Early Marriages Co Mayo Ireland Early Marriages in Westport, Newport, Aughagower, Kilgeever, Burriscarra, Mayo,
Drum, Balla  Co Mayo Ireland

 339 marriages

Parish of Westport  Co Mayo Ireland


James CULLINS to Margaret WALSH 6-14

John BURKE to Cecila DAVETT 6-14

Edmond SCHAHELL to Honor HOLLAND 6-23

Martin MURPHY to Eleanor EGAN 7-25

John BOLE to Bridget KELLY 7-26

Michael COON to Mary RUDDY 8-21


Peter HOPKINS to Honor RYAN 8-31

Michael RIDER to Catherine MULLAKIN 9-3

William MURPHY to Catherine QUINN 9-11

Tully MACUN to Margaret MARONE 9-21

James MALLY to Mary GANNON 9-30

Patt HERAGHTY to Catherine HERAGHTY 10-5

Patt DEVANY to Sarah QUINN 10-11

Edmond SHERIDAN to Mary RUDDY 10-18

Austin GINN to Sarah JUDGE 10-19

Anthony KIRBY to Bridget WALSH 10-22

Malacky MURRAY to Bridget HENAGHEN 10-9

Michael DUFFY to Mary DUFFT 11-11

John LYONS to Mary COYNE 11-11

Henry CAMPLOW (?) to Bridget HIGGINS 11-15

Philip GAVIN to Catherine GAVIN 11-19

John JOYCE to Mary HENAGHEN 11-27

Michael BROWE to Bridget BROWNE 12-1

James MULLALLY to Mary TONRY (?) 12-4

John GANNON to Honor CANNON 12-14

Michael MORRISON to Mary LAVALLE 12-20

Patt JUDGE to Mary QUINN 12-4

James DONOGHUE to Catherine MACK 12-30


Patrick CONNELLY to Mary KERRIGAN 1-3

John MULLIGAN to Eleanor KELLY 1-12

John GIBBONS to Mary LAVALLE 1-24

Richard GILL to Mary JOYCE 2-4

Thomas TIERNEY to Eleanor DURGAN 2-13

Patrick DERIG to Eleanor MORTIMER

John MULCRONE to Honor MORAN 2-14

Charles BERRY to Mary FEHIL 2-15

F BROWNE to Mary GAVIN 12-15

Matthew FLANNERY to Catherine GERAGHTY 2-18

James MALLY to Bridget JUDGE 2-18

Owen GERAGHTY to Catherine  M?? 2-19

Patrick MORAN to Mary GIBBONS 2-19

Patrick RUDDY to Ann REILLY 2-25

Patrick CONWAY to Sarah WALSH 2-24

Anthony MALLY to Honor McKEAL 4-7

Austin SCHAHIL to William GAVIN 4-14

Patrick DURCAN to Bridget KEAN 4-18

James EGAN to Bridget KELLY 5-11

Parish of  Newport  Co Mayo Ireland


Bernard GIBBONS to Catherine CONWAY 6-24

John HOBAN to Ann CHAMBERS 7-4

Patrick GERAGHTY of 43rd Regiment to Mary SWEENY 7-21

Patt MORAN to Margaret MURPHY 7-24

John KILCOYNE to Mary TOOLE 8-1

John DONAHUE to Mary GIBBONS 8-4

Anthony O'DONNELL and Catherine BURKE 8-12

James MURRAY to Bridget MaGUIRE 8-19

John CHAMBERS to Sarah CASEY 8-28

Patt SALMON to Eleanor RYAN 9-18

Stephen KILCOYNE to Catherine McGREAL 9-30

John MALLY to Mary MALI 9-30

John MORAN to Mary CURREN 10-4

Patt LEVELLE to Ann FLYNN 10-13

Patt ALEXANDER to Ann MORAN 10-14

Patt CARR to Bridget FLYNN 10-20

Peter TOOLE to Mary HORAN 10-28

John KELLY to Sarah FLYNN 10-28

Andrew BURKE to Mary REILLY 11-4

Michael FLYNN to Honor KANE 12-2

Patt GILLIGAN to Bridget CARR 12-4


James McNAMARA to Eleanor O'DONNELL 1-1

Thomas DUFFY to Mary KEANE 1-24

William SCAFFOLD to Mary NOLAN 2-3

William SPELLMAN to Mary COSTELLO 2-3

Anthony CANNON to Jane HANNON 2-4


Michael CONWAY to Bridget SWEENY 2-18

