Hands Around the World

Hands Around the World

Killawalla Emigrant Newsletter

Killawalla, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.


October 2000

Emigrant Sunday Greetings from Around the World




Someone once said that ‘in life there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about’ … that is being forgotten and that is why at Station Masses throughout the year in Killawalla I always like to include a Prayer for our Emigrants in the hope that we will try to keep in regular contact with them. On Emigrant Sunday 1st October 2000 the theme of our Mass here in Killawalla is 'Reaching out to our Emigrants' and we are very conscious that it is the very least we owe our own flesh & blood abroad ... that we should let it be known that we haven't forgotten & that we are thinking of them.

For the year 2001 Killawalla Community Council are organising a Homecoming REUNION for ALL our Emigrants. It will be a unique welcoming FESTIVAL of events to warmly & appropriately welcome all our Emigrants home to Killawalla. It will include open-air Masses in Ballyburke & Killawalla, a Heritage day, Sports Day, Ceili, Social & Dance, and much more to interest all ages. The all important dates are: 15th to 19th August 2001.

For this Jubilee year 2000 we simply publish Greetings for you to read. Sincere THANKS to Tom Tracey for the idea & the arranging & thanks also to his brother Fr. Mike for offering up his holiday-time in order to put this together in a presentable form. This weekend all our Emigrants are in our Thoughts & Prayers as we publish these Greetings .... in the knowledge that others will rejoice too when they see familiar names & recall fond stories. It is a humble beginning and only a small gesture to establish contact with our cherished Killawalla connections overseas to let them know we haven't forgotten. WE DO REMEMBER.

Fr. Pat Donnellan, C.C. Killawalla.



Philadelphia, U.S.A

This is Tom Doyle of Exton, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia), grandson of Margaret Corcoran/Doyle and Joe Doyle. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael John Conway, Tony Corcoran and their families many years ago (1990 - I spent a night sleeping in Tony’s field on the site where my grandmother was born)

My warmest wishes to all as you celebrate Emigrant Sunday this October (doylet@viropharma . com)


Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Hello Killawalla. This is Fr. Ger Burns, Chaplain to the Irish Immigrants in Philadelphia saying Hello to you all in that beautiful part of the world where my mother hails from (i.e. Babs McGough).This is a great idea and congratulations to Tom Treacy and your wonderful curate for coming up with this idea. Hello to my aunt Mal Touhy and all her family and to all my Walsh cousins. Well done to all involved. Yours in Christ. Fr. Ger Burns. (bumsgerry@hotmail.com)



San Antonio, Texas

"I will arise and go now and go to Innisfree".

Warmest wishes to my family & friends in Killawalla. My name is Sister Philomena Burke presently teaching in San Antonio, Texas. My parents are Michael & Mary Burke, Deceased. R.I. P. Growing up in Killawalla with my brothers & sisters was carefree and simple. Sunday Mass, School, the farm are kept in a corner of my heart to be remembered forever. Peace & Love.

Coventry, England

"Greetings to neighbours\friends -especially from school days - Julia Whelan (nee Gibbons) Kiltharsechane"


New York, U.S.A.

This is Peggy Brosnan (nee McGough) formerly of Devlish now residing in Wantagh, Long Island, New York. Even though it is almost 50 years since I left Killawalla, it is still very much part of my life. Regards to my sister Mai Touhy and to all the Walsh cousins. My husband, Niall and I would like the idea of a reunion.

Fr. Donnellan has stayed here with us in Wantagh and we know what a wonderful priest he is

Yours Peggy and Niall Brosnan, Long Island, New York.

Austin, Texas

A big howdy from Texas to my 2nd cousin, Michael John Conway and his daughter, Mary and to 3rd cousin Tony Corcoran and his daughter, Katie O’Malley. My grandmother, Margaret Corcoran emigrated from Bohaun to Philadelphia in the 1920’s I enjoyed meeting my cousins for the first time last summer and hope to visit Killawalla next year.



Dear Malone, Treacy, Conway family and friends

I’m delighted to participate in your millennium greeting. Hope everyone is well and may I say "You’ve come a long way baby" since I left that quaint countryside oh so many years ago.

