Castlebar Parish Marriages 1824 to 1839
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Castlebar Parish  Marriages 1824 to 1839





John DUFFY to Jane DOHERTY October 17

Peter KIELY to Elizabeth CASE  October 26




John MURPHY to Bridget HANAGHAN January 2

Pat MORAN to Catherine FALLAN January 5

Thomas LARKIN to Bridget IRWIN January 6

Michael NARY to Margaret O'DONNELL January 21

Tom LARKIN to Bridget FIRGUS January 30

John MURPHY to Bridget HANAGHAN February  2

James KELLY to Catherine DEVANY February  2

Bernard McMAHON to Catherine JENNINGS February 3

John PHILIPS to Mary McGOUGH February 

Pat MORAN to Catherine FALLON February 5

Thomas GANNON to Mary JOYCE February 5

Peter COULEHAN to Mary RONAN February 5

Pat WARD to Eleanor STANTON February 11

Pat GILL to Eleanor McANDREW February 13 witness Robert McANDREW and Peter KELLY

Thomas BARRETT to Mary DIVINE February 14

Andrew MURRAY to Mary WOODS February 14

Anthony TUNNY to Catherine SCAHILL February 14

William McEVELY to Bridget McHUGH February 14

John GIBBONS to Mary McTIGUE February 15

Edmond WALSH to Catherine WALSH March 4 witness John WALSH and Thomas FERGUS

John WALLACE to Catherine BOURKE March 4

William RUANE to Mary McTIGUE March 7  

John WALSH to Catherine WALSH March 14

Andrew MURRY to Mary WOODS April 14 witness Francis WOODS and Pat McTIGUE

Anthony TUNNY to Catherine SCAHIL April 14 witness Richard SCAHIL

John GIBBONS to Mary McTIGUE April 15 witness Philip FORDE and Robert McANDREW

Pat DOHERTY to Elizabeth KELLY April 20

Thomas SCOT to Hariet SCOT April 21

Pat MOORE to Catherine DURKAN May 30

Thady McGREEVY to Bridget REILY June

Pat STANTON to Bridget CANTON June

Anthony NEEDHAM to Margaret CAMPBELL June 2

Thomas KING to Anne FLANNERY June 12

William DOLAN to Catherine McGOUGH June 12

John WALSH to Mary KELLY June 24

John WALSH to Bridget WALSH June 24

Thomas COOKE to Margaret KILROY August 11

John LUDDEN to Mary McHALE August 11

William WALSH to Maria KIELTY August 11

John BURKE to Maria WALSH August 11

Pat MULROONY to Bridget MUGAN August 11

Peter ROACH to Mary McHALE August 11

John PHILBAN to Anne PHILBAN t October

Ulick JOYCE to Catherine CHRISTOPHER October

William WALSH to Margaret FERGUS October 13

Michael McNAMARA to Mary COLLINS November 18

Pat KILLEEN to Bridget WALSH December 1




John KELLY to Bridget FLYNN November 1

Owen COLLINS to Mary CAMPBELL December 15

Thomas WALSH to Mary SWORDS  December 15

Michael REDMOND to Ellen RAFFERTY December 15



James GEHARTY to Bridget WALSH January 4

Pat HOPKINS to Bridget CONRY January 14

Thomas LYNCH to Sara JOYCE February 2

Pat TUNNY to Honor McHALE February 2

Marcus QUIN to Judith FERRIL February 2

Pat JOYCE to Mary COONEY February 2

Hugh MaGUIRE to Mary O'MALLY February 2

Michael JEFFERS to Bridget WHITE February 2

John HOPKINS to Mary VAHY February 2

Richard RYNE to Bridget CLYNE February 20

Thomas McHUGH to Maria WALSH February 20

Roger O'DONNELL to Bridget TUNNY February 20

Michael KIRBY to Margaret WALSH March 6

Edward DULTON to Mary CRAWFORD March 6

Myles JENNINGS to Catherine SHERIDAN March 6

James KIMLIN to Ellen BROWNE April 11

James COLLINS  to Honor BRANNGAN April 30

Thomas McHALE to Catherine TUNNY May 1

John MURPHY to Jane MULLOWNY May 1

John WALSH to Maria ROACH May 1

