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Descendants of Lewis Wilburn

Third Generation

7. Lewis Wilburn (Rueben , Lewis ) was born on 5 Jul 1843 in , Carter Co., Kentucky. He died on 18 Mar 1922 in , Laurel Co., Kentucky and was buried on 20 Mar 1922 in Slato Hill, Laurel, KY.

Fed. pension records (copies on file) indicate Lewis enrolled Co. "K" 7th Ky. volunteers, (Union) 26 Aug. 1861, was discharged disabled, "myelitis", 1 Mar. 1863; "was taken with a spinal disease in February 1862 and has been unfit for Service ever since". Enrolled Co. "C", 49th Ky. regt. at Camp Nelson, Ky. for 1 year on 1 Aug. 1863; "is reported present on Rolls til Oct. 31, 1864. Mustered out with Co. at Lexington, Ky. Dec. 26, 1864, as private." (Paragraph above indicated enrollment as Sgt.). Death certif. lists cause of death as "cerebral apoplexy."

Lewis married Elizabeth Ann (Wilburn) Herron "Betsy", daughter of Shadrack (Herrin) Herron Priv. and Rachael (Herron) Adams, on 12 Jan 1865 in , Laurel Co., Kentucky. Elizabeth was born on 12 Jan 1847 in , Laurel, Kentucky, USA. She died on 4 Nov 1929 in , Laurel, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  12 M i George Washington Wilburn was born on 4 Nov 1865 in London, , Kentucky. He died about 1927.
        George married Maggie (Wilburn) Gale.

SOURCE: John Wilburn, Trenton, Ill., 1999
  13 M ii James M. Wilburn was born on 8 Jan 1868 in , , Kentucky. He died about 1875.
  14 F iii Susan Emily Wilburn was born on 27 May 1870 in , , Kentucky. She died about 1898.
  15 M iv Reubin Bassett Wilburn was born on 21 Feb 1873 in , , Kentucky. He died about 1927.
  16 M v Newton Jasper Wilburn [scrapbook] was born on 9 Nov 1874 in Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky, USA. He died on 31 Jan 1927 in Tarma, Mulhenburg Co., Kentucky and was buried in Greensville, Mulhenburg Co., KY.

Described by children as natural musician, able to play many instruments. Led Ky. milita against KKK "night-riders" in 1908 (see newspaper transcription below); was capt. of militia, town marshal of Sturgis, Ky. at time of elopment w/Lula Frances (see newspaper transcription in notes for Lula Frances). Also, by family story, married or engaged at time of elopment. According to other stories, later a fed. mine inspector, victim of suspicious "accident" in mine which resulted in amputation of legs, deterioration of health, early death in poverty. Death certif. indicates cause as peritonitis resulting from injuries in a fall "on rough ground". Postmaster of Tarma, Ky. at time of death. (Office later closed; there is no Tarma now).

He was, according to family tradition, a veteran of the Spanish American War. This is cast in doubt by what's been found (March 2010 by Jean) of his military service record at in "U.S. Army,Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914", pp. 264 and 316, which reflect two terms of enlistment, first on Feb. 10, 1893, in London, KY, showing his home as Laurel Co., KY, occupation: farmer; age: 18-3 mos; eyes: dark blue; hair: dk. brown; complexion: dark; height: 5'7"; enlisted in infantry; discharged May 9, 1896. Re-enlisted Nov. 2, 1896, then reported age 22; eyes blue, hair brown, complexion fair, height 5'7-3/4" (growing lad??), again in infantry; discharged Nov. 11, 1897. Unless there was another enlistment we haven't discovered he was not in active service when the "Spanish-American War" was prosecuted in 1898.

WILBURNS IN THE NEWS: these articles were preserved for us by "Aunt Georgia" (Wilburn) Dockery, daughter of Newton and Lula.

