Aghagower Marriages 1954 to 1959

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Marriages Aughagower Parish 1854 to 1859



John REILLY to Catherine NEEDHAM November 16 Lahardane

Pat HESTIN to Margaret HESTIN December 14 Canevagh




Myles PENDERGRAST to Bridget HERATY January 7 Carrowkennedy 

Richard HENNEHAN and Judith HUGHES January 15 Lankill

Timothy HERAGHTY to Maria GIBBONS January 15 Ballygolman

Richard WALSH to Ellen MALLY February 17 Kimeen

Ned DUFFY to Mary GIBBONS February 17 Derrinkee

Pat McHALE to Bridget KEANE February 18

Terrence McDERMOTT to Mary WALSH February 19 Leircarn

Philip HUGHES to Honoria WALSH February 20 Lankill

Denis SHERIDAN to Honoria GIBBONS February 20 Cushin

Martin MALLEY to Biddie WATERS May 6 Meneen

John SALMON to Mary MALLEY May 6 Cushinkeel

Martin MURPHY to Biddie WATERS May 19 Meneen

Michael MALLEY to Mary HENNAGHEN July 1 Keelkill

Winifred GERAGHTY to Pat WALSH July 21 Ballinlough

Thomas McLOUGHLIN to Anna HALLINAN July 30 Corveagh

Ned REILLY to Alice McGOVERAN July 31 Mass North

Patt MULLOY to Maria McEVILY September 2 Aughagower

Winifred GERAGHTY to Patt WALSH October 21 Ballinlough

William BASKWELL to Mary LALLY November 22 Sraheen

Thomas BARRETT to Catherine LAWLESS December 3 Lanmore

Hugh KELLY to Winifred GILL December 28 Lankill



Patt KELLY to Bridget SHERIDAN January 11 Sraheen 

Martin GRADY to Biddie REILLY January 14 Lackaun

Patt MALLY to Mary WALSH January 17 Sraheen

Walter MacGUIRE to Biddie HIGGINS January 22 Tonlegee

Thomas GAVIN to Mary MaGUIRE January 26 Lackdarrig

Thomas LYONS to Biddie KEARNS January 27 Cloonskill

Martin HESTIN to Mary McDONNELL January 27

John MacGUIRE to Bridget SHERIDAN January 30 Aughagower

James HIGGINS to Biddie MALONE January 30 Tonlegee

John KERRIGAN to Biddie FADDEN January 30 Teevinish

Anthony WALSH to Biddie TUNNEY January 31 Bunrawer

Thomas MALONE to Anne HENNEGHAN January 31 Sraheen

Michael FLEMMING to Bridget HENRY February Cruckcrusky West

Austin HOBAN to Anna HOBAN February 5 Carrowmore

Patt DIMOND to Anne GIBBONS March 6 Roigh

Pat MALLY to Margaret HERATY March 9 Claddy

Anthony FLYNN to Winifred GAVIN March 13 Derryulrah

John KERRIGAN to Bridget MALLEY March 13

Thomas LAWLESS to Sally KERINS March 22 Shraheen

Dermott HERAGHTY to Ann DERRIG April 11 Shraheen

John COGGLE to Margaret KEENANE June 14 Ayle

Thomas FLYNN to Biddie WALSH June 19 Kimeen

Michael BURKE to Ellen CARNEY June 29 Aughagower

James MALLY to Honoria MALLEY July 23 Ardarra

Richard JOYCE to Honoria McEVILY August 11 Cuslough

Austin MALLEY to Mary MALLEY August 31 Doon

John KERRIGAN to Anne DOLAN October 15 Shragheen

John SHERIDAN to Mary BRENNAN November 14 Ballygolman

John McHUGH to Biddie McEVILY November 19 Triangle

James MULDOON to Maria GIBBONS November 20 Coukohgra

Thomas MURPHY to Eliza BURKE December 17 Shragheen

John SCOTT to Jane O'BRIEN December 31 Teevinish



Martin O'MALLEY to Judith BASKWELL January 5 Lackaun

Pat KELLY to Bridget McLOUGHLIN January 7 Lanmore

Michael OMALLY to Judith BASKWELL

James McGUIRE to Mary BERRY January 24 Lackdarrig

Denis McLOUGHLIN to Winifred MALLEY January 28 Ruchane

John HOOHANE to Mary HOBAN February 7 Liscarney

William ARMSTRONG to Mary REILLY February 9 Maas South

Michael BURKE Teevinish to Judy COLLINS February 11 Glenmask

John LAWLESS to Honor McGUIRE February 14 Lanmore

Pat MALLEY to Ann JOYCE February 14 Keelcuil

Austin GIBBONS to Mary TUFFY February 14 Islandeady

Anthony GILDEA to Bridget HERAGHTY February 14 Cordarragh

Michael MORAN to Catherine STEWART February 22 Toorbuck

Michael ROYAN to Mary BRANAGAN February 22 Bunrawer

Thomas MADDEN to Jane GOOD (alias McDONNELL) February 22 Forkfield

