Maureen of Killadier
Maureen Shea by John Gibbons. John was from Hazel Rock he emmigrated to NYC
where he joined the Police Force. After he retired he began writing poetry.

                  Maureen of Killadier

Maureen Oge of Killadier Maureen Oge of Killadier

So they called me ere my heart had learned to love

When my face was fair to see, and the morning on Mulinea

Was not brighter than the fancies that I wove,

Twas the Summer and my Donagh passing down the village street

Ofter lingered in the evening by the door;

And the fields had riper grown, for the Summer had not flown,

Ere my heart was in his keeping evermore

Ah, what happiness we knew; happiness too sweet to last;

But the will of God is not for us to know

When the harvest moon was bright, Donagh came to me one night

By the Shruhaun in the valley there below

"I must go, my Maureen dear" were the cruel words he said

"This caress and fond embrace our last may be;

Mother Erin to the fray calls her loving sons to-day

Blessing lies he upon thee, sister Machree!

Down the pathway through the valley shadows gathering around,

Passed my lover like a form in a dream;

And I saw with tearful eyes, pike-heads gleaming 'neath the skies

Where the low moon was reflected  in the stream,

Ere that harvest moon had wanted tidings came that brought us joy

Oh the promise of those days - how bright and fair!

Humbert's men at Castlebar - tyrants driven wide and far-

And my Donagh led the run of freedom there.

High our hopes in Killadier had our prayers and hopes availed

"Tis a crown should deck our Erin as of old;

But the banshee in the glen was harbinger again

of disaster and of agony untold.

To one island in Lough Con, hungry bloodhounds tracked my love,

And his bleeding limbs were bound  in rusting chain

How I burdened all the skies with my pleadings and my cries,

But my prayers and all my pleadings were in vain.

Calm and fearless was his mien as they led him to his doom,

Like a martyre of ages long ago -

God, that dire reality, there beneath the gallows

Was my love's form swaying to and fro;

And the eyes where love and light where joy once had their home,

Sightless - staring at the darkened skies above

Rent and torn by the blow, crushed forever in its woe

Was the heart within the bosom of his love.

By the Abbey's ruined walls, 'neath the ivied Canopy

Where the winds are Crooning by from Nephinmore,

In a green and shady grave; among the Saintly and the brave,

Lies my love in life and death   ?????

There Ive wept and waited long - oh! God grant I may me see

'neath the gold and green a legion in array

To avenge my lover slain, and to crown the love again,

Who is pining for the dawning of the day

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