1869 Marriage Registrations Co Mayo Ireland

February 18, 2004

1869 Marriage Register  Towns of Castlebar, Newport,  Swinford, Westport, and

Claremorris Co Mayo Ireland

51 Marriages

Grooms name, age (if no age it was listed as "of age") town (if listed or readable) occupation, Fathers fore name
church if listed  RC= Roman Catholic


Andrew WILLIAMS  20 Castlebar of Alfred WILLIAMS  (Laborer) to Ann HARRISON 19 of Thomas HARRISON   August 23 Parish Church of England

William CARR (Pensioner) Castlebar of William CARR to Ann CARR (Widower) of John ATKINSON September 15 Parish Church of  England

John CORCORAN 40 Landholder (Sraheen) of John CORCORAN (deceased) to Ann CUNMANE 26 New Rulogles of Pat CUNMANE (deceased) August 3  Park Parish RC

Michael DUFFY 26 Park (Shoemaker) of Anthony DUFFY to Ann FOYE 22 Cloughboy of Malacky  FOYE  August 4

Michael GRIFFIN 25 (Farmer) of Pat GRIFFIN (Shepherd) to Mary DERRIG 19 Ardagh of Thadeus DERRIG (Shepherd) August 19

Henry McMULLIN (Warden of Asylum)  Castlebar to Bridget CASSIDY (Warden of Asylum) September 9

Michael DALY (Farmer) of Anthony DALY (Farmer) to Barbara DALY of Michael DALY (Farmer)

Martin GIBBONS 28 (Farmer) Kiltarsaghaun of John GIBBONS (Farmer) to Margaret RONAYNE 25 Devlish of John RONAYNE (Farmer) July 15 Killawalla RC

John WALSH 24 (Dealer) Marshfield of Anthony WALSH (Farmer) to Mary BAYNES 19  Killawalla of Thomas BAYNES Farmer  Killawalla RC

John MORAN (Laborer) Dovactone of Edmond MORAN (Laborer) to Bridget HARTE  Tobermore of Anthony HARTE  (Farmer) Lahardane RC June 23

Michael NEWEL 30 (Farmer) Ballintubber of John NEWEL to Mary GIBBONS Ballintubber of John GIBBONS April 5 Killawalla RC


Martin McMANNION (Farmer) Cloondaff of Neal McMANNION  Farmer to Honor McMANNION Cloondaff of Philbin McMANNION  (Farmer) August 18

Pat BOURKE 22 (Laborer) Newport of Harvey BOURKE (Laborer) to Ann HORAN 22 Newport of John HORAN (Laborer) September 4



James SCANLON (Servant) Delaf of James SCANLON (Servant) to Ellen SHEA (minor) Doonkill of Michael (Gardner) July 4

Peter McDONAGH 33 (widower) Farmer Rathonosh of  Pat McDONAGH Farmer to Catherine CAFFERTY 20 Leveelick of Pat CAFFERTY (Farmer) August 8

John O'GRADY  Carrowbeg of James O'GRADY (deceased) to Bridget DUFFY Carrowbeg of Pat DUFFY (deceased) June 13

Henry WALSH  Kilimagh of James WALSH Landholder to Mary CARROLL Barkfield of Thomas Lab June 13 Killadean RC

William FLYNN 20 of Shoemaker Tobercurry of Pat Shoemaker to Catherine CAFFERTY 18 Hagfield of Anthony CARROLL Laborer July 15 Kilbeha RC

John DOUGHERTY 40 (widower) Laborer of Thomas Laborer to Mary EGAN 40 Charlestown of John Laborer July 16 Kilbeha RC

Luke BYRNE 17 Dealer Charlestown of Luke BYRNE Dealer to Mary KEANE 20 Cloonwina of Edmond KEANE Farmer September 11 Castlecarra RC

John WALSH Landholder Rawduff of Pat WALSH (Landholder) to Bridget KELLY Carnandine September 19 Killadean RC

Pat BREHENY 33 Farmer Currinah of Thomas BREHENY (deceased) Farmer to Bridget COOK 30 Gurthaure of Michael COOK (Deceased) Farmer July 3 Castlecarra RC

John GALLAGHER Farmer Kilturly of Dominick GALLAGHER Farmer to Bridget GALLAGHER Cuhonoe of William GALLAGHER Farmer March 6 Swinford RC  

William GALLAGHER Farmer Cuhonoe of William GALLAGHER Farmer to Catherine GALLAGHER Kiltlury of Dominick GALLAGHER Farmer March 6 Swinford RC

John WALSH Farmer Clerloy of Thomas WALSH Farmer to Ann MORAN Castleroyan of James MORAN Farmer March 6 Swinford RC