Remember how we used to sneak rides on bicycles outside the church while their owners were going to confession.

Love to all

Mary Malone Madden



I would like to give thanks to all the Finnerty’s for their very kind support and prayers and all the Masses they have said for me while I have been on chemotherapy for the last eight months. I thank god I am now starting to feel my old self again.

Pat Finnerty, England

A friend of all emigrants

I’d like to say hello

to everyone I know

and especially Fr. D.

who reached across the sea

Oh, it’s well I do remind

when I lived among my kind

Oh the craic, fun, gaiety

among the spirited laity

But the changes time has brought

Whoever would have though

A house made out of a tree

And an address @dot. ie

And though 50 words is the limit

I hope I didn’t rim it

A thiarna Bi ceansa agus Eist Linn

- anonymous

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Greetings to all in St. Patrick’s in Killawalla Thank you for nurturing the Catholic faith of my grandmother, Honor Dolan/Corcoran and her daughter, Margaret, my mother. Their faith inspired all nine of us Doyle children and we hold it close to our hearts as we do all our relatives and friends in Ireland. God Bless you all and may the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Fr Tom Doyle, Sacred Heart Church, Royersford, P.A U.S.A.

California, U.S.A.

Dear family members and neighbours

Greetings from sunny California. Thanks to the Killawalla East neighbours, who provided me with good example, positive, valuable experiences and a safe, secure, wholesome environment during my formative years. I am who I am because of your goodness and example.

May you be forever blessed.

Bridget Anne Carter. R.S.M

Florida, U.S.A.

My name is Jim Kelly. I am the son of Patrick Kelly of Tawnynagry. I have visited the lovely Killawalla Church area twice and look forward to returning in August 2000. looking forward to seeing the Kelly’s and friends in August.

God bless all,

Jim Kelly

San Antonio, Texas

Greetings to my 1st cousins, Michael John Conway and daughter Mary and 1st cousins Tony Corcoran  and daughter Katie O'Malley.  I am the son of Margaret Corcoran (Doyle), daughter of Thomas and Honour Dolan Corcoran of Bohaun.  My mother Margaret, along with her mother Honour, sister Anne, and brothers Patrick and Thomas emigrated to the Philadelphia, PA, USA area at various intervals in the 1920s  Hope to see you again soon!

Mr. Jerry Doyle


Manchester, England

Greetings from the Kelly family to all our friends and relations in Killawalla. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed a short visit to Killawalla in August.

Una Cahill (nee Kelly) family members, Joe Kelly, Co Meath; Tom and Rose Chicago; Una and Mary Manchester.

Gloucester, England

Meadowleasze, Gloucester, CL2OPN

My name is Paddy Conway. I am pleased to hear from Tess Conway of your plan to launch a special booklet on October 1st 2000. I wish you every success with it. I have lived in England since 1946 and in Gloucester since 1957. My wife comes from Co Leitrim. We have three children (two boys and a girl) and nine grandchildren. My brother, Joe is here in Gloucester and John is in Liverpool.

I send greetings and best wishes to all the people of Killawalla parish – Paddy Conway.

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Hello to all my friends in Killawalla and in the Mayo area. I live in point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. I left Ireland in April 1983 and I am the son of Michael and Teresa Conway, Killawalla. My email address is scarpentter63@aol.com. Looking forward to coming home to visit in 2001.

Slan agus Beannacht

Philadelphia, U.S.A.

I was born and brought up in Killawalla and attended school and church there. I was an alter boy during the time of Fr. Disken and Fr. Ryan in the forties. I emigrated to the U.K in 1946 where I still live. My name is John Conway and I wish every success to the emigrant booklet.

Greetings to my 1st cousins, Michael John Conway and daughter, Mary and Tony Corcoran and daughter, Katie O’Malley. I am the daughter of Margaret Corcoran (Doyle) daughter of Thomas and Honour Dolan, Corcoran of Bohaun. My mother, Margaret along with her mother, Honour, sister, Anne and Brother Thomas and Patrick emigrated to Philadelphia. Pa. U.S.A area at various times in the 1920’s.


