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Family of Drogo + and Goda of ENGLAND

Husband: Drogo + (1000-1035)
Wife: Goda of ENGLAND (1004-1047)
Children: Adele + of AMIENS (1021-1040)
Ralph (c. 1023-1057)
Walter III (c. 1025-1063)
Fulk (c. 1027-1068)
Ada of AMIENS (1030-1066)
Marriage 1025 Dorset, England

Husband: Drogo +

Name: Drogo +
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Oct 1000 Vexin, Normandy, France
Occupation Count of Amiens, Mantes and Vexin
Death 1 Jul 1035 (age 34) Minor, Yakutia, Russia

Wife: Goda of ENGLAND

Name: Goda of ENGLAND
Sex: Female
Father: Aethelred +* (968-1016)
Mother: Emma of NORMANDY (985-1052)
Birth 1004 London, Middlesex, England
Death 1047 (age 42-43) Sussex, England

Child 1: Adele + of AMIENS

Name: Adele + of AMIENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh + of COUCY (1015-1069)
Birth 1021 Mantes la Jolie, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, France
Death 1040 (age 18-19) England

Child 2: Ralph

Name: Ralph
Sex: Male
Nickname: The Timid
Spouse: Gytha (c. 980- )
Birth 1023 (est)
Occupation Earl of Hereford
Death 1057 (age 33-34)

Child 3: Walter III

Name: Walter III
Sex: Male
Birth 1025 (est)
Occupation Count of Vexin, Valois and Amiens
Death 1063 (age 37-38)

Child 4: Fulk

Name: Fulk
Sex: Male
Birth 1027 (est)
Death 1068 (age 40-41)

Child 5: Ada of AMIENS

Name: Ada of AMIENS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Guy I of POITHIEU (1020-1101)
Birth 1030 Amiens, Somme, Picardie, France
Occupation Countess of Shrewsbury
Death 1066 (age 35-36) Abbeville, Somme, Picarde, France

Note on Husband: Drogo +

Drogo of Mantes (996–1035) was the count of Valois and the Vexin in the early eleventh century from 1027 to his death. His capital was Mantes, thus his byname. He married Goda, daughter of King Ethelred the Unready of England and Queen Emma of Normandy and the sister of King Edward the Confessor. Their son was Ralph the Timid, earl of Hereford.

Note on Wife: Goda of ENGLAND

Goda of England or Godgifu was the daughter of King Ethelred the Unready and his second wife Emma of Normandy, and sister of King Edward the Confessor. She married firstly Drogo of Mantes, count of the Véxin, probably on 7 April 1024,[2] and had sons by him:


Ralph the Timid, earl of Hereford.

Walter III of the Vexin (d.1063), married Biota (d.1063), daughter of Herbert I of Maine, they both died in suspicious circumstances in the captivity of William I of England.

Fulk (d.1068)


She married secondly Eustace II, count of Boulogne in 1035. This marriage was childless.


After the Norman Conquest of England by William the Conqueror, the lands owned by Goda in Buckinghamshire were given to the Norman knights Bertram de Verdun, lord of Farnham Royal, and Raoul, count of Fougères.