Patt GETTINGS to Mary BOWEL 2-18

Owen LANAHEN to Bridget KILROY 2-19

Patt FORRESTLE to Catherine MORAN 2-19

James GAHEN to Catherine MORAN 2-19

James BROGAN to Bridget DEANNE 2-19

Patt O'BOYLE to Mary SHERIDAN 2-21

Michael McENTRE to Mary FRAEDEN 4-23

Randel McKEAN to Elinor GIBBONS 4-23

Patt BARRET to Honor SCAHIL 5-4

Dudley GIBBONS to Ann BURKE 5-5


Parish of Aughagower Co Mayo Ireland


Pat BURKE to Mary McDONNEL 1-1

Michael MILOTT to Bridget HERELY 1-8

John KING to Winny HERILY

Theobold BURKE to Jane BURKE 1-25

Thomas MURPHY to Maria KELLY 1-31

Thomas MADDEN to Margaret CONNOER 2-1

Thomas MURPHY to Mary KELLY 2-3

Pat DERIG to Bridget FLYNN 2-9

Michael DEGMAN to Bridget MORAN 2-9

Patt HAMICK to Catherine HOBAN 2-9

Patt McGUIRE to Bridget COLLINS 2-11

Thaddy DUFFY to Catherine GAVIN 2-13

Richard JOYCE to Catherine MaGUIRE 2-13

William GRADY to Maria WALLACE 2-13

Richard MALONE to John GRIMES 2-15

John NEEDEN to Maria KERRIGAN 2-15

Hugh MaGUIRE to Catherine KARIN 2-16

Luke BURKE to Catherine MALLY 2-16

Thomas MADDEN to Mary GREVE 2-16

Thomas McCORMACK to Maria McLIRE (?) 2-18

Thomas SCHAL to Catherine HOBAN 2-18

Hugh CURRY to Ann MALLY 2-18

David WALSH to Bridget GREVE 5-9


William KING to Winny DEIGNAN 7-18

Richard GIBBONS to Mary CAIN 8-3

Martin CAIN to Margaret HEREENTY (?) 8-3

Dominick GIBBONS to Mary GIBBONS 8-4

James HOLLAND to Mary CORKEL 9-21

Michael SHERIDAN to Mary QUINN 9-30

Patt LEHAN to Sally McDERMOT10-1

Patt WALSH to Mary GERAGHTY 10-1

Thomas BROWNE to Bridget HERAGHTY 10-16

John HALLINAN to Mary SWEENY 11-9


James WALSH to Bridget MALLY 10-5

Timothy CORKEL to Winny KEAN 10-17


Ned RIDER to Bridget SWEENY 1-6

Ned CONWAY to  ? McGUIRE 1-10

Thomas FERGUS to Honor HALLIMAN 1-11

Patt WALSH to Ann DERIG 1-14

Thomas BRENNAN to Mary FLYNN 1-25

Pat McGUIRE to Sarah KNIGHT 1-27

James BASQUIL to Bridget KERRIGAN 1-27

Peter WALSH to Mary DOLAN 1-30

Thomas GERAGHTY to Mary NOLAN 1-31

Michael McDERMOT and Bridget KERR 2-6

Richard LUDDEN and Mary CLARK 2-6

Thomas KNIGHT and Ann FADEN 2-6

Patt BARRET and Mary GERAGHTY 2-9

Philip BRYAN and Mary GING 2-13

Peter MORTIMER and Mary KERRIGAN 2-13

Thomas WALSH and Bridget MORAN 2-13

Michael BOLAND and Ann GALLAGHER 2-14

Thomas KELLY and Bridget GIBBONS 2-15

Patt KELLY and Mary GAVAN 3-26

Patt LYONS and Margaret LALLY 5-12

Walter PHILBIN to Mary MULDOON 2-3

Ned McQUINN to Mary HOLLAND 8-1

Michael FEENY to Mary WALSH 8-5

Martin KEASEY to Catherine CAIN 8-11

Thomas SCAHIL to Catherine HYNES 8-16

William HALLMORE to Nelly MULHOLLAND 8-19

James LANGMORE to Sally MALLY 9-2

Thomas GERAGHTY to Anna GIBBONS 9-19

Daniel GAVIN to Bridget MALLY 10-12

Peter NIGHT to Catherine FADAN 11-6

James McDONNEL to Bridget KINDERGAN 11-14

Patt GALLAGHER to Bridget HALLIANE 11-16

Michael WALSH to Mary BUTLER 12-18


John LYNCH to Charlotte MAHON 1-9

Peter PHILBIN to Margaret GARVEY 1-15