Coventry, England

Greetings to all who may remember me , Teresa McCusker (Tessie Gibbons as I was known). I left Kiltharsechane 36 years ago and while I was there I went to Killawalla National School. Special greetings to Breege and Pat Duffy and all our neighbours in Kiltharsechane.

Tessie and Mary Gibbons (My mother)

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Greetings from Springfield, PA to cousins; Michael John Conway and Tony Corcoran. I am Kathleen, daughter of Margaret Corcoran (Doyle), Granddaughter of Thomas and Honour Dolan Corcoran of Bohaun. Also, the Godchild of Betty Conway, sister of Michael John. My mother emigrated to the USA in the 1920's. Good luck to you all. (krhahn@bellatlantic.net


Coventry, England

All the best with the booklet and greetings to all in Killawalla. I had a wonderful year living there and if I won the lotto I’d be back again tomorrow. Good luck

Mary McCusker ( granddaughter of Mary Gibbons from Kiltharsechane)


Austin, Texas

Greetings and best wishes to our cousins Michael John Conway and Tony Corcoran, and their families from the great state of Texas! We’re the great grandsons of Margaret Corcoran/Doyle, daughter of Thomas and Honour Corcoran formerly of Bohaun. The eyes of Texas are upon you!

Ryan William Wallace

Benjamin Robert Wallace

Joseph Scott Wallace

Austin, Texas U.S.A




Chicago, U.S.A.

Greetings from Chicago. Paid Malone here, wishing all my family much love there in Dereenascobe. I left home in April 27th 1985 and arrived here in Chicago. Everyday still missing my family. I married in 1987 and have 3 beautiful children. Just sending out best wishes to all my neighbours and especially my parents, Paddy and Margaret Malone. My love to all of you

Sincerely Paid Malone.

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Greetings to all my relatives and friends in Killawalla where I was baptized, went to National School and was confirmed. A special hello to Tommy Joe, Padraic and Ann, Maura and Dick, Eamon and Josie, Seamus and Florrie, Vincent and Rose and their families.

From Michael & Jean Duffy and family in Exeton, Pa.. (duffy@voicenet.com) 


Greetings to all my family living in Dereenascobe, Killawalla – Paddy Malone and his wife, Margaret; Bridget and her two girls and all my brothers and sisters –not forgetting all our goof friends and neighbours.

From Mike Malone, Chicago, Illinois.

Woodside, New York

I left Ireland in 1929 for the U.S.A and whilst I am gone for 70 years I still have fond memories of Killawalla. I have been home several times and would love to go back again to see my family and friends. However I stay in touch by reading the lovely Newsletters.

Margaret Staunton

Greetings from Chicago

My name is Mary Bunce Fain. My mother, Nora Malone Bunce, was born in Dereenascobe and is Paddy Malone’s sister. I enjoyed visiting Killawalla and meeting everyone. I hope to bring my daughters, Laura and Tracey, some day. Best wishes to all and love to all the Malones.


Algonquen, Illinois

My name is Eileen O’Connell (Malone) from Derreenasconbe. I was baptized and confirmed in Killawalla Church. My best wishes to my brother, Paddy, sister-in-law, Margaret and family. I would be honoured to be included in your emigrant booklet

Eileen O’Connell.


To our family, relations and friends hello and best wishes.

We are always thinking about you. We love you and miss you very much.

When we come over we attend Mass here and meet all our relations and friends and also visit the cemetery.

From Mary Heraty (nee Higgins, Srahaskeheen) John, Anthony, Lorraine and Aine Heraty

Lancaster, England

Best wishes to all in Killawalla. My father Stephen was baptised in Westport in 1915 and grew up in Killawalla. I don't know which village. His Godparents were James Carter and Bridget Corkell. My Grandparents were Denis and Margaret Flynn nee Corkell.

Stephen and Doreen Flynn, Lancaster, England.


Florida, U.S.A

Austin Burke of Killawalla born 1864 and Mary Gavin of Ballyburke were my grandparents. My husband and I visited Ireland in 1997 and we were overwhelmed with the beauty of the land and the friendliness of the people. We would love to hear from our relatives in Ireland.

