Aghagower Parish Marriages Co Mayo Ireland

  November 26, 2004

Marriages Aughagower Parish Co Mayo Ireland


1860 to 1879  




James NOLAN to Sarah GULUKER 1-10 Sraheen

John LEHINS to Bridget JENNINGS 1-23 Attavally

James KING to Catherine WALSH 2-7 Ballygolman

James KERRIGAN to Margaret HESTION 2-9 Derryherbert

John GRADY to Ellen MULHOLLAND 2-11 Garrow witness Phil GRADY and Mary MULHOLLAND

Patt DUFFY to Celia HOUGHSHAW 2-12 Ayle witness John DUFFY and Eliza HOUGHSHAW 

John MORAN to Bridget BERRY 2-15 Maas North

Dominick MALLEY to Margaret LANGAN 2-15 Meneen

Henry KELLY to Ellen SHERIDAN March 3 Aughagower

Michael MALLY to Mary BURKE March 17 Lanmore

Richard WALSH to Roseanne DUFFY March 17 Liscarney

Martin SHERIDAN to Biddie LALLY 4-30 Corveagh

Thomas LAFFEY to Mary HERATHY 5-2 Letterass

Patt TOOLE to Biddie REILLY 6-3 Dooncastle

Michael MALLY to Catherine GANNON 8-19 Carrowrevagh

James CARNEY to Judy CONABOY 9-22 Forkfield

Matthew JOYCE to Mary GRADY 10-28 Maas South

Mathew JENNINGS to Mary GRADY 10-28 Maas South

Timothy KEANS to Ellen KEAN 11-8 Liscarney

Michael MALONE to Anna SHERIDAN 11-11 Corveagh




Austin MacGREAL to Bridget MALLY 1-13 Ardarra

Ned FREALE to Bridget WALSH 1-20 Cliagnaalthore

Bartholomew LANGAN to Maria Ann RED 1-20 Letterkeen (dispensation)

Bernard COYNE to Mary MaGUIRE 1-23 Kimeen witness Peter ODONNELL and Sabina MacGUIRE

James HOBAN to Mary COYNE 1-23 Kimeen witness John MacGREAL and Judy COYNE 

Philip GAVIN to Anne HALLENANE 1-23 Lanmore witness Pat GAVIN and Catherine HALLINAN

Thomas MADDEN to Mary GIBBONS 2-9 Bunrawer

William MIGUARANE to Maria MALLY 2-9 Knockroosky

John BERRY to Mary KANE 2-11 Derryherbert

Nicholas BASQUILL to Eliza HOUGHSHAW 2-18 Ayle

Edward BARRETT to Biddie BERRY 3-4 Doon witness Thomas BURNS and Sabina GERAGHTY

Patt DUFFY to Margaret MALLONE 3-17 Cloondacon

Patt LAVALLE to Mary BURKE 3-28 Teevinish witness John and Mary MALLY

Richard KEANE to Sally KEANE 3-28 Liscarney

Michael FERRIS to Biddy HENLEY 3-28 Toberrooaun witness Denis MORAN and Alice CARNEY

Thomas GANNON to Sally GERAGHTY 4-11 Dooncastle  

Michael WALSH to Honoria GILL 5-22 Leckane

Richard BARRENS to Maria RUSH 6-11 Meneen witness Laurence CUNNINGHAM and Catherine RUSH

James CARTER to Mary BRADY 6-11 Corveagh North

Michael MacGREAL to Honoria GERAGHTY 6-30 Knappagh Beg

Thomas BUTLER to Nancy HESTIN 11-1 Derrakillew




Timothy KERINS to Margaret KELLY 1-17 Coulughra witness Austin KERINS and Isabella FEHILY

Michael BRENNAN to Biddie KEANE 1-26 Corveagh witness John HENEGHAN and Mary O'BRIEN

Michael KILCOYNE to Mary McGUIRE 2-1 Letterkeen witness Michael and Mary KILCOYNE