Pat BARET to Honor McMANUS June 28

Pat KELLY to Mary McGLOUGHLIN June 28

Thomas SULLIVAN to Mary Anne STAUNTON June 28

Pat GRIFFIN to Rose SWEENY June 28

Pat SWEENY to Anne HIGGINS July 21

Thomas STEWART to Mary RYAN August

WIlliam CLAREY to Bridget CLAREY September 11

Marty KEANE to Margaret MULROY September 22

Michael KILCOURSE to Bridget MADIKAN September 22

Pat McDONOUGH to Bridget GIBBONS September 23

Michael MURPHY to Mary LOGAN October 14

Peter MALLY to Bridget FLYNN October 15

Michael MITCHEL to Mary McDONNEL October 15

William McGRATH to Bridget CONNOR October 16

Pat BROWNE to Margaret FEENY October 16

John SCOTT to Bridget FLANNERY October 16

Bernard FERGUS to Maria O'BRIEN October 16

John SCOTT to Bridget FLANNERY October 16

James PLUNKETT to Margaret ROACH October 16

John O'DONNELL to Bridget KILLEEN October 24

James MAHON to Ellen EGAN November 15

Thomas POWEL to Bridget LaVALLE November 24

Martin COLLINS to Winny GIBBONS November 24

Desmond BRENNAN to Bridget KEANE November 24

Pat WALSH to Mary DUFFY November 25

John O'DONNELE to Bridget KILDEN November 27

John DOYLE 46th Regiment to Bridget SHEA December 30

William LAWLESS to Bridget KEANE December 30

John EGAN to Sara HYLAND December 30




Michael REILY to Bridget HENAGHEN February

Pat BLINK to Mary WALSH February 4

Peter McGOWAN to Catherine MONAHAN February9

John WALSH to Bridget TRIMBLE February 11

James CARLY to Ceclia KEAIAN February 10

Andrew McTIGUE to Annie DEVAUX February 10

James CALLAGHOUN to Sara KEANE February 10 SS Michael McDONAGH 

John WALSH to Bridget TRIMBLE February 11

John CALLERAN to Catherine EGAN February 16

John WALSH to Bridget WILLIAM February 16

William CONNOR to Maria KILROY February 17

James WALSH to Mary MONAHAN February 17

John FLANNERY to Mary FENAL February 19

Pat McHALE to Mary FLANNIGAN February 20

Pat BLONK to Mary WALSH February 24

John FLANNERY to Mary FERRAL March

Pat GAVIN to Anne BOURKE March 1

Michael WALSH to Bridget GARVEY March 1

Anthony GEAN to Mary CANAVAN March 6

William O'HARA to Julia GANNON March 6

Pat COLEMAN to Mary COEN March 6

William O'HARA to Julia GANNON March 6

John HANELY to Bridget SULLIVAN March 6

Michael RIELEY to Bridget HENAGHAN March 6

Thomas BARRETT to Maria GIBBONS May 19 witness Richard GIBBONS and Maria CASSIDY

Pat GAVEN to Anne BOURKE May 6 witness Peter KELLY and McHALE

Michael WALSH to Bridget GARVEY May 6

Michael McGREEVY to Kitty LOFTUS June 7 witness Pat LOFTIS

Michael  GERINOLY to Anne McTIGUE June 8

John HUMPHRIES to Sally MURPHY June 14

Thomas COLLINS to Mary CONNOR June 22

William LYNCH to Mary WALSH July 6

Thomas ROACH to Mary MULLOY July 7 witness Sara MULROY and Pat ROACH

Laurence WALSH to Mary KILROY July 10 witness Judith MULROONY and Thomas WALSH

James FURLONG to Mary HOBAN July 10 witness Thomas STEWART and Mary WALSH

John CALLERAN to Catherine EGAN July 16

James FLANNERY to Catherine HESTION July 16 witness Thomas McTIGUE

John MAY to Rosa BOURKE July 16 witness Thomas FERGUS and Margaret GIBBONS

Thomas MORAN Westport to Maria McHALE July 25 witness Matilda BALD

Pat GAVEN to Cecily DEASY August 12 witness Denis MITCHEL and Jane BOURKE

Luke BROWNE to Sara O'MALLEY August 18 witness Pat and Bridget MALLY

John NAAS to Ester HEALY August 19 Witness Pat RUSH and Jane?