Joan Cuullinan Pompa,

 Email nutcrack@bv.net



Hertz., England

I was born and brought up in Kinuary and went to school in Killawalla

I send greetings and best wishes to my brothers and everyone in Kinuary and Killawalla and my friends I went to school with whereever they are in the world on this Emigrant Sunday. God Bless you all

Molly Quinn (Nee Flynn)





Philadelphia, U.S.A.

I am the granddaughter of Austin Burke and Mary Gavin. My parents were William Flemming and Katerine Burke from Philadelphia, P.A. My two daughters and myself were in Ireland August 2000 for two weeks. That was my 2nd visit and would love to hear from my extended family. God bless you!

Dorethy Dunleavy

Email: starnight147@hotmail.com


East Anglia, London

Greetings from sunny East Anglia and London

Just a short message sending best wishes to our family, relations, neighbours and friends in Kinuary, Killawalla.

Hoping the weather is fine

Peter and Noreen McHale.


Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

My name is Kathleen Cullinan Hastings Gephart. I am a granddaughter of Austin and Mary Gavin Burke. My mother was their daughter. Mary, who married John Joseph Cullinan, they had 5 children: Marie, Elennor, Kathleen, Jean & Joseph. I married John Hastings and had three children with him. Holly Ann Hastings, Tracey Jane Hastings and John J. Hastings III who died in a plane crash in 1999 September 3rd. I plan to come to Ireland within the next couple of years and will get to meet the clan - Kathleen

Mrs Kathleen Gephart 

Horshham, P.A 


Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.

My mother, Catherine Lavelle, left Killawalla in 1925, joining her brother and three sisters in New York. She returned with me in 1955 and I met my Lavelle aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. I hope to visit them all once more and show my grandchildren an Ireland now so prosperous and peaceful that no one will ever be forced to leave it again.

Katerine McInerney Thomson,

 Sunnyvale, California

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

I am the great granddaughter of Austin Burke and Mary Gavin. My Grandparents were William Flemming and Katherine Burke. I have recently returned from Ireland and plan to go back. I had the feeling of being at home when I arrived in Ireland. I would love to contact my family there.

Cynthia Stiles 

Hatboro, P.A 19040


Buffalo, New York

Greetings to family and friends from Bridget Walsh formerly of Gorthbawn and her daughter, Pat and Janet.


Bulkington, England

Reaching out to emigrants is, I feel, a wonderful idea. It's important to us overseas that there is a unity with those in the Killawalla area. Having spent over 30 years in Coventry, it is marvellous to return occasionally to Killawalla in order to re-kindle old friendships and enjoy the hospitality of the Treacy family. God Bless and best wishes to everyone.

 Eileen Martin (nee Treacy)   eileen@westonpc.co.uk


Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

Sending a special greeting to Margaret, Liam and all the Fergus family of Gorthbawn, Ayle from Christine Malone here in Savannah, Georgia. I attended Killawalla National School in the 1970’s from first class on when our school closed down in Shraheen

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Chicago, U.S.A.

Hello to all in Killawalla!

My name is Bridget Cahill, daughter of Martin and Katie Malone and sister of Paddy Malone in Derreenescobe. I am living in Chicago with my husband, three children and four grandchildren. I love America but there is no place like home.

Best to all.

Bridget Malone Cahill

Email: cahillmontrose@aol.com

They’re a great joy. My girls are very good to me. They all live in Perryyville too. We’re just 7 miles from Toledo, Ohio.

Well, enough about me. I hope you are receiving many responses to "Emigrants 2000". I told Margaret to get me a copy of it and I’m sure she will.

Best wishes and God Bless.

Honora O’Neill,


Email: honora@wcnet.org


1, (Anne Costello), went to Killawalla Church until I was 17 ½ when I went to work in Castlebar and later to England. I’d like to say hello to my family – Martin and Margaret Costello, Marin Joe, Patricia and her family and Frank and his family and all the people in Ballyburke.