John GAVIN to Honoria HOBAN 2-17 Eriff witness John REILLY and Mary HOBAN 

Michael MORAN to Judy McGUIRE 2-17 Corveagh

Thomas MORAN to Ann MORAN March 3 Dooncastle

John RUDDY to Mary WALSH March 22 Cushin witness Pat MALLY and Maria GOLDING

Pat NARY to Winifred WALSH Kimeen

Denis BASQUILL to Ellen CARNEY 4-15 Forkfield

Thomas HORAN to Bridget JOYCE 5-13 Garrow married in Westport

Michael GANNON to Mary HENEGHAN 5-21 Dooncastle


James GERAGHTY to Bridget BURKE 9-6 Teevinish

Pat GAVIN to Catherine MORRISON 9-24 Eriff 

John WALSH to Catherine GIBBONS Dec Kimeen




Owen GERAGHTY to Sara GANNON 1-5 Carrowrevagh witness Michael and Margaret GANNON

Phillip HESTIN to Bridget GAVAN 1-7 Derryherbert

James BOYLE to Honoria GIBBONS 1-20 Cushin witness Michael SHERIDAN and Kate GREAVY

Certificate for Ned BERRY 1-28

James HOLLAND to Catherine NYLAND 1-28 Aughagower

William MALONE to Mary BOYLE 2-1 Lahardane witness Matthew BOYLE and Bridget HENAGHAN

Pat MALLEY to Bridget McGREAL 2-1 Carrowmore

Patt REILLY to Biddie KELLY 2-4 Knockroosky witness Pat KELLY and Mary MacDONELE

James HIGGINS to Anne WALSH 2-9 Bunrawer

Michael MALLY to Biddie HOBAN 2-14 Lanmore witness Thomas MALLY and Mary HOBAN

Thomas HENNEGHAN to Margaret HOBAN 2-14 Lackaun

Thomas SHERIDAN to Mary HAILENANEE 2-14 Ballygolman

Peter GIBBONS to Catherine STAUNTON 2-14 Corveagh

Thomas SALMON to Catherine HERATY 2-20 Rooghaun

Thomas MORAN to Julia HERAGHTY March 30 Doon 

Peter HOULAGHAN to Margaret HIGGINS 4-13 Toberrooaun

Philip HESTIN to Bridget GAVAN 6-18 Derryherbert

Pat DUFFY to Margaret SCOTT 7-18 Teevinish

James FARRAGUER to Bridget MORAN 9-6 Ballinvoy

Martin FIARITY to Mary HESTOR 9-14 Derryherbert

Edward HENRY to Alice CARNEY 9-21 Aughagower

Michael CARROL to Anne HERAGHTY 12-12 Teevinish





Richard MORAN to Anne BUTLER January 10 Doon witness Pat and Bridget BUTLER

James WALSH to Honor MALLEY January 26 Bunrawer witness Michael LEHIN and Mary MYLOTTE

Michael GIBBONS to Maria MORAN January 27 Maas

Austin MALLEY to Mary KERIGAN January 27 Lackaun

Peter HALLINMAN to Nancy KERIGAN January 27 Gleneraw

Patt MALLEY to Maria LANGAN January 31 Meneen witness Martin MALLY and Margaret LANGAN

James WALSH to Biddie NAUGHTON 1-31 Maas witness James KEAN and Bridget LEHINS

James NOONE to Mary McDONNELL February 7 Aughagower witness William CARNEY and Alice HENRY

James WALSH to Catherine BUTLER February 9 Cushin witness John BUTLER and Mary FLYNN

Michael BRENNAN to Mary HERAGHTY February 17 Corveagh Lower 

Matthew KEANE to Mary SCAHILL February 18 Corveagh Lower witness Michael BRENNAN and Mary HERAGHTY

Patt MacGUIRE to Ellen MULDOON March 17 Teevinish witness Austin BURKE and Catherine GREAVY

Patt STANTON to Judy HANLEY March 17 Triangle witness Bridget and Michael MORAN

Bartley LANGON to Biddie RYDER March 19 Meneen

Michael HOUGHSHAW to Anne WATERS 4-14 Tubbermore married in Westport by Rev P MOORE 

