1870 Births Register Balla, Castlebar, Islandneady,Louisburg, Swinford Co Mayo Ireland

  January 2, 2008

1870 Birth Register Balla, Castlebar, Islandeady, Louisburgh, Swinford Co Mayo Ireland 163 Births




Pat to Thomas WALSH and  Nancy COSTELLO January 19 

John to Michael DOCKEY and Bridget CORLIS February 2 

Pat to Pat CUNNANE and Mary McHUGH February 10 

James to John KEARNS and Margaret MANNION March 5 

Catherine to Thomas ROACH and Sara BRADY March 10 witness James BARNACLE and Bridget DEVANNY 

Margaret to Pat HYLAND and Catherine O辿ORA March 13 

Pat to Michael CANNON and Bridget JORDAN March 23 

Thomas to John BARRETT and Mary FINN March 26 

John to John GARVEY and Bridget EGAN April 3 

Mary to Pat HUGHES and Honor DUFFY April 3 

Catherine to Mark McNICHOLAS and Mary HUGHES April 22 

Mary to James GREALY and Anne MURPHY April 24

Anne to Thomas GLYNN and Judy ROYNE April 27 witness John ANSOBORO and Bridget KENNEDY 

John to John RAFFERTY and Mary CAVANGH  May 5 

Michael to Thomas ANSOBORO and Anne CUNNANE May 6 

Mary to Thomas JENNINGS and Honor GLYNN May 15 witness Lackey HENEGHAN  and Bridget MALLEY  