Thank you,



Maura, Tim and Natalie Hollins send greetings to my mother, sisters and their families. I live in England but was born in Moate, attended Killawalla National School and S.H.S., Westport. I married my husband in St. Patrick’s Church, Killawalla fifteen years ago. I return annually for holidays.

Maura Hollins


New Jersey, U.S.A

Greetings to all relatives in Killawalla from Pete (Jack) and Eileen Walsh. Jack is the oldest of three children. Others are Ann & Chris, of Pete and Nora Walsh (nee Hallinan). Nora is the sister of Joe Hallinan, Killawalla and the late Maria Duffy, Killawalla. Pete and Eileen reside   Mahwah, New Jersey  .  Email  peterjcpa@juno.com

Wolverhampton, England

Best wishes to Johnie and Nancy Walsh from his brother, Richard and sister-in-law, Nancy from Wolverhampton, England.

I (Richard Walsh) left Killawalla in 1932 (at 16 years of age) originally for Stockport, then eventually settling in Wolverhampton in 1935.

I remember the fare to England via Heysham costing me 26 shillings (£1.30) on the old cattle boat . 1932 was the year of the very bad winter with high unemployment in Ireland too. My working life was in road building and civil Engineering industry with seven years also in the British army 91939 – 1946) Regard to everyone in Killawalla.

Richard (Dick) Walsh

(Brother to Paddy, Kate Johnie and Mamie (Deceased)

Wimbleton, London

Greeting and best wishes to my family and all at Killawalla Church . MY connections have been going to school On my return visits I have seen a lot of changes, most for the better. I can now appreciate the peace and quiet.

Many thanks for the Killawalla Millennium Magazine, a very interesting read.

Margaret Manuel (nee Flynn, Kinuary.)


We wish to extend our love and best wishes to our parents, Bridgie and Paddy Lally and all the Lally family members, neighbours, friends of Dereendafderg also to the Cannon family of Devlish and Eileen O’Malley of Moate and to all the people of the area

Margaret and Martin O’ Malley and family.



Greetings from all the Coogans, Coonans and Frasers in Manchester. Though Mamie (Walsh) and John (Coonan) have recently passed away we all feel very close bonds with Killawalla. Johnny, Nancy and Paddy Walsh make it a 'home from home' for all of us. We always receive a very warm welcome from all our friends and relations.

     In their last years Nana and Pop (Mamie and John) spent a good deal of time in Killawalla and we have many people to thank for all the warmth and care they received there. We knew that even though they were far away from us that they would be well looked after by family, friends, and neighbours in the West.

     As always we look forward to the next time we are able to 'come home' and find some peace and rest in Killawalla.


New York


My name is Teresa Flynn  Bedford, New York.

I would like to send greetings to my brother, Sean Walsh, Killawullaune, my sister, Lilly Keane, and family, Cloonee and all my dear neighbours and friends. I am so proud of the Killawalla Web site, Thanks Tom. I was hatched, matched and dispatched from Killawalla at an early age My wedding took place after the rededication of the church in 1964. Would love to hear from anybody who visits here.



My name is Tom Kelly born in Detroit Michigan, came to Killawalla when I was 9 years, had a great time learning Gaelic. I came to Killawalla with a New York accent and I suffered because of it.

I left Killawalla in 1952, moved to Meath, then on to England in 1952.. Then onto Chicago, in 1957

I returned in September 200 and walked the fields and drove along the road reliving my youth.

I have tried to pass on to my four children about their heritage and hope that they will pass it on to my ten grand children. – Tom and Carol Kelly.


Corby, England

I left Kinuary in search of work in 1952 with a neighbour, Margaret Connolly (nee McGing). I am daughter of Patrick and Margaret McGing. I met and married Michael McGarry in 1960 and we have two sons, James and John.

I love to visit home regularly.

Greetings to all my family and friends Mary McGarry (nee McGing)




I would love to send greetings to my grandparents, Joe and Annie Hallinan, and my aunt, Mary, Uncle Owen and Katheen and family, Killawalla

Mary Martina Hallinan Chicago daughter of Johnie and Margaret Hallinan, Cloonboro Clogher.