Dateline Murray, Ky, April 14 (1909) ("The Times Special Service") Headline "ACTION TAKEN IN ORDER TO AFFORD PROTECTION FOR MACON CHAMPION WHO IMPLICATED 15 MEN. TWO BANDS OPERATED IN CALLOWAY" "Murray, Ky., April 14---Armed with a Krag-Jergenson carbine and a Colt's pistol Macon Champion, the night rider, who made a confession implicating fifteen other farmers yesterday, is doing duty with Company H. Lieut. N. J. Wilburn mustered him in the service last night, principally for the purpose of protecting him. Champion displayed remarkable skill in the first drill. He responded to many of the orders of Lieut. Wilburn like a veteran. Champion said the night riders were well drilled in military tactics. His experiences as a mounted man will make his services valuable to Liut. Wilburn, for all the work in the county is done on horseback. Champion will also be used instead of a deputy sheriff in guiding the soldiers through the western portion of the country. The new soldier has solicited the Lieutenant for a permanent place in the State Guards and he may receive it. Early last night Lieut. Wilburn and a private returned from an eighteen mile trip in the country. They were sent to Sugar Creek to search for the hats and caps lost by the night riders when Al Perry was whipped and which were thrown in the creek by Champion. The creek is high and the soldiers failed to recover any of them. When the water recedes Lieut. Wilburn will take a squad of soldiers, including Champion, and make a search of the creek. Judge Wells says if he can recover the lost hats and caps they will materially add to the evidence he has already against the men to whom they belong." "Could Issue Fifty Warrants." The judge could issue fifty new warrants to-day, but he will wait the action of the grand jury in the cases now before it. It is believed that the entire band of night riders on the east side" (missing, then resumes) "(Continued from First Page.)" "Judge Wells Reticent." "When pinned down for a statement as to whether there would or would not be arrests, Judge Wells replied: 'Don't you think it would be imprudent in me to give out anything of that kind if it ws going to take place?' The question answered the query of the correspondent, but by a slip Judge Wells admitted he had been taking affadavits in the night rider cases. His ire was aroused when the correspondent told him that a prominent man of the town had given out a statement that only one or two men had been whipped by night riders and that there were no night riders of lawlessness in Calloway county. Like a flash from a gun he interrupted: 'That is not so, for I have affadavits in ------------. But there I go,' and he smiled. Finally he promised to treat all news men alike when matters developed and not give out any news before then."

Census Records:

1900: Laurel Co., Ky., Enumerated 2 June, ED #148, Sheet 1, (B) Newton J., 25, b. Nov. 1874; wife Lucy,20, b. Feb. 1880; dau. Teresa, 2, b. Aug. 1897; s. William,6/12, b. Nov. 1899 . Occupation (Newton): Laborer, Saw Mill.

1910 Union County, Kentucky, Magesterial District No. 4 (part of), ED# 120, SD# 2, Sheet 4A (printed page #121. Enumerated 19-2-21 April, 1910. HH#66/Family#67. Name was spelled "Willburn":

Willburn, Newton, head, age 29, married under one year, KY US US, guard-coal tipple

Willburn, Lula F., wife, age 17, KY TN TN (Georgia born 3 months later)

1920 Hopkins County, Kentucky, Magesterial Districe One, Nortonville(?); ED#89, SD#2, Sheet 16A, printed page #16. Enumerated 21 January. HH#308, Family#315 (street named; can't read - looks like North Num.....) Name was spelled "Wilbern":

Wilbern, N.J., head, 45, KY,VA,VA, Coal Mine; L. F., wife, 27, TN TN TN; Mae, dau., 15, TN TN TN; Georgia, dau., 9, KY TN KY; Frank, son, 7, KY TN KY; Ruby, dau., 5, KY TN KY.

Kentucky Death Index 1911-1986 database: Newton J. Wilburn, Jan 31, 1927, age 52, Muhlenburg Co. KY, Vol. 14, Certificate #06958, Death volume 27.