Michael to Malacky HENEGHAN and Celia WALSH May 18 

John to James BEGLY and Mary HIGGINS May 28 

Thomas to Owen COLGAN and Catherine NALLY May 29

Edward to Pat MacDraw and Honor KING June15 Derrymenea

Edward to Edward LYONS and Ann BERRY June 12 Keelcuil

Ann to Thomas HOWLEY and Alice MacDraw July 2

Mary to James KELLY and Honor WALSH July 6 Boleyard Carpenter

Honor to William McDONAGH and Betty McNICHOLAS July 12 Boleyard

James to Thomas HALE and Kate DURKAN July 13 Ardloon

John to John and Mary TUOHY July 14

John to John CARNEY and Michael McNICHOLAS July 14 Carrowbaun

Michael to Hugh CORLEY and Mary MULLROY July 15 Middletown

Pat to James MAHAN and Catherine MOLONEY July 20 Prison

Biddy to Michael and Mary THOMAS July 28 Manulla Laborer

Nicholas to Nicholas WALSH and Mary WALSH June 6 Broadfield

Maria to Anthony O'NEIL and Mary GERAGHTY July 19 Killowcreide

Thomas to Michael JOYCE and Ellen JOYCE July 18 Curraghmore Laborer

John to Michael KILGALLON and Mary WALSH September 3 Rathredmond

Michael to James MITCHELL and Catherine COLEMAN September 15 Balla

Pat to Martin JOYCE and Biddy TIERNEY September 20 Ballinagran

Mary to John CORLEY and Mary DURKAN August 13 Killeen

Mary to Michael STAUNTON and Mary FARRELL August 14 Curraghmore

Pat to James CORRIGAN and Mary MITCHELL July 21 Manulla

Peter to Peter BOURKE and Ellen O'DONELL July Daugamor



Honor to John CARNEY and Mary HENEHAN January 1 Belcara 

Ellen to Michael GIBBONS and Honoria MORAN January 2 Linnen Hall Shopkeeper 

Richard to John MARTIN and Julia MARTIN January 2 Belcarra 

Mary to Thomas MADDEN and Honor McDONAGH January 3 Lynasika 

Mary Jane to Bryan LOFTIS and Mary KANRE January 3 Bridge St Shopkeeper 

Joseph to James GIBBONS and Mary CURRAN January The Green Cardriver 

Francis Louis to Michael McDONNELL and Maryanne LYNCH January 4 Newtown Teacher 

John Thomas to James McDERMOTT and KATE BYRNE January 5 Charles St Lower 

Thomas to Martin KEAVNEY and Mary MILER January 6 Banogoes 

Bridget to Thomas DENNY and Catherine MALONE January 7 Tully 

Pat to Anthony TUNNY and Sarah BERRY January 8 Cloonkeen 

Pat to Thomas KENNY and Catherine MALONEY January 8 Derrywash 

Bridget to Pat FLANNERY and Maria FLANEY January 10 Castle St Viculler 

Michael to Michael McDONNELL and Mary NALLY January 10 Errew 

Mary to John McDONNELL and Maria JOYCE January 10 Ballaghfarner 

Pat to John QUINN and Bridget McDERMOTT January 11 Dereenascoobe 

Margaret to Dominick NARY and Bridget BOURKE January 11 Ardvarney 

Julia to Pat BARREYY and Julia CORLEY January 12 Rush St Shopkeeper 

Pat to Pat BARREYY and Julia CORLEY January 12 Rush St Shopkeeper 

Joseph to Pat QUINN and Mary KILROY January 13 Derreenicoley 

Thomas to John WARD and Winny CARNEY January 14 Lugaphuill 

Margaret to Luke WALSH and Mary BANNON January 14 Carrowbirogue 

Anthony to Michael BURKE and Mary REILLY January 14 Cartronbower 

Anne to Michael McHALE and Bridget DURKAN January 15 Chapel St 

Bridget to James CARNEY and Catherine CARTER Baloor January 15 

John to Michael COMMONS and Julia KELLY January 16 Cornaveigh 

Michael to Martin FERGUS and Mary MALLEY January 18 Killawalla 

Louisa Kate to Myles Joseph JORDAN and Mary Louisa GRAHAM the Green January 18 Physician Surgeon 

John to Pat HOPKIN and Margaret STAUNTON January 20 Lugaphuill 

Mary to Matthew CUSACK and Ellen McMANNON January 20 Curnacool Solicitor   

John to Thomas O達OYLE and Bridget MALONEY January 20 Cloonkeen 

Florence Caroline to Alfred BURKE and Kate Letila KERRIGAN January 20 Rockfield 

William to Pat WALSH and Anne CARNEY January 22 Linseve 

Bridget to Michael BURKE and Mary GOFF January 23 Drummanamore 

Bridget to Pat CUFFEE and Ellen CUFFE January 24 Chapel St 

Emily Sarah to George NORRIS and Letila CALVEN January 24 Infantry Barracks Sgt Arms Hospital Corps 

Richard Alexander to Richard Christopher GILLESPIE and Catherine CANAVAN  January 24 Compostor 

