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Family of Gruffudd ap RHYS and Gwenllian

Husband: Gruffudd ap RHYS (1071-1137)
Wife: Gwenllian (1086-1137)
Children: Rhys ap GRUFFYD (1129- )

Husband: Gruffudd ap RHYS

Name: Gruffudd ap RHYS
Sex: Male
Father: Rhys + ap TEWDWR (1027-1093)
Mother: Gwladus +verch RHIWALLON (1041-1139)
Birth 1071 Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Title frm 1116 to 1137 (age 44-66) Prince of Deheubarth
Occupation Prince of Deheubarth
Death 1137 (age 65-66)

Wife: Gwenllian

Name: Gwenllian
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1086 Caernarvonshire, Wales
Death 1137 (age 50-51) Maes Gwenllina, Wales

Child 1: Rhys ap GRUFFYD

Name: Rhys ap GRUFFYD
Sex: Male
Birth 1129

Note on Husband: Gruffudd ap RHYS

Gruffydd ap Rhys (died 1137) was Prince of Deheubarth, in Wales. His sister was the Princess Nest ferch Rhys.


[edit] Early lifeFollowing the death of Gruffydd's father Rhys ap Tewdwr in 1093, Deheubarth was taken over by the Normans, and Gruffydd spent much of his early years in exile in Ireland.


In 1113 Gruffydd visited Prince Gruffudd ap Cynan of Gwynedd at their family seat at Aberffraw on Ynys Môn. The Prince of Gwynedd owed an honour debt to the House of Dinefwr, as Gruffydd's father, Rhys ap Tewdwr, had aided Gruffydd ap Cynan in his own bid to reclaim Gwynedd from rivals in 1081. In Aberffraw, Gruffydd ap Tewdwr met Gwenllian, the beautiful youngest daughter of Gwynedd's prince. After a brief courtship the couple eloped, with Gwenllian joining Gruffydd ap Rhys on his military campaigns.


After several years Gruffydd was able to raise enough men to attack a number of Norman castles and towns with some success. However an attack on Aberystwyth was defeated and Gruffydd's army dispersed.


Gruffydd came to terms with King Henry I of England and was allowed to rule a portion of his father's kingdom, the Cantref Mawr, although he was soon under pressure from the Normans again and was forced to flee to Ireland for a period in 1127.


[edit] RebellionIn 1136 Gruffydd joined with Owain Gwynedd and Cadwaladr, the sons of Gruffydd ap Cynan of Gwynedd, in a rebellion against Norman rule. While Rhys was away from home, his wife Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd raised an army and attacked the Norman castle of Kidwelly but was defeated and killed.


Gruffydd himself with Owain and Cadwaladr gained a crushing victory over the Normans at Crug Mawr near Cardigan the same year.


[edit] Death and successionIn 1137 Gruffydd gained further success in Dyfed, but died shortly afterwards in uncertain circumstances.


Gruffydd had four sons by Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, Maredudd, Rhys, Morgan and Maelgwn. He also had two older sons by a previous marriage, Anarawd and Cadell, and at least two daughters, Gwladus and Nest. He was followed by his eldest son, Anarawd. Of his other sons, Cadell, Maredydd and Rhys (later known as The Lord Rhys) all ruled Deheubarth in turn.