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Family of Richard I * + and Gunnora+ * HARLDSDOTTIR

Husband: Richard I * + (933-996)
Wife: Gunnora+ * HARLDSDOTTIR (936-1031)
Children: Geoffroy + of BRIONNE (958-1027)
Robert + of NORMANDY (964-1037)
Havoise + of NORMANDY (c. 966-1034)
Richard II * + (970-1026)
Mauger + *of NORMANDY (974-1040)
Beatrice of NORMANDY (c. 980- )
Emma of NORMANDY (985-1052)
Mathilda + of NORMANDY (c. 990-1005)
Marriage 0962 France

Husband: Richard I * +


Richard I * +

Name: Richard I * +
Sex: Male
Nickname: Richard the Fearless
Father: William I * + (893-942)
Mother: Sprota* + of BRITTANY (911-940)
Birth 28 Aug 0933 Fecamp, Normandy, France
Title Duke de Normandie
Occupation 3rd Duke of Normandy
Death 20 Nov 0996 (age 63) Fecamp, Normandy, France
Burial Abbaye de la Trinite de Fecamp
Fecamp, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France

Wife: Gunnora+ * HARLDSDOTTIR

Name: Gunnora+ * HARLDSDOTTIR
Sex: Female
Father: Herbastus + of CREPON (918- )
Mother: Gunhild + OLAFSDOTTER (920- )
Birth 0936 Argue, High Normandy, France
Death 20 Nov 1031 (age 94-95) Fecamp, Normandy, France

Child 1: Geoffroy + of BRIONNE

Name: Geoffroy + of BRIONNE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hawise + of GUINES (958-1002)
Birth 0958 Brionne, Eure. Normandy, France
Title Count of Brionne
Death 23 Aug 1027 (age 68-69) Fecamp, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France

Child 2: Robert + of NORMANDY

Name: Robert + of NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Havlive + of ROUEN (968- )
Birth 0964 Normandy, France
Death 1037 (age 72-73)

Child 3: Havoise + of NORMANDY

Name: Havoise + of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Geoffrey I + (980-1008)
Birth 0966 (est) Normandy, France
Death 21 Feb 1034 (age 67-68)
Burial Rennes, Ille-et-Bilaine, Bretagne, France

Child 4: Richard II * +

Name: Richard II * +
Sex: Male
Nickname: The Good
Spouse 1: Judith * + of BRITTANY (982-1017)
Spouse 2: Poppa of ENVERMEU (c. 975- )
Birth 23 Aug 0970 Normandy, France
Occupation Duke of Normandy
Title Duke of Normandy
Death 28 Aug 1026 (age 56) Nbecamp, Normandy, France
Burial Church of our Lady of Fashion in Bernay

Child 5: Mauger + *of NORMANDY

Name: Mauger + *of NORMANDY
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Germaine +* of CORBEIL (978-1012)
Spouse 2: unknown (c. 982- )
Birth 0974 Rouen, Normandy, France
Occupation Count of Corbeil
Death 1040 (age 65-66) Corbeil, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France

Child 6: Beatrice of NORMANDY

Name: Beatrice of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Birth 0980 (est)

Child 7: Emma of NORMANDY


Spouse: Aethelred +*

Name: Emma of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Aethelred +* (968-1016)
Spouse 2: Canute II (985-1035)
Birth 0985
Occupation Queen Consort of England
Death 6 Mar 1052 (age 66-67) Winchester, Hampshire, England

Child 8: Mathilda + of NORMANDY

Name: Mathilda + of NORMANDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Eudes II + of CHARTRES (983-1037)
Birth 0990 (est)
Death 1005 (age 14-15)

Note on Husband: Richard I * +

Richard I of Normandy (born 28 August 933, in Fécamp Normandy, France died 20 November 996, in Fécamp) was the Duke of Normandy from 942 to 996; he is considered the first to actually have held that title. He was called Richard the Fearless (French, Sans Peur).