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Greetings to my family and friends in Kinuary, and throughout Mayo and to everyone who know me.

I was ordained to the priesthood in St. Patrick’s Church, Killawalla in 1971. I worked in Jackson, Mississippi for a number of years and also studied at University in Washington. I became parish priest in 1986 and was appointed to St Paul’s church in Vicksburgh, Mississippi. My teachers in Killawalla School were Tim McDonagh and Mary Johnston. I would love to take this opportunity to send greeting to all my former classmates in Killawalla and throughout the world. Tommy McGing, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, 713, Crawford Street Vicksburgh Mississippi 39180 U.S.A


Brixton, England

I left home in 1936 in search of employment. In 1949 I met and married my wife, Mary Conway (native of Killawalla). We have one daughter and one son Michael and Marion R.I.P I am son of Michael and Sarah Heneghan Dereendafderg, Srah, Claremorris. I love to visit my native place as often as I can and I would like to send greetings to all my relatives in Kinuary, Dereendafderg and all who knows me. Michael Heneghan.




Greetings from Boston from Ray, Ann, Roisin, Annmarie and Raymond O'Flaherty.

I am daughter of Frank and Phil Moran, Derrynacanna. I have been living here in Boston since 1988.

We enjoy the annual trip home each year and enjoy meeting our family, neighbours and friends,

A big hello to my parents, Phil and Frank Moran, my brother, Joe, my sisters, Margaret in Sligo and Angela in New Hampshire.

Best wishes to all our good neighbours and friends in Derrynacanna and Cullintra.

Thank you for this wonderful gesture for Emigrant Sunday.

Ann O'Flaherty (nee Moran, Derrynacanna),

Email rayoflaherty@compuserve.com

Coventry, England


Greetings to all in the Killawalla locality from Ann Flynn, Coventry ( nee Tracey, Killawalla.  I was born and brought up in Killawalla in the house beside the Church.  I am the eldest daughter of William and Mary Tracey.  I left Ireland in 1960 to live in Coventry where I met and married Patrick Flynn from Kilkenny.  We have two daughters and two grand-daughters all of whom enjoy their visits to Killawalla.



Perrysburg, Ohio, U.S.A.

Dear Fr. Donnellan:

I can’t tell you how delighted I was to hear from you. Any word from Ireland "makes my day." I talked with my cousin, Margaret Cannon, and she knew that I had send a message for "Emigrants 2000" Her brother, Jack Conway, who lives in England, visited me 12 days in September, 1995 and Bridgie Kelly came in March 1996. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that any of them would come to America. It was a "Dream come true" for me. Now I’ve been working on Margaret to come, but it almost seems impossible. That’s why I mentioned her coming here in my reply to "Emigrants 2000". I know she’s very tied down with her brother, Paddy, but she needs a change of scenery too. I won’t be able to make the trip anymore. I’m confined to a wheelchair now. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I can walk a very short distance with a walker. But in spite of it all, I do feel good. I have my own Condo and live alone. Everything is on one floor, so it makes life pretty easy for me. My husband has been deceased since July 1983. I have 4 daughters: Annie O’Neill, Joan (O’Neill) McHugh, Molly (O’Neill) Quinlan and Kerry (O’Neill) Hartkopf. I have 8 grandchildren. 

They’re a great joy. My girls are very good to me. They all live in Perryville too. We’re just 7 miles from Toledo, Ohio.

Well, enough about me. I hope you are receiving many responses to "Emigrants 2000". I told Margaret to get me a copy of it and I’m sure she will.

Best wishes and God Bless.

Honora O’Neill,


Ohio, U.S.A.

In 1926, My mother, Bridget Agnes (Cannon) Lyons left Killawalla for America leaving behind her parents, Paddy and Margaret Cannon, sister Mary (Cannon) Conway. I have visited Ireland five times. I visited my cousins Margaret Cannon, Paddy Conway and Bridget Kelly. My big dream is for Margaret Cannon to visit me . Honor (Lyons) O’Neill, 3 Abbey Road, Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

Email: honora@wcnet.org



Greetings and best wishes from Australia to all my family, neighbours and friends in Killawalla

Michael Butler (son of the late Tom and Mary Ellen Killawalla.


