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Welcome to the web site for the Deem Family. This site starts with Johannes & Margaretha Diehm the grandparents of Johannes Adam Diehm. 

It is our goal to complete all of the branches of the Deem Family. There are many ways to spell our last name since Johannes Diehm came over it has changed to Deem, Deems and Deams.

We welcome any information that you may have to add to the site. We are looking for the following: missing names, dates, pictures or anything pertaining to our family. 

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Nick Deem
Nick Deem
The Deem Family
The Deem Family

We now have an email list where family members can share news with each other. It is free to sign up and we never share your email address with anyone. The goal of this list is to join together as many relatives as we can and to help the history of the Deem family grow. To join the list CLICK HERE

I am also doing research on all of my grandparents. If you have any information that you would like to share I would be glad to see it. Listed below is the last names of all of them and where they cam from.

Last Name Origin Last Name Origin
Anderson Isle of Skye, Scotland Armstrong Virginia
Bish Wheeling Creek, Greene Co., PA Coleman Scotland
Collins Unknown Cox Pennsylvania
Deem (Diehm) Wald-Michelbach, Germany Du Bois Neshanic, Holland
Full Unknown Grim Pennsylvania
Hannaman Hesse, Prussia Hartley Unknown
Iaac (Ice) Holland Jerman Unknown (Quaker)
Kennedy Unknown Laudenclos Germany
Morgan Maryland O'Neal Dublin County, Dublin, Ireland
Potts Hanover Twp.,Washington Co.,Pennsylvania Potts #2 Loudoun Co., Virginia
Quick Unknown Sams Fredrick Co., VA
Sams #2 Westmoreland Co.Pennsylvania Shawnee Indian Wawpaythi
Shepard Washington Co Ohio Sheppard Unknown
Smith Unknown Staats Holland
Von Middleworth Unknown Yoinigh Germany