He was born to William I of Normandy, ruler of Normandy, and Sprota. He was still a boy of around 10 years of age when his father died on 17 December 942. His mother was a Breton concubine captured in war and bound to William by a Danish marriage. After William died, Sprota became the wife of Esperleng, a wealthy miller; Rodulf of Ivry was their son and Richard's half-brother.


Richard was still a boy when his father died, and so he was powerless to stop Louis IV of France when he seized Normandy and split the lands, giving lands in lower Normandy to Hugh the Great. Louis kept him in confinement in his youth at Lâon, but he escaped with the assistance of Osmond de Centville, Bernard de Senlis (who had been a companion of Rollo of Normandy), Ivo de Bellèsme, and Bernard the Dane (ancestor of families of Harcourt and Beaumont).


In 946, Richard agreed to "commend" himself to Hugh, Count of Paris. He then allied himself with the Norman and Viking leaders, drove Louis out of Rouen, and took back Normandy by 947. The rest of his reign was mainly peaceful, apart from conflict with Theobald I, Count of Blois marked by the restoration of Church lands and monasteries.


Richard cemented his alliance with Hugh, marrying his daughter Emma. When Hugh died, Richard became vassal to his son Hugh Capet who became king in 987. Although married to Emma, they produced no offspring, his children being the product of a relationship with Gonnor, a woman of Danish origin who gave him a heir, Richard.[1]


He later quarrelled with Ethelred II of England regarding Danish invasions of England because Normandy had been buying up much of the stolen booty.


Richard was bilingual, having been well educated at Bayeux. He was more partial to his Danish subjects than to the Franks. During his reign, Normandy became completely Gallicized and Christianized. He introduced the feudal system and Normandy became one of the most thoroughly feudalized states on the continent. He carried out a major reorganization of the Norman military system, based on heavy cavalry.


He married 1st (960) Emma (not to be confused with Emma of France), daughter of Hugh "The Great" of France, and Hedwiga de Sachsen. They were betrothed when both were very young. She died 19 Mar 968, with no issue.


According to Robert of Torigni, not long after Emma's death, Duke Richard went out hunting and stopped at the house of a local forester. He became enamoured of the forester's wife, Seinfreda, but she being a virtuous woman, suggested he court her unmarried sister, Gunnor, instead. Gunnor became his mistress, and her family rose to prominence. Her brother, Herefast de Crepon, may have been involved in a controversial heresy trial. Gunnor was, like Richard, of Norse descent, being a Dane by blood. Richard finally married her to legitimize their children:


Richard II "the Good", Duke of Normandy (996), died 1026.

Robert, Archbishop of Rouen, Count of Evreux, died 1037.

Mauger, Earl of Corbeil, died after 1033

Robert Danus, died between 985 and 989

another son

Emma of Normandy (c.985-1052) wife of two kings of England.

Maud of Normandy, wife of Odo II of Blois, Count of Blois, Champagne and Chartres

Hawise of Normandy (b. ca. 978), d. 21 February 1034. m. Geoffrey I, Duke of Brittany

Orielda of France (c.936-1031)

[edit] MistressesRichard was known to have had several other mistresses and produced children with many of them. Known children are:


Geoffrey, Count of Eu, (b. ca. 970)

William, Count of Eu (ca. 972-26 January 1057/58)[2] m. Leseline de Turqueville (d. 26 January 1057/58).

Beatrice of Normandy, Abbess of Montvilliers d.1034 m. Ebles of Turenne (d.1030 (divorced)


"Papia" m. Gilbert de St Valery (based on a claim his wife as a daughter of "Richard of Normandy" -- the only Richard who chronologically fits is Richard I. Name is not confirmed in any source. ref)

[edit] Possible other childrenLate chroniclers claimed that two of the De Hautevilles of Naples/Sicily were nephews of "Duke Richard". As the two were children of Tancred of Hauteville by different mothers, this would mean that both of Tancred's wives had been sisters of a Duke Richard, and by chronology, of Richard II, although this is not backed up by contemporary source. If true, Richard would have had at least two more illegitimate children:


Fressenda (ca. 995-ca. 1057)


[He died in Fecamp, France on 20 November 996 of natural causes.