John BIRMINGHAM to Mary DUFFY 1-12

Philip COYLE to Catherine DUNBAR 1-15

Michael TRIHEL to Helen DUNBAR 1-16

John GRAY to Catherine MALLY 1-22

Patt GERAGHTY to Mary CAIN 1-22

John CONWAY to Jane MALLY 1-23

Philip DEAN to Eleanor MALLY 1-23

Patt SALMON to Winny HERAGHTY 1-30

Austin GAVIN to Mary GIBBONS 1-30

William McEVILY to Margaret McGREAL 2-2

William CAIN to Bridget SCAHIL 2-5

Thomas GANNON to Catherine BARRY 2-5

Patt WALSH to Honor KELLY 2-6

John JOYCE to Catherine GIBBONS 2-9

John GERAGHTY to Anna WALSH 2-9

Thomas GERAGHY to Ann BROWN 6-21

Thomas CAIN to Bridget NIGHT 7-15

Anthony DOYLE to Bridget GANNON 8-7

James GIBBONS to Mary GING 8-8

Michael CAIN to Mary RIDER 8-24

Daniel GILL to Sally JAMES 9-6

Michael McDONOUGH to Anna MURRAY


John GIBBONS to Margaret GERAGHTY 2-21

Pat HERAGHTY to Mary CAIN 2-21

Matthew GIBBONS to Margaret DERIG 2-23

Austin GRADY to Honor BASQUIL 2-25


John MALLY to Mary DEAN 2-25

Denis REYNOLDS to Mary WALSH 2-26

Thomas GIBBONS to Judith MORAN 2-26

James WALSH to Margaret HOBAN 2-27

Luke SHEA to Ann MORAN 2-27  SS Philip McGING and Honor SHEA

John GAVAN to Bridget MALLY 3-8

John McGUIRE to Ann KNIGHT 5-2

James SCOTT to Ann BASQUIL 5-19

Parish of Kilgeever  Co Mayo Ireland


Michael McNAMARA to Mary PURCEL 6-29

James KERRIGAN to Peggy MORAN 7-4

Owen OHARA to Martha DONNELY 7-15

John MALLY to Honoria GANNON 8-14

John MALLY to Mary JOYCE 9-2

Thomas FINN to Bridget LYONS 9-2

Thomas McNALLY to Jane MAXWELL 10-15

Martin MALLY to Mary HESTIN 10-19

Patt McCULLOUGH to Peggy CORMICK 10-19

Michael ROGERS to Peggy GORMAN 10-19

John GIBBONS to Nappy MALLY 11-19

Patt JOYCE to Catherine COLEMAN 12-10

Hugh MULDOON to Bridget GILL 12-23


James MALLY to Mary MALLY 2-4

Patt MALLY to Nancy SWEENY 2-15

Patt McNULTY to Bridget MORRIS 2-18

John KITTERICK to Honor KILCOIN 2-18

James MALLY to Bridget DURKIN 2-18

Patt JORDAN to Mary BURKE 2-18

Dominick GRADY to Bridget GRADY 2-19

Patt MURPHY to Mary McLEONE 3-3

Thomas MALLY to Bridget HESTOR 3-20

John GORDAN to Libby McDONOUGH 3-23

Owen SWEEENY to Mary GRADY 5-8


John O'DONNEL and Honor MALLY 8-14

Austin McNAMARA and Bridget HOBAN 8-29

Thomas GRADY and Mary MALLY 9-8

Owen McDONAGH and Ellen ODONNEL10-19

Anthony GALLAGHER and Mary CAIN 9-20

Walter McKEAL and Mary TIERNAN 10-6

Michael MALLY and Mary LYONS 10-14

James JORDAN and Mary MALLY 10-19

James GLANNIGAN and Ellen WARD 12-20


James McNEAL and Mary O'DONELL 1-13

Patt MALLY and Mary JORDAN 1-16

Peter TOOLE and Margaret HIGGINS 1-30

Thomas LAUGHLIN and Bridget GRADY 1-30

Michael GILL and Honoria MAURICE 1-31

Thomas GANNON and Bridget TOOLE 2-3

Peter BRADLEY and Peggy GRADY 2-6

Patt FERGUS and Peggy DURKAN 2-9

Philip DAVID and Honor BROWN 2-9

John GIBBONS and Mary BOURKE 2-9

Redmond LYONS and Bridget HEFREN 2-13

Patt TOOLE and Nancy MALLY 2-13

Parish of Burriscarra Co Mayo Ireland