Ellen to Thomas BROWNE and Margaret HOPKINS January 25 Snugboro 

Richard to Michael JOYCE and Margaret McHUGH January 26 Cloonfert 

Anthony to Pat TUNNY and Mary McGREEVY January 28 Mount Daisy 

Ellen to Michael NEWELL and Mary GIBBONS January 30 Carton 

Thomas to John LALLY and Mary SAUNDERS January 30 

Bridget to Richard WALSH and Mary FANEY February 1 Killawalla 

John to John WALSH and Catherine WALSH February 1 Mount Gordon 

Anne to Stephen McDONNELL and Mary FLEMING February 2 Cornaveigh 

Bridget to James FADDEN and Ellen McMANES February 5 Cloughborough 

Bridget to Pat CARNEY and Bridget HUGHES February 7 Balure 

Baby to William HARRISON and Bridget CARNEY February 8 Tucker St Nailor 

John to Pat McEVILY and Mary DEANE February 7 Derryoran 

Mary to James HENEGHAN and Anne RYAN February 12 Miller Hill 

Michael to Thomas BURKE and Bridget NAUGHTON February 12 Clooncastle 

Ellen to pat DEVANNY and Bridget MULLEW February 12 Derrew 

James to Michael HERAGHTY and Catherine CORCORAN February 13 

Thomas to John CUNNIFF and Margaret MULLOY February 13 Cloonchelem 

Mary to James HALLAHAND and Mary DOLAN February 15 Kiltharsheaun 

Mary to Michael WALSH and Mary BYRNE February 15 Moate 

Pat to John LOUDDEN and Mary FARRELL February 15 Drimincatter 

Michael to Pat ARCHBOLD and Margaret SKIVVINGTON February 16 Cornaveigh 

John to John HIGGINS and Mary FADDEN February 18 Cornaveigh 

Ellen to Thomas DEANNE and Mary BERNIGAN February 18 Castle St 

Sarah to Alexander GANNON and Maria HEVERAN February 18 Horsepark 

Michael to Edward FLAHERTY to Maria MORAN February 20 Lightforde 

Bridget to John LOFTUS and Mary KELLY February 28 Carin 

Bernard to Pat MULCHRONE and Catherine BARRET February 29 Corhins Breaffy 

John to Pat RYAN and Bridget GIBBONS February 29 Linenhall 

Pat to William BURKE and Mary McDONAGH March 1 Drummanamore 

Mary to Pat DUFFY and Mary WALSH March 2 Gloongalgish 

Honor to Pat WALSH and Mary MADDEN March 2 Belcarra 

Mary to John BARRETT and Mary BARRETT March 4 Pheasant Hill 

Jackson to Peter FLYNN and Catherine O達EIRNE March 9 Spencer St 

Mary to John WALSH and Honor McGREEVY March 10 Gorthbawn 

Catherine to Geff McGREEVY and Ellen DEA March 12 Cornaveigh 

Ellen to Martin BERRY and Honor BUTLER March 13 Derrylea 

Catherine to Matthew FLANNEY and Bridget GILDEN March 16 Rush St Victuala 

Pat to Thomas CONWAY and Mary NAUGHTON March 18 Ringaran 

William to William FADDEN and Bridget DEVANNY March 18 Cloonagh 

Catherine to James CALLAGHAN and Mary MORAN March 18 Derrydaragh

Mary to Thomas McGING and Margaret BOURKE April 23 Dereendafderg

Ellen to Pat COSTELLO (dealer Prison) and Mary MORAN Spencer St April 25

Honor to John LARKIN and Mary McHALE June 1 Derrew

William to Michael FAHEY (Blacksmith) and Mary Ann BROOKHOUSE June 2 Sarnaght

Pat to James LIVINGTON and Honor PENDERGRAST June 2 Corveagh

Ann to John MALLY (Laborer) and Ann KANEE June 5 Currotawalla

Ann to Michael CONNELLY and Barbara McHALE June 7 Bunduvowen

Bridget to Pat MANNION and Mary BOURKE June 10 Shanroe

John to William HOWARD (Tailor) and Mary McTIGUE June 16 Snugborough

Bridget to Martin McTIGUE and Maria HOBAN June 14 Tullycommons

Margaret to Michael CARNEY and Bridget MORRISON June19 Cunnagher

John to Michael BROWN and Ann DEVON June 30 Ballyknock

Matthew to Ulick McHALE and Ann CONWAY July 6 Bunduvowen

John to James GERRAGHTY and Mary MALONEY July 12 Terrybaun

Ann to Pat McACAEPIRE (?) and Mary HOPKINS July 13 Struaun

Louisa Caroline to Thomas MERRITH and Louisa THURGOLD Gamekeeper Turlough

John to Dominick CAWLEY and Catherine McGOWN July18 Cloghbrack

Cornelius to Michael DOODY and Ann WESTIN July18 Curraghmore

John to John NOON and Honoria WALSH July27 Derrymartin

Tirence to Pat GRIMES and Honor WALSH July 29 Crimlin

Thomas to Martin KELLY and Bridget REILLY July 14 Balloor Laborer Railroad

Ellen to Thomas KEANE and Bridget WALSH July 26 Kilboyne

John to John GIBBONS and Honor CAVANAGH August Killadeer

Bridget to John CARNEY and Bridget WALSH August 6 Ballynew

Michael to Thomas PHILBIN and Honor McANDREW August 9 Tucker St Castlebar Prison worker

Edward to Dominick O'MALLEY and Mary LANGAN August 15 Cappaharnaun

Mary to Michael LARKIN and Mary WALSH August 18 Derrew

Martin to Thomas HONOGHAN and Margaret SPELLMAN August 8 Burrin

Francis to Michael MORAN and Margaret McDONNELL August 20 Rockfield

Mary to Philip COYNE and Winifred MUGAN August 24 Conloon

Michael to John REILLY and Ann CAWLEY August 25 Crimlin

Catherine to Tobias BURKE and Catherine BROWN August 25 Addergoole

Mary to Pat CONNOR and Bridget BOURKE August 25 Deerpark

Jane Elizabeth to James HESTIN and Eleanor Anne GIBSON

Mary to James HOPKINS and Mary CONNOR August 26 Lugaphuill Shoemaker

Ellen Jane to Thomas RUANE and Eliza KINTIN August 26 New Antrim Shoemaker

Mary to James KEARNES and Mary HOPKINS August 26 Sallagher

John to Charles MOONEY and Ellin TUNNEY August 26 Lugaphuill

Mary to Richard WARD and Catherine CUNNIFF August 28 Lugaphuill (56th Regiment Foot Payment Sgt. Infantry) Barracks Castlebar

