Backs Parish County Mayo Births

Backs Parish County Mayo Births 67




Catherine to Pat and Mary MALLEY February 16 Carrowbeg

Mary to John McHALE and Winny COYNE March 5 Carrowgorra

Libby to Thomas McHALE and Mary FLYNN March 20 Tonybaun

James FERGUS to Mary McDONNELL April 2 Culedogan

Bridget to Anthony BROGAN and Mary REAPEE April 2 Cannayora

Catherine John LANGAN and Annie FLYNN April 2

Bridget to David COLMAN and Bridget REDDINGTON April 9 Srahmeen

Peter to Peter and Bridget PHILBAN April 10 Clossaghroe

Marie to John WALSHE and Winny BUTLER April 23 Barnfield

Terrence to Anthony ROCHFORD and Jane RYDER May 7 Currabagan

James to William CLARKE and Sarah LOGHLIN May 28 Srahmeen

John to Denis COLMAN and Bridget CLARKE June 1 Mt Falcon

John to John MORAN and Bridget QUINN June 1 Barnfield

Mary to John HUGHS and Ellen MALOHE June 12 Runagry

John to John FLYNN and Bridget HEALEY June 26 Srahmeen

Bridget to John BARRET and Mary CLARKE July 2 Ballingush

Bridget to Pat BUTLER and Ellen BARRON June 20 Currabagan

Pat to Pat DURKAN and Ellen OHORA February 23 Carroworra

Owen to John DEVANEY and Annie GAUGHAN April 30 Stonehall

Catherine to Thomas HANLEY and Catherine ROBINSON April 30 Carrowgora

Pat to Michael MULLOUGH and Mary KENNEDY May 21 Coolcronaun

Michael to John MORRISY and Honor MaGOWAN May 21 Bellass

John to Anthony GRAHAM and Mary COYNE June 4

John to Michael FLYNN and Mary BLUETT June 25 Currabagan

Ann to John McHALE and Cecily McHALE July 16 Currabagan

Thomas to Michael BARRON and Mary ROCHFORD August 17 Currabagan

Mary to Michael BARRON and Mary ROCHFORD August 17 Currabagan

Michael to Pat HANLEY and Annie ROCHFORD August 20 Knockmore

Michael to Thomas REAPE and Mary BARRON August 20 Knockmore




Michael to Thomas HUGHES and Peggy McHALE August 4 Tonybaun

Judy to William DUNBAR and Mary FLEMING August 11 Srahmeen

Mary to Thomas COLMAN and Biddy DEVANEY August 11 Bellass

Pat to Ned GILLEN and Peggy GAUGHAN August 25 Tonybaun

Martin to Anthony HUGHES and Honor DUNLEAVY September 8 Tonybaun

Michael to Anthony and Biddy BROGAN September 12 Stonepark

Mary to Pat KIRBY and Ellen GAUGHAN September 15 Stonehall

Ann to Martin BUTLER and Winny HAVAN September 22 Knockmore

Thomas to Thomas McHALE and Biddy GAUGHAN Tonybaun

Mary to Peter RYDER and Mary OHORA October 6 Knockmore

Michael to John McGOWAN and Biddy COSGRAVE October 16 Bellass

Mary to John DEVANEY and Ann GAUGHAN October 18 Stonehall

Ellen to Edward BOURKE and Biddy McHALE October 24 Tonybaun

Mary to John JORDAN and Nelly McHALE October 27 Rathbaun

Mary to Richard McHALE and Biddy FLYNN 11-3 Tonybaun

Peter to Michael FILBIN and Honoria HOPKINS November 6 Stonepark


Michael to John CONNOR and Peggy CLARKE 1-30 Stonepark

James to Thomas McHALE and Biddy FLYNN Tonybaun February 9

Mary to John TIMLIN and Celia HIGGINS February 9 Tonybaun

Cate to Michael DOHATY and Biddy MORAN February 11 Barnfield

Biddy to John FEENEY and Mary COLLINS February 16 Shanclogh

Pat to Pat DIXON and Peggy McNULTY 2027 Stonepark

Mary to Pat CAIN and Nelly DONNELY March 9 Mt Falcon

Winny to Bartley McHALE and Libby McGOVERN March 23 Tonybaun

John to John DEVANEY and Honor COLEMAN March 23 Stonepark

Ellen to Pat HOPKINS and Mary CHAMBERS March 30 Stonepark

Mary to John BROGAN and Mary DEVANEY June 15 Stonepark

Pat to David COLMAN and Mary McHALE August 14 Srahmeen

Cate to Michael OHARA and Jane DURKEN November 6 Stonepark

Ellen to Thomas DURKAN and Mary COLMAN November 19 Bellass



Michael to Pat SHERIDAN and Ann MULLOY March 17 Stonehall

Biddy to William COSGRAVE and Biddy BARRETT March 17 Bellass

Michael to Pat BROGAN and Ellen HYNES June 4 Stonepark

Biddy to John DEVANEY and Ann GAUGHAN September 23 Stonehall

David to David COLMAN and Mary McHALE September 27 Srahmeen

John to Michael RIDER and Mary FILBIN October 3 Tonybaun

Ann to Thomas COLMAN and Biddy DEVANY October 11Bellass

James to John DURKAN and Biddy McDONNELL October 24 Stonepark




John MURPHY to Bridget FEELY December 2 Farmer