Patt BURKE to Kitty BARRETT 8-30

Michael FLYNN to Mary WALSH 9-23

Richard WALSH to Nelly BURKE 10-14

Thady CLARKE to Biddy PHILBIN 12-16


Richard WALSH to Honor HEADY 1-6

Thomas REILLY to Margaret HALGRAM 1-23

Patt DEVEREN to Susanna LUMDALE 1-25

Matthew HOGAN to Margaret FEENY 2-5

Thomas FLYNN to Catherine CORLEY 2-10

Michael COGHLAN to Mary S ? 2-11

James BURKE to Winny COLEMAN 2-14

Edmund CONRY to Bridget SHERIDAN 2-14

John DUFFY to Kitty FLANIGAN 4-19

Parish of Mayo Co Mayo Ireland


Martin FLATTERY to Bridget PENDERGRAST 6-16

Edmond QUINN to Bridget JOYCE 6-20

Austin REILLY to Kitty CONNOR 7-22

Pat McMANUS to Peggy MALLY 7-22

James BURKE to Betty DIXON 11-4


James TUOHY to Mary RUSH 1-21

Laurence HYNES to Ann REILLY 2-2

Hugh REILLY to Eleanor MANNION 2-4

Thomas PENDERGRAST to Bridget KILLEIN 2-11

Anthony GLYNN to Honor GILLIGAN

Thomas CULKEEN to Peggy WARD 2-14

Peter DEMPSEY to Mary MARAN 2-14

John LOFTUS to Catherine REILLY 2-14

Robert MONICK to Kitty TOOLE 2-14

Thomas RUANE to Eleanore MORRONE 2-14

John MULROY to Margaret MURPHY 2-18

John GOODWIN to Kate MCNAMARA 2-18

Richard NALLY to Mary SWIFT 2-18

Pat GROHAM to Bridget CONNELLY 2-18

James CASEY to Ann SHERIDAN 2-19

Thomas COSTELLO to Eleanor JENNINGS 4-29

Parish of Drum Co Mayo Ireland


Michael GIBBONS to Catherine CONROY 1-7

John WALSH to Bridget WALSH 1-10

Michael KING to Bridget BURKE 1-24

John McNALLY to Eleanor KIRBY 2-14

Pat MILOWN to Judy BURKE 2-14

Michael WALSH to Margaret COLLINS 2-14

John CONNOR to Bridget GARVEY 2-19

Martin HENEGHAN to Eleanor WALSH 2-19

Laurence BLOUKE to Ann GRADY 3-14


Balla Parish Co Mayo Ireland


Bryan GRADY to Bridget VAHY 6-21

Daniel HENRY to Bridget SWANICK 7-2

John BURKE to Judy  7-20

Anthony REILLY to Mary CONRY 7-24

Bryan COORIGAN to Bridget REILLY 8-2

Richaed DURKAN to Helen CLERY 8-16

Pat REILLY to Mary WALSH 8-26

William GAVIN to Ann McMANUS 9-6

Martin GIBBONS to Kitty RIDER 11-11

Anthony FLYNN to Mary McDONNELL 12-14

Thomas BROWN to Mary GANNON 12-16

Peter SUEDIVAL to Peggy ODONNELL 12-30


John NOLAN to Peggy McNICHOLS 1-20

Michael WALSH to Sally McNALLY 2-5

John BIRMINGHAM to Mary WALSH 2-18

Pat HYLAN to Nancy TUOHY 5-20

Andrew CARTY to Mary BURKE 5-20

Clare Island


Peter MALLY to Honor ENGLISH July 2

Austin SALMON to Betty GIBBONS July 5

Michael SALMON to Mary WALSH October 7

Pat BARRET to Winny MURRY October 17

Darby CORNANE to Bridget MALLY December 8


John McNAMARA to Honor ENGLISH January 6

Thomas FLYNN to Barbara TOOLE February 26

Peter MADDEN to Bridget GRADY February 23

John MALLY to Bridget MALLY February 28

Thomas RUDDY to Bridget MADDEN April 12

John BOURKE to Mary BOURKE April 14

James CORNANE to Honor FLANAGAN May 2




Michael MOGAN to Cecily CONNELLY July 7

Edward RUANE to Eleanor DONAHOO August 17


Thomas KING to Mary CASSIDY January 15

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