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Family of Richard II * + and Judith * + of BRITTANY

Husband: Richard II * + (970-1026)
Wife: Judith * + of BRITTANY (982-1017)
Children: Richard III (997-1027)
Robert I * + (1000-1035)
William of NORMANDY (1001-1025)
Adelais + of NORMANDY (1007-1037)
Stephen of NORMANDY (1009- )
OF NORMANDY (1011- )
Eleanore of NORMANDY (1011-aft1071)
Margaret + of NORMANDY (1017-1070)
William + of NORMANDY (1025- )
Marriage 1000 Normandy, France

Husband: Richard II * +

Name: Richard II * +
Sex: Male
Nickname: The Good
Father: Richard I * + (933-996)
Mother: Gunnora+ * HARLDSDOTTIR (936-1031)
Birth 23 Aug 0970 Normandy, France
Occupation Duke of Normandy
Title Duke of Normandy
Death 28 Aug 1026 (age 56) Nbecamp, Normandy, France
Burial Church of our Lady of Fashion in Bernay

Wife: Judith * + of BRITTANY

Name: Judith * + of BRITTANY
Sex: Female
Father: Conan I + (927-992)
Mother: Ermandarde + of ANJOU (952-999)
Birth 0982 Rennes, Ille-et-Bilaine, Bretagne, France
Death 17 Jun 1017 (age 34-35) Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haut-Normandy, France
Burial Abbey of Bernay

Child 1: Richard III

Name: Richard III
Sex: Male
Spouse: unknown (c. 1003- )
Birth 0997 Normandy, France
Title 1027 (age 29-30) Duke of Normandy
Occupation Duke of Normandy
Death 3 Feb 1027 (age 29-30)

Child 2: Robert I * +


Robert I * +

Name: Robert I * +
Sex: Male
Nickname: Robert the Devil
Spouse: Herleva * + of FALAISE (1003-1078)
Birth 22 Jun 1000 Falaise, Calvados, Normandy, France
Occupation Duke of Normandy
Title frm 1027 to 3 Jul 1035 (age 26-35) Duke of Normandie
Death 3 Jul 1035 (age 35) Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey

Child 3: William of NORMANDY

Name: William of NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Lesseline of HARCOURT (1003-1058)
Birth 1001 Normandy, France
Death Jun 1025 (age 23-24) Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey

Child 4: Adelais + of NORMANDY


Adelais + of NORMANDY

Name: Adelais + of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Renaud I + (986-1057)
Birth 1007 Normandy, France
Occupation Countess of Burgundy
Death 27 Jul 1037 (age 29-30) France

Child 5: Stephen of NORMANDY

Name: Stephen of NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Birth 1009


Sex: Female
Birth 1011

Child 7: Eleanore of NORMANDY

Name: Eleanore of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Baldwin IV +* (980-1035)
Birth 1011
Death aft 1071 (age 59-60) Flanders, Belgium

Child 8: Margaret + of NORMANDY

Name: Margaret + of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Waldron + of SAINT CLARE (1015-1047)
Birth 1017 Normandy, France
Death 1070 (age 52-53) Devon, England

Child 9: William + of NORMANDY

Name: William + of NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: OF PONTHIEU (1029- )
Birth 1025 Normandy, France

Note on Husband: Richard II * +

Richard succeeded his father as Duke of Normandy in 996 but the first five years of his reign were spent with Count Ralph of Ivry wielding power and putting down a peasant insurrection.[2]


When he took power he strengthened his alliance with the Capetians by helping Robert II of France against the duchy of Burgundy. He formed a new alliance with Brittany by marrying his sister Hawise to Geoffrey I, Duke of Brittany and by his own marriage to Geoffrey's sister, Judith.


He also repelled an English attack on the Cotentin Peninsula that was led by Ethelred II of England. He pursued a reform of the Norman monasteries.



Richard II (right), with the Abbot of Mont Saint Michel (middle) and Lothair of France (left).[edit] MarriagesRichard attempted to improve relations with England through his sister Emma of Normandy's marriage to King Ethelred, but she was strongly disliked by the English. However, this connection later gave his grandson, William the Conqueror, part of his claim to the throne of England.


He married firstly (996) Judith (982-1017), daughter of Conan I of Brittany, by whom he had the following issue:


Richard (c. 1002/4), duke of Normandy

Alice (c. 1003/5), married Renaud I, Count of Burgundy

Robert (c. 1005/7), duke of Normandy

William (c. 1007/9), monk at Fécamp, d. 1025

Eleanor (c. 1011/3), married to Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders

Matilda (c. 1013/5), nun at Fecamp, d. 1033

Secondly he married Poppa of Envermeu, by whom he had the following issue:


Mauger (c. 1019), Archbishop of Rouen

William (c. 1020/5), count of Arques

Note on Wife: Judith * + of BRITTANY

Judith of Brittany (born in 982 in Britain , and died on 16 June 1017 in Normandy ), daughter of Conan I. , Duc de Bretagne and Ermengarde, daughter of Geoffrey I. , Count of Anjou , was the first wife of Richard II of Normandy , Duke of Normandy .


[ modifier ] Biographie [ edit ] Biography Judith de Bretagne est la mère des ducs de Normandie Richard III et Robert le Magnifique . Judith Britain is the mother of the Dukes of Normandy Richard III and Robert the Magnificent . Elle meurt en 1017 et fut enterrée à l'abbaye de Bernay , qu'elle avait fondée vers 1010 grâce au douaire reçu de son mari lors de leur mariage. She died in 1017 and was buried in the abbey of Bernay , she founded around 1010 thanks to dower from her husband during their marriage. Sa tombe demeure depuis la révolution dans l'église (Basilique) notre dame de la couture à Bernay. His grave remains since the revolution in the Church (Basilica) our lady of fashion in Bernay.


[ modifier ] Mariage et descendance [ edit ] Marriage and children Elle est la première épouse de Richard II de Normandie , duc de Normandie, avec qui elle se marie vers l'an 1000 . She was the first wife of Richard II of Normandy , Duke of Normandy, with whom she married about the year 1000 . Ils eurent cinq enfants : They had five children:


Richard, futur duc Richard III de Normandie Richard, the future Duke Richard III of Normandy

Robert, futur duc Robert le Magnifique Robert, the future Duke Robert the Magnificent

Guillaume de Fécamp, moine à Fécamp en Normandie William of Fecamp, monk at Fecamp in Normandy

Adélaïde (v. 1005 - 1038 ), épouse du comte Renaud Ier de Bourgogne et grand-mère du pape Calixte II Adelaide (c. 1005 - 1038 ), wife of Count Renaud I of Burgundy and grandmother of Pope Callistus II

Éléonore de Normandie , épouse du comte Baudouin IV de Flandre Eleanor of Normandy , wife of Count Baldwin IV of Flanders