Pat GERAGHTY to William McGREAVY August 22

Francis KILLEEN to Margaret MUGAN witness James WALSH and Mary KILLEEN

Frank ROONEY to Ellen McHALE August 23 witness Stephen McHALE and Margaret KENNY

Martin GRADY to Catherine CHALK August 24 witness Michael JENNINGS and Mary MORAGHAN

Richard FLANNERY to Mary JEFFERS August 28 Witness Mary JEFFERS

Michael FLYNN to Bridget COGHLAN October15 witness Thomas FERGUS

Francis RYAN to Bridget MADDEN October 19

Pat COGHLAN to Ann McTIGUE October 20 witness Mary CHALK and Michael McTIGUE

Peter JOYCE to Maria DUFFY October 20

Terence GALLAGHER to Bridget GARY October 20

John O'DONNELE and Bridget KILDEA October 24

Henry WALSH to Bridget KELLY November 1 witness Austin MULROONY and Anne QUINN

Jonathan MADDEN to Jane LAVELLA November 4 witness Daniel SWEENY and Mary GRADY

David SWEENEY to Mary GRADY November 4

James JORDAN to Eliza GAVAN November 6

John WALSH to Margaret HOWLEY November 10

Pat McGREAVY to Honor GAVAN November 10 witness Honor FERGUS

Henry FITZSIMMONS to Ann WALSH November 12

Henry CONWAY to Bridget GALAGHER November 14

John FLEMING to Celia FELBIN November 29

John KEANE to Mary MADDEN November 30




Michael McGOUGH to Anne GARVEY January1 witness James McGOUGH

William MULLOWNEY to Bridget HYNES January 2

James JOYCE to Mary GANNON January 12 witness Thomas FERGUS

Peter IRWIN to Margaret McANDREW January 12 witness John KILROY and Bridget GIBBONS

Thomas RYDER to Mary DUNLEAVY January 12

Pat McHALE to Bridget DOWD January 12

Pat BOURKE to Nancy LUDDEN January 12 witness John LaVALLE and Catherine WALSH

James LAVAN to Catherine HOWARD January 12

John COOK to Judith SWORDS January 12 witness Arthur and Judith SWORDS

Anthony McHALE to Dorthea CUSIAK January 12

John GINNLEY to Mary MORAN January 12

James FLANNIGAN to Bridget McFADDEN January 12 witness Francis and Mary FLEMMING

James CAVANAGH to Nancy QUINN January 12

Peter WALSH to Mary GIBBONS January 12 witness Thomas FERGUS and Mary WALSH

Laurence HIGGINS to Mary MUGAN January 12

Andrew ROACH to Bridget McNAMARA January 12 witness Pat BELLEW

Nicholas BERRY to Mary WALSH January 12

James DEA to Mary PHILBIN January 12

Owen QUGLEY to Eleanor McEVILY January 12 witness James MALLY

Thomas WALSH to Susan CONNOR January 12

Thomas PHILBAN to Catherine RYDER January 12

Hugh KILROY to Citty McDERMOTT January 12

James BARRETT to Jane ADAIR January 14 witness Bartholomew McHALE and Anne ADAIR

John HOPKINS to Sally MURPHY January 14 witness Thomas McGREAL and Judith CASEY

John LARKIN to Mary McGLOON January 14

Thomas CASSIDY to Margaret WARD January 14

Peter IRWIN to Margaret McANDREW February

James McGREAVY to Anne HUGHES February 1 witness Michael McGREEVY and Cecilia BOURKE