Jessie Annie to Richard WARD and Catherine CUNNIFF August 28 Lugaphuill (56th Regiment Foot Payment Sgt. Infantry) Barracks Castlebar

Robert to Hynes McANDREW (Shopkeeper) and Kate MURPHY August 28

Catherine to Pat BAILEY and Mary RICHARDSON September 1 Derrycoosh Milesman Railroad

William John to John KEANE and Mary JONES September 4 Infantry Barracks Castlebar

Mary to Michael RYAN and Ann EGAN September 7 Cogaula

Anthony to Valentine BYNRES (shopkeeper) and Ann GIBBONS September 7

Mary to Pat HUGH and Mary MADDEN September 10 Tawnagh

Bridget to John CORCORAN and Mary TUOHY September 12 Crickother Laborer  

John to James SLOWERY (Sun Constable) and Honor WRIGHT September 12 Chapel St

Bridget to Martin BRENNAN and Catherine McDERMOTT September 12 Killadeer

Mary to Pat TREACY and Margaret CORKILL September 13 Dereenascobe

Catherine to Owen COONEY and Honor McHUGH September 14 Deerpark

John to Pat O'DONNEL and Mary JOYCE September 27 Cloonkeen

John to Myles McGOUGH and Margaret McTIGUE September 27 Carrowbrinoge




John to Pat CONWAY and Bridget HAWKSHAW January 3 Ayle 

Bridget to Philip STAUNTON and Winny WALSH January 3 Mace 

Mary to John O達OYLE and Mary WARD January 6 Derrinclurra 

Ellen to Thomas MOLLOY and Margaret ACTON January 16 Ballyglass 

Pat to Thomas IRWIN and Mary McDERMOTT January 16 Cashel 

Libby to Pat GIBBONS and Bridget BRANNIGAN February 1 Bunrawer 

Bridget to John IRWIN and Bridget KILCOYNE February 10 Cashel 

Mary to Peter MURRY and Mary MALLEY February 18 Shenane 

Thomas to Martin FLYNN and Bridget TUOHY February 18 Knockanaden 

Ellen to Peter LYONS and Ellen HARNES February 25 Knockrosky 

Mary to James GILDEA and Ellen O達RIEN March 1 Fairhill 

Edward Goodall to Thomas ROSE and Sarah Jane GOODALL March 1 Aughagower 

Maryanne to Pat WATERS and Bridget MOGAN March 5 Dooncastle 

Mary to John HYLAND and Anne BURDISH March 15 Cunnane 

Anne to John McLOUGHLIN and Bridget McMANNON March 19 Shean 

Pat to Pat MULLOWNEY and Catherine O達OYLE March 20 Cartoon

Ellen to John GERAGHTY and Mary MULLOY June 24 Ballynacarriga

Ann to John HALLNINAN and Bridget MORAN June 29 Doon

Mary to John CORCORAN and Ellen McGOUGH July 1 Slinaun

Thomas to Pat TOOLE and Sarah KANE July 5 Cloonane

Michael to Richard WALSH and Mary BOURKE July 6 Bunrawer

Margaret to James HOLLAND and Catherine NYLAND July 9 Aughagower

Honor to Michael KELLY and Bridget WALSH July 9 Ballintleva

Michael to Michael DAVIN and Mary TRACEY July 13 Cashel

Catherine to Pat O'DONEL and Catherine McDONNELL July 14 Sheeane  

Matthew to Peter CANNON and Bessy WALSH July 15 Rockfield

John to Richard CONWAY and Bridget MYLOTT July 16 Cornagashlaun

Mary to James RYDER and Catherine McGING July 17 Moyhastin

Margaret to Martin CONWAY and Ann GIBBONS July 10 Fairhill

Mary to Michael O'DONEL and Biddy GAVAN July 26 Derrycooraun

Michael to Thomas HIGHLAND and Bridget BRADY August 2 Glenisland

Honor to Anthony MULHEARN and Catherine CASEY August 9 Cloonane

Honor to Pat BROWNE and Mary LaVALLE August 9 Derryobrien

James to Michael CUSACK and Mary KIRBY August 12 Fairhill

Michael to Hugh QUIN and Mary GIBBONS August 12 Ballynamarroge

Margaret to Peter QUINN and Bridget McDERMOT August 12 Kilfea

Dominick to Pat DOWD and Judy WALSH August 20 Cortoon

Ellen to Pat SHERIDAN and Bridget MURRY August 20 Cortoon

Pat to Pat READY and Ann O'DONEL August 24 Rushbrook

Thomas to Pat SHERIDAN and Ann O'DONNELL August 25 Carrownaclea

Edward to William CANNON and Margaret Mary CANNON August 25 Cashel Margaret MURPHY Killadeer present

