1877 Birth Register Castlebar, Westport Parish Co Mayo

 February 11th 2008

 1877 Births Registered Births Castlebar, Westport  Louisburgh
County Mayo Ireland   142


1877 Castlebar



Josephine to Malacky THORTON and Bridget WALSH July 24 Castle St Shopkeeper 

Alice to Michael McDONNEL and Anne ROACH Meelick August 12

James Andrew to Richard CLARKE and Jane MARTIN Rockfield August 20 

John to John QUINN and Bridget LUDDEN September 9 Cloonaghmore 

Florence Blanche to John WILSON and Maryanne HOWELL September 13 

Peter to Peter KEANEY and Bridget JOYCE September 15 Sallagher 

Anne to Michael CORLEY and Mary RABBIT September 15 Derrydonagha 

Michael to John DUNNE and Ann McGOWAN September 16 Westland  

Anne of John PHILBAN and Margaret HOPKINS October 8 Derrylahan 

Patrick Joseph to Michael THOMPSON and Celia CANTON October 13 Boot and Shoemaker 

Bessy to Pat FLANNERY and Sabina TOGHER New Antrim Baker 

Margaret Francis to Michael QUINN and Julia MALON September 14 Ellison St Victwalla 

Thomas William to John STAUNTON and Jane STAUNTOn September 23 Grover 

Anthony to Hugh KOPKINS and Mary CUNNINGHAM October 20 Derrylahan  

Ellen to Martin McHALE and Ellen CAUFIELD October 26 Terry 

Pat to John KELLY and Mary MORLEY November 1 Tucker St Shopkeeper  

Mary Kate to Loughlin Ingolsky GILOGLY and Mame CONAY November 1 Castle St Shopkeeper 

James to Luke McEVADDY and Catherine BROWNE November 7 Carnmorrow Herd 

Bridget to Thomas HOPKINS and Margot HOPKINS November 10 Sheeans 

Ellen to James SLEVIN and Bridget McTIGUE November 15 Drummingunnane 

Mary to Pat SLEVIN and Ellen SLEVIN November 19 Drummingunnane 

Bridget to Pat HARDWELL and Sally SULLIVAN November 18 New Antrim 

Mary to Denis KENNY and Bridget BROWNE November 23 LaValley

John to Peter PRICE and Catherine GARRY November 24 Mucknagh 

John Joseph to John COLLINS and Kate GILMARTIN December 7 Castle St Post Car Proprietor

Catherine to John SALMON and Margaret McGAWRAN December 12  

Male to James MADILL and Catherine STEPHENS December 19 Nephin 

Bridget to John MULLOWNEY and Mary CAWLEY December 26 Massbrook






Mary to John QUINN and Margaret GINNELLY September 12 Corrah 

Ellen to James HOPKINS and Winny BOURKE September 10 Ballintbala 

Catherine to Thomas GRAVAN and Ellen SHERIDAN September 20 Derrinnara 

James to Pat LAWLESS and Margaret BOURKE September 22 Derrycriff 

Thomas to Timothy MORAN and Mary GERAGHTY September 25 Driminnagh 

Bridget to Pay HYNES and Margaret BASQUILL October 4 Teevinsh Mary HINES (herd) present 