Thomas McTIGUE to Honor LaVALLE February 4 witness Honor JOYCE and Mary RIELEY

Anthony CALLAHAN to Mary McHALE March

John WALSH to Mary ROGERS March 10

Martin FLANNERY to Margaret COLGHEN March 15

John CALSPIN (69th Regiment) to Catherine BROGAN March 29

John ROWLAND to Bridget CREANS March 29

Thomas MORAN to Mary McFADDEN May 16

Francis GILL to Sara DAVIT August 16

Pat FLANNERY to Bridget KEANE September 28

John ORSMBY to Mary WALSH October 12

John McTIGUE to Kitty McTIGUE October 15




James O'BRIEN to Anne LOGAN January 10

Peter BOURKE to City CASEY January 29

John WALSH to Ellen KILROY -January 31

James WALSH to Agnes OWENS January 31

Michael CASEY to Judith HYLAND February 8

Thomas WALSH to Sara HOPKINS February 20

Michael KING to Jane GIBBONS February 20

Pat CLARKE to Mary WALSH February 21

Pat DEACY to Nelly KELLY February 22

Dominick GAVEN to Catherine KELLY February 22

James GALLAGHER to Mary BYRNE February 23

Anthony GALLAGHER to Mary HENAGHEN February 24

Pat WALSH to Mary LOFTUS April 21

Michael MALLEY to Bridget WALSH April 21

John McGREEVY to Margaret WALSH May 22

George McNAMARA to Bridget HEALY October 6

Michael FLYNN to Honoria MALLEY October 6

John ORSMBY to Mary WALSH October 12

John McTIGUE to Kitty McTIGUE October 15

Pat O'DONNELL to Sarah CRADOCK November 6

Anthony COOKE to Honoria FERGUS November 13

Thomas WALSH to Winifred WALSH November 18

Thomas MADIKAN to Jane BLACKWELL November 25




Denis HEVERAN to Bridget GRIMES January

Martin WALSH to Bridget HOPKINS January

Michael McGAN to Bridget PHILBIN January 2

Stephen to WALSH to Margaret WALSH January 6

Francis LaVELLE to Mary DOLAN January 8

Michael DURKAN to Bridget STANTON January 9

Stephen BOURKE to Mary FLANAGAN January 15

Michael MALLY to Mary GINNELY January 15 witness Anthony and Anne McKEALE

Michael FALLON to Anne WALSH January 15 witness Mark FALLON

Pat KELLY to Margaret BOURKE January 15

Thady HENRY to Bridget GAVAN January 25

Pat BARRET to Anne SWEENY January 25

Hugh GAVEN to Jane McNICHOLAS January 29

Pat HOBAN to Mary MALLEY February13

Pat McGREEVY to Winifred DILLON February 14

Hugh QUINN to Mary MADDEN February 15

Pat RUDY to Catherine MALLEY February 16

Michael HIGGINS to Mary MURPHY August 7

Pat COGHLAN to Anne MORRISON August 15

Pat BYRNE to Mary DUGGAN August 15

John JORDAN to Mary FORDE August 16 




Pat LAMB to Mary DAVIT January 4 witness Catherine McKEALE

Matthias MORAN to Nancy FEENY January

James MULLY to Ellen LOFTIS February 10

Martin HYLAND to Winny FERGUS February 10

William TUNNY to Mary FLEMING February 12

Martin FEENAGHTY to Mary CARR February 13

Thomas HUGHES to Mary CUNNINGHAM February 16

Pat HOPKINS to Bridget McHALE February 18

Martin WALSH to Bridget KENNEDY February 18

Thomas COGGIL to Kelly MALOWNEY February 20

Pat O'BRIEN to Bridget BYRNE March 3

Pat BUTLER to Bridget LAWLESS March 4

Pat MUGAN to Kitty REILY March 4

Michael McNAMARA to Mary DONNELY March 4

Michael KEATING to Bridget COONEY March 5

John COSTELLO to Mary MURPHY March 5 witness William COSTELLO and Nancy MURPHY

James FLYNN to Bridget JENNINGS March 6