Richard BURKE to Bridget MALLEY February 23 Bunrawer

Thomas WALSH to Mary HORAN February 23 Knockroosky

Thomas REYNOLDS to Fanny HOUGHSHAW March 13 Toberrooaun

Thomas MULLOWNY to Winifred BERRY April 21 Teevinish

Anthony HESTON to Judy GIBBONS May 6 Liscarney

John MaGUIRE and Mary SCAHILL June 29 Tonlegee

Pat GAVEN of Arderry to Bridget GAVAN of Culthroe Parish Kilmeena August 16

John EGAN to Norah KEARNS October 18 Shraugheen

John NYLAND to Mary HOLLAND October 26 Garrow

John MALLY to Sabrina ODONNELL October 28 Lankill

John GIBBONS to Bridget LANGAN November 19 Meneen

Pat TOOLE to Bridget WALSH December 2 Bunrawer

Thomas MacGUIRE to Catherine MacGUIRE December 3 Roigh (dispensation)




Austin MORAN to Margaret HANLEY January 13 Toberrooaun

Pat MALLEY to Mary DUNNE January 24 Lanmore 

Pat SCOTT to Margaret GIBBONS January 27 Bunrawer

Anthony McDONNELL to Ann DUFFY January 31 Lanmore

John HENAGHEN to Bridget STANTON February 4 Leckane

Peter CANNON to Bridget REYNOLDS February 11 Tawnagh

Owen HALLINAN to Margaret HALLINAN February 11 Derrakillew

Myles JOYCE to Ellen WATERS February 13 Meneen

Bryan WALSH to Ann WALSH February 13 Lankill (dispensation)

Owen MALLY to Maria HAUGHSHAW February 15 Toberrooaun

Pat DUFFY to Bridget JENNINGS March 17 Toberrooaun

Daniel KEARNEY to Salinda DUFFY April 4 Cordarragh

Felix O'NEAL to Bridget LAFFY April 4 Carrowkennedy

John CONWAY to Honoria HENAGHEN August 15 Triangle

Lewis WALSH to Mary MALLY September 23 Bunrawer

Anthony MaGUIRE to Mary McGUIRE October 23 Corveagh

John McDONNELL to Barbara STEWART October 15 Bunrawer

John CARNEY to Norah HESTIN December 18 Derrakillew

Pat HANICK to Bridget GERAGHTY December 26 Garrow




Thomas BURKE to Margaret SHERIDAN January 2 Shraugheen

Pat GERAGHTY to Mary RID January 6 Letterkeen married in Westport  

Thomas KELLY to Bridget BUTLER February 3 Shraugheen

John SHERIDAN to Mary McGINN February 5 Ardarra

Philip GAVAN to Bridget HENAGHAN February 5

Pat GRADY to Mary MUGAN February 7 Shraugheen witness Thomas KENNY and Margaret GERAGHTY

John BASKWELL to Bridget KELLY February 8 Shraugheen

Pat MADDEN to Bridget CARNEY February 9 Forkfield

Edward WALSH to Bridget McDONNELL February 13 Maas South

Michael JENNINGS to Margaret KELLY February 17 Knockroosky

William GIBBONS to Catherine BRANAGAN February 18 Bunrawer

Martin MALLEY to Honoria RYDER February 20 Meneen witness Martin MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY

Michael GIBBONS to Mary WALSH February 21 Knockroosky witness Michael GAVIN and Mary MALLEY

Pat McGUIRE to Anne HALLNAN February 24 Carrowkennedy witness James McGUIRE and Ann HOBAN

John NEVIN to Margaret MALLEY February 24 Keelcuil

Martin HORAN to Bridget REILLY February 27 Maas witness Michael GREAVY and Bridget NAUGHTON

John HOBAN Bridget MALLY to February 27 Liscarney

John BRENNAN to Honor MALONE February 27 Cloondacon witness Bridget BRENNAN and Winifred KELLY

Patt HANNON to Mary BURKE March 5 Ayle witness James CARTER and Mary BURKE

John GIBBONS to Bridget HALLINAN March 5 Carrowkennedy witness Anthony MURPHY and Honor HALLINAN

Peter GIBBONS to Catherine MALLY March 5 Lanmore witness Thomas O'LAUGHLIN and Ann KELLY

William DUFFY to Honor GREAVY March 6 Aughagower

Thomas McGOUGH to Anne BUTLER March 7 Cushin witness Pat McGOUGH and Bridget KELLY

John KEARY to Margaret GIBBONS March 7 Cushin

Thomas CONNOR to Judy WALSH March 30 Bunrawer

John DERRIG to Celia GERATY April 25 Lanmore

William LAWLESS to Bridget CARTER May 2 Ayle

John FADEN to Mary SCAHILL May 3 Teevinish

Neal MALONE to Alice SHERIDAN June 6 Cloonskill

Toby BURKE to Mary GRADY June 19 Corveagh North witness Robert and Alice CARNY



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