John to Michael CUSACK and Mary KIRBY October 6 Fair Hill 

Thomas to Michael HERAGHTY and Mary SWEENY October 10 Mace 

Catherine to Hugh LALLY and Anne MULLEN October 10 Knockfeeon 

Catherine to Pat WALSH and Mary CORCORAN October 14 Pat CONWAY present 

John to John DURKAN and Mary GORAN October 14 Letter 

Delia to John GARRETT and Bridget BOYLE October 20 Triangle 

Mary to Pat McGING and Bridget CARTY October 21 Tonbogone Martin Gavin Present 

Maria to Thomas McHALE and Catherine JOYCE October 22 Cashel 

Bridget to Thomas MORAN October 22 Rockfield 

Julia to Denis DUFFY and Mary CLARKE October 29 Ballinorgree 

Michael to Pat CARNEY and Mary O’BOYLE November 23 Letter 

Thomas to Thomas McGING and Bridget GAVAN December 7 Tonaglee Pat McGING present 

Martin to James HOLLAND and Catherine HYLAND December 24 Augheen






Michael to Anthony KEANE and Honor WALLACE September 1 Shopkeeper Louisburgh 

Michael to Michael NEEDHAM and Honor JENNINGG September 5 Athlone 

Julia to Michael CARR and Mary MAYBERRY September 5 Louisburgh

Austin to Pat GAVIN and Judy HORAN September 19 Carrowmclaughlin 

Ellen to John MALLEY and Bridget CARR September 20 Runith 

Michael to Austin TOLLE and Honor MALLEY September 23 Aillemore

William to William MALLEY and Catherine PRENDERGRAST September 25 Cross 

Mary to John McNAMARA and Mary MALLEY September 25 Formoyle 

Catherine to William FERGUSON and Mary MALLEY September 29 Caher 

Jeffery to Pat PENDERGRAST and Sarah GIBBONS October 1 Aughaney

Anne to Michael KILCOYNE and Winny GRADY October 4, Crilliane

Thomas to James BURKE and Anne McNAMARA October 10 Dooghmakeen 

Bridget to James FARAGERand Mary CURRIGAN October 12 Askellane 

Mary to Pat TOOLE and Mary HESTIN October 13 Falduff 

Michael to Thomas GRADY and Mary McNAMARA October 13 Srahlee

Mary Teresa to James BURKE and Mary McHALE October 15 Louisburgh Shopkeeper 

Margaret to Peter SCANLON and Mary GORDAN October 15 Louisburgh Bootmaker and Shoemaker 

Mary to  Martin MALLEY and Catherine TOOLE October 19 Quay 

Martin to Michael MALLEY and Catherine DUFFY October 20 Kilsalagh 

Ellen to John HASTINGS and Mary HASTINGS October 20 Derden

Margaret to James MALLEY and Bridget FADIAN October 20 Aughany 

Anne to Pat MALLEY and Catherine FLANIGAN October 20 Kinknock 

Julia to James GALLAGHER and Anne NEEDHAM October 20 Culleen 

Honor to Henry GILL and Anne KERVY October 20 Askellane

James to John GRADY and Anne GREALIS October 25 Kilgeever

Ellen to Martin MORAN and Bridget HESTER October 29 Falduff 

Henry to John GILL and Bridget MALLEY October 31 Mullagh 

Pat to John SWEENEY and Catherine McEVILLY October 31 Louisburgh Post Master 

Honor to James CANNON and Anne MORAN October 31 Mullagh 

James to Michael McDONNELL and Catherine HASTINGS November 1 Cross 

Thaddeus to Thaddeus KITERICK and Julia HESTIN November 5 Cregganbaun 

Winny to Jeremiah McEVILLY and Annie McCORMACK November 7 Louisburgh Shopkeeper

Margaret to William DONNELLY and Honor SWEENEY November 10 Cross

John to Austin McLOUGHLIN and Margaret REILLY November 11 Callacoon 

Mary to Michael McNAMARA and Winny BEANS November 15 Aillmore 

Anne to Pat NEEDHAM and Mary MITCHEL November 16 Culleen James GALLAGHER Present at Birth 

Catherine to William GIBBONS and Mary MALLEY November 16 Toormore 

Margaret to Pat HESTER and Mary PHILBAN November 17 Fallow 

John to Pat ARMSTRONG and Bridget GRADY November 23 Athlone 

Martin to Thomas McDONNELL and Winny MALLEY November 23 Carrowinsky 

Joseph to George MORTIMER and Catherine HOLLAND November 26 Liscarney 

John to Thomas MALLEY and  Catherine SCANLON November 26 Formoyle 

Thaddeus to Austin KITTERICK and Bridget NAUGHTON  November 28 Creggerbane 

Pat to Pat BEANS and Mary BERRY December 1 Durless Creggerbane 

Pat to Brien KILCOYNE and Anne McDONNELL December 1 

Mary to Charles MALLEY and Alice McDONOUGH  December 2 Kilmeena

Ellen to John BURKE and Mary FERGUS December 4 Oughty 

Michael to Thomas MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY December 5 Tully 

John to William FERGUS and Catherine DUFFY December 9 Oughty 

James to Michael FADIAN and Honor WALSH December 11 Killadoon 

James to Thady MALLEY and Catherine TOOLE December 14 Louisburgh Shopkeeper 

Bridget to John  RUANE and Margaret GRADY December 12 Moneen 

John to Pat TOOLE and Catherine MALLEY December 12 Durlin

Agnes to John LUDDEN and Honor McNALLY December 15 Durnish

Anthony to Anthony GRADY and Anne MALLEY December 15 Kelsalgh

Michael to Paul McLOUGHLIN and Honor DONNELLY December 21 

Anne to Thomas MALLEY and Bridget BURKE December 22 Cahin





Pat to Pat CONWAY and Anne RYAN September 3 Laughloon 

Sarah to Archy BICKETT and Margaret BURKE September 9 Kildango 

Honor to Pat MALLEY and Anne MORAN September 11 Cuileen Island 

John to Edward GERATY and Bridget CANE September 13 Crushalgort 

Mary to Thomas BERRY and Bridget CAIN September 17 Derryherbert 

Sarah to Dominick SALMON and Bridget McGREAL September 22 Midgefield 

Sarah to Pat HERATY and Mary CONNOR September 27 Owenwee 

Mary to Anthony GIBBONS and Bridget DALY September 29 Curhawn 

Bridget to Peter McDERMOTT and Eliza CRAWFORD October 1 Prospect 

Pat to John GIBBONS and Honor MURPHY October 6 Castleleafy 

Bridget to James GILL and Maria STONE October 6 High Street Grocer 

Bridget to Austin McGREAL and Anne JOYCE October 9 Owenwee 

Thomas to Thomas MULLOY and Sarah BROWNE October 10 Derrygorman 

Emily Maud to Charles WING to Mary Jane RURRNALO October 10 Pigeon Point Kilmeena Coast Guard 

Emily Catherine to Owen CASEY and Mary RUDDY October 10 Garranalurgan Policeman 

Michael to Michael SHEA and Bridget GERATY October 10 Murrisk 

Julia to John NAUGHTON and Bridget HANDRUM October 13 Carrowlagan 

Catherine to John FLYNN and Anne MORAN October 15 Cloonean

Bridget to John CANNON and Bridget STAUNTON October 15 Druimdoo 

Margaret to Thomas CASEY and Mary MALLEY October 22 Culleen Island 

Michael to Thomas GAVIN and Catherine SCAHILL October 22 Murrisk 

Mary to Pat NAVIN and Honor DURKEN October 23 Letterbrock 

Honoria to Peter HEARTY and Margaret McGREEL October 24 Carrowbaun 

Pat to William WARDE and Mary McHALE October 25 Resnia 

Martin to Michael WALSH and Catherine KELLY November 1 Mayour 

Thomas to Pat JORDAN and Mary CANE November 1 Claggan 

Mary to Pat HERATY and Sarah McLOUGHLIN November 11 Liscarney 

Terese to John BURKE and Catherine KEARNS November 4 Killaghoon Writing Clerk 

Edith Mary to Henry ALLEN and Ana Maria Rose BOLAND November 14 James St 

Anne to Austin GANNON and Mary MALLEY November 14 Thornhill 

Honoria to Pat McDONAGH and Mary McNAMMEE November 15 Inshlee Coastguard 

Pat BERRY to Mary GILDEA November 16 Lackderrig 

Pat MYLES to Julia HEVERAN November 26 Boheh Knockranny School Master 

James to Daniel McAULIFFE and Ellen BIRMINGHAM November 30 Tubberhill 

Margaret to John GERATY and Bridget HASTINGS December 1 Corrig 

Susan to Pat HOPKINS and Mary McNAMMEE December 2 Rossbeg Publican 

Thomas Joseph to Thomas RUDDY and Anne MAHONEY December 3 Quay Hill Carpenter

Bridget to Andrew MALLEY and Margaret CAMPBELL December 3 Boffin St 

Bridget to Pat McSHAUGHNESSY and Bridget HEVERAN December 18 Tubberhill Shoemaker 

Mary to Michael McGEE and Catherine McGUINESS December 19 High Street Shoemaker 

Thomas to Thomas HOBAN and Mary HESTIN December 23 Peter St Shopkeeper




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