Greetings from Fiona and Joanne Flynn, daughters of Ann Tracey of Killawalla.  We have been brought up in Coventry, England with a strong sense of our Irish ethnicity.  Our mum and dad were always keen for us to know about Ireland and we have made many trips to Killawalla and have very fond memories of our visits.  Mary Kate's house beside the Church is our second home and we know the windy road down to Cruck Rua like the back of our hand.  Now Fiona has two young girls of her own and they have already visited Killawalla.  They really enjoy the freedom of the countryside and the new companions they have made there. Although not born there Killawalla will always hold a very special place in our hearts due to the warmth and friendship that has been extended to us over the years.


Springfield U.S.A

Greetings to Muintir Coillabhaile, Coillabhullain, Cloonee and other great places. I wish you all good health, Happiness and good health and better wealth

Keep the flag flying, the lights on and the kettle boiling and I will see you soon, God willing.

From Mike Walsh M.D.

(Native of Killawullaune)




I would be much oblidged if you would include my dear brother, formerly of Kiltharsechane who will be celebrating his Golden Wedding Anniversary on September 23 rd and his wife Mary, formerly of Pullathomas. He was th elife and soul of the village and will be best remembered for all the tricks he played on his neighbours and further afield. Alas most of them have gone to their reward in cluding John, R.I.P He would be able to tell you all the develment he did, all in good fun.

Nellie Buggy,  Rathfarnham, Dublin, 


Petersborough, England

My name is Mrs Winnie Yannis (nee Macken) I visited my father, Patrick Macken (Killavalley) from 1952 to 1970, th eyear my father died. (R.I.P) I send my love and best wishes to all the people who remember me. Sixteen from my family spent a holiday in Westport during August (2000). We got a wonderful welcome by Tom Tracey and family, Mary Hallinan, and parents and also at Walsh’s Shop. We saw Stephen gibbons, it wassad to see he had lost his sight. But he remembered the days gone by. Sorry we did not see Delia Cawley, Mike Conway and family. We will be back as Killawalla will always have a special place in our hearts. Greeting to everyone in Killawalla.

Winnie Yiannis,  Werrington, Petersborough,



Birmingham, England

Greetings to all friends and family in Killawalla and especially Dereendafderg – A piece of heaven on earth.

Pat Mitchel (son of Mary Mitchel(Derra) and Brian Mitchel (Kiltharsechane)

  Frankley, Birmingham,




Petersborough, England

I am Anthony Yiannis (Grandson of Patrick Macken, R.I.P Killawalla).

Greeting to all who remember me. It was good to come back with my family and visit the places I used to play as a child. I came to see Patrick and Mary Macken and Stephen Gibbons every Summer ( for six weeks) from 1952 to 1963. Killawalla and its people will always be fond memories in my heart.

Email (work) sclyiannis@jhunt.peterb.sch.uk


Petersborough, England.

From Mary Yiannis (wife of Anthony); Michelle, Natalie, ann marie (anthony’s daughters); Leon Reid (Michelle’s husband) with Adam and Callum (Michelle’s children)

For most of us this is our third time we have been to Killawalla. It was pleasant meeting those who knew Anthony as a child. We saw Stephen and met the Traceys, the Walsh’s and the Halinan’s. Thank you for your hospitality. We missed seeing Delia Cawley who we have met on precious years.

 Werrington, Peterborough, England 


Birmingham, England

Greetings from Michael Walsh in Birmingham to cousin Gerry Walsh plus Margaret and Liam Fergus in Gorthbawn.

Thanking Tom Tracey for hospitality in September 99 our shared interest in local townlands, people and history struck a chord despite my departure in 1947.


California, U.S.A ????????

Myles Burke, son of John Burke and honour Maughan was born in October 1st 1906 in Killawall aWest. He emigrated to the United States in 1926. He married th edaughter of Kate Gavin from Ballyburke in Philadelphia, P.a. they had three children. He died in Philadelphia in 1982.

Patricia Burke- Nickerson, Napa CA