Michael to Pat O'BRIEN and Mary COLLINS August 27 Ballyglass

Thomas to John BROWNE and Catherine KIRBY August 31 Cogaula

Michael to Anthony MULCHRONE and Mary KEANE September 3 Knockglass


Bridget to Peter GERAGHTY and Bridget KING January 5 Derrymore 

Rebecca to Pat GRADY and Mary JOYCE January 4 Ballakip  

Anne to James PRENDERGRAST and Honor PURCELL January 13 Kilsallagh 

Mary to John GRADY and Bridget JORDAN January 14 Kilgeever 

John to Walter BURKE and Honor BURKE January 15 Furnance 

Michael to Michael GRADY and Mary MALLOY January 20 Kilsallagh 

John to Anthony GREALIS and Mary GILL January 22 Kilsallagh 

Pat to James KELLY and Honor McDONNOUGH January 22 Furnance

Bridget to Pat NEEDHAM and Catherine ARMSTRONG  January 28 Cregganbawn

Bridget to Michael CONWAY and Mary McLOUGHLIN January 29 Kilsallagh 

Pat to James FLANNIGAB and Bridget GERAGATY January Derreen  

Jane to Pat TOOLE and Mary GALLAGHER January 29

John to John GREALIS and Anne MALLEY February 7 Farnaght 

James to John CLARKE and Bridget McNAMARA February 13 Farnaght  

Mary to James GREALIS and Anne BERRY February 15 Bellakip 

Sarah Mary to George and Sarah Mary BROWNVILLE February 17 Lighthouse 

Bridget to John HESTIN and Catherine HYNES February 18 Louisburgh 

Pat to Pat GERAGHY and Bridget GRADY February 24 Kilsallagh 

Bridget to John SWEEENY and Catherine GIBBONS February 24 Louisburgh 

Joseph Bernard to Pat HASTINGS and Charlotte McGUINESS February 28 Louisburgh 

Mary to John BURNS and Mary BARRET February 28 Glen 

Anne to Joseph REILLY and Mary NEEDHAM March 5 Cross 

William to Hugh and Agnes  McDONNELLE March 9 Dadvren 

Penny to Johnn HESTIN and Mary BURKE March Aughavale 

Ellen to John MALLY and Bridget CARN March 19 Runith 

Honor to William FERRIS and Honor LYDONN March 21 Formoyle 

Pat to Michael DUFFY and Catherine CONWAY March 25 Drummin

Michael to Anthony KITTERICK and Margaret GRADY March 25 Bellakip 

Pat to James GIBBONS and Bridget FLANAGAN March 25 Cuileen

Thomas to Austin GRADY and Margaret SCANLON June 16 Scrabe Landholder

James to Anthony SCOTT and Judith PRENDERGAST June 28 Kilsallagh Landholder

David to David GIBBONS and Alice LYONS June 22 Clooncarb Landholder

John to Daniel FLAHERTY and Mary TOOLE June 26 Inishturk Landholder

Honor to Michael JENNINGS and Mary FRAIZER July1 Cuilmore Blacksmith

Mary to Pat FRICKELE and Mary NEVIN July 1 Oughty Landholder

Margaret to John MALLEY and Margaret JOICE July 2 Kinknock Landholder

John to Brian KILCOYNE and Ann McDONNEL July 3 Creggerbawn Landholder

Bridget to John MAXELL and Bridget REILLY July 8 Ballakip Landholder

Julia to John HENEHAN and Catherine NEVIN July 8 Oughty Landholder

Michael to Michael TEIRNAN and Mary McNAMARA July 11 Aillemore Landholder

William to William MALLEY and Mary KILCOYNE July 13 Burris Farmer

Michael to Pat GEHERTY and Mary CORLY July 14 Louisburgh Shopkeeper

Mary to James MALLEY and Ellen MALLEY July 18 Carha Landholder

Thomas to Thady KITTERICK and Mary BOWAN July 27 Formoyle Landholder

