Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms

     My research is dedicated to my family, past, present and future, because
a person could never ask for greater treasures than love, home, and family.


The Family Resting Place

My research is divided into 3 major projects:
My Personal Genealogy 
A Group Effort Focused on the Van Wert/Wart/Woert Surname
Volunteer Work at an on-line Genealogy and History Library.

My greatest delight (after my grandchildren) and greatest frustration (after my children who don't bring my grandchildren to see me nearly enough-sigh) is my Van Wert project.  Many long hours and sleepless nights have been spent on this branch of the family and I am always looking for the ones that haven't made it "home" yet.  Just like every other genealogist, I'm always looking for additions, corrections and proof for my research.  However; the Van Wert, etc. line is a bit different... 
If you have
ANY Van Wert (of any varient spelling, connected or unconnected) in your research, please contact me.  

Links Related To My Surnames

Here you'll find some of my favorite genealogy sites (including the on-line Library mentioned above).


The people found among these pages are my family.  Please be respectful of my family when you add them to yours.  My homepage was created with the desire to share my research with other genealogists and family members. This site may be freely linked to but no portion duplicated in any way for profit or gain without my knowledge and written consent.  

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You are Always Welcome to Contact me at:

Deby Von Wert Justice
Box 697
Stryker, Ohio 43557
(419) 682-7263

I found some terrific genealogy graphics at: