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Welcome to our virtual-reality family get-together. Join us in "digging" for our roots. Some time ago, we removed all our family data from this public record. We later restored many of these records, after a review and "cleansing".

With the initiation of this undertaking some years ago, it was our intention and fervent hope that the internet would be a tool to provide ready access to, and opportunity to share, information which would facilitate genealogical research, and to bring families and friends together, with an ease never before possible.

There has also, however, appeared a growing element of petty-minded contentiousness among a small minority of those more concerned about rights of ownership and profit (which has included, in some cases, assimilation, copyrighting, and restriction on usage, of previously public data), as well as an increasing expression of shock and dismay from some of us who, regrettably but legitimately and not unjustifiably, prefer to protect their anonymity in an age when assaults on privacy have produced injuries which have at least been observed by all of us.

We wrote, in the final chapter of the 1st edition of "Boyer Chronologists" in 1991, "Maybe there's a key somewhere in all this; maybe one of you has it; maybe we all have it; maybe there is none and it doesn't matter. What is important is a familiarity with our heritage. Nothing of this earth's treasures is of greater value than family; it's time more of us realized this. I know it won't seem so to the young, the busy; I dismissed it from my own life for so long. I can only start now to resume a written record, with the hope it will become a living document, revised and revisited often."

"Family values, we've heard for so long now, are becoming corrupted and faded; life-styles in this century have made so many of them seem irrelevant. The extended family, of which we found so much evidence in our researches - elderly parents, aunts and uncles, orphaned nephews and nieces, sometimes just 'boarders', perhaps needing a temporary shelter and sustenance - no longer exists. We're smaller, leaner, more mobile - and more divided. As a result, we (I) have lost touch with 'who we were'; often, the 'old folks' aren't around to tell their stories, and it's inconvenient to seek them out."

"There has been, recently, a new 'wave' of seekers. We've been joined by many others 'seeking roots' in the libraries across the country. This is a good thing, whatever its inspiration. Whether we owe it all to Alexander Haley and ROOTS, or just to a growing sense of loss, this search may once again put us in touch, as a people, with who we were, and leave us better able to determine, and become, whom we want to be."

We still believe this is the goal of the majority of users.

We have at least some information for 13,705 persons of the surnames (to mention just a few) Baker, Barbee, Barnhiser, Boyer, Brooks, Campbell, Carlyle, Clark/Clarkston, Crockett, DeGaw, Dowis, Elbert, Fisher, Gibson, Grey, Grossnickle, Herrin/Herron, Hill, Holt, Kettering/Catron, Long, Nash, Pistole, Price, Owsley, Robinson, Sanders, Settle/Suttle, Shipp, Studebaker, Sullivan, Thorn(s)berry, Todd, Wallace, West, Witt, Woodall, Woods, Wren & others. If you are seeking, or would like to share, information, please feel free to contact us via the e-mail address listed below.


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