John MALLEY to Bridget KELLY December 2 Srahmeen




John GERRACTY to Nelly FEENACHLY January 3

William BUTLER to Ellen MURPHY January 15 Srahmeen Farmer

Thomas MELVIN Crigane farmer to Bridget KELLY Lissaniska February 9

Luke KEARNS Ardagh to Mary CLARKE Clohen February 13 Farmer

James DUFFY (farmer) Barock to Mary DUFFY Manick February 15

John BROWNE (farmer) Rahins to Mary READY Scolicpt July 15

John McNAI (Carpenter) to Cathy DERRIG September 27

Pat LOFTUS to Ann LOFTUS November 30 Srahmeen

Brian HOLY (Laborer) to Honor LOFTUS December 1 Srahmeen




Thomas O'BOYLE (farmer) Muingrevagh to Barb McHALE Lissaniska

Peter NOONE (farmer) Ardagh to Bridget REDINGTON February 2

Michael HOBAN (farmer) to Bridget CLARKE Clohirs March 4

Pat DOUGHERTY to Bridget CLARKE Coolcronaun March 4

Martin LOFTUS to Mary BROGAN Srahmeen March 7

Ned CALLAHAN to Bridget COSRAFF Ballina March 7



Thomas GAVAN (farmer) to Cathy JENNINGS February 8 Ballyglass

James CLARKE Mt Falcon to Caty LANGAN Carrowntreila February 11

Pat JAMESON (laborer) to Kelly QUIN Bellass March 10

John MANGAN (farmer) to Babby REDINGTON Lissaniska November 21




Michael MURPHY to Sally McLOUGHLIN Curblagan January 5

Michael GAVAN to Honor BROGAN Curragh March 7

Michael McNALLY to Mary MANGAN Lissaniska March 9

Pat JORDAN to Mary McHALE Tonybaun March 21

John MURPHY to Bridget O'HORA Burrow March 29

John BRIEN to Bridget COLLINS Corrakgin April 9

Ned HUGHES to Jane McDONNEL Pughes Mountain May 24

Andrew MERICK to Caty NEALIN July 12 Cloonturk

Richard BARRETT to Mary McNAY Thornton July 8

Thomas FLYNN to Peg DEIGNAN Ballybeg November 23

Thady CLARKE to Mary McANDREW Coolcronaun December 6



Thomas REDINGTON to Nelly SYRAN Rathbaun February 11

Pat GILLON Killasser to Mary DURKAN Belap February 14

Pat KELLY (farmer) to Honor McHALE Lissaniska February 22




Michael GAUGHAN to Ann HORAN Feb 13 Ballinderg

Thomas WELLS to Margaret HOLMES Feb 16 Ballingmahaglist

Pat ROGERS to Honor BROGAN Feb 19 Calladawan

Own DURKIN to Ann GAUGHAN Feb 19 Lisaniska

Thomas HANDLEY to Kitty ROBINSON Feb 19 Carragarrif

Martin CORCORAN to Margaret CADEN Feb 20 Knockogan

John BOURKE to Kitty BOLAND Feb 20 Guinginoma

Thomas KURRANE to Kitty BROGAN Feb 27 Knockmore

James CAVENRY to Mary MULROY March 3 Pughes Mt

Ned HUGHES to Mary HOLMES March 3 Gurthnadrika

Martin K NEELY to Kathleen CURRABAGAN March 3

John McDONNELL to Catherine McHALE March 5 Tonduff

Thomas MANGAN to Sibby MURPHY March 7 Currabane

Owen McHALE to Biddy LYNCH June 18 Barnfield



Dominick BROWN to Mary ARMSTRONG Jan 13 Knockmon

Phuly MUCOME to Biddy HEALY Jan 18 Liscansky

Martin MURPHY to Rose SHERIDAN Jan 26 Stonewall

Pat BROGAN to Nelly NEWCOME Feb 13 Shaneclough

William MASTERSON to Bridget LAWLESS March 5 Knockfreee

Anthony O'HORA to Mary DOUGHEN March 6 Cloughshens

Anthony McHALE to Mary MADDEN March 6 Cloughshens

Michael DAVITT to Ann TIMLIN March 6 Cloughes

Michael O'HORA to Ann O'HORA March 7 Rahins

Martin DOUGHEN to Mary CRONIN March 7 Rhinnian

James BIRRANE to Mary BIRRANE March 18 Curnakgan

Pat WALSH to Henritta McHALE Murragmor

Thomas HERBERT to Mary REAP April 12 Derrenamuck

John COLLINS to Kitty MORAN April 17 Currabagan

Ned KELLY to Jane MOORE June 10 Mt Falcon

John MULDEG to Mary KELLY July 15 Scotsfort




Michael HORAN to Bridget HUGHES Jan 26 Knockgan

Michael DEMPSY to Ellen GAUGHAN Jan 26 Rathbane

James KELLY to Mary HERBERT Feb 2 Barnfield

John FERGUS to Ann ROTCHFORD Feb 3 Curragbegan

John DEACY to Bridget BROGAN Feb 9 Cooloonan

Pat BLUTE to Bridget HOBIN Feb 8 Carragorduff

Michael TIMLIN to Bridget McNULTY Oct 14 Mt Falcon

Michael Charles LYNCH to Margaret BLAIN Oct 15



John MORAN to Mary CLARKE Sept 12 Sraheen

Michael KELLY to Ann HERBERT Oct 10 Liscankia



James McDONNELL to Cate DIRA Jan 11 Stone Park

Dan HARAN to Bridget CAFFERTY Jan 11 Knocktree

Martin GILLESPY to Betty COLEMAN Jan 23 Sraheen


Pat HARTE to Bridget ORMSBY Oct 22 Rinnagaran







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