John McNULTY Farmer Foxford of Anthony McNULTY Farmer to Ann CAMPBELL of Cananoscull of John CAMPBELL Farmer May RC Swinford

Thomas BARRET Merchant Ballina of James BARRET Farmer to Margaret DOLPHIN 20 Swinford of Edward DOLPHIN Merchant June 5 RC Swinford

Mark O'GRADY (Shopkeeper) of Pat O'GRADY (Farmer) to Margaret KYLE Swinford of John KYLE (Shopkeeper) August 13 Swinford RC

Pat McDONNELL (Soldier) of Henry McDONNELL Farmer to Ann CASSIDY Swinford of Thomas CASSIDY (Laborer) September 15 Swinford RC

John PIGEON Butcher Swinford of John PIGEON (Laborer) to Mary CAMPBELL Swinford of Pat CAMPBELL  Laborer   (Swinford) RC



John McLOUGHLIN (Farmer) Achill of Henry McLOUGHLIN (Farmer) to Bridget McLOUGHLIN Achill of Michael McLOUGHLIN (Mason) August 24 Church of England

James FOSTER Dublin of James FOSTER to Elizabeth HEGERTY Westport of John HEGERTY Church of England  

Thomas ANDERSON Westport of Thomas ANDERSON (Farmer) to Maria REIDY Westport of Thomas REIDY (Clerk) ) August 4 Presbyterian Church

William HOWARD 22 (Tailor) Castlebar of Pat HOWARD (Laborer) to Maria McTIGUE 21 July 11 Islandeady RC

Michael CORLY 23 (Landholder) Keeloges of John CORLY Farmer to Mary O'BYRNE 22 Carrowbeg of Martin O'BYRNE (Farmer) July 30 Islandeady RC

Martin BELL 24 (Laborer) Kilionly of John BELL (Mason) to Mary NOON 24 (widow) Forkfield of Richard McDONNELL (Farmer) July 21 Aughagower  

Michael JENNINGS 40 (widower) Blacksmith Aillemore of Michael JENNINGS Blacksmith to Mary FRAZER 20 Kinadoohy of Austin FRAZER Farmer July 11 RC

Martin FLYNN 25 farmer Kinadoohy of Anthony FLYNN Blacksmith to Bridget KELLY 21 of Pat KELLY (Farmer deceased) July 28 Louisburgh RC

Michael TOOLE 24 (Farmer) of James TOOLE (Farmer) to Bridget MORAN 23 Ballybohy Clare of Michael MORAN (Farmer) August 16 Clare Island RC

Bryan KILCOYNE 52 (widower) Farmer Creggerbawn of Pat KILCOYNE Tailor to Ann MacDONNELL 26 Knockeen of Myles MacDONNELL Farmer August  Louisburgh RC

John CULLIANE 54 (widower) Farmer Falduff of John CULLIANE (Farmer) to Winny MacLAUGHLIN 52 (widow) (Servant) of Pat Farmer September-7- Louisburgh RC

Hugh LALLY 25 (Laborer) Knockfin of Frances LALLY Landholder to Ann MULLINS (McDONAGH) 24 (widow) of James MULLINS (Landholder) July Westport RC

William NICHOLS (Inspector) Westport of William NICHOLS to Ana Fanny GIBBONS 24 Westport of Pat GIBBONS  May 17 Westport RC

Thomas KENNY 30 (Teacher) Cloonkeen of Thomas KENNY (Teacher) to Bridget JOYCE 27 (Maid) of Peter JOYCE (Farmer) July Westport RC

Walter McEVILY 35 (Shopkeeper) Louisburgh of William McEVILY (Farmer) to Julia GORMAN 21 of Pat GORMAN (Farmer) Westport RC

William DAVIS 26 (Dealer) Claremorris of William (Dealer) to Mary GILLIGAN 20 Mayo of Thomas (Farmer) Mayo RC July 3

Bryan O'DONNEL 39 Kilcolman of James (Farmer) to Bridget O'DONNEL 32 of Mark  May 7 Mayo RC

Mark BOURKE 28 (Laborer) Curraghadooey of Michael BOURKE (Laborer) to Catherine SHANGHNESSEY 28 of Pat SHANGHNESSEY (Laborer) Mayo RC

Michael DELANEY 26 (Shopkeeper) Portagh of James DELANEY Shopkeeper to Bridget HESSION 24 Knockboy of James HESSION (Laborer) September 11 Mayo RC

John CAIN Farmer Codnaha of Thomas CAIN Farmer to Margaret BROWNE Codnaha of William BROWNE Farmer July 11 Ballyhaunis RC

Michael MURPHY (Laborer) Tawnagh of Pat MURPHY (deceased Laborer) to Mary MORAN Newtown of Pat MORAN (Laborer) September 18 Ballyhaunis RC


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