Bridget to Peter SCANLON and Mary GORDAN July 28 Louisburgh Shoemaker

Michael to Coleman FLAHERTY and Ann McHALE July 29 Burnith Shoemaker

Ellen to Pat HESTEN and Ellen CAIN August 9 Fallduff Landholder

Phelix to Phelix McGUIRE and Margaret GANNON August 13 Cuileen

Ann to John KERRIGAN and Catherine TOOLE August 15 Formoyle Landholder

Michael to Pat MALLEY and Sarah MALLEY August 20 Louisburgh Tailor

Honor to Anthony MALLEY and Honor BERRY 904 Dooghmakeon Landholder

Anthony to Anthony DURKIN and Mary McGIRR September 10 Bunowen Landholder

Thadeus to Martin MALLEY and Ann GALLAGHER Dooghmakeon September 11 Landholder

Catherine to Pat BRADLEY and Mary HOLLAND September 18 Cuileen Landholder

Michael to Pat GILL and Ann BURKE September 25 Askillaun Landholder

Bridget to Pat SCANLON and Ann SCANLON September 26 Louisburgh Laborer



Pat to John CARNEY and Mary McMANUS Loughbaukane March 12 Farmer

James to Pat QUIN and Bridget O'NEIL June 1 Gaughlonduken Farmer

Bartley to Bartley MALLY and Ann MULROY June 2 Ummoon Farmer

Thomas to John MULROY and Mary McDONELL July 2 Loughdren

Pat to James McNULTY and Bridget McNULTY Knockbaun

Michael to Michael RUANE and Catherine QUIN August 10 Doonty

Mary to John HUGHS and Mary RUDY August Coollagagh

Ann to Martin DEASY and Ann McANDREW August 7 Blackforth

Thomas to Anthony DURKAN and Mary FOX August 7 Ummoon

Pat to John McMANUS and Jane DURKAN August 8 Culnahoe

Martin to James McEVELLA and Mary NOONE August 11 Swinford Laborer



Bridget to James MULLINS and Mary CURRIGAN January 1 Shervoe 

Bridget to Thomas GILDEA and Honor DEVINE January 7 Quay Hill 

Margaret Elizabeth to John James NICHOLAS and Dorothy GILES January 8 Dyson Tyron Point Coast Guard  

Catherine to John SKEHILL and Mary GERATY January 9 Murrisk 

James to Martin COYNE and Anne LYONS January 9 Cloonkeen Kilmeena

Bridget to Pat JOURDAN and Mary McLOUGHLIN January 9 Murrisk Fisherman 

Mary to Matthew GERAGHTY and  ??? BOURLE January 9 Margaret BOURKE grandmother present  

Anne to Thomas BIRMINGHAM and Bridget McGRATH January 11 The Mall Royal  Pensioner 

Michael to John DUFFY and Mary MALLEY January 11 Cloonkeen 

James to Thomas MORAN and Margaret KITTERICK January 12 Quay Hill 

Anna to Martin DALY and Maria MORGAN January 14 Peter St Constable 

Pat to Martin JOYCE and Bridget JOURDAN January 14 Murrisk 

John to Manus MALLEY and Catherine GOLDING January 15 Buckfield Kilmeena 

Walter to Walter WALSH and Catherine WALSH January 16 Knappabeg Aughagower 

Joseph to John HIGGINS England and Sarah WALSH workhouse January 19  

Maria to Pat KERRIGAN and Margaret HOBEN January 20 Lackeen Aughagower 

Mary to John MORAN and Ellen BROWNE January 21 Rosenkiel Kilmeena 

Timothy to James McGREAL and Catherine BROWNE January 23 Bridge St 

Pat to Mick GIBBONS and Mary MORAN January Buckfield Kilmeena 

Walter to Walter MAHON carpenter deceased St to Bridget EGAN January 24 grandmother Rose EGAN present Mill St 

