I believe that Mary "Maureen"  Shea was born 1784 probably in Sandyhill,  Killadeer she  married a Costello who was from Gorthbawn Co Mayo he was a tailor.  She was also known as Nan Costello she died on Feb 13 1889. She was involved in the 1798 Rebellion. A poem by John Gibbons indicates that she loved someone who was killed in the Rebellion. She was a "legend" after her time. When my mother would deliver the pensions to people on her bicycle they would talk of her like she was still alive and this was over 40 years after her death.

Maureen's daughter Bridget Costello married  James Campbell came from somewhere in Co Mayo Possibly Doonamoona  he lived in Gortbawn and had two plots of land that he divided between his daughters Biddy Campbell and Mary Campbell.
Their daughter Biddie married John Murphy was  from Ballyburke Co Mayo. My grandmother
Bridget Murphy married Peter Walsh was from Culleen Co Mayo; though the family was from Thornhill before being driven out by Lord Sligo about 1844. 

Descendents of MAUREEN SHEA 

Maureen Shea b 1784 d Feb 13 1889 m Unk Costello

1 Biddy Costello b 1818  died December 5 1893 m James Campbell b 1809 died Nov 19 1884

1 Mary Campbell b. Oct 1 1841 m. Patrick McGreevey b. 1831 

     Julia McGreevey b. August 19 1881 m. August 19 1910 James John Deignan (Roscommon)
     b. July 15 1876   Married  August 19 1910 St Rose of Lima church Newark NJ. 

         Sarah McGreevey b. 1881 d 1967  m. Pat Stanton d June 7 1838

         Mary McGreevey b. Nov 11 1865 m. John Basquale b. 1881
         (Mary later emigrated to New Jersey)
         Julia Basquale born May 1910 died June 11 1986  emigrated to New Jersey later

         returned to Ireland and married William Fergus

         Michael Basquale b 1906 

         Lena Basquale emigrated to New Jersey 

         John Basquale emigrated to New Jersey emigrated to New Jersey

         Ellen McGreevey b. May 11 1882 

        Mary McGreevy b. March 5  1871

        note: Baptism records show two Mary McGreevy born in this family?  


 2 Sara Campbell  b 1836 m Mick Costello b 1824 Jan 12 1857

      Patt Costello b. Nov 12 1857 d July 23 1933 Luttons Corner Elkton MD

      Mary Costello b. Aug 27 1859 m. Jan 1 1898 Tom McGreevy 

                Jeffrey McGreevy m. Delia Murry 

                Thomas McGreevy b. May 24 1924

      Bridget Costello b. Feb 11 1862  d Germantown Pa
      Judy Costello b. Feb 13 1864 d 1888 Philadelphia Pa

       John Costello b. June 3 1866 m Catherine Armstrong Jan 22 1894

       James Costello b. June 1 1866 

       Thomas Costello b November 16 1871 m Julia Burke b 1880 lived in Ballyburke

       Thomas Emigrated to America and was in the Spanish American War where he learned
        to be a shoemaker he later returned to Ireland

     Michael Costello  b Oct 29 1878 m. Catherine Jennings 

                                       m. Bridget Hopkins 


   3 Biddy Campbell b. 1842 d. 1940 m. Feb 18 1866 John Murphy b. 1840 d. 1921 he was from Ballyburke


James Murphy b. Feb 10 1867 d. July 4 1925 m. Margaret Hart in Geneva NY 

           John Murphy b 1896    d 1964 in Geneva NY

            Rose Murphy b. Jan 13 1900 d. Nov 1969 in Geneva NY

            Mary Murphy  b 1897 in Geneva NY


    Sara Murphy b. March 5 1876 

    Nora Murphy b. March 16 1879 Gorthbawn d. Dec 26 1970
    m. William Cannon Cashel Co Mayo b. 1877 d. Nov 1 1952 Cleveland 

    Anne Murphy b April 18 1869 Gorthbawn 

    Mary Murphy b Oct 3 1873 Gorthbawn m James McClelland b 1877 
    emigrated Cleveland Ohio

Bridget Murphy born Gorthbawn Feb 22 1883 d Feb 6 1966 m Feb 5 1908 
    Peter Walsh Jan 25 1876 Culleen Co Mayo Feb 18 1930 

Bridget Walsh b Oct 22 1919 emigrated to NYC in August 1939 d Dec 27 2005
    m Parce Henry Deese b Feb 18 1923 D Nov 7 1987  (my parents)

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