Film Roll No. 1653844 - World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 - Serial # 322, Order No. 1, Newton J. Wilburn, Sturgis, Union Co., Kentucky; age 43; d.o.b. Nov. 10, 1874; white, native born; "coal miner", West KY Coal Co., Sturgis, Union Co., KY; Nearest relative, Mrs. Lula Wilburn, Sturgis, KY; Signed by Newton Jasper Wilburn. (Side 2): Medium Height; Mediam Build; blue eyes; dark hair; Date of Registration, Sept 2, 1918. Local Board for the County of Union, State of Kentucky, Morganfield, Kentucky.
        Newton married (1) Lucy C. Jackson on 23 May 1896. The marriage ended in divorce.
        Newton also married (2) (Wilburn) in 1904. The marriage ended in divorce.
        Newton also married (3) Lula Frances (Wilburn) Wren, daughter of William M. Wren and Marian Alice Heflin, on 26 Sep 1909 in Springfield, Robertson, Tennessee. Lula was born on 26 Oct 1892 in Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, USA. She died on 2 Sep 1955 in E. St. Louis, St. Clair Co., Illinois and was buried on 5 Sep 1955 in E. St. Louis, St. Clair, IL, Mt. Hope Cem..

1920 Hopkins County, Kentucky, Magesterial District One, Nortonville(?); ED#89, SD#2, Sheet 16A, printed page #16. Enumerated 21 January. HH#308, Family#315 (street named; can't read - looks like North Num.....) Name was spelled "Wilbern":

1930 U.S. Census, Muhlenburg Co. Ky., :"Wilbur, L. F." , age 37, occupation - Post Mistress

Death certif. shows cause of death as carcinoma metastases, generalized.

Her elopement to begin her marraige was rather humourously romanticized in a newspaper article preserved for us by her daughter, Georgia (Wilburn) Dockery, as follows, from Sept, 1909.

"A SOLDIER'S ROMANCE" "Capt. N. J. Wilburn and a Lassie from Todd County Elope and Are Married in Tennessee" "The Trenton Progress Says:" 'Sunday morning Mr. William Wren, a farmer residing a few miles from this city, came to town with his sixteen-year-old daughter, Miss Lula Wren, to attend the revival services at the Baptist Church. While papa was putting away the vehicle Miss Lula met the" (illegible) "Flyer going south, on board of which was her lover, Capt. J. N. Wilburn, city marshal of Sturgis, who stepped up on the platfrorm, received his bride-to-be, and on to Springfield, Tenn., they sped, where in as quick a time as a nuptial knot could be tied, Miss Wren was made Mrs. Wilburn. We learn that this is the groom's second venture in matrimony, while the bride is a sixteen-year-old school girl, being in the 7th grade of the Trenton public schools. There is as we learn, a romance connected with this wedding. Capt. Wilburn commanded a squad of soldiers in this county during the recent night rider troubles and it was at this time that he and Miss Wren became sweethearts.'" "Capt. Wilburn will be remembered as one of the bravest of the soldiers encamped here during the night rider troubles. He was a member of the Middlesboro Company, a first lieutenant, and distinguished himself when it took courage to go on raids that he made in this and adjoining counties searching for lawbreakers. His numerous friends of Hopkinsville wish him a long and happy journey through life."

Mt. Hope Cemetery is located at 9401 W. Main, Belleville, IL. Burial in Section "H" (which is divided by the road) in the area know as "Little Hope" ("Big Hope" being across the road). Lula Francis(sic) (per spelling on headstone) Wilburn in site #43, beside her parents, William M. & Marian A. Wren. Notes in cemetery records state these plots wer purchased in 1932 for $175 by "M.L. Wren"
  17 M vi William S. Wilburn was born on 30 Oct 1876 in , , Kentucky.
  18 M vii Richard S. Wilburn was born on 12 Dec 1879 in , , KY.
  19 F viii Sarah Ann (Thompson) Wilburn was born on 16 May 1881 in , , KY. She died on 6 Feb 1939 in Gilmer, Upsher, TX.
        Sarah married Robert W. Thompson. Robert was born in 1877 in , , KY. He died in Oct 1919 in , , TX.

SOURCE: John Harding Wilburn, Trenton, Ill., and Carolyn Medlin, Houston, TX.
  20 M ix Robert Wilburn was born on 2 Sep 1883 in , , KY.
        Robert married Nancy (Wilburn) Bundy on 25 Dec 1915.
  21 M x Harrison Wilburn was born on 19 Jan 1889 in , , KY. He died about 1927.
        Harrison married Mary (Wilburn) Warren on 19 Jan 1918.

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