Bridget to Matthew GANNON and Anne FITZPATRICK January 24 Streamstown 

Catherine to Pat HOBAN and Bridget GAVIN January 25 Kileendoff  

John to Michael NEEDHAM and Bridget McDONNELL January 30 Murrisk 

Thomas to Pat CAWLEY and Margaret DEVER February 1 Bridge St 

Robert to Franis BOURKE and Mary KERR February 1 Murrisk 

Richard John to George MAYBERRY and Jane MAYBERRY February 1 Cloonkeen 

Sean to Honor DEVER and Peter DEVER Gorthbawn February 3 

Thomas Alfred to George SIMMONS and Ellen Costello February 4 Belclara Westport Clerk 

Bridget to Hugh GILL and Bridget HAUGH February 5 Gloshpatrick 

Bridget to John FADIAN and Anne STAUNTON February 8 Ballinlough 

Mary to James McDONNELL and Mary HESTIN February 8 Owenwee

John to Thomas MALLEY and Mary GRODEN February 9 Murrisk 

Bridget to John SCAHILL and Honor LUDDEN February 12 Curvey Aughagower 

Williamina to John SHAW and Chritina GRANT February 15 Derrenkee Aughagower Shepard 

Pat to Thomas McGREAL and Ellen HERATY February 16 Prospect 

Margaret to Thomas SALMON and Catherine HERAGHTY February 22 Roaghaim Aughagower 

Margaret to John NAUGHTON a board a ship & Carrowhill to Bridget HANDRAN February 23 Sailor 

John to John GAVIN and Mary SCOTT February 24 Farnaght 

Pat to James WALSH and Ellen CONROY February 27 Bohea 

Pat to Richard HIGGINS and Bridget BURKE February 27 Ardeen Herd 

Sara to Thomas JORDAN and Honor GRODEN March 5 Murrisk 

Michael to Thomas COSTELLO and Mary BAINES March 8 Claghan 

Maria to Edward CAVANAGH deceased England to Catherine MURRAY March 11 Workhouse 

Catherine to James McGUIRE and Mary BERRY March 15 Drummand 

John to John KERRIGAN and Ellen HINDS March 19 Lackaun  

MaryAnn to Thomas  WALSH and Julia MORAN March 22 Lanmore 

Michael to James MALONE and Bridget SCOTT March 23 Fairgreen

Bridget to Michael CAIN and Sarah McCARTHY May 24 Rostoohy Farmer

Francis to Francis COSTELLO and Margaret HAMILTON June 18 Knappagh More Farmer

Catherine to Bryan COYNE and Mary MaGRIEVE June 17 Killencoff Farmer

Margaret Anne to Richard BARNES and Maria RUSH June 23 Barracks Barracks SgtThomas

John to Archibald BECKETT and Margaret BOURKE June 24 Killadagan Farmer

Michael to John MURPHY and Margaret HOBAN July 1 Fairgreen Laborer

Thomas Edwin to James BIGGINS and Bridget FARRAGHER July 2  Shop St Shopkeeper

Michael to William MADDEN and Mary KELLY July 6 Mayour Farmer

Richard to Richard DERRIG and Mary WALSH July 9 Knappa Beg Farmer

Rose to John O'MALLEY and Bridget O'MALLEY July 16 Murrisk Farmer

William to William MALONE and Mary BOYLE July 18 Fairgreen Publican

Charles Hamilton to Henry CARR and Rose Ann CUM July 26 Inishilra Coastguard

Jessie to Charles COURT and Bridget SWEENEY July 26 Inish ?Fisherman

Mary to Thomas DUFFY and Mary McGING August 11 Lanmore Farmer

Bridget to Pat CASEY and Mary CLEARY August 15 Rosmindle Farmer

John to John SHAW and Bridget MORAN August 19 Altmount St Shoemaker

Michael to Stephen REILLY and Ann JOYCE September 12 Peter St Butcher

Mary Anne to William BAINS and Mary Ann GRIFFITHS September 15 Sgt. Police Barracks

Austin to Austin HOBAN and Mary BERRY September 16 Barley Hill Laborer

William to Pat SALMON and Bridget FERGUS September 21 Letterbrock Farmer


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