Robert LYONS to Rose O'NEAL March 6 witness Bartley HOGAN and Mary O'NEIL

Dominick CORCORAN to Mary COGLAN March 6

John O'DOWD to Roseanna BOOTH March 6

Martin DIVINE to Mary FLYNN March 20

John HYNES to Anne McDONOUGH March 22

Pat DEVINEY to Anne LEONARD March 22

Peter MULDOON to Bridget COSTELLO April witness Pat DEMPSY and Margaret COSTELLO


Isakiel HOLIDAY to Margaret COSGRIFF April 12

William FITZMAURICE to Biddy STANTON April 26

Michael CONNOR to Mary LaVELLE April 26


Pat LYONS to Bridget CANNON  June 26


Michael MITCHEL to Judith WALSH June 26

John WALSH to Bridget BOURKE June 26

Theobolad ROACH to Mary COLLERAN June 26

John KNIGHT to Mary MOYNAGHAN June 26

Michael MULROWNEY to Margaret CONNOR June 26

Pat KILCOURSE to Catherine GIBBONS June 26

Martin MORAN to Celia KERNS   June 26

Michael McGOUGH to Catherine MALLYJune 26

Thomas BAINES to Catherine McNALTY June 26

John HOPKINS to Anne McNALY June 26


Pat KEANE to Honoria WALSH July 17

Nicholas MURPHY native city Kilkenny to Hanna O'HARA

Thomas FERGUS to Bridget CHRISTOPHER Sept

Marriages June 1835 to March 1936 No dates listed

Martyn MADDEN to Catherine SHERIDAN

Martin CANNON to Ellenor BYRNE

George BRANIGAN to Ellen DONNELLY witness Pat MULGREW and Anne BRANIGAN

Michael McHUGH to Mary RYDER

William DUNN to Mary WALSH



Marcus NARY to Mary CONWAY

Henry KENNY to Mary RABBIT

Edmund BROWNE to Bridget McHALE

Thomas CUNANE to Bridget KELLY

Peter GAVIN to Bridget REILY




James CARNEY to Mary FORDE May 5

John McNULTY to Margaret MORRISON June 19

James QUINN to Winny MORRIS September 1

John COX to Catherine McHALE September 3

John McCABE to Mary MYLOTT September 4

John GLYNN to Elizabeth BUCCANNON September 13

James MALLY to Catherine GLYNN September 13

John KEASEY to Mary DILLON September 23

Hugh QUIN to Biddy WALSH October 9

Luke CONNOR to Biddy MALEY October 12

Thomas GALLAGHER to Margaret BINGHAM October 16

John COONY to Betsy BAKER December 10

Pat WALSH to Mary McHUGH December 12

1837  no dates

Martin LYONS to Mary O'DOWD

William CONNOR to Elizabeth FAGHY

Martin O'DONNELL to Bridget COLLINS


Nicholas McGOUGH to Mary BERRY

Edmond JENNINGS to Margret O'DOWDE

John WARDE to Winny SALMON


Pat DEMPSY to Bridget WALSH

Pat KELLY to Margret KELLY

John ELLOT to Ellen GAWIN

Peter GAVIN to Honor MALLEY witness Edmond WALSH and Honor WALSH

John WALSH to Ann MULLOY June 21

Richard GERAGHTY to Biddy McGOUGH September 7

John FITZMORRIS to Biddy BRENNAN September 7

Michael MULROONY to Catherine MURPHY September 25

Richard HAMILTON to Susana KENT September 27


Thomas GIBBONS to Biddy BOURKE October 3

John FLANNERY to Mary BYRNNE November 1

Charlys LEE to Anne WINTERSCALE  November 10

Charlys KERRIGAN to Biddy BOURKE December 26




Thomas MUGAN to Biddy DEASY January 4

James JORDAN to Biddy HUNT February 4

Timothy MALEY to Honor BOURKE February 10


John McCORMACK to Mary FOWLER March 13

James HAWKSHAW to Honor WALSH May 3

John GARVEY to Maria JOYCE July 25

Pat WALLACE to Mary SWEENY October 10

Austin NEEDHAM to Sarah PADEN October 22


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