Names of those who accidently drowned in Clew Bay on
         June 14th 1894  Westport the Quay
Mary OMALLEY    Margaret O’MALLEY        Annie O’MALLEY   
Joseph WEIR        Bridget WEIR                   Bridget McLOUGHLIN    
Pat ODONNELL    Margaret ODONNELL      Winifred McNEELA
Mary DOOGAN     Martin COONEY              Joseph COONEY
Nancy COONEY    Catherine WALSH          Sabrina McNEELA
John PATTEN        Mary PATTEN                Honor PATTEN 
Mary A LAVELLE   Sabrina QUINN             Bridget LYNCHEHAUN
Mary SCANLON     Bridget JOYCE             Pat CAFFERKEY
Mary COONEY       Mary McFARLAND        Thomas CAFFERKEY
Mary PATTEN        Pat CAFFERKEY            Catherine MULLROY
Honor ENGLISH     Catherine GALLAGHER      

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