter's death in 1057.


Ælfgar gained from the exile of Earl Godwin of Wessex and his sons in 1051. He was given the Earldom of East Anglia, which had been that of Harold, son of Godwin. Earl Godwin and King Edward were reconciled the following year, so Harold was restored to his earldom - but not for long. At Easter 1053 Godwin died, so Harold became Earl of Wessex, and the earldom of East Anglia returned to Ælfgar. [1],[2]


Ælfgar seems to have learned from the tactics Godwin used to put pressure on King Edward. When he was himself exiled in 1055, he raised a fleet of 18 ships in Ireland and then turned to Wales, where King Gruffydd agreed to join forces with him against King Edward. Two miles from Hereford, on 24 October, they clashed with the army of the Earl of Herefordshire, Ralph the Timid. The Earl and his men eventually took flight, and Gruffydd and Ælfgar pursued them, killing and wounding as they went, and enacting savage reprisals on Hereford. They despoiled and burnt the town, killing many of its citizens. King Edward ordered an army mustered and put Earl Harold in charge of it. This was more formidable opposition, and Ælfgar and Gruffydd fled to South Wales. However the issue was resolved by diplomacy and Earl Ælfgar was reinstated.[3]


Ælfgar's is known to have had at least four children. One son, Burgheard, predeceased his father, died while returning from Rome early in 1061 and was buried at Reims.[4] He was survived by three children, two sons, Edwin, later Earl of Mercia, and Morcar, later Earl of Northumbria, and a daughter Ealdgyth, who was first married to Welsh king Gruffydd ap Llywelyn and later to Harold Godwinson, King of England.[1]1,2


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