Martin NAUGHTON to Catherine WALSH 5-28 Ballinlough

Patt MALLEY to Catherine MacDONELL 7-13 Ayle

Pat GIBBONS to Mary DOLAN August 6 Cordarragh married in Westport

Anthony GANNON to Bridget MALLEY 10-8 Carrowkennedy

Thomas HENAGHEN to Mary McGINN 10-8 Ardarra Dispensation 3-3 witness Stephen FLYNN and Bridget GAVIN

Pat KING to Catherine HENGHAN 11-3 Shraugheen witness Austin McGING and Honor HENGHEN

Pat McDONNELL to Mary MacDONNEL 12-19 Maas




John GAVIN to Mary SCOTT 1-26 Lackaun 

Pat BROWNE to Bridget NOLAN 2-1 Shraugheen

Michael GERAGHTY to Ellen SHERIDAN 2-2 Aughagower

Pat LALLY to Mary HESTON 2-4 Knappagh Beg

John BRENNAN to Catherine MUGAN 2-5 Shraugheen

Philip MALLEY to Winfred BERRY 2-5 Claddy

Thomas GERAGHTY to Widow Margaret BURKE

William COLLERAN to Ann MacEVILY 2-8 Triangle

Thomas KELLY to Bridget WALSH 2-11 Knockroosky 2-11 (Dispensation)

Austin MacGUIRE to Catherine MALLEY Lanmore 2-11

John CARNEY to Bridget REID 2-11 Attavally

John WALSH to Judy BURKE 2-17 Teevinish

Pat MacDONAGH to Winifred REILLY 2-17 Lackaun

Martin HALLERAN to Judy HERGHTY 2-20 Claddy

Hugh FREALE to Bridget MALONE 2-18 Ardarra

Pat HERAGHTY to Anne HERAGHTY February 23 Meneen

John LALLY to Bridget BOURKE 2-24 Ayle witness Pat and Anne McGIRR

Pat GRADY to Bridget CANNON February 25 Curry

John REYNOLDS to Mary WALSH 2-26 Maas

Peter KEANE to Mary McGINN February 27 Thrnles witness Philip and Bridget McGINN

Michael DOLAN to Margaret McANEALY March 18 Dooncastle

Michael CARRONE to Mary MacANDREW March 30 Creggandaragh

William LYDON to Anne HENAGHAN 7-28 Shraugheen

Pat NUGENT to Catherine JOYCE 8-13 Cordarragh

Pat NUGENT to Catherine JENNINGS September 13 Cordarragh

Thady DUFFY to Mary MALLY October 11 Arderry

Thomas McDONAGH to Honoria FLANNERY 12-18 Cloondacon

Michael NEEDHAM to Biddy MacDONNELL 12-18 Liscarney





Michael McNEALY to Ann GAVIN January 19 Shraugheen

Michael MALLEY to Margaret MALLEY January 22 Teevinish

John HALLINANE to Bridget MORAN January 27 Dooncastle

James WALSH to Julia GERAGHTY January 27 Pulnageer 

John McGREAL to Mary LAFFERTY January 28 Carrowkennedy

Michael NUGENT to Bridget BRADY January 29 Corveagh

Thomas CLEARY to Honoria DOGHERTY 2-3 Ballygolman

Pat SHERIDAN to Margaret HEPBURN 2-3 Cordarragh

Richard MacGREAL to Maria WALSH 2-3 Lanmore

Pat GIBBONS to Julia MORAN 2-10 Corveagh

Pat WALSH to Julia COYNE 2-17 Kimeen

George MORTIMER to Ann MALLY 2-26 Lanmore

Pat GIBBONS to Julia MORAN 2-10 Corveagh

Pat MALLY to Ann WATERS 2-10 Dooncastle

Pat MALLY to Ann WATERS 2-16 Dooncastle

Pat BERRY to Mary GILDEA 3-4 Derrycraff

Owen HUGHES to Bridget HUGHES 4-9 Lanmore 

Pat MALLY to Margaret MALONE 4-20 Arderry 

Austin McGREAL to Anne McGUIRE 8-10 Corveagh

Peter HERAGHTY to Ellen McGUIRE 9-9 Keelcuil

Andrew ARMSTRONG to Bridget HALLINAN 11-25 Maas





Thomas MORAN to Kate GREAVEY February 9 Aughagower 

Edward HERAGHTY to Bridget O'REILY February 16 Claddy 

Pat NOLAN to Roseanne DUFFY February 17 Shraheen 

John BURKE to Bridget HENEHAN February 18 Aughagower

Darby HESTION to Honoria KEAN February 20 Derryherbert 

Pat McKEW to Catherine GRIMES February 20 Doon 

Michael WALSH to Sabrina McGUIRE February 23 Lanmore 

John CONNOLLY to Bridget KELLY alias BUTLERMarch 3 Shraheen

Bryan MORAN to Ann HALLINAN March 31 Carrowkennedy 

Mathias HENEHAN to Mary NOLAN September 28 Sraheen

Pat HYNES to Catherine MURPHY October 9 Dooncastle




Pat O'BRIEN to Bridget SHERIDAN alias LALLY February 7 Raigh

Pat PHILBIN to Honoria MORAN February 10 Maas South

John MORAN to Bridget HALLINAN February 12 Carrowkennedy

Pat GIBBONS to Maria FADIAN February 17 Teevinish

Michael WALSH to Mary NOLAN February 19 Knappagh Beg

Philip HASTINGS to Bridget KING February 25 Corveagh

James SCOTT to Bridget FEEHAN March 1 Corveagh

Bryan LOFTUS to Bridget CONWAY March 5 Rockfield

Pat FLANGAN to Mary WALSH March 18 Ballinlough 

Pat SCOTT to Nancy HYNES March 31 Teevinish West

Pat KELLY to Bridget CONWAY 4-5 Bunrawer

Richard SCOTT to Bridget JOHNSON 7-8 Aughagower

Thomas GRADY to Bridget HOBAN 8-2 Keelcuil

Thomas JENNINGS to Mary HALLINAN 11-29 Carrowkennedy




James WALSH to Ellen CONROY February 8 Lanmore

Martin KELLY to Sarah RUDY 4-10 Doon

Martin BELL Keelcuil to Mary McDONNEL 7-21 Forkfield



Daniel GAVIN to Bridget FADIAN January16 Sraheen

John COYNE to Maria DUFFY January 27 Sraheen

Arthur O'MALLEY to Isabella FEHILY February 4 Ardogommon

John BASQUIL to Mary KERIGAN February 11 Lackaun

James WALSH to Mary MURPHY February 20 Dooncastle

Thomas McGINN to Mary McGUIRE February 21 Lanmore

Hugh MALONE to Ann McGUIRE February 24 Curry

Michael CANNON Partry to Mary FERGUS February 26 Derrakillew

John BURNS to Bridget WALSH July 23




Richard HERAGHTY to Honor WALSH January16

Pat HERAGHTY to Sarah McLOUGHLIN January 29

Michael HASTINGS to Anne McGREAL 4-11

Pat McDONNEL to Catherine DARMODY 5-2

Austin KERRIGAN to Honor HERGHTY 8-14 

Hugh McLOUGHLIN to Bridget SCAHILL 9-6




John O'BRIEN to Bridget BOURKE January 13

Martin KERRIGAN to Honor NOLAN March 1

William REILLY to Catherine DERRIG April 1




Edward GALLAGHER to Mary FERGUS February 17 

Thomas DERRIG to Margaret HASTINGS February 17

Thomas WALSH to Ann WALSH February 17

John FAHERITY to Bridget BUTLER February 22

Thomas GIBBONS to Anne O'DONNELL February 24

Thomas McLOUGHLIN to Bridget DERRIG February 26

Thomas MALLEY to Mary MALLEY March 16 

Peter John KELLY to Sarah McEVILLY August 21

Edward REID to Anne LANGAN September 10

Martin GREEVY to Mary ARMSTRONG November 2




Anthony KANE to Catherine WALSH January 16

Edward WALSH to Mary GRIMES February 16

Thomas GERAGHTY to Catherine McGUIRE March 6

Thomas MacGOVERN to Catherine DUFFY March 15

Peter GRIMES to Mary WALSH March17 

James ROBINSON to Mary McNALLY July 2



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